The False "Enlightenment"

Tobias Lars—11/2006
Most of those who pass themselves off or let their followers pass them off as "enlightened" are really empty shells that have abandoned or as they like to say "let go", "risen above", "ascended", out of what they call the "lower" emotional body.

[This is Chapter 29 of Tobias Lars' highly recommended book Awakening Souls reproduced here with kind permission. You can read the entire book by visiting www.soulcounseling.com.]


FROM ALMOST THE VERY BEGINNING of 'time' here on earth the Emotional Body has been labeled as the problem. We thought, or were convinced by the fallen Angels that the emotions held us back from experiencing the 'heaven' we had envisioned. She, the Mother, the female aspect of God, the emotions, feeling, intuition would nag us with some 'feeling' she had, keeping us from moving forward with out visions.

"There's something off with what you're creating" Mother God would tell Father God. (The Female aspect inside our selves would tell the Male aspect inside our selves is one way to experience it…and there is a real manifestation of Father God and Mother God as our parents 'out there' in the Uni-Verse – Song of One…both realities exist. Why not? Source-God creates all that is…not either or – both and more!)

"Well what is it?" He-God, our rational mind self would ask. And She would reply:

"I don't know, it just doesn't feel right."

This would irritate God the Father aspect, the Yang, the male, the outward 'doing' principle of God in the divided creation. And since She, God the Mother, the Yin, the female the magnetic receptive aspect of God in the divided creation didn't express in a 'rational' logical thought process what She felt was wrong, the Father decided that is must be 'all in her head' and 'we'll go ahead with our plans for Creation anyway.'

And here we are…

In a divided, schizoid, creation where the Male and the Female wage the 'war of the sexes' with each other…with the heart, caught in the middle, being hung on the cross to bleed, and in a very real danger of having the whole Earth experiment go down the drain.

Nymphs, Garden Devas, Rock Beings & Wind Dragons

Yes, so now here we are in a twisted creation of 'fallen' divided, schizoid, Jekyll & Hyde, un-wholy beings who are for the most part severely out of touch with their feelings, disconnected from their intuition, with not much joy or power left, addictively-obsessively trying to find nourishment in over eating, over thinking, over working, over exercising, over 'being positive', over indulging in media etc. We can't even hear or see the Devic Kingdoms anymore, the Nature Spirits. Can you feel or see the water nymphs, the garden devas, the rock beings, the wind dragons? No, the vast majority of us can't and when our kids do we tell them they're 'imaginary' and that they'd better stop doing it or we'll give them Ritalin or Prozac. We're almost completely out of touch with our Selves and rapidly killing our selves, the animals, plants and Mother Earth.

A while back, after a particularly powerful Activation Session for a client, I walked outside and felt the earth, the fruit trees, the wind as part of me. I felt like I was permeable, transparent to everything around me. I was pulling a garden hose towards an apple tree to water it. As I pulled I heard a loud 'STOP' inside my mind. I turned around and saw that a small 12" 'baby' apricot tree was in danger of being hurt by the hose I was pulling towards the apple tree. I turned momentarily to put the hose down. I saw in my minds eye, the third eye, the center for Christ Consciousness, a gnome, about 2 ft tall, lift the hose over the baby apricot tree and place it on the other side. I turned around and the hose had somehow 'miraculously' lifted itself over the little apricot tree and was laying now on the safe side where I could pull on the hose as much as I wanted and not have it push against the baby tree! Wow. I felt happy, giddy, full of joy.

I realized as I asked God, why couldn't I have seen the gnome-friend physically, that I wasn't quite ready to view them fully embodied. Being able to see and feel and allow other dimensions to fully manifest it seems that one needs to be fair-ly (thanks fairies!) pure in order to be able to fluidly move between dimensions. Later I tried to share this experience with some friends and I 'd watch their eyes glaze over somewhat. So it is, only those who are at the cusp themselves can feel and know the truth of these experiences.

The Findhorn Community in Scotland started by Eileen Caddy and two friends, started out by them talking with Pan, the God of the Earth and growing vegetables in sand with practically no water. Today she's been honored by the Queen of England and there's a large eco-community and spiritual center established. There's a woman in Michigan at Lily Hill Farm, that allows people to come and visit and connect with Pan, the fairy kingdom, and devas. She met Pan physically in her grape orchard, the fairies would come visit her physically. She was a straight laced librarian, her husband an engineer when this started.

