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The news defines, by what it includes and excludes, the context in which we live our lives, and determins how we behave. Control the news and you control the people, which is why the mainstream media is all about consumerism, empire-building, advertisements and vaccuous entertainment. If you do not want to be a pawn to the corporate agenda, then you must start looking to alternative media sources. That said, all news outlets have some bias, so it is always important to keep our wits about us. To the right is the best of the alternative media outlets ->

What if Putin invaded Latvia? BBC perpetrates psychological warfare (Feb 2016)
The Western mass media, including the BBC, is following a narrative that vilifies Russia and Putin. This is designed to manipulate public opinion which has been strongly supporting Putin's stand against US-EU catalysed terrorism in Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.

Russian military reveals details of ISIS-Turkey oil smuggling - RT / Dec 2015
It would appear that Turkey and its allies are playing a very dangerous game in covertly supporting ISIS by buying its smuggled oil. This funds ISIS to the tune of nearly £100,000,000 per month. The elite fund ISIS in order to bring through laws to take away our freedoms.

Israeli Warplanes Bomb Syria and Threaten War with Russia / Nov 2015
Just when you think it can't get any more insane, we find Israel bombing the Assad forces as they try to contain ISIS in Syria. Israel is basically acting as the airforce for ISIS. So next time we criticise ISIS, remember which country trained, armed and funded them (the US and its allies).

Sweden is on fire & Europe will follow if politicians don't stop madness / Oct 2015
Sweden, like Germany, seems hell-bent on de storying their societies by allowing too great an influx of Syrian and other migrants. To speak out against this crisis in Sweden brands you as a racist. Here Martin Alexandersson speaks for many Swedish people who have had enough.

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS / Oct 2015
Putin reiterates the simple fact that ISIS was created by the West by its constant meddling in other countries, arming rebels and mercenaries to overthrow governments and then suffering the blow-back which is inevitable. The only way forward to stop ISIS is to stop undermining Assad.

The Latest In Censorship Of Independent Media - WeAreChange / Apr 2015
Google, Facebook, Youtube (owned by Google) and other major media companies are now censoring the independent media channels by stifling advertising revenue. This is making it more and more difficult to put out anti-establishment news and reports. Time to ditch Google?

"Kill Anything": Israeli Soldiers Say Gaza Atrocities Came from Orders / May 2015
Israeli soldiers are increasingly speaking out about the murderous policies of the IDF commanders which tell them: "The rules of engagement are: Any person at a distance that could put you at risk, you kill him with no need for clearance... There are no innocent civilians." For more, click here.

How Hillary Clinton Is Responsible For Civil War in Ukraine / Mar 2015
Is it a coincidence that Ukraine was the largest donor to the Clinton Foundation over the past 15 years and there just so happened to be a coup d'etat in that country after the end of Clinton's Secretary of State term that intalled a US-friendly government on the Russian borders?

White House and Republican senators clash over nuke letter to Iran / Mar 2015
With a peaceful deal on Iran's nuclear program becoming a real possibility, the Republicans, spurred on by warmonger Netanyahu, signed an open letter to Iran saying that any agreement would be reversed with a new government, thus completely undermining US foreign policy.

New Greek PM voices discontent with EU statement blaming Russia / Jan 2015
Greece was the birthplace of democracy, and now, with the new government, it is reaffirming its love of democracy by standing up to EU diktats blaming Russia for Ukrainian attacks. Now that one member state has stood up to Brussels, it will hopefully encourage more to speak out.

Ron Paul: Anti-Russia HR758 bill green-lights a new cold war / Dec 2014
The House of Representatives has just passed a bill that strongly condemns the Russian Federation under President Vladimir Putin. But this, according to Ron Paul is just "part of the war propaganda machines" and could even lead to war with Russia. More provocative US politics!

James Corbett - We Are Headed for Global War / Aug 2014
The powers to be are itching for war again to further their agendas. Corbett reports, "It is only a matter of what shape and what form that war will take place. We are seeing the battle lines being drawn… I think this is very much going to be an economic conflict…" Also Fukushima update.

