Spirit, Awakening & Liberation

Authentic spirituality is nothing to do with beliefs, practices and traditions. In fact, these occlude the natural state by locking us in conceptualized "ego" spirituality. If we want to awaken to our true nature, then we have to let all the concepts go and rest in the stillness of basic awareness.

No-Self is actually an artifact from trying to map polydimensional identity in a normal space-time framework. As long as we are dimensional ignorant, we will only be distorting reality when we try to resolve ontological paradoxes using inappropriate modelling. [more →]

Love Serve Remember: Ram Das Recalls the love of Neem Karoli Baba (Sep 2013)
Ram Das recalls the infinite love of Neem Karoli Baba who was his guru and taught him, through love, to cherish all people. The effect of this love is to actually change humanity, bringing our only chance to heal our fractured society and our damaged planet. Love transforms.

F*ck That: A Guided Meditation / Jason Headley (Jul 2015)
This is a powerful meditation that is suitable only for those with a sense of humour (and over 16). Listen to the gentle voice leading us to letting go of our baggage and go into the silence and purity of the present moment. This should be practiced daily. (Thanks to D for link :-)

Igor Kufayev - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview (Mar 2012)
Kufayev was born in Uzbekistan and he was initially an artist who was into TM. At 36, he experienced a profound awakening and became a spiritual teacher. What is great about Kufayev is that he brings together many different traditions: vedanta, tantra, sufi and zen.

Nonduality can all too easily be reduced to nihilistic philosophy when we try to disown the mind and ego in our efforts to reach awakening. These are integral parts of ourselves, and if we want authentic awakening, we need to lovingly accept and integrate them. [more →]

Love, Reality and the Time of Transition / Bernhard Guenther (Oct 2011)
Guenther shows us that most of what we call "love" is gratification, sentimentality, obligation, duty, passion, desire and other superficial emotions. True love is unconditional and we can only really experience it when we stop projecting by knowing ourselves. [visit Guenther's website]

