European City Guide SCAM

—Another business registry scam
Jenny Marsh —03/2012
The European City Guide is another business directory scam operating our of Spain. This scam is more obvious than the Expo-Guide scam probably due to being subject to EU legislation, but you could still end up paying €2991.00 (3 edition contract at €997 per edition).

THE EUROPEAN CITY GUIDE is a business directory scam operating out of Valencia, Spain. The UK form that we were emailed gives the listing website at www.united-kingdom-industry-commerce.com. Here is the sign-up form that is sent out of the blue to companies:




And here is the usual greyed out conditions that are hidden on the back:


The scam here is charging €997 for inclusion in a business directory in both CD form and online. The online directory is at www.united-kingdom-industry-commerce.com, a ridiculously unwieldy domain that few will remember. The contract is actually for 3 editions of the European City Guide directory and so you are basically being scammed out of €2991. That is a lot money just for a website and CD directory inclusion!

This scam relies on people signing forms they don't read properly, both because they are not particularly business savvy and because European City Guide S.L. obscure the details of the contract (such as payment) in small writing.

There are many reviews of the European City Guide scam which contain a lot more detailed information than this review, so you are encouraged to check them out:





Also, check out these videos:

It seems that most people who have inadvertently signed up are being advised by MEPs not to pay, and that this is a scam. The European City Guide relies on people who have signed the forms being intimidated into paying by threatening letters regarding debt collectors etc. Just follow the advise of the MEPs above and DON'T PAY.end