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The REAL Cost of the War of Terror - Corbett Report / Sep 2016
The war "on" terror is nothing more than big business — very big business, involving trillions of dollars. As long as we continue to support conventional political parties, this masquerade will continue leading humanity down a path to escalating suffering and enslavement.

Hillary Clinton: A Threat to All Humanity - James Corbett (24 July 2016)
If you are thinking of voting for Clinton because the thought of a Trump Presidency is abhorrent (which it is), then think again. Trump may actually be preferable to Clinton who is a Wall Street backed warmonger who presents perhaps the greatest threat to world peace and freedom.

Ken O'Keefe: the 28 Redacted Pages on 9-11 and our Political Prostitutes / Apr 2016
O'Keefe tells it as it is, calling our politicians pathological liars who will say anything to get into power and then, once elected, do the opposite. They are prostitutes that work for the bankers who make money from wars and conflicts. Time to stop the BS. [Warning: strong language]

You Are Watching A Movie Called World War III - David Icke / Nov 2015
Until we realize that our different political parties are actually following the same agenda of world domination and human control, we will experience continual wars and invasions, all justified of course as "spreading democracy and freedom" ;-). Nobody gets to the point as clearly as Icke.

The "JADE" In Jade Helm 15 Is An A.I. SOFTWARE Program - Level9News / May 2015
JADE HELM is an artificial intelligence system being implemented by the US government in order to automate the decisions involved in warfare and civilian control, removing the "moralistic" human component that prevents. The JADE system necessitates continued massive data collection.

Untold History of the United States: Bush, Obama and the Age of Terror / Mar 2015
This is the concluding episode of Oliver Stone's brillant 10-part documentary. We see the US as a rogue nation that is exporting terror as "freedom", destroying domestic freedom in the process. Obama has unfortunately continued Bush's warmongering legacy without hesitation.

Amy Goodman on Accountability for "The Bush Doctrine" on Terrorism / Mar 2015
Goodman reviews the outcome of Bush's insistence on invading Iraq after 9/11, killing over a million civilians, despite Iraq having nothing to do with the attack. Nobody has ever been held accountable for these war crimes, crimes that the Western media was certainly complicit in.

Paris Attacks: History of false flags, the media war & WW3 - Hashem Studios / Feb 2015
History is littered with false flag operations that allowed those groups perpetrating them to further their political agendas. Could it be possible that Islamic State and the recent "Islamic" terrorist attacks are a continuation of the false flag legacy designed to maintain US imperialism?

Gearoid O'Colmain Discusses the French Terror Chrisis with RT Int. / Jan 2015
Journalist Gearoid O'Colmain maintains that the best way to protect citizens is to have a responsible foreign policy, but instead the West (specifically France, UK & the US and their allies) have been training and arming the very Islamic fundamentalists now attacking Western targets.

Mikhail Gorbachev: America needs its own Perestroika - RT / Dec 2014
When the cold war ended in 1991, there was a real opportunity for global peace. Unfortunately, the US adopted a policy of global domination, a policy that has bankrupted it, fomented endless wars (murdering millions), bankrolled savage terrorist organisations and endangered everyone.

U.S. Drones kill more people than ISIS: Chris Hedges / Dec 2014
What we see in the world today is the chaos associated with the death of an empire, in this case the American empire. Here Chris Hedges, author and Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, discusses the importance of resistance to this empire and public condemnation of US foreign policy.

Former CIA Analyst Exposes Syrian War Lobbyists - Michael Scheuer / Nov 2014
US foreign policy has been hijacked by lobbyists who have bought off the US government to fight wars that are not in our interest. Now the US is fighting on the same side as Al Qaeda in an effort to destory Syria. This level of interventionism will only lead to war and more war.

9-11 Truth on C-SPAN - Richard Gage Interviewed - Aug 2014
It is very obvious to anyone who has looked at the evidence that this "terrorist" attack was an inside job, but this is something avoided by practically all mainstream media outlets. So hats off to C-SPAN for having the courage to interview Richard Gage who campaigns for truth.

ISIS (The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) - Documentary Special / Jun 2014
ISIS, the richest Jihadist organisation in the world, take barbarity to such extremes that even Al Qaeda have distanced themselves from them. This is Islamic fundamentalism at its most evil. ISIS rose to power due to Western/Saudi support and Western destabilisation of the region.

Veterans for Peace - www.veteransforpeace.org.uk / Apr 2014
It is easy to forget that those who fight wars, on our governments' behalf, are human beings like you and me. Most lose their humanity, but some retain it or recover it, and become some of the best activists for peace because they have directly witnessed the reality and insanity of war.

