Sue Your Medical Doctor

Jenny Marsh—08/2007
Each of us has a responsibility to sue our doctors for negative treatment outcomes so that they learn responsibility and to look beyhond their limited treatment programs.

DOCTORS GET IT EASY. They can murder someone in the course of treating a disease and walk away a scot-free, responsible for nothing. "Well I tried my best" or "we did everything we could do" they might say to assuage any modicum of guilt, before moving on to their next victim.

For the orthodox medical profession now has such a monopoly on disease treatment (as opposed to health care) that when a patient dies under its treatment there is an automatic assumption that everything that could be done was done, and that there are no other treatments that might have helped preserve that person's life. But this assumption is dangerously misguided, and doctors most certainly are responsible for the lives and deaths of their patients, even if they "think" or "believe" that they are not.

This assumption is made because of the narrowing definitions of orthodox treatment types, a narrowing that squeezes medical intervention into avenues that give the greatest profitability. In other words, it is all about money — even in life and death situations. In fact, the profit is even greater in life and death situations because there is more compunction to go for expansive and often useless or damaging treatments, like chemotherapy.

If it is more profitable for you to die from an expensive treatment… well, just be a good patient and die. After all, we did all we could for you. And if it is more profitable for you to live on in agony with no quality of life on expensive medication… keep going in your living hell with the knowledge that you are enriching the pharmaceutical industry. Ultimately, orthodox medicine is chemical terrorism sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry and executed in hospital death-camps by its white-coated or be-suited henchmen brainwashed into obedience over their five years indoctrination at med school.

How many people die at the hands of orthodox medicine? According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 120,000 people are annually murdered in the US alone by medical doctors, making death-by-doctor the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. This number is 40 times the number that died in the US due to terrorism on 9/11 — and that is 40 times that number EVERY YEAR. For those who were murdered on 9/11, the US government is perfectly happy to spend half a trillion dollars going to war with Iraq and putting the lives of its servicemen at risk. And yet, for a tragedy that is 40 times more shocking and that is repeated every year, it is not only silent but complicit in the matter.

We therefore have to take this matter in our own hands. And the solution is to legally sue doctors at every opportunity. This is the ordinary citizen's last stand to try to make medical doctors accountable for their actions. They can't keep hiding behind their professional indemnity that gives them the green-light to murder. And sure, doctors often do a lot of good as well, and orthodox medicine is second to none for treating acute emergency situations such as injuries sustained from an accident, but when it comes to more chronic and long-term health problems, doctors are ignorant of the best solutions needed and generally use injurious medication.

So if your doctor has injured you in any way, you might consider suing them. Fortunately this is happening more and more in the United States — the land of litigation — but it is about time it happened in the rest of the world. When enough doctors are sued for not helping the patient as much as they could, they are likely to stop recommending solutions that have primarily been produced to fill the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry.