To All Truth Seekers

Maria Dimitrova—01/2011
Dimitrova presents a letter to truth seekers reminding us that it is important that we become aware how we fool ourselves into thinking that the experience our minds manufacture is Truth and Reality.

Dear human/soul/consciousness/light or whatever being you believe you are,

I want to address you with the following, which is not exactly an advice, but more like a proposition to you on your path towards Enlightenment.

Ask yourself and others constantly about everything of interest to you. Don't think you know just like that. All answers lead to Truth, but without questions there are no answers.

Don't try to run away from your mind, even if "enlightened" (according to what?) people/beings tell you that this is the only way to find Truth. Neither give up your feelings just because scientists cannot formulate them.

Never stop at one state (or even look for such) which you consider absolute — everything around and in us is in constant movement and when you stop, the Universe doesn't stop to wait for you. So when a solution works in a particular moment or system, it doesn't necessarily mean it works in another. That means that neither science, nor any other belief system can ever be ultimately predictive, so going after the ultimate is nothing more than going after a carrot on a stick.

Different approaches to problems originate from different belief systems and that doesn't mean they exclude each other — neither the approaches, nor the systems, they are complementary to one another. Separation is a valid characteristic only for our concepts and not for reality — all our concepts do only construct our orientation system (map) for reality and not reality itself! Do not confuse both! Everyone builds their concepts the same way they select their wardrobe — according to what fits them and what are the latest trends — so if you encounter something that doesn't fit your concepts it doesn't mean it is wrong. No belief-system or concept of reality cannot substitute reality itself the same way no world map cannot substitute the world — it remains just an interpretation, which serves definite purposes. So as there are different kinds of world maps — physical, political, demographic, etc. — there are also different reality maps. Science for example only describes the mathematical side of things and works till the moment when it gets too complicated. From then on significant reduction and approximation is needed, which means it doesn't work anymore, no matter how hard we try to fit things in and delude ourselves. Every naturally existing system is alive — it is constantly changing and communicating with other systems. So nowhere in reality is there an isolated constant system. Such can only be a part of our concepts. So what is it that we are looking for — realistic concepts of the world or a suitable world for our concepts?

If your concepts include some mysterious force, which has created us and everything else, does that mean that we are puppets and should turn off our minds to become one with that force? Even if it is so, how could we turn off something that we've never turned on? We often call things we turn on and off to do some work "devices" — why we've never thought of our mind that way? If anyone continually claims they are a toaster, they will eventually end up in asylum. Yet 99% of freely walking people have never thought of the possibility to be something different from their mind and the constructs it creates, take this for granted and totally identify with it. There are another 0,99%, who admit that they could be something different from their mind (beware, you probably fall into that category), but still let it search for answers to who or what they are and again leave it play the main role. Everyone can try and prove this for themselves, even if they fall into upper categories. The last 0,01% admit that they are not their mind , let it search for answers to who or what they are, but never leave it alone. Which doesn't mean they kill themselves thinking , they just don't let the mind reside peacefully on the throne again, disguised as a different concept. Every clear concept comes from the mind, so it shouldn't be confused with reality. Having considered this, exploit your mind! Use it as it is — a tool, take everything you can from it and don't just give it up — it's not just a hindrance to your spiritual growth, neither is it All-That-Is. One of mind's best abilities is to question. But how does this help us as long as answers come from the mind again, therefore they do not represent reality? Stop! Rewind. Do not represent reality? Right on the contrary! That's exactly what they do — mind reflects reality and does not equal it. With this realization your true self goes online and is not idle anymore. Reflect how much you wish, but stay conscious that this is namely what you are doing - leaving Truth to project onto you and the world. No matter how strong or weak are reflections, in their quality they remain the same – just reflections of the Source. And what is it? ( Camera? Working! 3, 2, 1… Action!)

— And what is it? What am I?

In Lak'ech!

(Mayan greeting meaning something like "I am another you")

Reconsider everything that is most precious to you – all things, people, beliefs and ideas. They are your worst enemies, because their absence is what makes you suffer the most. Do they exist because of you, do they owe you something? Do you really need them? Are they really gone or non-existing, when they seem to be absent or contradict with real events?