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Governments should serve their people. However, in society today, politicians primarily serve their own interests and that of their corporate sponsors. We must actively prevent democracy and legislation being unduly influenced by special interest lobbyists and those with money.

We live in a society that is controlled by a tiny elite. Whilst such a statement would have been dismissed as "conspiracy theory" only a decade or two ago, information that would never make it to the general population through though the mainstream media is now getting through thanks to the internet, so that society is beginning to realise that much of conspiracy theory is actually conspiracy fact. >>>

President Trump: How & Way… - Jonathan Pie / Nov 2016
Journalist Jonathan Pie gives a perceptive overview of why Trump won the election, basically pointing a finger at the left who are no longer willing to discuss contentious issues, preferring no-platform positions, hurling insults, shouting down opposition and hiding in safe spaces.

The Best Of George Carlin Exposing The American Government / Mar 2015
This is a complilation of George Carlin sketches on the American Government. Although Carlin died in 2008, his sessions even from a couple decades ago were pure genius in their social observation and what he said is just as prescient today. We miss you George Carlin!

If we value multiculturalism then we must not be afraid of being fiercely intolerant towards intolerance. Otherwise we will inadvertently end up destroying the very tolerance and freedoms that are the bedrock of modern multicultural societies. [more →]

We Saved Our Democracy - Pat Condell / 7 Jul 2016
Condell sums up very succinctly the result of the British referendum which was to leave the EU. It was a victory for democracy, not a victory for right wing nationalism. It is easy to avoid the big questions by falsely dismissing the British people's vote as ignorant and racist.

Believe in Conspiracies? You Must Have A Mind of Your Own - David Icke / Mar 2016
If you believe in conspiracies, you have a more accurate perspective of the world than those who dismisses them, and this makes you more likely to vote and act against the interests of the elite. This is why conspiracies are ridiculed by the elite-owned and controlled media and politicians.

The Death of Democracy: A Public Talk on the TTIP - David Malone / Feb 2015
TTIP or The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a series of trade negotiations being carried out in secret between the EU and the US. Here David Malone explains what the TTIP is and how it spells the end of democracy by giving corporations more power than government.

Solving 9/11 - Christopher Bollyn Live in Dallas Texas / Mar 2015
Christopher Bollyn is one of the leading journalists exposing the 9-11 false-flag operation and how it was used to kick-start a global Zionist agenda. Although Zionism is an ideology and not a race, few have the courage to criticise it for fear of being branded anti-semitically racist.

Illuminati Wife Tells All - Interview with Kay Griggs / Jun 2015
In this interview, which is actually 15 years old, Griggs gives a testimony of the corruption that lurks in the military and political elite, and how they literally get away with murder because they control the judicial system. Watch part 2, part 3 and part 4. (Watch Part 4 if time is limited.)

Muslim Leader Admits Islam is Not a Religion of Peace / Sept 2012
Anjem Choudary may be a hated Muslim radical, but he is honest enough in this interview to declare that Islam is NOT a religion of peace, as everyone, including Presidents Bush and Obama, are stating. It is time to drop the absurd policial correctness and call it what it actually is.

FULL STORY: Right Wing Resurgence / Mar 2015
Csanad Szegedi was an anti-Semitic, anti-Roma right-wing Hungarian politician who formed a civilian militia, echoing Nazi Germany. Then he discovered he was Jewish. Realizing the error in his ways, he rejected his right-wing extremism and now inspirationally fights against racism.

The Most Dangerous SuperstitionLarken Rose: The Most Dangerous Superstition (2015)
Do we actually need government? Who gave the political elite the right to rule us? Larken Rose, author of The Most Dangerous Superstition, encourages us to question some of these basic assumptions that we all have about authority and our uncomfortableness in disobeying it. The fact is that we are soverign beings who have had a government imposed upon us by a bunch of sociopaths who thirst for power over others, and really don't care about how much pain and suffering they cause, both in our own society and abroad. It is time we all start to really question authority and decide whether we really want this group of people bullying and terrorising us so that we give them a substantial part of our earnings so they can line their pockets and that of their corporate friends, and fund political wars that exterminate millions.

