A different perspective on the Universal Law of Abundance, & the Law of Polarity & Spiritual Wealth

Fiona Taylor—08/2007
Spiritual seekers often believe that abundance can be manifested without regard to consequences as the universe is infinite. Fiona Taylor reminds us that nothing is created in isolation.

THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE is a Universal Law which states that the Universe is Abundant — it is always expanding and growing; in the 'unseen' — non-physical world there is abundance. In the higher dimensional realms creation is instant. You think of something, whether it be an apple or orange and it appears instantly in your hand. Manifestation is 'abundant' and 'instant' at these levels beyond the 4th Dimension. Right now on Earth we are living in the 3rd Dimensional Realm — also known as the physical realm. This is the realm of height, length and breadth (3 dimensions of space) and the 4th Dimension also known as Time. So at this level of reality there is a time delay in manifesting what we want. We think about something and there is a delay before it arrives into physical form. What we manifest into the 3rd Dimension has to have been made or originated from the 3rd physical dimension. In other words if we can actually manifest an orange that orange has to come from our current reality. Grown on a tree down the road and then we manifest it into our hand if we know how. This is 'instant manifestation'. There are only very few people on the planet who can do this. The rest of us still have to create using 3rd dimensional principles and not at a high enough level of consciousness to be able to manifest instantly.

At this present time on Earth we are able to access Higher Dimensions as the Earth her self is moving from a 3rd Dimensional planet into a 5th Dimensional planet. For the first time in a long time we are able to access higher Dimensions whilst remaining in physical form.

The New Age teachers will talk about the 'Law of Abundance' as though every person can put their order into the universe for $10million and receive it. This is very simplistic of course, but they state that there really is an Abundance of everything for everyone because this Universal Law says so. This Law is true however right now we are still living in a 3rd Dimensional realm with a set amount of resources. For example if every man, woman and child wanted to manifest an orange right now — are their enough oranges grown on Earth to cater for that?

What I am really trying to illustrate is that right now on the planet there is a certain level of money in the money supply, a certain number of trees, litres of fresh water, arable land available and only a certain amount of oil left in the ground. There is a scarcity of natural resources in the physical world and there is only a certain supply of material things available. There will be ongoing inventions and actions towards creating better solutions for the planet, so there is no 'scarcity' of ideas, creativity and new solutions. That will always be the case, however it is a fact that in this physical world there is a scarcity of fresh water for example, until we come up with solutions to use sea water better or create fresh drinking water from other solutions which all exist. But using this example of there being only a certain amount of money in the money supply, and certain amount of land, and a certain amount of resources — how can every soul on the planet put their order in for $10 million dollars or 100,000 litres of fresh water if they wanted it?

The Law of Abundance is really about the fact that within us all we are 'abundant'. Now that is a 'spiritual concept' in that only the initiate who has transcended ego consciousness understands. The 'Universe is within' not without. This is a metaphysical Truth. But what does that really mean and how does it affect our physical world? It simply means that we can access the feeling of abundance within our Self and we do not feel lack in any way. There is an abundance of divine love within us all — because at our Highest State of Being we are Divine Love. So the Law of Abundance really applies to the non-physical realm, not the material realm. The Law of Abundance means there is an abundance of divine love within us all. We do not have to go outside of ourselves to connect with divine love.

The mis-application of this Law by many teachers is being applied to mean that there is an abundance of material 'things' (including money) for every man, woman and child on this planet in the 3rd Dimension.

However, in the physical — material world we also have a set amount of resources in which to work with. What can be done to create 'more abundance' for those people on the planet who live in 'scarcity' is to re-allocate existing resources — to create more balance. This does not mean we go back to a Communist system, it really means that all the problems on the planet are due to 'ego consciousness' and extreme wealth at one end of the spectrum causing extreme poverty at the other end of the spectrum. And extreme polarisation leads to hatred and the opposite of hate is 'love' in the ego kind of understanding of love. Hate leads to separation which leads to war. What is needed is the balancing of the polarities.


