Messages from Crop Circles

Faith Warn—01/2010
If we listen deeply enough, crop circles can speak to us, giving us inspirational messages from Spirit. Faith Warn is one such person who can hear the silent voices, and here she shares with us her experiences from 2008.

In the South Field crop formation, Alton Priors, Wiltshire
26 July 2008 (reported 22nd July)

Crop Circle photo courtesy of The Crop Circle Connector (cropcircleconnector.com)

This formation appeared one night as the central design of six 'swallows' and on the subsequent night a further six were added.

It was the first formation that I visited on 26th July — the first I had ever been in. I walked around it a little then sat down and got out my notebook, expecting to record briefly how I was feeling. Quickly, my conscious mind seemed suspended and inspiration took over, so that I could not stop writing. At the final word, 'Accept', I knew that I was finished.


Go for the highest that you are.
Aim for the best.
Dance through life, knowing that all is well.
Give love and receive love as it comes.
Know that you are part of the plan, in harmony with nature.
Look for soul connection; this is truth.

*          *          *

Wheat stems wave in the breeze like a smile, a nod hello, a message of love. Swaying their rhythmic arc, a pattern of dance, they echo the pendulum of life’s events, pushing only so far in each direction and always returning to balance.

In all dimensions the detail depends on the whole. Earth, sky, beyond earth and sky, the landscape, the feminine curves of the hills in a circle, a round, a rhythm that flows, a harmony into which I can melt, cared for, powerful, humble, bestowed with gifts and blessings.

All around are echoing patterns – thoughts, the energy within, conversation, the buzz of a fly, stretching ears of wheat, trees standing tall, the thrust of human movement, the power of the galloping chalk horse. All merge at the privileged centre of my eternal soul.

The sky is huge, the clouds gently shifting, shapes appearing and disappearing. Everything constantly changes. Focus on past or future and you miss the moment’s beauty. Focus on the now and receive the gift of all that is, all that can be given and all that you can be. Open your heart, take a risk, and know that all will be well.

In the prone wheat is not uniformity but variation. Beautifully arched stems like leaping dolphins thrust ever forward through persistent, white-horse waves, agreeing, acting in choreographed show. But look closer and see the upright stems, the rebels that spike against the flow. Are these the pained souls who challenge our goodness, our capacity to love and accept? Don’t fear them, don’t spike back in defence or retaliation; they too have their purpose, are part of life’s challenge. Their rebellion does not spoil the whole but makes the harmony more robust. Everything is meant. Accept.

Know that your losses are all gifts. Embrace what they have made you, believe that you are not bereft but loved, not deprived but endowed with the riches of life. Hope and renewal are all around, in the fabric of this wheat, the surrounding landscape and the sheltering, boundless sky.

For every cry there is a giggle, for every cross word a term of endearment, for every crass talk of greed expressions of connection, for every dim spark of hate a powerful love glowing gold in eternal flame. The power of the light is greater than the machinations of darkness but both are truths that lie within our world, our souls, our emotions, at the core of our existence.



In the Avebury Manor crop formation, Avebury, Wiltshire
26 July 2008 (reported 22nd July)

pic 2

Crop Circle photo courtesy of The Crop Circle Connector (cropcircleconnector.com)   

The formation on the left appeared first and was observed to represent the exact configuration of the solar system as it will appear on a specific date in 2012. This formation was then damaged by the farmer on whose land it lies. The next night, the formation on the right appeared.

I visited these formations on the afternoon of July 26th and at first I was disturbed and confused by the damage, especially at the centre. Then I sat down to write and, again, the words came but more urgently and briefly than in South Field.


Tread gently upon the earth with awe,
aware that you are part of a larger universe with greater power.

Know that you walk the bright circle of life and its shadow, death,
in the rhythm of decay and renewal, round and around again.

Be aware that change is coming,
hold fast to the holiness of earth.

Exercise your brain in pursuit of meaning
then rest your heart in the refuge of that which cannot be known,
the miracle of mystery.


In the East Field crop formation, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire
26 July 2008 (reported 9 July)

pic 3

Crop Circle photo courtesy of The Crop Circle Connector (cropcircleconnector.com)   

I visited this formation on the evening of July 26th, a very still evening, just as dusk was falling. We walked a long way across the field and approached the formation silently and slowly in a deserted landscape.

This time, words started entering my head as I reached the edge of the formation and I sat down with an urgent need to write.


Against a rose-purple, blue-purple, grey whisping sky
We move as shadows through a maze with a welcoming heart, ready to accommodate our curious trespass.
Come, it says, come,
the flight of day is over, the heat has cooled and I call you in the holy dusk.
Come and caress the standing wheat that defines my sensuous curves,
come and sink into my bended stems as they lie hugging the earth.
Cleave to my space, make love to my open body,
drink from the cup of renewal that will always quench your thirst.

Love me, let me love you.
Love me, let me love you
and know that all is well.

Do not fear the might of your destruction.
Your heart feels the greater power of my love that heals your wounded spirit and your broken substance, inviting you to bear witness and hold a simple faith.
For a while there may be turmoil,
for eternity there will be love.
Welcome into the eye of the calm.
Rest a while, gather strength as one, then go forth to your separate corners of earth knowing that you are changed.
When dark times befall you, remember this glowing night that holds the stillness of time.

Love me, let me love you.
Love me, let me love you.

The scarlet sky is changing to night.
The mother comforts her child and the father teaches his son.
Grow the beloved future, grow a better world you beacons of light absorbed from this gathering dusk.

Love me, love others,
Remember that you are loved.
Remember to let me love you.


South Field, Alton Priors, 2009 formation — single swallow and code
27 June 2009

pic 3

Photo coutesy of Phantoms & Monsters   

Blazing trails of Glory

At first glance, a dark illusion.
The menace of a stealth fighter plane,
conspiracy and evil, power and control,
the need to fear.
But we do not, cannot live in fear.
We are consciousness, pure potential and
Blazing trails of glory do we come.
As a swallow in flight, female curves flow and interlace,
A floriferous nipple and bountiful breast
nurture and protect the perfect egg of potential,
energise the trailing, life-giving head, the potent boost of sperm.
Sacred feminine meets wounded masculine and fracture finally becomes whole.
Together they engender the precious offspring, the creative force brand new, powerful and pure.
Not a single child but almost identical twins, each delicately held in balance at the end of an arching arm, like the scales of justice, at liberty to flow with the breeze, the land, the destiny of their individual nature.
Here is a family flying through time
Here is hope springing eternal
Here is the life force flying us into the future with joy beyond bounds,
Crying break your bonds and soar free.
The curves, the symmetry, the precisely random code, the genetics that Bruce Lipton whispers:
The secret that we create ourselves
And know each self to be glorious and good.