Ennio Nimis presents the very best introduction to Kriya Yoga (Jan 2011)
Many of us who have read the classic book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda have been left with a burning curiosity of the techniques of Kriya Yoga that underpin this momentous spiritual work. Kriya Yoga is a set of techniques that basically encourage kundalini awakening which leads on to full spiritual awakening. These techniques, said to have been developed by the rishis thousands of years ago, were rediscovered by Lahiri Mahasaya who was taught them by the mythical Babaji. Lahiri Mahasaya passed the teachings on to Sri Yukteswar who passed them down to Paramahansa Yogananda who wrote Autobiography of a Yogi that piqued worldwide interest for them. Only problem was that as organisations develop around teachings, and there are many organisations purporting to teach Kriya Yoga both in India and around the world, they end up controlling the teachings and using them as bargaining chips for seekers' money, loyalty and control. Therefore, any search for the techniques of Kriya Yoga will turn up very little as the knowledge is usually given on condition of absolute secrecy. But this spiritual farce has finally come to an end with the online publication of Kriya Yoga practitioner Ennio Nimis' online book. It is available in three sections: Part 1 lays the foundation and outlines Nimis' own experience; Part 2 gives the techniques themselves; and Part 3 looks at further practical aspects. EnergyGrid would like to personally thank Ennio Nimis for releasing this divine knowledge.
We think we want to be a somebody, but the deeper drive is actually to be a nobody. That is why drug and alcohol addiction is so prevalent — we find the conceptual self too suffocating. The solution is to step out of time, and this is how it is done. [more →]
Most of us believe that once we spiritually awaken, the mind stops and we find ourselves infinitely wise, compassionate and peaceful. The truth is a moron that wakes up is still likely a moron, and it is this realization that can actually set us free. [more →]
What do science and Advaita have in common? They are both spacetime-based philosophical systems that use reductionism as the litmus test for existence. As a consequence of this outlook, both deny the reality of nonlocal phenonenon such as our thinking minds. [more →]
Advaita or nondual spirituality uses outdated logic and reductionist reasoning to reduce reality to a concept of unity in which everything contradicting this concept is denied, including our own selves. So Advaita is a movement away from reality and into a nondual fantasy. [more →]
It is our ideas about spiritual awakening that block us from realizing authentic awakening. As long as we see awakening as an exhaulted or special state of mind, we will remain asleep in conceptual awakening. [more →]
The IDentity Operating System (IDOS) prevents us from fully experiencing the natural state of divine unity — the ground state of our being. Here we explore effective methods for crashing IDOS and liberating ourselves from the tyranny of individuality. [more →]
Outdated Newtonian worldviews are responsible for the seeming contradictions and irreconcilable differences between non-duality spirituality and free will reality manifestation. Update our worldview and these conflicts disappear. [more →]
Authentic spiritual awakening has nothing to do with gods, spirits, prayers, holy books, mystical experiences and enlightened masters. It is based entirely around the self and the stories that we tell about ourselves — The Story of I. [more →]
To All Truth Seekers
Maria Dimitrova—01/2011
Dimitrova presents a letter to truth seekers reminding us that it is important that we become aware how we fool ourselves into thinking that the experience our minds manufacture is Truth and Reality. [more →]
Messages from Crop Circles
Faith Warn—01/2010
If we listen deeply enough, crop circles can speak to us, giving us inspirational messages from Spirit. Faith Warn is one such person who can hear the silent voices, and here she shares with us her experiences from 2008. [more →]
Creating our own reality is a central focus for most of those in the New Age and New Consciousness movement. But as long as we are manipulating reality, we can never experience authentic spiritual awakening. [more →]
Spiritual Marketing Techniques
John Smith—10/2009
An examination of methods used to market spiritual teachers and teachings. Whether you are an authentic spiritual teacher or just playing the guru-game, there is good money to be made in active spiritual marketing. [more →]
Spirituality and ecology are often viewed as different facets of the same modern spiritual belief. However, digging deeper we find that they are in fact mutually exclusive and that the very term spiritual ecology is oxymoronic. [more →]
Ravi Sadana was raised in the high Himalyan city Shimla, the seat of the Imperial Raj in the prewar years, where he was taught by gurus to yoga, prayers, meditation and the fundamentals of Ayurvedic healing. [more →]
Val Valerian's Matrix 5 books (trufax.org) were inspired by his experiences at The Monroe Institute and present themselves as the ultimate manuals for spiritual development. But all is not what it seems. [more →]
Those interested in spiritual development need to become aware of the distinction between spiritual philosophies and spiritual practices so that they can reach conscious unity. [more →]
Spirituality in a Nutshell
John Smith—10/2007
Confused by the plethora of spiritual paths and teachers that represent modern spirituality? You should be, and what is more, most will lead you away from authentic spirituality. [more →]
David Hawkins is a controversial spiritual teacher who claims that consciousness/truth can be objectively calibrated by the muscle test. This is an in-depth investigation into this claim. [more →]
Spiritual seekers often believe that abundance can be manifested without regard to consequences as the universe is infinite. Fiona Taylor reminds us that nothing is created in isolation. [more →]
Finding the Kind Heart
John Smith—08/2007
Finding the kind heart forms the foundation of spirituality and is a journey that must include both the path of love and the path of power for it to be effective and balanced. [more →]
Spirituality is now such a medley of different ideas and beliefs that it can be difficult knowing what spiritual growth is and how to best achieve it. This article explores its essence. [more →]
Redneck Liberation Theology
Joe Bageant—04/2007
Liberation cannot come from ideology, but only from the soul. And it is the soul that the Left denies and that the Right distorts, both closing the door to social awakening. [more →]
Nobody questions New Age philosophy as perceptively as By George, a truth-seeker who has found living with uncertainty more enlightening than living with spiritual dogma. [more →]
Truth is a Pathless Land
Jeddu Krishnamurti—12/2006 (orig. 1926)
Transcript of the 1929 speech Krishnamurti gave to announce the dissolution of the spiritual organization — the Order of the Star — which he had been groomed since boyhood to lead. [more →]
The False "Enlightenment"
Tobias Lars—11/2006
Most of those who pass themselves off as "enlightened" are really empty shells that have abandoned or "risen above" what they call the "lower" emotional body. [more →]
Countless teachers, gurus and books offer the secrets to spiritual enlightenment. But few can get you there and even most of these will not understand the multiplicity of enlightenment. [more →]
Popularized by films such as What The Bleep and The Secret, changing your reality by changing your thoughts has never been so much in vogue, or so needed to be examined. [more →]
Don't Drink the Kool-Aid
By George—08/2006
Having worked closely with New Age gurus, Campbell issues a warning that all that glitters is not gold, despite the heavy price tag, and that we must do our own spiritual work. [more →]
A ramble through the world of crazy wisdom, New Age narcissim, spiritual teachers, psychological & physical abuse, our collective shadow and malignant self-love. [more →]
Joe Bageant takes a look at the life-threatening Christian fundamentalism infecting tens of millions of Americans, the same fundamentalism that elects neocon governments. [more →]
The Gift of Life
Su Maya—04/2005
Su Maya explains to us how focusing on the essence of universal love is the alpha and omega of living an authentic and fulfilling life. [more →]
Hijacking Natural Enlightenment
John Smith—03/2005
The Journey™ is a modified NLP technique hijacked by Brandon Bays to sell as a New Age panacea. [more →]
About the Second Arrival
Su Maya—03/2005
As we draw ever closer to the End Times and the completion of another Grand Cycle, Su Maya explains that the time for purification is now most definitely upon us. [more →]
With the recent popularity of books like Power vs Force by Dr. David Hawkins, it is timely to examine dowsing and the objectivism being claimed for it. [more →]
Su Maya reminds us of the simple basis of a true spiritual life — the liberation of all beings. [more →]
The True Spiritual Path
John Smith—08/2004
In the profusion of today's spiritual teachers and teachings, it is easy to forget the true spiritual path. [more →]
The Maintenance Wizard
Michael Levy—03/2004
Wouldn't be great if we had a wizard in our minds that could remove sickness and get rid of all erroneous memories. A whole lifetime of never getting sick… [more →]
It has become fashionable in the West to regard Eastern spirituality as the true path. But by rejecting our own spiritual heritage, we work against our natural psychological and perhaps spiritual makeup. [more →]
Any teacher who declares his or her enlightenment, using it to attract a following, is greatly harmful to spiritual progress. [more →]
John de Ruiter gives the best impersonation of enlightenment this side of Galili. But all is not what it seems… [more →]
Maharishi Yogi presents a proven plan to create perpetual world peace through mass "professional" meditation. [more →]
New Age Garbage
John Smith—04/2002
99% of the New Age is just "old age" thinking dressed up with a new and expanded vocabulary. At its core, New Ageism is just as limiting to true spiritual growth, which can only be found by facing reality in the raw. [more →]
Spirituality is often seen as an avoidance of reality, a hinderance to change in society. After all, people in spiritual practice are usually focused inward and upward. Paradoxically it offers the only path to true global healing. [more →]