These worlds are all around us, if we are open. These worlds are part of the Original Plan for Earth, we can't just wipe them out by denying them, or suppressing them, or deciding mentally that they 'aren't real'. Feeling our emotions and cleaning-clearing our judgments-misunderstandings-past emotional stuck traumas will open our abilities to perceive again.

From the original judgment against the Emotional Body came the model that to reach 'enlightenment' one must successfully 'kill' the 'lower' emotions that we've labeled hatred, envy, greed, lust, anger etc. Or more sophisticated: to 'rise above them', to 'let them go' through 'non attachment' to have 'no judgment' on them.

Ex-communicating parts of our Souls

How do you think a child feels when its parents 'lets it go', lets them loose as they are hanging from a ledge over the bottomless Abyss, we let our grip loose and let them fall into the Pit? "Good bye sweetheart it is for your own good" we say as they fall screaming in terror into the black, empty, cold, Void. How would they feel? This is 'loving'? That is what we have all done to those parts of ourselves that we've labeled 'wrong', 'base', 'lower'. We have literally abandoned parts, chunks, bits of our Souls because we labeled them 'bad', 'unspiritual', 'reactive', 'counterproductive', 'lower', etc. So we have 'let them go'. We have sent them to hell, banished them to the ends of the universe with our 'prayers' and 'exorcisms', and much of our spirituality. Is it any wonder that some of these 'orphans', these rejected aspects of our Larger Self are a bit pissed off!? And that they don't exactly trust us anymore because almost all our healing modalities have at their root still a wanting to get rid of these pesky, irritating, 'wrong', 'evil', or again more sophisticated, 'unproductive' feelings?

Look around- most of the 'healing techniques' out there are about 'rising above', 'letting go', 'trans-cending' (sending into a trance!), becoming 'clear', etc.

This is a basic delusion – misunderstanding, that there are 'bad', 'dirty' parts of ourselves that we can simply abandon, 'let go', and somehow become enlightened. You can outrun them for a while, pretend you don't have them, but they are connected to us by a spiritual umbilical cord and they need to be 'healed' – wholed – reintegrated – welcomed home, taken back into you. Don't run from them, try not to think about them, stay busy to avoid, avoid, avoid, but turn and face them and transform them back into what they are meant to be. Soul Retrieval is a practice , if done correctly, that does this. All our 'designer diseases' today – cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Chronic Fatigue, etc. etc. are all diseases of the Soul, parts of our Soul's that need to be welcomed back, transformed and healed.

Every Emotion has its seat at your Round Table

Do you think God the Father and God the Mother or the Absolute Source of the Universe made a mistake in creating the Emotional Body? Or that certain emotions, feelings like anger, fear, confusion, doubt, guilt have no purpose? Were these emotions created by something other than God? What? Who created them then? The "Devil" to torment us? How ludicrous. Of course ALL emotions have a role, have an important part to play, there was no mistake made as we were originally created. The Emotional Body part of each of us was made for a reason, made perfectly, to protect us, to warn us, to enable us to experience the Creation, to give us the Power to explore the creation. In our emotions lies our real power. For example, guilt and fear are meant to float around the creation so they tell us when we've reached the end of the creation. They're not meant to be inside us and certainly are not meant to run us as they do most beings on earth today. Fear has another role as well, to warn us of unexplored areas, experiential areas we have not yet mastered. It doesn't mean not to go there, but fear is a guidepost, our servant, a 'pay attention' bell. All the "you have to choose either love or fear" ultimatums are tricks of the Mind, of Lucifer, of false spirituality with the seed of denial in it, to get you to deny your real feelings. We don't ever have to choose either or -- choose both and more! You can always say 'I choose both' or 'I choose neither', '…………….' Or choose to simply not reply as Jesus did in front of Pontius Pilate.

