Projects, Ideas & Solutions

Tierra Verde (Spain)
Tierra Verde International & Ecoshelter Int.—01/2009
Joint project by Tierra Verde International, headed by Fionna Johnson, and Ecoshelter International to showcase a green living center in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Southern Spain. [more]

Zeitgeist II (Addendum) 2008
This mesmerising film powerfully portrays the crisis of consciousness that the world is currently facing, and offers Jacque Fresco's Venus Project as a possible technological solution.

Jacque Fresco's Venus Project
Jacque Fresco offers a high-tech material solution to the ecological and societal crises we are currently facing. Fresco rejects all religion and spirituality as unnecessary in his utopian new world.

Imagine an accumulative database of knowlege, a bit like Wikipedia, available for download and that covers every aspect of ecologically-sound, life-promoting and democratic communities. [more]