The Lie We Live - Spencer Cathcart / Jan 2015
A powerful short documentary that questions the lives we live and how, behind the veneer of civility, we remain a barbarous and unconscious species. Documentary like this one by Spencer Cathcart give hope for the future, because it means the new media generation is not asleep.

Vladimire Putin Traitor to the New World Order - Holographic Disclosure / Jul 2014
We live in a topsey turvey world. America, the land of the free, is bringing in world slavery whilst Russia, the land of communist restriction, is resisting this enslavement. Without Putin, who is certainly no saint, the New World Order tyranny would be here fully established. [Video Pt 2]

DownSize to ThrivePerpetual War For Perpetual Control (Mar 2015)
Since its independence in 1776, the United States has managed just 22 days of actual peace. The rest of the time, the US has been in a permanent state of war: invading 70 different nations, building 737 military bases in 63 different countries, and deploying 225,065 US military personnel worldwide. And over the period 1950-2005, American imperialism has played the primary role in 1.3 billion global avoidable deaths, including many thousands of Americans [source]. This is not an indictment against ordinary Americans — who are generous, innovative, friendly and pro-democracy — but against the elite 1% that maintain their control with a divide and conquer approach, maintaining a distracting Republican-Democrat political divide and a fixation on terrorism, which diverts public attention away from the real goal which is to maintain the current power structure. It is time that Americans from both sides of the political spectrum join together and realize that they actually have far more in common with each other, and the 99% in other countries, than they do with the elite that parasites off them. Wake up America and realize who your friends actually are!
DownSize to ThriveNever trust pledges of politicians (Mar 2015)
In 2013, New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, pleded that he and the head of GCSB would resign if the New Zealand spy agency were found to have conducted mass surveillance. He did this to reassure the public that New Zealand was not undertaking mass surveillance. Now, two years on, it has emerged that mass data collection is taking place, but resignation is the last thing on Key's mind. This is typical of modern policans who try to appear principled but, at the end of the day, actually have none. It is all an act to gain or retain power. It is time we really start questioning whether we need these sorts of slimeball politician and how to prevent them from being able to stand for office. People vote for politicians to represent them in the poltiical arena, and if they are unable or unwilling to do that, then they are parasites that serve no societal purpose.

The World According To Chris Hedges [Full Interview] / Nov 2014
This radio interview with Chris Hedges sums up the problems in the world today and how mass movements of dissent are the only hope we have left. Most of us, caught up in the fantasy of benign government and the distraction of the media, so we continue to sleepwalk to oblivion.

Chris Hedges: The World As It Is / Jan 2013
Modern society is near to collapse because we have not protected our liberty, allowing power to accumulate in the hands of an elite. As a consequence, we have now reverted to a neo-feudal society where we are slaves so disconnected from reality that we think we are free. Pt 2 & Pt 3

USA Inc. Predatory Government Betrayal - Deborah Tavares / May 2014
The American people think they have a government looking after their interersts, but this is a lie. In reality, what we label the America government is in fact a corporation — USA Inc. — that has its own agenda, one that is totally at odds with the interests of the people. StopTheCrime.net

We live in an age of doublespeak and euphamisms, where we have corrupted language to hide the evils of society. Our future lies in honesty, in calling things by their proper name. For only when we call a spade a spade can we face the shadow that is destroying us. [more →]

DownSize to ThriveEU Wastes £33bn/year on Perks & Quangos (June 2012)

Whilst the ordinary people of Europe feel the financial squeeze, the non-elected EU government is quite happy to not only waste billions but award itself an extra 6.8 per cent spending budget next year, cutting only six out of 41,000 EU jobs. MEP salaries and allowances have risen by 77.5 per percent over the past 7 years, in addition to its gold-plated pensions and other perks. For the 17th year in a row, the Court of Auditors have been unable to sign off the EU buget due to unaccounted billions (€4.6bn this year). Analysis by think-tank Open Europe on EU spending has revealed that the budget could be slashed by up to 30 per cent and still deliver what it does. That means the the EU wastes £33bn a year! [Daily Mail]

When the people controlling expenditure have their snouts in the trough you get these ridiculous "Versailles" excesses, whether those people are left-wing, ring-wing or no-wing. Greed is greed no matter what part of the political spectrum a person comes from, it is human nature to grab as much as you can, especially in our modern capitalist system where greed is encouraged.