In the physical world the Law of Polarity applies to everything, from atoms, molecules, planets, plants, animals, humans and psychology. At the atomic level of creation we have the electron and the proton. The electron is magnetically charged (and is the 'feminine' principle of creation — it has attractive power) and the proton is the electrically charged ion which is the 'outward' force or masculine principle of creation. With temperature we have extreme heat, and extreme cold. On the planet we have extreme poverty and this has been the case for a long time. Why is it that every 'solution' that the Western world has tried to come up with to help poverty has not worked? Well, they only treat the symptoms to start with, not the cause, and secondly the Law of Polarity is playing out.

90% of more of the world's wealth is in the hands of 1% of the population. The other 99% of people on the planet are left with 10% of the world's wealth to share between themselves. This grossly disproportionate hording of material wealth is what creates the 'equal and opposite' effect of extreme poverty. At one end of the scale there are people who have lives of incredible spending and luxury where there is 'over-consumption' and a hording of wealth and at the opposite 'tension' point of this we have those in Africa and much of the world with no food, water or shelter who are 'under-consuming'. You cannot have extreme wealth on this planet without creating and equal and opposite pole of extreme poverty.

So the only way we can start to balance the polarities is to reduce consumption in the West and start to share the wealth of the planet so at least every man, woman and child on the planet has food, water, clothing and shelter. I am not here to explain how to do that, only to explain the Law of Polarity. So is the accumulation of wealth/money and assets a 'bad thing' to do? Does it mean that we are contributing to world poverty by hoarding wealth?

It depends on how that wealth is created. For example, there is a mineral called coltan that is mined in the Congo in Africa. Every cell phone and laptop computer has coltan in it. In order for companies to sell their phone and computer products at cheaper prices to the end consumer they do anything they can to cut costs in the manufacturing process. This has led to much devastation and destruction because of the mining of coltan. Several million people over the past few years have been killed in the Congo over coltan. (Source: Nexus magazine Aug/Sept 2007, page 14.) So the resources are being taken out of the ground and the wealth is not being distributed in balance to the people of the Congo. Coltan is basically being mined from slave labour. This is true for manufacturing of many products throughout the world. Where there is such inequality in wealth an imbalance is created because there is a control of resources by a few individuals and companies at the top whilst the rest of the people in the supply chain receive nothing. African dictatorships are other examples of the hoarding of wealth by those in power whilst the citizens of the country are left with no food, jobs or resources in which to create their own wealth and earn a living.

Does it mean that J.K Rowling who has amassed a fortune for creating a wonderful story called Harry Potter and sharing it with the world is contributing to mass poverty? No. Because there has been a balance in energy exchange where people pay for a book and the book is received. There is an agreed exchange of energy. So J.K Rowling's wealth is not contributing to world poverty because she is not hoarding or controlling resources in the process of creating her wealth.

Money is energy. Every good or service has an agreed value. When a good or service is provided and there is an imbalance of energy exchange it creates an over-abundance of wealth to one party, and an under-abundance of wealth to the other party. An example of this would be the fair and equitable exchange for hired labour. Lets say we pay our house keeper or baby sitter in New York $7 per hour. She agrees to this rate of pay because it is the going rate of pay. If we put a value on the help that she provides to us so that we can go to work or do other things in our life — what value do we then place on that? Is it worth $50 per hour to us in having that time to go to work, or that time out to our selves? What value do we place on our time? What would we pay ourselves per hour? The actual value to us for having her clean the house for 8 hours is more than $7 per hour. So we are getting more personal value from her work than she is receiving in payment. So there is an imbalance created in perceived value. How we value ourselves is paramount in what money we will generate. Our society places great value on education and those with skills. A person who is uneducated with little or no professional skills will be left with very few choices to generate an income unless they become entrepreneurial and this is not possible for many people. So if we use the typical Mexican housekeeper as an example, society has placed a value on her labour. This value is based on supply and demand and society's view of how much they are prepared to pay a person to do this job.

