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Authentic spirituality is nothing to do with beliefs, practices and traditions. In fact, these occlude the natural state by locking us in conceptualized "ego" spirituality. If we want to awaken to our true nature, then we have to let all the concepts go and rest in the stillness of basic awareness.

Love, Reality and the Time of Transition / Bernhard Guenther (Oct 2011)
Guenther shows us that most of what we call "love" is gratification, sentimentality, obligation, duty, passion, desire and other superficial emotions. True love is unconditional and we can only really experience it when we stop projecting by knowing ourselves. [visit Guenther's website]

Nonduality can all too easily be reduced to nihilistic philosophy when we try to disown the mind and ego in our efforts to reach awakening. These are integral parts of ourselves, and if we want authentic awakening, we need to lovingly accept and integrate them. [more]

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Ennio Nimis presents the very best introduction to Kriya Yoga (Jan 2011)
Many of us who have read the classic book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda have been left with a burning curiosity of the techniques of Kriya Yoga that underpin this momentous spiritual work. Kriya Yoga is a set of techniques that basically encourage kundalini awakening which leads on to full spiritual awakening. These techniques, said to have been developed by the rishis thousands of years ago, were rediscovered by Lahiri Mahasaya who was taught them by the mythical Babaji. Lahiri Mahasaya passed the teachings on to Sri Yukteswar who passed them down to Paramahansa Yogananda who wrote Autobiography of a Yogi that piqued worldwide interest for them. Only problem was that as organisations develop around teachings, and there are many organisations purporting to teach Kriya Yoga both in India and around the world, they end up controlling the teachings and using them as bargaining chips for seekers' money, loyalty and control. Therefore, any search for the techniques of Kriya Yoga will turn up very little as the knowledge is usually given on condition of absolute secrecy. But this spiritual farce has finally come to an end with the online publication of Kriya Yoga practitioner Ennio Nimis' online book. It is available in three sections: Part 1 lays the foundation and outlines Nimis' own experience; Part 2 gives the techniques themselves; and Part 3 looks at further practical aspects. EnergyGrid would like to personally thank Ennio Nimis for releasing this divine knowledge from stupid and shortsighted human control.