The EU will eventaully collapse as nations run out of money, but not before damaging and impoverising the lives of many ordinary Europeans, all to satisfy the ambitions of the political elite who wish to rule Europe (and the world). It is time for ordinary people to wake up and stop the contentration of power, whether it be in Europe, the United States, Russia, or Australia/New Zealand, and whether it be in the name of "unity", "safety" or "prosperity". Power always corrupts.
Ten Years on from 9/11
John Smith—06/2011
Dismissing alternative theories on the events of 9/11 as conspiracy theory not only excuses the real perpetrators, but gives the green light to government to continue its abuse of the people. It is time we collectively faced the facts. [more →]
Honk If You Love Caviar
Joe Bageant—08/2010
Washington's political class is about as upwardly removed from ordinary citizens as the ruling class is from the political class. And it is the ruling class that manipulate the markets and legislature to consolidate their billion-dollar bank balances. [more →]
Israel's campaign to bomb Iran is a dangerous strategy for dragging the United States into a full-scale war with Iran. Whilst this may meet the agendas of the right-wing Israeli government, it will endanger the rest of the world. [more →]
The Self-Sufficiency Fetish
Kéllia Ramares—12/2009
America's knee-jerk rejection of anything involving collective social support, such as universal healthcare, comes from a belief in self-sufficiency. Ramares shows us that self-sufficiency is a myth that has no place in modern society. [more →]
North Toward Home
Joe Bageant—01/2009
From his outsider's perspective, Bageant watches the PR overdrive launching a new American president, and challenges the reader to look past the slick media presentations and face the pain and ultimate salvation of reality. [more →]
Protests against the Chinese occupation of Tibet have become a cause celebre for human rights. But such righteous protest belies the harm that it does in taking the focus off the enslavement of the Free World. [more →]
Massive US Amarda Heads for Iran
Earl of Stirling—08/2008
Writer, military researcher and public speaker, the Earl of Stirling, reports on the build up of a US navel armada heading for Iran. Could this be another neocon war-starting operation in the Middle-East? [more →]
Despite the best efforts of the Religious Right to stigmatize gays, American society is becoming increasingly supportive of homosexuality. This trend potentially spells the end of US right-wing Christian bigotry. [more →]
Far from being lawless and immoral, secular societies have lower levels of crime than their religious counterparts. So a belief in God enhances neither nations nor behaviour. [more →]
The Religious Right, once believed to be the future of American politics, has been confounded by a profound secularization that is currently taking place, ensuring a democratic future. [more →]
Address by Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson
Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson—10/2007
It is time that more American leaders and citizens stand up with courage and conviction to speak out against the murderous policies of the Bush regime. [more →]
Dead Man Shopping
Joe Bageant—06/2007
A grim look at the deterioration rife in Middle America, a deterioration glossed over by the creed of "business as usual" and empty consumerism. [more →]
Tantrums of Mass Destruction…
Phil Rockstroh—06/2007
Consumerism has colonized our inner spaces, numbing us from the utter dispair and meaninglessness of a society in a collective nervous breakdown, living in a dark and ugly age. [more →]
Rising Above Politics
Joe Bageant—05/2007
The American political system is bankrupt because it is run by an elite who have no concept of real working life. Bageant urges Americans to rediscover a true popularist politics. [more →]
A Feral Dog Howls in Harvard Yard
Joe Bageant—04/2007
The intellectuals, like any privileged class, maintain the harsh exploitation of the working class upon whose labour that privilege depends, serving as hit men for the ruling elite. [more →]
Bageant describes American democracy as a grand banquet laid out for the rich in the last days of a dying empire, whilst the people stave on the illusion of liberty and democracy. [more →]
Escape From America
Joe Bageant—02/2007
From his new home in tropical Belize, Bageant describes a vastly different culture and pace of life to what he is used to, although he concedes he still feels the influence of US culture. [more →]