Ben Griffin: We Will NOT Fight For Queen and Country / Feb 2014
Former SAS soldier, Ben Griffin, refused in 2006 to continue fighting in the Iraq war saying that "Tony Blair and the Government had lied" the UK into war. Here he makes a powerful speech in 2013 at Oxford Uni Union debate about the realty of war and the dangers of patriotism.

September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor (5 hours) / Jan 2014
The 9-11 issue is not going away, and rather than assuming the official version of events "must" be correct, we each have a responsibility to review the evidence for ourselves. Take the time to watch this documentary, and if you are in any way rational, there is only one conclusion…

Breaking the Silence - Truth and Lies In the War on Terror - John Pilger / Feb 2013
This documentary was first released in 2003, six months after the Iraqi invasion. It is as relevant to us today, reminding us that our psychopathic leaders are committing terrible war crimes in other countries, dressed up as "liberation" and the extermination of "terrorists". It is all lies.

Untold Truths about War on Iran - Press TV Documentary / Feb 2013
Former White House Middle East policy adviser, Gwenyth Todd, single-handedly stopped a war with Iran in 2007, losing her job in the process. She discloses in this interview how successive US governments are pushing for war under pressure from pro-war lobbyists such as AIPAC.

Why We Fight - BBC Documentary (DVD 6) - Jan 2013
Why do we go to war? Why do we go to other countries and risk our own troops to blow people apart? The answer is, of course, money. The "defense" (war) industry in the US is funded half a trillion dollars annually. With that sort of money, waging wars is essential for business.

Israel and Iran: A love story? / Dec 2012
When Israel was on the brink of attacking Iran, Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edry shared a poster on Facebook of himself and his daughter: "Iranians… we [heart] you." Soon other Israelis joined in and Iranians responded in kind. Let's bypass governments and make peace directly.

The Untold History of the United States / Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick / Dec 2012
Director Oliver Stone and historian Peter Kuznick have teamed together to produce a 10-part documentary on US exceptionalism and historical revisionism. They have also written a book by the same name. In this interview, Stone and Kuznick are interviewed by RT's Abby Martin.

Bush and Blair wanted for war crimes / Press TV (Oct 2012)
Prominent international lawyer Francis Boyle, a professor of international law at the University of Illinois, had Bush and Blair convicted of crimes against peace and humanity, and genocide, when he prosecuted them in 2011 at the Kuala Lumpur Ware Crimes Tribunal. (Forbidden Knowledge)

Targeting Tehran: "US nearly daring Iran to strike first" (Jul 2012)
The US is playing a very dangerous sabre-rattling game with Iran, showing an unwillingness to find resolution and preferring instead to threaten Iran in nuclear compliance. Here Politics Professor Patricia DeGennaro talks with RT about the dangers of current US foreign policy.

Doing Time, Doing Vipassana - Healing Criminals & Society (Jul 2012)
Almost all prisions harden criminals so on release they make society ever more disfunctional and they are likely to reoffend. But the teaching of Vipassana meditation in Indian prisons has shown that it is possible to heal troubled individuals. Can we do this in Western prisions?

Documentary on Iran: Iran is NOT the Problem; Stop War on Iran / Mar 2012
This is documentary tells the story of Iran, a story that the American media will never tell you because they have been priming the American people for a war with Iran. But Iran is actually not the problem. The real problem is actually US imperialism and Israeli fanaticism.

Dr. Helen Caldicott: The Medical Implications of Fukushima / Apr 2012
Dr. Caldicott is a member of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Advisory Council, and here she gives a lecture on the medical implications of Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear power plant disasters, the insanity of nuclear weapons, and the importance of standing up to authority.

Loose Change: Final Cut (2012 Version) - (Feb 2012)
This is probably the best and most complete documentary to show that 9-11 was an inside operation, a false-flag operation that was used to justify the expansion of the American Empire. The greatest terrorist organisation in the world is actually the United States government.

ZERO HOUR documentary on 9-11 / Jul 2011
There are so many holes and inconsistencies in the official version of what happened on 9-11 that any intelligent person at the very least should be asking for a proper review of the evidence. From a rational and scientific perspective, it is far more likely that 9-11 was an inside job.

Charlie Chaplin's Famous Speach in the Great Dictator (Jul 2011)
This was one of the greatest speechs on celluloid, and here it has been combined with images and with music to bring together a powerful anti-war message. It is time we turned our backs on our psychopathic leaders and build for ourselves a peaceful and prosperous future.

The Real Truth of Wars - Dr. Dahlia Wasfi - May 2011
We have been sold a lie, and that lie is that we are fighting for freedom in the Middle East. Our wars are nothing to do with freedom, but to do with taking over resource- rich countries and expanding the American empire.

