People Who Have Made a Difference

These are a few of the courageous souls who have stood up for peace, freedom and fairness, invariably at great risk to their careers and even their lives. They are the real heros of today, leading lights in an insane world that has temporarily forgotten integrity and responsibility.

Serena Shim Serena Shim (1985-2014)
Shim was an American journalist, of Lebanese origin, who was killed in mysterious circumstances in a "car crash" shortly after being accused by Turkey of spying. In her work for Press TV, Shim exposed Turkey's support for the Islamic State, uncovering how ISIL militants were being smuggled by Turkey over the border into Syria in trucks bearing NGO markings such as "World Food Organisation". In her last interview she expressed concern for her safety and reported how Turkish intelligence services had threatened her and were looking to arrest her. The other driver and vehicle involved in the "accident" have since disappeared, and more recent world events have strongly hinted at Turkey's support for the Islamic State terrorists. Shim's fearless and honest reporting was exemplary. She was buried in Hussainia in Bourj el-Barajneh and is survived by her husband and two children.

Cynthia McKinney Cynthia McKinney
McKinney was the first African American woman to represent Georgia in the House of Representatives for the Democratic Party. She was also the Green Party presidential candidate in 2008. What is unusual about McKinney is that she was one of the few US politicians who was a real voice for activism, and and that included putting herself on the line. In 2008, she was onboard the ship Dignity which was on a humanitarian mission to the Gaza Strip, and was promptly one of the ones arrested by the Israelis. McKinney is also a 9-11 truther, and believes that one day the truth about 9-11 being an inside job ill become common knowledge. (This video of her grilling Donald Rumsfeld, on government contracts and 9-11, gives a taster of her directness.) In Feb 2010, McKinney was awarded the Peace through Conscience aware from the Munich American Peace Committee., and in Sept 2013, she accompanied Ramsey Clark to Syria, in support of the regime of Bashar al-Assad. We need many more activist politicians rather than career politicians!

Joan Veon Joan Veon
Veon was one of the best campaigners for liberty and the resistance of tyranny. She attended more than 100 conferences put on by the world elite to really understand what they are up to and how they are implementing their plans for a one world dictatorship. You will find some of Veon's excellent lectures embedded on this site, and go to Youtube to look for some more. Veon herself was a businesswoman who took it upon herself to educated Americans about Agenda 21 and the Sustainable Development scam. She also wrote many very articles which you can find archived here. Despite learning that she had terminal cancer in 2007, spurred on by her strong Christian faith, Veon continued a hectic tour schedule of lectures, determined to make a positive difference to the world after she had gone. And in that she succeeded, remaining one of the most important whistleblowers for the underhanded globalisation that is taking place in the name of "Sustainable Development". You can read a short but touching bio of her here.

Alison Weir Alison Weir
It takes extraordinary courage for any journalist to take on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, but that is exactly what Alison Weir did. When in 2001, the struggles between the Palestinians and Israelis escalated, Weir left her job as editor of a weekly American newspaper and traveled alone to the Palestinian territories, making her way through to the West Bank and Gaza, without any protection or even a guide. There she spoke with both Palestinians and Israelis, piecing together what was really going on. What she learned spurred her on, upon returning, to found a nonprofit — If Americans Knew — dedicated on to informing Americans what was actually going on in this part of the world. Weir has written a new book Against Our Better Judgement and you can see a video of one of her lectures here: http://youtu.be/h9Q_8ZrYku4. Weir was awarded, in 2004, into honorary membership of Phi Alpha Literary Society for "Courageous journalist-lecturer on behalf of human rights." She is the first woman ever to receive this award.

Ladar Levison Ladar Levision
Levison is a man of real integrity who respects the American people and the US constitution. He is the owner and operator of Lavabit, an encrypted webmail service founded in 2004, which allowed for private email communication. Lavabit was used by Edward Snowden to organize his Moscow airport press conference. But when in July 2013 the federal government obtained a search warrant demanding the private SSL keys that would allow them to read all Lavabit emails, Levison chose to shut down the service rather than betray the privacy of his customers. All other webmail services that are aware of have quietly acquiesced to the government's Orwellian demands, but Levison went was made of sterner stuff and went for the ethics rather than the money. As such, he is a true inspiration to all of us who are fighting for the right to privacy, a right the people are afforded by the constitution, but a right that the US government will not uphold because it facilitates whistle-blowers who divulge government abuse. Today he is working on a new project with encryption legend Phil Zimmermann and others called Dark Mail at www.darkmail.info.

Edward SnowdenEdward Snowden
Snowden is a former CIA employee and NSA contractor who blew the whistle on mass surveillance programs being secretly, illegally and undemocratically perpetrated by the United States, the United Kingdom and other Western governments around the world, programs which are replacing modern democracy with the nightmare scenario of Orwell's 1984 where everybody is constantly being watched. Snowden, therefore, is in reality one of the greatest defenders of democracy and the US constitution. The governments' response has been mostly cosmetic and dismissive, with blanket spy programs continuing unabated and justified in the name of "safety". But as people wake up to this government smokescreen of "terrorism", momentum to take back power from our abusive governments grows, and these leaks could eventually be the catalyst that halts the neo-fascist march of Western governments towards surveillance-state dystopia.

Hugo ChavezHugo Chavez (1954-2013)
Chavez was one of the few presidents to actually champion the interests poor people, not only in his home country of Venezuela, but also across the world where he would offer free or low-cost oil to the poorest. As a consequence of his stubborn resistance to US corporate control and social inequality, and the fact that Venezuela sits on top of the biggest oil reserves in the world, he became the greatest threat to US world dominance. Chavez had faults — some accused him of becoming increasingly autocratic — but his legacy will be the extraordinary example he has set to political leaders worldwide for putting the interests of ordinary people above those of the elite and the corporate sector. Almost all other politicians around the world have prostituted themselves to big business and other powerful organisations.

Gwenyth ToddGwenyth Todd
Not many can say that they averted a war single-handedly, but that is a claim that Gwenyth Todd can maike. Todd was a White House Middle East policy adviser — a job that took her to many Arab-speaking countries and which opened her eyes to American foreign policy. Although originally asked by Clinton to open communication with Iran, subsequent Presidents, especially George Bush, have been under pressure from pro-war lobbyists such as AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) to start a war with Iran. This came to a head in 2007 towards the end of Bush's presidency when a false flag operation to spark conflict was defused by a report Todd sent back to Washington, a report her administrators and handlers tried to block her from sending by revoking all her security passes. Because of her report, war was averted that time, but Todd lost her job as a consequence and has been struggling to get work ever since. This is how Washington repays those who display integrity, the sort of integrity that is in the interest of ordinary people around the world, including the American public. (This is the same sort of response to those who expose US war crimes.) War only serves to enrich and empower the elite, and further extreme and immoral political agendas that have no other way to be realized. You can watch an interview with Todd here.