Now, if we look at this example from a totally different perspective. This woman, a beautiful mexican woman, is a human being. She needs to support herself with a roof over her head, food on the table, transport to and from work and children if she has them. In order for her to have some human dignity she needs a certain amount of money in which to survive in this world. And in order for her to meet her basic needs she needs to work over 60 hours per week. As a human being is she only worth $7 per hour?

She is not only a cleaner but a human being. Society has placed inequitable values on human beings based on thier education level or expertise in a working society. Because of her identity as a worker (in an economic system) her value has been set. Her value has also been set based on her own beliefs and her own upbringing.

But what is a human life really worth?

What is the baby sitting of our children really worth?

If we hire a baby sitter or child carer, are our children worth $7 per hour?

If we view life from another perspective why wouldn't our economy place a value of $1000 per hour for child raising, sitting or caring?

Isn't the raising and education of our children more important than the construction or creation of other material things in the economy?

Economic rationalism dictates to society a person's value. This will not change until we change the system in which we live.

Another way of looking at this is, if a company uses slave labour or cheap labour of $3-5 per hour to manufacture goods and their profit margins are 100 times the cost of the labour then where is the balance? There is a hoarding of wealth at one end and a deprivation of wealth at the other. This then contributes to the overall imbalance on a world scale. There will always be wealth and poverty in a world of duality. So all we can attempt to do is tip the balance towards those in need and create real and permanent solutions so that we as consumers in the West do not continue to contribute to world povery, slavery and murder for the gain of resources.

(The imbalance also relates to thousands of years of imbalance in polarities and 'slave consciousness' in the human DNA. The memories of slavery are so ingrained in certain bloodlines (DNA) that many people who incarnate today find it difficult to raise their own consciousness above that of 'feeling like a slave'. Whether it is an employee or a person who works for nothing in bondage. So the game of the 'haves and have-nots' continues.)

As consumers we can become conscious by doing our own research and then choose whether or not we want to invest our money into a product or service that either contributes to slavery or destruction of the environment.

As individuals we can also balance the polarities with in our own psyche/consciousness to help 'balance the polarities' of the whole. This means that we need to heal our own shadow self. We need to heal all of our own wounded parts of self within our own consciousness so we can hold more Light within. This includes all of our judgments about other people, all our own anger, our prejudices, our pain and 'dark' side. We all have a dark side within the psyche. It takes deep exploration. What I am really saying is that the more we do this the more we feel divine love for Self and others, and when we do this we do not contribute to creating a 'polarised' imbalance in the world.

If a person has billions of dollars and holds intense anger, judgment and ideas of controlling others for his/her own profit and manufactures weapons for warfare then he/she contributes in a large way to holding the 'polarity of hate and warfare and the hoarding of wealth' at one end of the pole. The opposite is extreme deprivation.

Who holds the wealth? There are many great 'Light workers' who are now holding wealth and who are doing great things with their wealth and understand the need to create balance.

The majority of the wealth on this planet is allocated to war and hoarded by those who do not have the 'highest common good' for humanity or the planet at heart. These individuals, companies and governments are only interested in unlimited corporate profit or personal profit. This in turn creates massive imbalance. If only 3% of the world's military expenditure was re-allocated it would feed, cloth and house every human on the planet. Only 3%! Not a lot. Why has there been such an imbalance for so long? Because those in power have only been interested in holding onto and growing their own wealth. The corporate entity and the stock market by its very nature is continually seeking 'growth'. We as humans have become slaves to a system called 'economic rationalism'. This model relies on consumption, consumerism and profit. Economic rationalism is the 'ego in denial'. So if 3-10% of the world's wealth was re-balanced it would make a tremendous difference to those at the opposite pole who live in poverty.

We all came into this Earth game to play the game of polarity; good/bad, pain and pleasure, wealth and poverty. So if we want to make millions to buy a new home or ensure that we can retire without needing to rely on Government help or end up on the streets when we are elderly then that is totally ok. The question we need to ask ourself is the method of how we create that wealth. Is it life-giving or life-taking? Is the way we generate our money contributing to environmental destruction or using slave labour? Are we creating an imbalance somewhere in what we do?

