Spirit, Awakening & Liberation - Videos

F*ck That: A Guided Meditation / Jason Headley (Jul 2015)
This is a powerful meditation that is suitable only for those with a sense of humour (and over 16). Listen to the gentle voice leading us to letting go of our baggage and go into the silence and purity of the present moment. This should be practiced daily. (Thanks to D for link :-)

The Truth About the Dalai Lama (Feb 2015)
All is not what it seems with regards to Tibetan Buddhism, which has a history of social abuse and exploitation. The Chinese should not have invaded Tibet as a sovereign nation, but it is a fact that the Tibetan people suffered terribly under the oppression of Lamaism.

Love Serve Remember: Ram Das Recalls the love of Neem Karoli Baba (Sep 2013)
Ram Das recalls the infinite love of Neem Karoli Baba who was his guru and taught him, through love, to cherish all people. The effect of this love is to actually change humanity, bringing our only chance to heal our fractured society and our damaged planet. Love transforms.

Igor Kufayev - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview (Mar 2012)
Kufayev was born in Uzbekistan and he was initially an artist who was into TM. At 36, he experienced a profound awakening and became a spiritual teacher. What is great about Kufayev is that he brings together many different traditions: vedanta, tantra, sufi and zen.

Love, Reality and the Time of Transition / Bernhard Guenther (Oct 2011)
Guenther shows us that most of what we call "love" is gratification, sentimentality, obligation, duty, passion, desire and other superficial emotions. True love is unconditional and we can only really experience it when we stop projecting by knowing ourselves. [visit Guenther's website]

The Embodiment of 'Yes' / Mooji (Jun 2011)
Don't wait for tomorrow to dedicate your life to awakening, for tomorrow never comes. Say yes today to the Buddha inside of you, to the God inside of you. This is Mooji's message to those who have the call into silence — don't wait, forget the excuses and do it now.

Don't Do Anything - Mooji (Jan 2011)
Mooji hits the nail on the head when he talks about the true path to freedom being nothing to do with doing anything and certainly nothing to do with this misleading term "spirituality". When we stop trying to control the process of who we are and what we do, we step into what we truly are.

The Experience of No Self - Adyashanti (Apr 2010)
What is this thing called "self"? Does it actually exist? Adyashanti invites a direct investigation and experience of who we are. By recognizing our impersonal nature, we can discover the one reality that is beyond the imaginary self.

The Monk and the Moon (Jun 2006)
A Buddhist hermit in China's Zhongnan Mountain range speaks about the final stages of practice toward enlightenment. This is a very powerful video that gives a glimpse of true wisdom and the innocence of awkening. (Thank you Cpji for sending.)

Adyashanti talks about The Secret - Adyashanti (Mar 2008)
Great question put to Adyashanti regarding the value of manifesting reality using techniques like those described in popular New Age films like The Secret.

Wisdom of Do Nothing - Adyashanti (Aug 2006)
Adyashanti explains how to "do nothing" disengages the movement of ego, gives rise to the natural clarity of awareness, and brings us to the very heart of love and compassion. This is the power of accepting things as they are.

Laughing Buddha - Mooji (Feb 2009)
Dennis realizes that he doesn't exist and shares this ultimate cosmic joke with his teacher Mooji. Beyond words, the infectious laughter that results is the perfect expression of the very highest spiritual teaching. Thanks CPji :-D

Simply Stop Looking - Gangaji (May 2007)
Advaita teacher Gangaji advises us to stop looking for what we want and just accept the reality of where we are in the moment without any need to get anything more to be complete. This is the direct path to authentic spirituality.