Expanding Markets and Dying Oceans
Phil Rockstroh—12/2006
America is in serious denial over the powerlessness of the people and the destruction of the environment, all cleverly hidden by a media virtual reality. [more →]
Somewhere a Banker Smiles
Joe Bageant—12/2006
Nations around the world are becoming more like corporations as governments collude with big business to extract maximum labour for minimum wage, both here and abroad. [more →]
An Interview with Gregory Sams interview
John Smith—11/2006
Gregory Sams is a pioneering writer, inventor, free thinker, counter-culture icon and genuine human being. We recently caught up with him in London. [more →]
The recent change in the US political climate towards the Democrats unfortunately offers only cosmetic differences for most Americans, especially the working classes. [more →]
Freedom has become the freedom to to be unaware that freedom is eroding, the freedom to suffocate in gated communities that exclude the very dissenters that could revive the US. [more →]
America is not one massive middle class democracy. The vast majority are the sweating working classes, media-invisible but maintained by a system that feeds on their labour. [more →]
The Beauty of the System
Joe Bageant—07/2006
From a middle class perspective, the American Empire can seem a beautiful system, upholding the US's opulent lifestyle. But from other perspectives, it is a system of pure destruction. [more →]
A working class perspective of how the vacuous media is shaping US culture and the minds of the people. [more →]
Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven
Joe Bageant—06/2006
Bageant describes an America which has reduced its citizens to consumers, caught in the false and dangerous illusions of "The American Dream", "the good life" and "God's chosen". [more →]
Under the Blue Mango
Joe Bageant—05/2006
Visiting the "third-world" and supporting a poor local family is a desire Bageant has written about. Recently, he did just that and shares here with us some of his observations. [more →]
Bageant takes a look at the common American voter and the motivations behind his or her political party choices. [more →]
Welcome to Middle-Class Lockdown
Joe Bageant—02/2006
Bageant recalls days before the cult of consumerism strangled the lifeblood from communities, and he describes the cancerous suffocation of contemporary Middle-Class America. [more →]
Anti-Semitism and Free Speech
Jenny Marsh—02/2006
Racism now masquerades as anti-racism: the accusation of anti-Semitism is increasingly used to defend racism. [more →]
Uncovering Muslim Identity
Kenji Yoshino—01/2006
Regarded as a melting pot of multiple races and creeds, America post-09/11 has shown itself to be intolerant diversity. Kenji Yoshino examines the US Muslim identity issue. [more →]
Revenge of the Mutt People
Joe Bageant—01/2006
To Bageant, the American small town rednecks are 'mutt people' who, due to their enormous disadvantage, have no other choice but to act meanly and viciously in a society that breeds them as factory workers and cannon fodder. [more →]
The Simulacran Republic
Joe Bageant—12/2005
Bageant describes an American society based on television and petroleum, one that is as empty of human values as a giant psychotic hologram. [more →]
This is a transcript of Harold Pinter's powerful video-lecture given to the Nobel Foundation in December 2005. [more →]
Bernard Weiner draws parallels with the Bush administrations abuse of the nation and the nightmare of the McCarthy era — highlighted by Clooney's powerful new docudrama. [more →]
For Rocktroh, the New Orleans tragedy is a reflection of the fetid nature of today's American Dream and its corporate underpinnings. [more →]
Rockstroh fires a timely broadside at the bigoted Christian fundamentalists who are encouraging so much of the US's current bloodlust policies both home and abroad. [more →]
The United States of Dixieland
Phil Rockstroh—08/2005
Empires, by their nature, sow the seeds of death into the hearts and minds of their subjects. Rockstroh describes that dying process and how it has made the US what it is today. [more →]
Rockstroh traces back the proto-fascism in American society to the collective denial of 70s' cultural banalities and flaunting consumption of which Nixon was merely a symptom. [more →]
Medicating The Dead
Phil Rockstroh—07/2005
Rockstroh describes how, with mass-medication becoming the norm, people are losing their grip on reality and becoming pawns to big business and corrupt government. [more →]