It is the people who hold the extreme wealth at the top of the pyramid who have been creating the massive imbalance. Because this wealth has not been re-invested in the people and there has been no sharing of resources. But we as citizens in the Western world have to take responsibility for the collective imbalance that we as a society have created on the planet. We live in a world based on consumption and this balance is reflected in all those parts of the world who have nothing. So this is an issue that needs to be addressed as an entire society and economic structure.

The more we feel divine love in our hearts the more we feel compassion for all people, animals and the planet herself — Gaia as she is known. The Earth is a consciousness and is 'alive'. The Indigenous peoples throughout the world know this; it is only modern society who has disconnected so far from this truth.

So the more we become our true Spiritual Self in human form the more we find it difficult to witness such imbalance on Earth. Many spiritual teachers will say — 'well, you know the kid who incarnated into poverty in Africa — his soul chose to experience that experience. I chose to experience wealth in this life.' Now that is true, we do choose our incarnation and our parents, however, I am finding it increasingly difficult to live in a world that has such imbalance.

As an educated society we can non longer ignore the world situation. We are no longer 'babes in the wood'; we can no longer plead ignorance. The solutions to our problems and imbalance exist today. We have more creative, innovative great minds, scientists and thinkers on the planet than ever before. And not only that we can all communicate effortlessly and instantly to come together and share ideas and strategies for change.

The most common thing people say is 'Well what can I really do to change the world?"

We as educated consumers can contribute by changing our buying habits and then companies will have no choice but to change and listen to what we as consumers want. The change will come from the bottom (the consumer) and the top (corporations) with much dialogue and debate in the middle! :)

Or, we can bury our head in the sand like mushrooms and ignore the more pressing issues facing not only humanity but the animal and plant kingdoms. Humans not only affect the physical realm they also greatly affect the other dimensional realms such as the Devic realm. What we do, think and say affects the entire Earth Hologram and it also affects this Universe. All metaphysicians understand this principle. So if humanity wants to self destruct that is their choice, but they affect much more than themselves.

People are beginning to ask the right questions and stir from their sleep. The next 2-10 years will be critical and interesting times.

Many people are feeling a call from their soul for balance. This also means balance in our own lives. Deep down many are seeking simplicity. I suppose the question I ask myself is - 'if I had millions of dollars of wealth would I spend millions of dollars on my own lifestyle or how would I spend it? How would I feel living in a $100million home? Would it be necessary for my own happiness? Or would I be happy with a home that satisfies my need for comfort, space, view, quality materials etc How could I spend $100 million for the highest common good of the planet, humanity and the animal kingdoms?

Does spiritual wealth mean material wealth?

I recently had a discussion with a friend about the concept of 'having it all'. There is no doubt that the average person wants it all - a great loving relationship, financial abundance or security, good health and fitness, their 'dream job' or vocation and to feel loved.

Anyway, with this friend we got onto the topic of 'does spiritual wealth automatically mean material wealth?' This question also lead to us discussing what 'spiritual wealth' really is.

To me spiritual wealth is an interesting concept. The word wealth is what throws me, because my rational brain equates the word 'wealth' with a material concept such as money or physical things. The word spiritual can mean many things to different people. So let's set the record straight. We are all spiritual and material. Spirit is matter and all matter is spirit. We are simultaneously matter and spirit depending on what level of perception we are operating from. I can feel totally as a Being of vibrating Light when I 'vibrate up' and access this state, or I can feel 'physical' in my lowest vibrational state, the average state of being for the average person. So we are both spirit and matter. So no person is 'more spiritual' than another, we are ultimately all made of the same stuff. However, there are those who are more evolved in consciousness. These souls are those who more 'advanced' or 'awake' or have had more experience than younger souls. By being 'more evolved' does not mean being 'better than'. It is the ego mind that likes to compare. And the moment you compare the ego falls into 'being better than, or less than'. It is a simple fact, some people are more evolved than others, and it does not matter. There is no race to get the finishing post first as we are all eternal Beings - what is the hurry?