The Dragon's Breath of Protection

Anger is our protection and having shut down our anger as 'non spiritual' has left us open to being invaded, controlled, soul implanted by those interested in controlling us for their own energy and power gain. Our conscious anger will spit them out and the control devices (social & religious programming, schools, TV, etc.) that are implanted in our minds and bodies. Our anger/rage will literally save our very beings. And we've been con-vinced to label our righteous anger/rage 'spiritually incorrect', 'evil', 'lower emotions' etc. We need to wake up and free the Emotional Body so it can merge with our spirits and then we can again function as the whole gods we were originally meant to be and safely explore the Creation without getting trapped in messes like the collective denial we've created on Earth today. I mean look around, is this the Original Intention of God, of Love, of Source, of Divine Intelligence, of Heart that we see around us? Of course not. God-Love-Source did not intend for diseases, killing each other, killing animals & plants, destruction, war, psychic torture, stress, etc….except as a 'remedial learning program' for us to wake back up. All those things are 'wake up calls' to get us to return to our Selves, to our Hearts, to Love, to God (ness).

"Spiritual Correctness" is worse than Political Correctness

Now it has become 'spiritually correct' to tell these lost parts of our selves that we want them back, now we want 'integration', 'wholeness', we've invited them to 'come out, come out, wherever you are', 'this time I promise I will take you back and we will live together again.' And every time we've promised these lost parts of ourselves that we'll be open and receptive to them, be willing to listen, hear, allow them their role in our Being, we've again betrayed, banished, punished them with 'white magic'. Today we use mental lasers, tronic mind wizardry, NLP programming, hypnosis, fancy mind techniques, visualizations, affirmations, 'prayers' to the 'Light' to try to ray gun them out of existence. These 'lost aspects' of our selves are terrified by now, are damaged in their receptive centers by our 'white light' and many of these 'lost pieces' have vowed not to trust their god (us) again. Some of these lost pieces are full of rage and rebellion. They are maimed, psychotic, demented, soul damaged bits of essence, because we've made them so! With our warfare with the power of 'light' that we've (m)aimed at them. And then we wonder when these lost, denied, cut off aspects of our self are so denied that they take separate bodies as our children and rage at the mind and soul control in our world by becoming heavy metal musicians, gang bangers, trying desperately to keep the soul control of the Mind machine at bay. We need to wake up and see, be willing to look, to end our denial, our fake glossed over society that is decaying, corroding from within at this very moment. Let's be willing to risk feeling again, get real, get honest, pray for guidance, for real healing, not to the 'Light' of Denial that will narcotize us into altered realities of spaced out, weak, etheric slow deaths. This is the false heaven, the heaven without the 'juice' of emotions.

It's going to take some time to convince these parts of our Self that we are sincere about really healing this time before they trust us again. But there is no way to have this Creation function according to Source's Original Plan without input from the freed emotional body, not the enslaved model where you make the emotions do what is 'spiritually correct'. ('Spiritual correctness' is the ultimate tyranny, much worse than political correctness and it is coming big time to earth) The Emotional Body is the power source, the magnetic energy that grounds the Creation, holds it in place. It can not be gone around. It must be brought 'up to speed', and really healed now if we want real healing. The Emotional Body is what gives the Spirit the power to operate in this level of physical density.

Masque-a-rading as Love

But back to 'enlightenment'. If you let yourself feel many of the people that call themselves or willingly let others call them 'enlightened', you'll feel nothing. They are an emptiness, a void ness that they pass off for 'peace'. And onto this 'blank slate' we've been programmed to project our image, our golden calf idolatrous image of what 'enlightenment' should look like, what our minds are telling us enlightenment should look like. And because most of us have lost touch with our feeling bodies and been programmed by parents-schools-society to not listen to them, we are at the mercy of these vampires of energy, we can't feel them and let our emotional body tell us that they are empty, soulless, dead, energy feeders. And then through their fancy light/intelligence words and using our hope for a lost Eden they in collusion with the Mind (and our minds) have convinced us that this emptiness is 'peace', is 'home' is 'enlightenment', is 'heaven'. It is not peace, it is emptiness at best and often heartlessness that hates the emotional body, hates the Mother of Creation, hates having to have a body and is masquerading as love. It is no feeling, empty eyes of death. Often these people are unaware that this 'enlightenment' that has happened to them is not real filled with Love, filled with Source, filled with Divine Play, filled with God(ness) enlightenment but instead being stripped of their feeling-emotional body, emptied of large parts of their own essence and replaced with a 'light' that is not loving light. They have decided to do this, they have opened themselves to this 'light' and been willing to trade their 'pesky' feelings for the false 'peace' of this enlightenment…just the way British Prime Minister Chamberlain was willing to go into a false agreement with Hitler and a false promise of 'peace' from the unloving light that possessed Hitler. Of course Hitler had no intention of delivering any real 'peace' to Britain. One reflects the other—our inner willingness not to feel, not to sense with our emotional body, in-tuition leaves us vulnerable and open to being 'tricked by the light'.

