9-11: Truth or Blind Patriotism

(completely rewritten Jan 2015)
There are two conspiracy theories as to who was responsible for 9-11: the first, the official version, is that it was planned and executed by terrorist Osama bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda network, and that for the first time in history, fire brought down high-rise steal structures. The secondbunofficial version, fast gaining acceptance, is that the US government itself conspired in this attack to create a Pearl Harbour senari that would rapidly advance its Middle East invasion plans and shore up oil supplies. The evidence from 9-11 only fits one of these conspiracies…

PATRIOTISM IS THE ACHILLES HEEL of the United States of America. It blinds ordinary people from seeing the overwhelming evidence that 9-11 was one of the greatest and most audacious crimes a government has ever perpetrated against its own people. For an American to be called "unpatriotic" is a terrible slur on his or her character. Why? Because Americans are brainwashed from a very early age to love their country and their government, no matter what. After all, Americans live in the greatest country and the last remaining superpower.

The problem with this perspective is that it is out of date. America was once the an icon for democracy; America was once a nation founded on enlightened principles; America was once the home of the free. But our leaders sold that version of America dacades ago to the bankers and the corporations, who have now suched the country dry and fragmented society. And all that props up America now is a patriotism based on a myth that America is still the same nation that was birthed on an enlightened constitution.

Leo Tolstoy wrote that, "The subjection of men to government will always continue as long as patriotism exists, for every ruling power rests on patriotism — on the readiness of men to submit to power." And so Americans love their country, proclaiming at every opportunity that it is the greatest democracy in the world, whilst their freedoms and democratic rights are being eroded daily under the call for ever greater "security and protection" from the "terrorists". As Herman Goering said at the Nuremberg Trials at the end of Hitler's madness: "The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."

Who are these terrorists? Al-Qaeda of course. That awful Bin Laden who is trying to destroy America and American values. But there is growing evidence that Al-Qaeda are a CIA controlled organisation used for political ends. Indeed, many of the so called "hijackers" on 9-11 had association with the US security services.

Al-Qaeda poses a much smaller threat to us than our government, which uses our patriotism to deflect attention from their actions and invents fictitious outside threats to justify an increasingly fascist program, just as Hitler did in Nazi Germany.

Ridiculous! America is the greatest democracy in the world! Okay, okay… I don't expect you to be able to buck your conditioning that easily. But what 9-11 gives each person in the US is a very clear-cut opportunity to realize that the Untied States government is corrupt, guilty of mass-murder against its own people and that America is no longer a democracy. The evidence is there, if you choose to examine it. Most won't because they will never give up patriotism — they will never stop their subjugation to the controlling elite. Most of us are born as sheep, raised as sheep and will die as sheep. This article is obviously not for those people! It is for the few who are open-minded enough to examine the events of 9-11 for themselves and come to their own conclusion as to how it happened and perhaps who is more likely to be responsible for the murder of 2750 US citizens.

Of course, this sort of article is easy to dismiss as conspiracy theory — the belief that "unexplained misfortune is caused by the deliberate action of powerful agencies" [Chambers Dictionary]. But just because something is a conspiracy does not mean it isn't true. Often powerful agencies such as our governments do deliberately conspire against their own and other people. We have seen it again and again throughout history. So why is it so shocking now? Why does labeling something as a "conspiracy" or as "conspiracy theory" generally regarded as a valid dismissal? Are we really living in some utopian world in which our governments would never lie or conspire against us? Get real! Wake up! (If you don't like me saying all this, you can always switch on Fox News and get the comforting official fairytale version of things that does not require you to think. Pass me another beer would you?)

Anyhow, for those who are courageous enough to face truth that is certainly painful for anyone brought up to see the US as an infallible icon of "right", here is some of the evidence to disbelief the official version of 9-11 that has been fed to you by your government and by its fawning mainstream media outlets. God Bless America!