Terrorism and Hypocrisy in London
Jenny Marsh—07/2005
A Londoner's reaction to the terrorist bombings that took place in the capital this week, and how we might prevent this happening in the future. [more →]
Rockstroh's response to yesterday's terrorist bombings in London which left more than 50 dead and over 700 injured. [more →]
Rockstroh describes the "bubble" psychology of the President, one that merely reflects that of an American people in their futile efforts to escape the sharp edges of a larger reality. [more →]
21st Century Empires
Jenny Marsh—06/2005
In its conquest of the Middle East, the American Empire is not only spilling blood in desert sands, but in the process it is destroying the hearts and minds of the American people. [more →]
Puritanism 2005
Phil Rockstroh—06/2005
Rockstroh examines the explosive mixture of Puritanism and corporatism in US society and how it fuels a growing and helpless rage at our futile drive for righteous perfection. [more →]
Making up a New World
Brad Blanton—06/2005
Just in case you thought that all US politicians were warmongers, read Brad Blanton, a 2006 candidate for US Congress, on how to reverse our current tide of terrorism. [more →]
Moloch in the Mirror
Phil Rockstroh—06/2005
Rockstroh issues a powerful prosodic warning of America's rapid descent into a deathscape of aggression, fantasy, selfishness, ambition and ceaseless appetite—in service to Moloch. [more →]
If the US/UK was occupied by an invading force, wouldn't its citizens believe it their sovereign right and duty to resist such an occupation by all means possible? So why don't more of us extend this understanding to the situation in Iraq? [more →]
One Last Kick at Liberal Dogs
Joe Bageant—05/2005
Education is the best hope, Bageant argues, to bringing the American working class to the realization that voting Republican is most certainly not in their best interest. [more →]
Free People Do Bad Things
Joe Bageant—05/2005
The mass slaughter that has been perpetrated and continues to be perpetrated in Iraq is just the continuation of America's history of brutality, and one that is defended by the doctrine of freedom, whereby anything goes. [more →]
Carpooling with Eichmann
Joe Bageant—05/2005
Eichmann was certified sane by medical experts after WWII, despite being the man directly responsible for sending Jews to death camps. In much the same way, Bageant argues, what seems sane in America is insane. [more →]
The Onion Eater
Joe Bageant—04/2005
Bageant describes how millions of Americans are descending further and further into poverty as a direct consequence of the president they so obediently champion. [more →]
Life among the Virginian working classes reveals to Bageant why liberal and leftist political policies seem unable to gain a foothold in America today. [more →]
Sunday in a Red State
Joe Bageant—03/2005
Another look by Bageant into the soul of American Christian fundamentalism, the kind that is rapidly turning the icon of democracy into an totalitarian theocracy. [more →]
A Republic of Pickle Vendors
Joe Bageant—03/2005
Bageant takes a look at the mindset of the business and owning classes in America, and shows how it is responsible for the much of the misery of the working classes. [more →]
Poor, White and Pissed
Joe Bageant—02/2005
In a reflective and unusually subdued article, Bageant describes the mindset of his fellow poor, white Southerners — a mindset few liberals even try to understand. [more →]
Coronation of Corruption
Manuel Valenzuela—01/2005
On the eve of Bush's inauguration, Valenzuela launches a descant on how corruption drives the elite's control of the masses, for only a corrupted people could vote back in a president so consumed by immoral self-interest. [more →]
Drink, Pray, Fight, Fuck
Joe Bageant—01/2005
Bageant looks to the Scots Irish or 'Borderer' roots shared by a third of the US population, and asks whether their original war-hungry, Calvinist traits are responsible for the direction of American politics today. [more →]
A Mean and Unholy Ditch
Joe Bageant—01/2005
The problem with America runs much deeper than just bad government. Bad governments after all are still elected. Bageant shows us that the root of the problem actually lies with the majority of American people themselves. [more →]
The health of the Iraqi people, especially the children, continues to alarmingly deteriorate as the US-UK invasion force has deliberately destroyed essential services. [more →]
Dining with Rhinos
Joe Bageant—11/2004