The Ultimate Bull-Smoke Detector—Your In-Tuition Feeling Emotional Body

Our feeling body, our intuition, if we are in touch with it will tell us immediately that they are empty shells that have abandoned their emotional bodies and are passing this off as being enlightened. Of course this isn't true for all teachers but you will need to learn for yourself how to feel them out. Most of them are fooled themselves and believe they have reached 'enlightenment'. Often this 'awakening' experience comes in some real form of 'letting go' and there is some draining of the old programming from the psyche. There may be a real experience of 'dying', of some form of 'light' entering their body…and the person's willingness to do anything to be rid of the emotional pain they are or have been feeling, opens the door to a wholesale 'letting go' of their emotional selves. 'Please just take this pain away from me!! I'll do anything!' a part of them is saying. This 'letting go' provides a 'relief' much the same way cutting off an arm or leg that is diseased will provide relief…but the person is not whole anymore, they can't walk or hug or function fully anymore. We cannot cut off energy parts of our Selves and remain whole beings as originally created.

And Loving Source, God, Divine Effulgence is a filling with Love…with Warmth…with Play…with Fun…with being tickled by Love – Daddy – Mommy… It is Wonder – Full, it is Full(y)-Filling, your Cup will Run Over…and over…and over. Of course…feel it for a moment…don't let the Mind trick you with its hall of mirrors of 'thinking'. Feel this with your 'gut' your intuition-your heart-your Soul, your sensing, your Inner Body.

Would a Source, A Divine Intelligence, God Him or Herself feel bad, painful, stressful, fearful, difficult to you as it was filling you up? Would you feel bad when the energy of Source, Love, God, Heart, Intelligence was reconnecting w/ you? Of course not.

The purging of the old, of the 'dis-ease' yes, as it's leaving doesn't look nice, or always feel nice. There's a 'draining out' of the old stuck energies. But I have even found personally for me and people I've worked with for healing, that even the 'bad' the 'dis-ease' the old patterns, the fears, the energy of terror, or rage, or doubt, doesn't feel bad when it is being released-healed- re-capitulated-integrated when it is the loving Light of Love-God-Source assisting in the emptying and refilling. Then even the healing-purging-detoxing process feels fine, feels good and certainly when it's done…you feel wonderful, reborn, healed, light, open, clean, clear, happy…because the Source-God-Love that created us is effervescing, effulging, bursting, giving, overflowering, orgasming, feel good energy.

A Personal Note

I have had several lifetimes practicing yoga. I had a personal awakening in this lifetime when I spontaneously recalled the yoga Asanas (positions), stopping of the breath and heart and feeling the kundalini energies release in my body. It happened one night in my dorm room as a freshman at college. I had had no religion in my life, no family churchism, no organized programmed teachings on how to interpret life whatsoever in my life up to that point. I had felt drawn to read the Tao Te Ching and had started feeling God-the Tao-Essence behind Lao Tzu's timeless gateways of simple words. Then one night I came across a book with pictures of Yoga positions. As I saw the positions my body wanted to do them. My body instantly 'knew' how to do the Asanas. As I did the yogic positions it was as if keys were being put into locks in my body and turned. Each position opened gateways-doorways of energy in my body. My body loved it- I felt rushes of energy course through my body, I saw and felt other lifetimes of doing this yoga in caves and with brother renunciants. My heart and breath stopped and I felt myself spin out of the top of my head. For the next 7 years I faithfully would do my yoga- the positions, the breathing, the energy work. This was an undeniable awakening for me as a 19 year old. I am very familiar with the Indian teachings, history, Sanskrit, the Vedas. Babaji, Paramahansa Yogananda, Sai Baba and have been a (several) lifetime student and practitioner of these traditions. 'Advaita' teachings are teachings of 'non duality', all is One, there is no 'other', no 'second'. It is an attempt to place the concept of Oneness before us. Like any other teaching, when the Mind gets a hold of it and uses half truths, then the essence of the teaching often becomes twisted. Because the Advaita concept is so close, the final 'concept' before merging back into Oneness-God-Source it is also particularly subject to false 'understandings' of it's idea. The Mind can never give us 'enlightenment'. The Mind can bring us to the 'end of under-standing' where we take the leap into heart-beingness-Source-God-the unnameable. The Mind can follow and be part of the true awakening of the Soul, the Heart, the Source, the overflowing of God…but mind understanding is destined to 'stand under' (under- stand) the Heart as a trusted servant to assist in carrying out the Divine Inspirit-ations of Love, of the Heart, of God. The 'rebellion' of the Mind, having the Mind run the show, is the Luciferian rebellion of wanting to leave Love-Christ-Heart behind and create a universe without the 'pesky feeling of the heart' holding it back. It is an attempt at circumventing the Heart-Love-Feelings that is doomed to fail. It is a temporary mort-al non sustaining creation. Getting involved with this way of trying to live will only lead to dead ends, as it should! Thank you God, thank you Heart, for waking us up from false teaching!