  1. The US government was warned many times by foreign intelligence services that an attack was about to happen on the East coast; and the CIA personally warned Bush of "terrorist" intent to use hijacked planes as missiles. Not only that, but the scenario of airliners being deliberately crashed into the Twin Towers was something the intelligence services had been examining for years. And yet, the government did absolutely nothing and Bush goes on holiday for a month. Just before it happens, key government figures stopped flying on commercial airliners because the escalating risk.
  2. The twin towers could not have collapsed in the way they did because no high-rise steel building has ever been destroyed by fire. Construction steel burns at over 2500°C, which is far too hot for a fire started with aviation fuel, which burns off very quickly, and in a building specifically designed to be fire retardant. For a fire to burn at high temperatures, it needs a high oxygen supply, but the black smoke issuing from the buildings and the images of people looking out of the gaping holes before the buildings collapsed indicates that the fires were cooler low-oxygen or anaerobic fires. And eye-witness accounts radioed by firemen in the building back up the fact that the fires were not exceptionally hot. Not only that, but the buildings collapsed after the fires had been burning for only 45 and 90 minutes respectively. Finally, if the fires had been that hot, how could there be any body-parts left with intact DNA to make the genetic identification of most of the victims that has been done?
  3. A technical study in slow-motion of the collapse of the buildings, and witness reports of multiple explosions, indicates that they may have been subject to a demolition job using explosives: heavy steel beams were blown out laterally some 500ft; concrete was pulverized to dust in mid-air before it even hit the ground; the steel backbone neatly collapsed segment by segment all the way to the ground, even where no fires had touched it; multiple explosions were recorded by seismographs at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, 21 miles north, with the strongest two spikes at the beginning of the collapse of the each tower rather than when the buildings actually hit the ground! Not only that, but the towers fell in about 10 seconds, which is near the rate of free-fall, which is impossible for a structure that is collapsing in on itself without the assistance of controlled demolition explosives. If it could collapse at free-fall speed then that would imply the floors offered absolutely no resistance to the structure descending from above. This reality of demolition was also backed up by WTC owner Larry Silverstein, at least with regards to Building #7, when he told a PBS interviewer, "I remember getting a call from the fire department commander telling me they were not sure they were going to be able to control the fire… and I said, 'Well, you know, we've had such a terrible loss of life… maybe the smartest thing to do is, is 'pull' it… and they made that decision to 'pull'… uh, and we watched the building collapse." The world "pull" categorically means a controlled demolition with explosives, period. It is a very common term used in the building industry. And yet, the official report on Building #7 states that it collapsed because of fire damage, and this was the one reported in the media. High-risk high-rise buildings in built-up areas may be required by law (can anyone verify this?) to be ready-wired for demolition in a controlled and sequential manner in order to bring them down with minimal impact to surrounding buildings if there is an emergency. This means that Silverstein, or whoever, would have certainly had the option to "pull" or bring down any or all of the seven WTC buildings at any time. The fact that they collapsed in a manner that is entirely consistent with controlled demolition strongly indicates that this was what actually bought down the WTC buildings.
  4. There is also a financial incentive for Silverstein to have made the choice to "pull" his buildings — they were coming to the end of their useful lives with the towers needing replacing within about twenty years. (Remember, they were old enough for over 200,000 lbs of asbestos to be used in their construction.) It costs about 5 times more to remove these high-rise buildings than to build them in the first place, so Silverstein was saved many billions of dollars by their collapse. The fact that he admitted to "pulling" Building #7 indicates that this option was at his disposal, and the fact that his "pulling" of Building #7 was never reported in the mass-media indicates that some sort of information selection process (cover-up) was certainly going on.
  5. Witnesses within the Twin Towers report SEVERAL explosions, not just the explosions caused by the "hijacked" planes. Maintenance worker William Rodriguez working in the North Tower (the first building hit by the aircraft) reported a massive explosion in the basement BEFORE the building was hit above by an aircraft. Firemen also reported multiple explosions.
  6. The rubble from the collapsed building was never examined by forensic scientists and metallurgists for evidence of explosive damage. The evidence was not even collected for the possibility of future tests; instead, the steel was quickly sold overseas to China, India and other Far East countries at $120 per ton. However, samples of dust from the collapse were analysed by Dr. Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan and others who found evidence of aluminothermic residues and microscopic iron spheres, which are tell-tale clues that thermite explosives were involved. You can read this paper here.
  7. Four days after the tragedy, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that the air was safe to breath. And yet, the dust from the collapse contained over 400,000 pounds of lead, over 200,000 pounds of asbestos, and enough mercury to contaminate 2,500 city blocks. The air, apparently, had an alkalinity equivalent to a household drain clearing product, and was less breathable than that around the oil fires in Kuwait and Iraq. It later turned out that the EPA was leaned on by the White House so that people would go back to their jobs and that Wall Street would not suffer. As a consequence, many thousands of New Yorkers have developed serious respiratory diseases including lung cancer.
  8. We are told that one of the hijacked planes crashed into the Pentagon, and indeed we have all seen the pictures of the damage. However, the damage is inconsistent with that which should have been caused by a 125ft wide and 40ft tall commercial airliner. Pictures of the "crash site" reveal absolutely no evidence of a plane, and photos taken just after the explosion show all floors of the building still standing and a hole in the side of the Pentagon far too small to be caused by such a large aircraft ploughing into it. The two solitary engine parts of the "alleged" crashed shown to the world as evidence that the hijacked Boeing commercial aircraft was responsible are completely inconsistent with the types of engines on those aircraft. The official version of the story is that the plane "vaporized" on impact, making it the first plane ever to do so in aviation history. (There were a lot of first's that day… the Twin Tower and WTC Building #7 collapses were the first three steal buildings in history to collapse by fire.) What is more, film footage from security cameras at the Pentagon, which would have shown what really happened, has never been released. And footage from security cameras at a nearby gas station and a hotel were confiscated by the FBI and those who watched them warned not to talk about what they had seen. A few frames were later released, but none that showed the actual aircraft, only the explosion. Why? Whatever hit the Pentagon punched a neat hole into the side and penetrated some 300ft, something a commercial aircraft could not have done. The damage, however,is entirely consistent with that done by a cruse missile.
  9. The Bush government had been planning an Iraq regime-change a year before 9-11 even took place. This was a central part of the new conquest plans drawn up by the Neocons. The only way to get the public on board with an invasion of foreign countries was to manufacture a "Pearl Harbour" scenario and then point a finger at the countries one wants to start a war with. It is an absolute and indisputable fact that Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11, and yet over 40% of Americans still believe that it was behind the attacks. This indicates that a huge and successful disinformation campaign has been waged by the Bush administration and by mass-media owners.
  10. On the day of 9-11, the air force just so happened to be running a military exercise so that, when the hijackings happened, ground crew were unsure whether they were real or just part of the exercise. This caused fighter aircraft not to be scrambled to shoot down the planes before they approached New York or the Pentagon — a standard procedure in this scenario. It has also been put forward that fighter aircraft were ordered to stand down.
  11. The Bush administration has ignored all evidence that conflicts with its version of events, a version it has used to justify to the public its warmongering with the oil-rich Arab nations and its confiscation of personal liberty within its own borders using the Patriot Acts. The Neocons entirely manufactured events to accelerate their world-domination plans and the control of their own citizens. It is strongly believed that Iran is now next in line for invasion.
  12. The video in which Bin Laden "confesses" to the 9-11 disaster is almost certainly faked. In fact, if you look at the man in the video, his face shape and nose size is entirely different to Bin Laden's.
  13. Many of the alleged Saudi hijackers whose pictures were published after the disaster in the mass media have been identified back in their countries as alive and well. The US investigator then admitted that they had no idea who exactly the hijackers were.
  14. Molten steel was found in the foundations of the collapsed World Trade Center up to three months after the 9-11 event, indicating that extremely high temperatures were involved in the collapse of these buildings, far higher than anything that could be produced by plane fuel or a collapsing building. The only way to account for this would be high-temperature explosives such as thermite in the basement. And if you look at the main support beams in the rubble you will see a characteristic high explosive clean thermal cut. (It is impossible for this sort of damage to happen with a building collapse.)
  15. More recent reports on the planes that hit the Twin Towers show a definite pod or appending structure on the underside that is consistent only with military aircraft. This type of appendage is NEVER found on commercial aircraft.


