About the Second Arrival

Su Maya—03/2005
As we draw ever closer to the End Time and completion of a Grand Cycle, Su Maya explains that the time for purification is now upon us.

AT THE END of every century, and every millennium, the old prophecies and new ones crop up about the End Times. These also bring expectations of the Second Arrival of the Christ.

Scores of people gather around the most enigmatic or charismatic speakers of the moment, hoping to get a head start on the claim to fame. They hope this is the one, or this is the true turning point of all.

Now that we are in a new millennium, many churches and their critics are fired up about the subject. Talk of signs, horsemen of the apocalypse, wars, famine and disease come to mind.

Yet, time and time again these leaders and their predictions whither away and die.

Then what will it be like? How will we know? Or is it just a fantasy?

Quotes from the book of "Revelations", while very dramatic and colorful, are not any more real than the dramas taking place in our world. These kinds of plays are already here, and have been for thousands of years.

And if the Christ returned, who would recognize Him? Like the song by Joan Osbourne, "what if God was one of us?" In a self-effacing demeanor and vow of poverty, He could easily be mistaken for a homeless person, being kicked on the sidewalk.

No, He already did that and look what happened. Our political and psychological make-up is not that different from two thousand years ago. Borders of countries have shifted, the names of parties have changed but the same persecution, the same levels of prejudice, and economic control remain.

What is new is the form the Savior can take in our lives. He does not need to ride on a 3 dimensional horse in another human body, because we are the body. We are the Human Being.

The shift will take place in the minds and hearts of those who have worked at their own purification. They will be prepared for a new awakening. In this awareness, Christ is already here, like the Sun behind the clouds. The Sun doesn't die at sunset, it is hidden by the Earth.

I was not raised a Christian, and studied most of the world's religions. All of them have their saviors and avatars. Every culture has expanded states of mystical vision that were passed down through the ages. I respect and honor all of them.

However, Christ is the the One who has actually shown me miracles, in a visceral, tangible way. Especially when I have been clear, and concentrated on saving others. It's not my place to describe these events, or to convert anyone, but to share a deep source of inspiration.

Whenever I completely release my doubts and concerns, applying my hand to spiritual devotion, I can feel Him hovering and guiding me. Any of you who have had this experience can validate what I mean.

Once the Higher Will has entered into my undertakings, and if I don't interrupt or refute the experience, the currents circulate in my energetic system for days after. Then it is as if Su is not doing the work at all, but lost in the will of Abstract Perfection.

The atmosphere is so delicate around this, that every vibration and resonance are understood. Every intent, and their effects or karmic imprints are very noticeable, and avoidable. Likewise, past imprints are quickly pardoned, released, and should not be rekindled by remembering old hurts and angers. It is a fragile domain of Grace.

That means not polluting the clean waters of consciousness with violent movies, or even gossip with others.

Once you feel the fullness, the openness, the intensity of that Light, you never want to go back. You miss it when it is gone, you look for the Love and its signs that cross the expanse of space and time. There is no Other.

The reason people are so enmeshed in relationships is that they are seeking a Soul connection again. Then with the inevitable disappointments, they opt for material acquisitions, a string of sexual partners, the ecstasy of alcohol or drugs, or filling their bellies with enormous amounts of food.

Anyone with an addiction can tell you it is never enough. Once the high goes away, they are more empty, depressed or frustrated than before. They just want to find it again.

Resurrection will be available for those who have searched and passed tests. There is no guarantee for everyone, but by His choice certain people, and animals, will be lifted to new heights of empowerment. They may be able to enact beneficial legislation, or teach huge television audiences through acts of courage. They will not necessarily be those who quote the Bible or hold prayer groups, although these can help.

In any chapter of the Bible it is best to remember to replace the word 'days' with the concept of 'cycles'. The word for day in Hebrew "YOM" is better thought of as a metaphor for the turning of light and darkness, like one Yin/Yang revolution.

Any one who has studied history, geology or astronomy knows that cycles repeat themselves and they can be very long wavelengths.

Then, if you are looking for a good quote, read in the Old Testament, chapter 12 of the "Book of Daniel" with this idea in mind.

Purification is not easy work, and no one else can do it for you, but I can assure you that after all True Love is waiting.

Personally, I have been wanting to leave the Earth for several years now. I am way too sensitive for what most people call 'normal' but it's not really my choice. When God decides I have done enough, I will be released from these chains and go Home again. And so will you.

So, what is the answer to the question, when is the Messiah coming? Whenever you are ready.