Bageant draws chilling parallels between American's slide to totalitarianism and Ionesco's play, Rhinoceros, a satire on herd mentality. [more →]
The US and its allies are covering up their war crimes in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries by passing off their heinous actions as a push for freedom and democracy. [more →]
Hung over in the End Times
Joe Bageant—11/2004
If liberal society is to survive the rise of the Godwacks, we need to start by calling them what they are. [more →]
Lafayette Park Blues
Joe Bageant—10/2004
No country embraced the idealism and liberation of the sixties as wholeheartedly as America did; and yet, today, it has become an icon of global aggression and oppression. Bageant sadly reflects on what went wrong. [more →]
The Rise of a New Movement
Eve Hillary—10/2004
Eve Hillary describes the terrible Big Brother consequences of the US Patriot Act and similar legislation passed in other countries, as well as the grass-roots activist movements that are countering this oppression. [more →]
Eve Hillary describes the terrible Big Brother consequences of the US Patriot Act and similar legislation passed in other countries, as well as the grass-roots activist movements that are countering this oppression. [more →]
Driving on the Bones of God
Joe Bageant—08/2004
Bageant tries to describe the implications of Mount Weather, a massive underground military base in Virginia, without crossing the line into conspiracy theory. The problem is that "conspiracy" is an accurate description… [more →]
An Interview with Joe Bageant interview
John Smith—8/2004
You have probably read one of Bageant's articles, but who exactly is Joe Bageant? We interview him on his life, his work and his newly found internet cult status. [more →]
The Forth of July has long been a celebration of independence and freedom. But does it make any sense to celebrate it any more in a nation marching towards fascism and where even public radio is creeping to the right? [more →]
Sons of a Laboring God?
Joe Bageant—06/2004
Bageant's heartfelt polemic on the need for better education for working-class America in order to rescue a nation from serious social and economic decline, and to reduce the gaping gap between the rich and the poor. [more →]
Is Our President a Wackjob?
Joe Bageant—06/2004
Bush is not only stupid, he may well have a psychological disorder. Joe Bageant asks how such a dangerous leader could have been elected in the first place, and compares America today to pre-war Nazi Germany. [more →]
Lynndie England, the GI who posed in those shameful Iraqi torture photos, was presented by the media as a bad apple. Bageant, however, paints a different picture of her as a victim of small-town hopelessness. [more →]
Staring Down the Jackals
Joe Bageant—05/2004
Bageant gives an insightful examination of the deteriorating situation in Iraq, its parallels with Vietnam, and some of the root causes of this whole murderous travesty. [more →]
The Covert Kingdom
Joe Bageant—05/2004
Whilst Islamic fundamentalism takes centre stage, it is easy to overlook the more subtle but equally pernicious effects of Christian fundamentalism. Bageant uncovers the real reasons behind US government policy. [more →]
Talking the homeland security blues with Bingo the philosopher dog. (A few of the alarming consquences of the US Patriot Act.) [more →]
Sleepwalking to Fallujah
Joe Bageant—04/2004
In the war against terrorism, FBI agents at the Norfolk, Virginia, airport took anal swabs from a mechanical farting dog to make sure it did not contain explosives. [more →]
A Message to our Boys in Iraq
Jenny Marsh—03/2003
The has been much said in the media about the need to support "our boys" in Iraq. This is a message to "our boys" from a peace activist. [more →]
Racism Revisited
John Smith—07/2002
Racism has been responsible for some of the most heinous crimes in history. But will we ever be able to stamp it out by the denial that racial difference may be more than skin-deep? [more →]
When Democracy Fails
Jenny Marsh—05/2002
It is very easy to assume, because we vote, we live in a democracy. But although the form of our society still seems democratic, power is migrating from the people to corporations. [more →]
Democracy Demands Activism
Jenny Marsh—2000
Democracy is not a passive inheritance; it is the ongoing relationship between citizen and government that demands the citizen be politically active. [more →]
Gregory Sams examines how an alien would view human society. The result is thought-provoking. [more →]