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Science is a systematically constructed realitymap with a very practical outcome — technology. However, corporatism and politics have hijacked science for there own ends, only funding profitable research that does not challenge the socio-political and economic status quo.

Hypothesis - Documentary on the Science of 9-11 Twin Towers / Sep 2012
This "conspiracy" is not going away because the official version of events is so seriously scientifically flawed. Steven E. Jones is a BYU physics professor who decided to investigate 9-11 from a scientific perspective. This documentary covers some of his scientific conclusions.

Is the universe a giant cosmic computer? Are we living in a computer simulation? Can consciousness be simulated? If reality is an illusion, how do we wake up to what is real? This is an open-minded exploration of some of these issues. [more]

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Evidence of Explosives Being Used on 9-11 is Irrefutable (Mar 2010)
An academic paper published in "The Open Chemical Physics Journal" last year conclusively proves that a variant of the demolition explosive thermite was found in all dust samples collected from the ruins of the World Trade Center. The paper — Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe — gives solid scientific backing to the numerous 9-11 truth movements that are calling for an independent enquiry. Click to view