Peace, Conflict & Resolution

Wars benefit nobody except the psychopathic bankers, politicians, corporate elite, generals and religious leaders who justify them, start them, and profit from them. For the rest of humanity, wars offer nothing but death, destruction, oppression, trauma and poverty. It's time for peace.

The world is full of conflicts of interest and disparity of power. This leads to conflict and unhappiness. In today's topsy-turvy world, the most powerful nations are running terror campaigns (usually in the name of anti-terrorism), and this is causing endless wars around the world because wars mean profits to the massive Western defence industries, which now largely control Western governments. >>>

The REAL Cost of the War of Terror - Corbett Report / Sep 2016
The war "on" terror is nothing more than big business — very big business, involving trillions of dollars. As long as we continue to support conventional political parties, this masquerade will continue leading humanity down a path to escalating suffering and enslavement.

Hillary Clinton: A Threat to All Humanity - James Corbett (24 July 2016)
If you are thinking of voting for Clinton because the thought of a Trump Presidency is abhorrent (which it is), then think again. Trump may actually be preferable to Clinton who is a Wall Street backed warmonger who presents perhaps the greatest threat to world peace and freedom.

Ken O'Keefe: the 28 Redacted Pages on 9-11 and our Political Prostitutes / Apr 2016
O'Keefe tells it as it is, calling our politicians pathological liars who will say anything to get into power and then, once elected, do the opposite. They are prostitutes that work for the bankers who make money from wars and conflicts. Time to stop the BS. [Warning: strong language]

You Are Watching A Movie Called World War III - David Icke / Nov 2015
Until we realize that our different political parties are actually following the same agenda of world domination and human control, we will experience continual wars and invasions, all justified of course as "spreading democracy and freedom" ;-). Nobody gets to the point as clearly as Icke.

Paris Attacks: History of false flags, the media war & WW3 - Hashem Studios / Feb 2015
History is littered with false flag operations that allowed those groups perpetrating them to further their political agendas. Could it be possible that Islamic State and the recent "Islamic" terrorist attacks are a continuation of the false flag legacy designed to maintain US imperialism?

Why We Fight - BBC Documentary (DVD 6) - Jan 2013
Why do we go to war? Why do we go to other countries and risk our own troops to blow people apart? The answer is, of course, money. The "defense" (war) industry in the US is funded half a trillion dollars annually. With that sort of money, waging wars is essential for business.

ISISTwo Murdered; One to Go (Feb 2015)
What do these three have in common? They are all secular tyrants who ruled with an iron fist. We in the West like to think that we liberated Iraq and Libya from tyranny, and now Syria (as well as other nations). But we forget that this part of the world is home to sociopathic religious extremists, and that an iron fist is exactly what is needed to keep them in check. Iraq, Libya and Syria were unquestionably safer and more politically stable with secular tyrants in control — their citizens, on the whole, much happier. But when secular tyrants are removed, the vacuum created sucks in religious sociopaths like Al Qaeda and ISIS, who bring only savagery and chaos. The question is: was this really an unexpected side-effect of naive foreign policy, or are our leaders, and the rogue nations that influence them, deliberately fomenting wars for political ends? After all, perpetual war is needed to: justify domestic power grabs and the erosion of civil liberties; raise military spending and warrant lucrative defence contracts; flout international law and democratic principles; expand empires; and create a distraction from unpopular domestic policy. We should always remember: War profits the elite; peace profits the people.

ISISThe Rise of Evil ISIS and the Stupidity of the West (10 Aug 2014)
Less than a year ago, David Cameron and Barack Obama were pushing for war against Assad and directly supporting the Syrian rebels, which included ISIS — making a pact with the devil to further their own and Israel's political agendas. If it wasn't for Russia's counterbalancing support for the Assad's forces, ISIS would now be in full control of Syria. As it is, they are in control of part of Syria and have moved into the vacuum left in Iraq, a consequence of Bush and Blair's decision to remove Saddam Hussein and bring democracy to the Iraqi people. The truth we are now realising is that the dictator Saddam was the only leader ruthless enough to be able to keep Islamic radicals in check, and with him out of the way, Iraq is falling to the Islamic radicals. ISIS are currently executing, beheading and crucifying their bloody way to their radical Islamic ends, and the West is only now beginning to react to the chaos they fomented. The rivers of blood that ISIS are releasing are a reminder that we need to stop trying to export Western democracy to countries that cannot appreciate it, and dissuade our governments from constantly meddling in energy-rich Islamic countries. [ref]

ZERO HOUR documentary on 9-11 / Jul 2011
There are so many holes and inconsistencies in the official version of what happened on 9-11 that any intelligent person at the very least should be asking for a proper review of the evidence. From a rational and scientific perspective, it is far more likely that 9-11 was an inside job.

Breaking the Silence - Truth and Lies In the War on Terror - John Pilger / Feb 2013
This documentary was first released in 2003, six months after the Iraqi invasion. It is as relevant to us today, reminding us that our psychopathic leaders are committing terrible war crimes in other countries, dressed up as "liberation" and the extermination of "terrorists". It is all lies.

Islam: What the West needs to know (full documentary) / Mar 2011
There is a popular myth that true Islam is a religion of peace. But an examination of the Koran and Muhammad's life unequivocally shows that violence towards non-Muslims is at the heart of this religion, making the religions itself easy to radicalise, despite most Muslims being peaceful.

The Annihilation of the Palestinians (18 July 2014)
The media usually likes to present the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a tit-for-tat killing spree fuelled by decades of deep and intractable racial hatred. But we forget that the Israeli military, for its size, is one of the best equipped in the world, and the disparity between Israeli deaths and Palestinian deaths is massive. In the latest conflict, for example, 3 Israeli murders by Palestinian thugs led to the Israeli government launching a military offensive that has killed nearly three hundred mostly-civilian Palestinians (with thousands injured and tens of thousands displaced) with only a single Israeli military casualty. This is not tit-for-tat violence — this is genocide. You want to see the real face of Israeli 'defence' that the Western media never covers? Click here

Israel and Iran: A love story? / Dec 2012
When Israel was on the brink of attacking Iran, Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edry shared a poster on Facebook of himself and his daughter: "Iranians… we [heart] you." Soon other Israelis joined in and Iranians responded in kind. Let's bypass governments and make peace directly.