Ultimately how much joy, happiness and contentment we feel is what matters most to people. And for the purpose of this discussion with my friend I said — let's say that spiritual wealth is the ability to feel joy, happiness, contentment, divine love and inner peace. And some of the people with so much spiritual 'wealth' are the children of the world, including those kids who eat out of rubbish bins in poor countries. When I was in Egypt years ago there were too girls about age 6 with holes in their clothes and teeth falling out, dirt all over their face. They lived in a cemetery surrounded by dead bodies and rubble. I walked past and bent down and gave them a few coins. I did not want to be patronising but I wanted to give them something. They had such joy in their eyes and big smiles on their faces. They were genuinely happy, despite their circumstances. It only made me think how ungrateful many of us are in the West and we fail to appreciate what we have.

If we are 'spiritually wealthy' does it automatically mean we will be financially wealthy?

Many metaphysical teachers in the New Age movement equate spiritual success (wealth) with monetary success.  The famous wealthy gurus tell all of us that if we can 'think it, believe it' then we can have it.

This friend of mine had assumed that to be a 'genuine' spiritual teacher shouldn't you also be financially wealthy? Because if you truly understand the metaphysical principles you should also be able to master money and create a lot of it too?

With the dumbing down of spiritual principles by many this assumption has been created.

The  real goal of ascension (and journey back to Oneness) is clarity and coherency of mind, body and Soul and mastery over unity based principals in life.

True Spiritual Wealth and the meaning of Ascension:

Spiritual Wealth and Ascension is the balancing of polarities within our own consciousness and as the Sage Kingdom says in their messages to Mila and Oa from Ascendpress.org:

"Extreme wealth or even great financial wealth is not in balance; in reality great wealth or even moderate wealth is extremely out of balance.  The imbalance of wealth only perpetuates another imbalance that leads to warfare; and therefore is not a sincere spiritual goal, nor was it ever a sincere spiritual goal in any time period or within the human dream upon any dimension. The real spiritual goal is momentum towards unity which translates into balance.  A sincere state of balance allows one to manifest just enough to fulfill upon one's dream upon the physical plane.  A sincere state of balance allows unification of light and dark into an amalgamated state of being in which the swings between the two extreme poles of consumption and poverty or wealth and war cease.  A sincere state of balance first manifests as a balanced energy flow that does not wobble; which leads to a dream in the life that also does not wobble or is balanced; this is the real spiritual path of ascension in a nutshell."

What is really being said here is that the pursuit of material wealth alone as a goal has never been a true spiritual goal. Now in today's world there is no doubt we need to create enough money to pay for our own retirement and living. It does not mean we cannot pursue what we came here to do. For example J.K. Rowling came here to share the story of Harry Potter with the world. Her focus when she was a single mother on the pension in the UK was not to be a billionaire, but to get the story of Harry on paper so she could share it with the children of the world. Did she ever imagine selling over 350 million copies? Probably not, but that was a bi-product of what she came to do and share with the world. What she does with her money is her business, but the purpose of this discussion really is to understand the Law of Polarity. I am also not saying that to be 'spiritual' is to live in poverty and be a martyr either, as that too is creating imbalance within ourself. But spiritual wealth is the ability to feel divine love within. So when we are able to do that there really is, at our highest level of Being, no real desire for financial wealth or attachment to material things.

However, we are still a physical being in this realm and have physical desires and dreams. Therfore I postulate that financial wealth really is a material goal, not a spiritual goal; and many souls came to experience financial wealth and abundance in this life. Another way of looking at life is that spirit is matter and matter is spirit. This is in fact the case, therefore is what I have said incorrect? Is a material goal a spiritual goal? For the purpose of this article I have simply said that for many the goal to ascend in consciousness and seek spiritual enlightenment does not necessarily mean the desire for massive finanical wealth or an excess of material possessions.

When we are clear and coherent our Higher Self (Soul) will always provide for us. We will always receive what we need, not necessarily what we want.