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Governments should serve their people. However, in society today, politicians primarily serve their own interests and that of their corporate sponsors. We must actively prevent democracy and legislation being unduly influenced by special interest lobbyists and those with money.

We live in a society that is controlled by a tiny elite. Whilst such a statement would have been dismissed as "conspiracy theory" only a decade or two ago, information that would never make it to the general population through though the mainstream media is now getting through thanks to the internet, so that society is beginning to realise that much of conspiracy theory is actually conspiracy fact. >>>

The World According To Chris Hedges [Full Interview] / Nov 2014
This radio interview with Chris Hedges sums up the problems in the world today and how mass movements of dissent are the only hope we have left. Most of us, caught up in the fantasy of benign government and the distraction of the media, so we continue to sleepwalk to oblivion.

Chris Hedges: The World As It Is / Jan 2013
Modern society is near to collapse because we have not protected our liberty, allowing power to accumulate in the hands of an elite. As a consequence, we have now reverted to a neo-feudal society where we are slaves so disconnected from reality that we think we are free. Pt 2 & Pt 3

USA Inc. Predatory Government Betrayal - Deborah Tavares / May 2014
The American people think they have a government looking after their interersts, but this is a lie. In reality, what we label the America government is in fact a corporation — USA Inc. — that has its own agenda, one that is totally at odds with the interests of the people.

We live in an age of doublespeak and euphamisms, where we have corrupted language to hide the evils of society. Our future lies in honesty, in calling things by their proper name. For only when we call a spade a spade can we face the shadow that is destroying us. [more]

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DownSize to ThriveEU Wastes £33bn/year on Perks & Quangos (June 2012)

Whilst the ordinary people of Europe feel the financial squeeze, the non-elected EU government is quite happy to not only waste billions but award itself an extra 6.8 per cent spending budget next year, cutting only six out of 41,000 EU jobs. MEP salaries and allowances have risen by 77.5 per percent over the past 7 years, in addition to its gold-plated pensions and other perks. For the 17th year in a row, the Court of Auditors have been unable to sign off the EU buget due to unaccounted billions (€4.6bn this year). Analysis by think-tank Open Europe on EU spending has revealed that the budget could be slashed by up to 30 per cent and still deliver what it does. That means the the EU wastes £33bn a year! [Daily Mail]

When the people controlling expenditure have their snouts in the trough you get these ridiculous "Versailles" excesses, whether those people are left-wing, ring-wing or no-wing. Greed is greed no matter what part of the political spectrum a person comes from, it is human nature to grab as much as you can, especially in our modern capitalist system where greed is encouraged.

The EU will eventaully collapse as nations run out of money, but not before damaging and impoverising the lives of many ordinary Europeans, all to satisfy the ambitions of the political elite who wish to rule Europe (and the world). It is time for ordinary people to wake up and stop the contentration of power, whether it be in Europe, the United States, Russia, or Australia/New Zealand, and whether it be in the name of "unity", "safety" or "prosperity". Power always corrupts.