The Powers Behind The Islamic State - The Real News Network / 23 Aug 2014
Interview with investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed who is an expert on The Islamic State terrorists and where they are getting their funding from. Ahmed gives the viewer some idea of how complex the issues are and how much of the problem is caused by Western meddling.

Are the Gaza Demonstrations Anti-Semetic? A Jew Replies / Jul 2014
Barnaby Raine is a Jew, and yet he was also one of the organisers of two large demonstrations in London which protested the slaughter in Gaza. In this interview, Raine strongly disputes the accusation that protests against the Israeli government are necessarily fueled by anti-Semitism.

Miko Peled: If Israel Doesn't Like Rockets, Decolonize Palestine / Jul 2014
Peled is an inspiration, a man who is building bridges between Palestinians and Israelis, and countering the constant dehumanization of Palestinians that is actively encouraged by Netanyahu and his government, dehumanization that is the root cause of Israel's many war crimes.

Senator David Norris: "Israel's policy is to shoot first and weep afterwards" / Jul 2014
David Norris, in his Irish Parliamentary speech, condemns Obama for his total inaction over Israeli war crimes in Gaza. Ireland is quite happy to implement sanctions on Russia, following its US master, but will not lift a finger for the thousands of civilians bombed to pieces in Palestine.

The Crisis of Palestine - 1½ hour speech by George Galloway MP / Jul 2014
If you want the truth of the conflict in Gaza, there is no better person to listen to than British MP George Galloway, who tells it as it is, without concern for the backlash he will inevitably get. More politicians and especially our cowardly journalists need this sort of courage to speak out.

Why Are Americans So Apathetic? (And what can be done about it.) / Jun 2014
As the American Government terrorizes the world with its illegal wars, drone assassinations, global spying and monitoring, the question arises: why do the American people so apathetically allow their government to act in this manner? BFP investigates this problem.

Oxford Union Speech by Julian Assange on impending war with Iran / Feb 2013
Assange warns about America's push for a war with Iran, a war that is being supported by a corrupt Western media which supports the propaganda that Iran is a global danger. The internet is our only antidote, which is why internet surveillance has reached saturation levels.

Julian Assange to UN: "US trying to erect national security regime" / Sep 2012
Assange addresses the United Nations on video calling for an end of the persecution of whistleblowing individuals like Bradley Manning and organisations like Wikileaks. And he says it is time for Obama to stop taking credit for the Arab Spring which the US gov initially opposed.

Julian Assange's Speech at the Ecuadorian Embassy / 16 Aug 2012
Hats off to Ecuador for having the courage to give Assange asylum, and to South America for defending asylum. And shame to Sweden, Australia and the UK for bowing to U.S. pressure to facilitate extradition, and especially the UK gov for threatening to ignore diplomatic immunity.

bp-logoGore Vidal dies at age 86 (1 Aug 2012)
Vidal was an author, playwright, essayist, screenwriter and political activist. He was a prolific and brilliant writer, writing 25 novels and hundreds of essays on literature and politics. He will be remembered for his anti-war stance and his outspoken opposition to the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as his liberal views on society and sexuality. Well-known for his pithy observations on modern American life, he wrote: "The genius of our ruling class is that it has kept a majority of the people from ever questioning the inequity of a system where most people drudge along, paying heavy taxes for which they get nothing in return." He will be missed.

Wikileaks is a vital component in the exposure of world governments and their collusion with big business to wage perpetual war for profit. Here award-winning journalist John Pilger interviews Wikileaks spokesman Julian Assange in 2011 about whistleblowing.



Energygrid used to recommend Alex Jones' Prison Planet ( and Infowars ( However, Jones appears to have hidden agendas judging by his recent behaviour and so can no longer be relied on as an unbiased alternative media source. Some are saying he may be a CIA shill. We don't know that but what we do know is that his ranting fear-mongering is helping nobody except the elite, as fearful people are easier to control and are more likely to give away their last remaining freedoms in exchanged for perceived safety.

42 Stupid Alex Jones Predictions / 01 Mar 2012
Alex Jones is a total fear monger whose sole purpose appears to be to paralyse the US public in fear for its future. Here we see 42 fear mongering predictions made by Jones which never came true. It seems that the alternative community would do much better ignoring this lunatic.