In Conclusion

9-11 was the self-inflicted "Pearl Harbour" that the US needed to start its campaign of military world dominance and domestic enslavement. This campaign is actually supported by elements in both the Republican and Democratic parties, and so it is wrong to turn the events of 9-11 and the subsequent massacre of Iraq into a party issue. The Democratic Obama administration is just as clandestine and scheming as the Republican Bush administration was.

The real instigators of these disasters, where human life is merely a pawn to be sacrificed for power and profit, are the owners and controllers — the elite — of US military-industrial-media complex that is beyond the reproach of any government. Indeed, any government or politician wanting to be elected these days has to suck up to these powers; one man or party cannot defeat them, but collectively, The People certainly have the best chance. This is why so much is spent on media campaigns and media buy-outs: the elite know that The People are a sleeping giant that needs to be daily pacified with lies and disinformation to prevent it from spoiling their party… and their endless scheming.

Eventually, however, The People will wake up to the fact that the values, beliefs and parties they once supported are not actually in their own best interest, nor that of the ideals of freedom and democracy, nor that of the United States as a whole. They will wake up to this fact and they will start to make different choices that will bring in a better society and a more peaceful world. But key to all this is the willingness, for the sake of truth and our children, to throw off the chains of patriotism. We don't need it and it is destroying the soul of America.


If you care about democracy and really are interested in knowing about the truth of what happened on that fateful Monday morning back in 2001, watch some of the documentaries below to understand what really happened. The scientific evidence supporting a government conspiracy is MUCH stronger than the scientific evidence supporting the official version of events that terrible day. The official version however has one overriding trump card: the patriotic support of ordinary Americans which counters even the overwhealming scientific evidence that explosives were used to bring down the World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7.

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ZERO HOUR documentary on 9-11 / Jul 2011
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9-11: Press For Truth (Dec 2010)
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Addendum: 14 Jan 08: Even high ranking US military officers are now questioning the events of 9-11. Click here for more info.