"The Proof is in the Pudding!"

From one side of the dual coin of Awakening, yes it will feel painful, excruciating, de-toxing, like going through addiction withdrawal. Because we are addicted to our old mind programming. But if after your detoxing it does not feel freeing, fulfilling, open, looser, more clear…then it is not a real 'enlightenment' teaching. Re filling with Love, with God, with Source, with your Self will feel GO(O)D! The proof of awakening is in itself. Easy, simple. Stay in touch with how it is feeling for you. Be present. Stay in touch with your Inner Body of sensation-feeling-emotions and if it is feeling clearer, cleaner, more awake, more able to enjoy the world, less judgment, more love…that's the road to real en-Light-enment.

But if you believe that it would be painful, hurtful, excruciating, difficult to reconnect w/ your essence, Source, God, oneness, true enlightenment…then you believe that whatever created this Uni-Verse is at it's root painful, hurtful, excruciating, difficult… You are of course free to believe that…but the reflection you will be creating is not going to be a nice 'wake up call'. You will be fighting your Self, punching your self in the mirror. Of course you have the 'right' and power to do this…and ultimately yes it is a game…a play…of shadows…and you can play any game you want.

The false "Ascension" Schools

Emptiness-Heartlessness-Mind-Lucifer is working through many so called 'enlightened' teachers with his 'Light' and is giving them a false paradise for a season until he is finished with them at which point he takes his light back and they are abandoned like so much husk and they usually drop to earth back into the incarnational cycle they desperately had tried to escape from. The overriding escape wish that 'seekers of the light' often have, that wanting to 'go back home' to their remembered 'heavens', their astral worlds of no gravity, of beautiful instant thought manifestation, pastel colors, 'peace' etc. This escape wish , this wanting to step out of the reincarnational cycle and being willing to do anything, sell our soul to go back to our imagined heaven allows The Mind without Heart, i.e. Lucifer to use those of us who are desperate 'homeseekers' and to keep the lie of 'ascending', 'rising above the emotional body' spiritual teaching schools of 'enlightenment' going. These 'ascension schools' usually attract the intellectual, mental, blue and white light spirits, the ones of us that have never 'landed' on Earth, that avoid our emotions at every turn, that want formulas, techniques, methods for 'enlightenment'. We want a clinical, antiseptic, technological, Mind-thinking way of enlightenment. Anything to avoid having to go back in to our original terror imprints in our emotions, those Original Wails of Loss as we were separated from our Hearts, from our Selves, our God. We like to apply 'scientific' 'research' techniques to spirituality. We like the antiseptic, rational, mental approach to everything. In these rational-mental models of 'enlightenment' sex is usually 'base' or only meant for procreation or at least separated from God-Source, or just considered a body function and somehow subtly looked down upon or at least not held as the sacred Life Source energy gateway that it obviously is. It's where we create children, pure gateways of Beingness from! We sit and chant for hours, we use 'discipline' to control the physical and emotional bodies, the list is endless how we've subjugated and imprisoned the Body and our Emotions. One more dead end of fancy technique and manipulation of energies that give us occasional 'highs' to think we're on the right path. This is truly 'black' magic, using and imprisoning the emotional body and forcing it to give its energy up, without any gratitude or Love in order to send us back to our false heaven.

Real Ascension includes the Body and Emotions! E=mc2 !