War is Peace—Freedom is Slavery—Ignorance is Stength/FKNnews (13 May 2011)
Deek Jackson sums up the current state of world politics beautifully. Here he looks at the commercial benefits of war to the few, internet censorship and telephone tapping.

Alex Jones Interviews Dr. Steve Pieczenik (3 May 2011)
Dr. Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Senior Policy Planner under Secretaries Kissinger, Vance, Schultz and Baker. Here this government insider blows the lid on the 9-11 false-flag operation and the manufactured "war on terror".

Wicked Witch Osama and Wizard Obama! (17 May 2011)
David Duke believes that 9-11, the Afghan/Iraq Wars could all have been avoided by not letting Israel control the US and British foreign policy. Duke should have made a clear distinction between the Jewish religion/race and the political Zionist movement (there are many Jews against Zionism), but he does make some cogent points.

Islam: What the West needs to know (full documentary) / Mar 2011
There is a popular myth that true Islam is a religion of peace. But an examination of the Koran and Muhammad's life unequivocally shows that violence towards non-Muslims is at the heart of this religion, making the religions itself easy to radicalise, despite most Muslims being peaceful.

Radioactive Bullshit Fallout - FKN Newz (19 Mar 2011)
First part of this humorous video really puts the radiation leak in Japan into perspective. Before 1971, over 500 nuclear divices were detonated, releasing orders of magnitude more radioactive material than has been release in Japan. Even the depleted uranium used in Iraq is on a far larger and more damaging scale.

Edward Said: Imperial Continuity - Palestine, Iraq and US Policy / Feb 2011
This 2003 lecture is still relevant for today. Edward Said is a Professor at Columbia University and here he talks about American imperialism. "Every ten years or so the US need to pick up some small country and throw it against the wall just to show the world we mean business."

War by Deception 2011: The Shadow Government & Shadow Economy (Jan 2011)
Ryan Dawson has put together an excellent 2.5 hour documentary on a shadow government that is really running the US and the world. Dawson's website is www.rys2sense.com where you can buy his excellent book Welcome to the USSA.

WikiLeaks' Collateral Murder: U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord (10 Aug 2010)
Ethan McCord was on the ground during the 2007 Apache helicopter footage leaked to WikiLeaks. Here he gives an account of US war crimes from a soldier's perspective, joining Bradley Manning as the two bravest men in the US military. <support site>

Ray McGovern Gives His Insight into the Coming Israel/Iran Conflict (May 2010)
Alex Jones talks with Ray McGovern, a retired CIA officer, about the current political situation in the Middle East and how much of it is to do with controlling natural resources and access to those resources. See Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4

Alex Jones Discusses Wikileaks Release of Pentagon Video (Apr 2010)
Jones discusses the Pentagon video leaked by Wikileaks showing US troops murdering innocent civilians, including children. Americans should stop allowing fear of being branded unpatriotic preventing them standing up to this evil.

The leaked US military video that shows the US military lies (3 Apr 2010)
When an internal US army video was leaked to wikileaks.org, the US military was furious because it showed that what had been reported as an attack on insurgents was actually an attack on journalists and children. This is a common military lie.

AE911Truth.org Video Showing Fire Did Not Destroy WTC (Mar 2010)
This one will not go away until those responsible are apprehended. 9-11 is the iconic false-flag operation of the 21st Century, the elephant in the room that no longer can be ignored by mainstream media. Visit ae911truth.org.

US will start WW3 by attacking Iran - Michel Chossudovsky (Feb 2010)
Whereas the West and Israel believe Iran is developing a nuclear bomb, Tehran denies this insisting that its intentions are peaceful. Canadian researcher, Michel Chossudovsky, believes the US wants a war with Iran for its own political ends.

Amazing Speech by War Veteran (Dec 2009)
Mike Prysner is an unusual soldier, one who has remembered his humanity. He describes how racism is used by governments to send the working class to war, to kill other poor people, all in the interest of the ruling classes. The tyranny is at home.

Gaza Villages Wiped Off the Map (Jan 2009)
Reporter Jonathan Miller shows the on the result of the recent Israeli invasion of Gaza. Israel may well be guilty of war crimes, but will be immune to prosecution due to US veto support.

The New Nuclear Danger: Bush's Miliary Industrial Complex - Helen Caldicott 03
Caldicott warns about the dangers the US is posing to the whole world in its attempt to dominate, and its foreign policy that is dictated by US arms manufacturers. The threat of nuclear war is actually higher today than it was in the 60s, 70s and 80s.