The problem is we never achieve real ascension this way; we never liberate that part of ourselves that has congealed as a body and as emotions, so we never become really whole again. We simply leave our bodies behind when we die, 'ascend'. But that energy of the Body and Emotions is a part of us that we leave as ghosts, as lost energies forced to wander the Earth and we will eventually have to reclaim them if we want to be truly free. Jesus resurrected his body! He took it with him! So did Babaji, Sri Yukteswar, Patanjali, Krishna, Emil, St. Germain and many others who are not known to the public. They sped the energy up to the point where they didn't need to leave their bodies behind at death. The physical matter of their bodies became pure energy again. Einstein with his simple equation E=mc2 showed that matter and energy are interchangeable, that's what the equals = sign means, it can go back and forth from one side of the equation to the other, matter turns into energy and energy congeals into matter. So of course we can also do this because we are pieces of the Source that creates All That Is. We are pieces of God, pieces of Love, pieces of Source. We are made 'in the image' of this Source-God and we have the same creative magical abilities. I know that perhaps that sounds unbelievable but it is the truth no matter how much mind programming we've received that convinces us that we are just helpless pieces of flesh that live and die capriciously at the hands of some dominating 'god' or chaotic universe.

Real Masters are ever fresh 'babies'

And these masters that remembered how to set their souls and their energy free they became free to choose when and how to incarnate again, to congeal another physical body whenever they want, not as a trap, not in a Karmic cycle, no veil of forgetfulness at birth, not a prison of body anymore. And they told us how to do it. "Become Ye as little Children." "God does not reveal Himself to the prudent and the wise…but to babes" Original Innocence, openness of heart i.e. open up to our emotional bodies, allow them to heal, allow them to express freely, don't force or control them and they will heal themselves and supply the power on earth for magnetizing and grounding the spirit-god into full in-carne-ation (in-flesh-ation), which will be the real 'second coming'. Yes, it will seem painful, yes it requires you to listen, to follow, to choose to be aware in a world gone insane, but what else are you going to do? Put your head in the sand and hope it all changes magically without you having to become aware, awake, change your death creating habits? Those religions and their followers who believe they don't have to 'walk the walk' and actually re-spiritualize their emotional and physical bodies are infantile in their belief systems or spiritually lazy.

The Easy Way to tell a True Master

Do these 'enlightened' ones feel like they are the innocence of children, the "Become Ye as Little Children" that Jesus from his gentle heart talked about? Or do they feel above it all looking down in bemused, patriarchal (evaluating with the mind) 'love' on their 'wayward children', con-descending to come and teach us, themselves untouched by the 'lower' emotions? Do they become innocent themselves, can they let themselves go and be goofy, human, sad, not perfect all the time. Do they come off their throne and play like equals? Or do they need to remain up above and untouched by these human emotions? Are they afraid of 'descending' into humanness? Are these 'enlightened' 'gods' afraid of being human? Do they use all their fancy wizardry and words to keep talking so they won't have to feel, for 'feeling is weakness' the imprinted subconscious program says. The Impulse of God feels like Chaos to them, scares them, they must have their god 'Order'. They can't just truly surrender, which they talk about all the time, that we all need to 'surrender to the Lord' But they can't just surrender and be however the Impulse of God wishes in the moment themselves. They must keep themselves above and thereby put us down in the process however subtly and couched in the language of 'oneness' and 'love' they do it. 'Dear ones, we come to you in the Light…etc.'

"God does not reveal himself to the prudent and the wise…but to babes."

The acid test is do they allow their emotional body input into the Creation, i.e. their being. Or do they need to present an image of 'enlightenment', of never having these 'lower' feelings, always remaining calm, peaceful 'above it all'? If they are not allowing the Emotional Body to be part of the game of creation they still have learning to do, aren't fully healed themselves and most often create dead ends for themselves and their followers. They are not fully then of Love. They can easily falsely lead themselves and others into imprisoning Love, becoming controllers and usurpers of energy interested in power, not innocence and love. This is not helpful anymore to healing ourselves or the Creation. This way of being will not be able to remain on the planet earth as it returns to Love, Innocence, Free Will. Just as these deniers of the emotional body were kicked out of Tibet by the 'base', 'red' root chakra (anger) soldiers of the Chinese army, so will these false teachers be dethroned everywhere unless they choose to wake up.

[This is Chapter 29 of Tobias Lars' highly recommended book Awakening Souls reproduced here with kind permission. You can read the entire book by visiting www.soulcounseling.com.]