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The money system more than anything controls society, siphoning off its prosperity for the elite who create the money (out of thin air), control it, and charge others for using it (interest). But there are now independent money system springing up that serve and enrich ordinary people.

Collapse of a UK debt-ridden social system only a matter of time / Jan 2013
Steve Baker is a Conservative MP with some radical but perceptive ideas: to get rid of central banking control which is impoverishing society. As long as we keep borrowing money to try to fix the situation, we are just postponing the inevitable collapse.

Financial TyrannyEU Steals Cypriots' Personal Savings / Mar 2013
European finance chiefs have decided to steal up to 40% of savings over €100,000 savings privately held in banks in Cyprus, as part of a condition for the country to receive a €10 billion bailout from Brussels. This is theft by government from people who trust the banks with their savings. It is the depositors not the bondholders who are being fleeced, which helps to protect the assets of the rich. Cash machines in Cyprus have now been emptied as people desperately try to remove their money before the EU steals it. And you can be sure that this will cause a run on banks in other bailout countries such as Greece, Ireland and Spain. The EU will sacrifice ordinary individuals for its continuation, and what started as a military takeover in the first part of the 20th Century has turned into an economic takeover, where ordinary people will be enslaved by the EU bankers led by Germany.

Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film / Mar 2012
The money system is not just a innert medium of exchange: it defines who we are and how we behave in the world. Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein is a new vision of life where our focus is on what we can give, not on what we get. Visit: (Thx L!)

Financial TyrannyFINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up / Jan 2012
David Wilcock blows the lid the whole financial game that is enslaving the world in debt, and how a trillion dollar lawsuit back by a 122-nation alliance could bring the whole deception crashing down. This is so explosive that Wilock's life has been threatened for putting this information together, and it all ties up with the $15 trillion mystery mentioned above. INVESTIGATION

The Icelandic Example - Michael Hudson on GRTV / 03 Nov 2011
Iceland has set the world an example of how to deal with the financial crisis affecting Western nations: make the politicians and bankers accountable for the debts and refuse to have those debts passed on to ordinary people. It worked in Iceland… so it will work we elsewhere.

Federal ReserveUS Debt Put Into Perspective (2011)
US national debt has now passed the $15,000,000,000,000 mark (15 trillion dollars). That said, this number is so large that it does not really mean a lot to most people. Now there is a website at that gives graphic representations of these sorts of numbers, showing what stacks of $100 bills adding up to these debt figures would look like in comparison to world markers. For example, the image on the right is what 15 trillion dollars worth of $100 bills would look like stacked by the Statue of Liberty. What is worrying is that this debt is continuing to grow and there has to reach a point eventually when foreign banks and governments who own the US debt start calling in their loans.

Stansberry & Associates Predict US Disaster (22 Mar 2011)
This is a marketing video released by an investment research company but it gives an excellent overview of the financial crisis looming in the United States. The US is very close to bankruptcy, and the dollar will soon lose its reserve currency status at which point the s*** will really hit the fan. Watch it here. This will have huge global financial implications, and is likely to spell the end of the world fiat money era.

bp-logoBank of America Emails Released (14 Mar 2011)
The disclosure group Anonymous have released emails showing that Bank of America allegedly tried to modify loan documents before the sale of Balboa Insurance. This is likely to be the leak that Assange of WikiLeaks referred to back in November. Click here for more information. According to Wikileaks, Bank of America have subsequently been using private intel firms to attack them.

bp-logoPayPal Morally Bankrupt (Feb 2011)
Towards the end of last year, they closed the donation account for Wikileaks. Now, just a few months on, they have stopped the account of Courage to Resist, which registered a PayPal account in 2006. As a private company, PayPal is under no obligation to deliver a service, and the cowards closed this account without any justification, behind closed doors. As Jeff Paterson wrote on Cryptome, "While there may be no legal obligation to provide services, there is an ethical obligation. By shutting out legitimate nonprofit activity, PayPal shows itself to be morally bankrupt." We urge all our readers to stop using their PayPal accounts wherever possible and use alternatives.

Federal ReserveSherry Jackson Fund Challenges Tax Legality (Dec 2009)
As a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Fraud Examiner, Sherry Peel Jackson worked as an Inland Revenue Agent in Atlanta from January 1988 to May 1995. While she was at the IRS she won numerous awards for her work. After leaving the IRS to become a wife and mother, Jackson started investigating the legality of the US tax system after reading an advert in USA Today by We The People Foundation that offered $50,000 to anyone who could show hot to file a federal income tax return without waving one's 5th amendment rights, and to identify the section of the Internal Revenue Code that makes workers liable to pay income tax in the first place. Jackson found that the whole US tax system was a fraud, and that compulsory taxation had no legal backing for most workers. As a consequence, Jackson started educating people on her findings and withheld paying tax until the government could show her the legal basis for her doing so. As a consequence she was punished with a 4-year sentence and denied medical treatment for Graves Disease which she suffers from. For more info, and to donate to her legal fund, visit
Federal ReserveThe Enslaving Federal Reserve Scam (Dec 2009)
The Federal Reserve or FED is a private for-profit business organisation that has a monopoly on creating, out of thin air, US dollars and then lending this money to the US Government with interest — the interest making up the Federal Debt. The US Government's 1999 Federal Debt repayment, for example, was $1.7 trillion dollars. In other words, just about all the tax collected is being given to the organisation that manufacturers America's money. The question is, why doesn't America manufacture its own money like other countries do, and who owns the Federal Reserve? Because remember, whoever owns the FED actually owns the USA, and in this ridiculous system the repayment of the fictitious Federal Debt ends up enslaving every taxed American citizen in The Land of the "Free". For more info, visit
Top 50 companies recorded $433 billion profits in 2006
Many corporations now have more financial clout than entire countries, allowing the corporate sector to seriously compromise global democracy and social justice. And how does this happen? Our politicians sell us out every step of the way, feathering their own nest by courting the corporate sector at every opportunity, kissing the steel hand that strangles the life from communities and the ecosystem and from every community. The freedom that wealth affords the rich is paid for by the slavery of the working classes and future generations. The question is: How much social and ecological devastation is it going to take before we wake up to the fact that our politicians don't have our best interests at heart? For until we come to this uncomfortable realization, we are just a silent accomplice to the enslavement of the human species and the rape of the Earth. How do we stop this madness? Stop waiting for permission to live in a better world — join alternative trading and social systems that bypass Big Daddy altogether. It is time to grow up and leave home!
If you are American, should you be paying income tax?
Accord to many experts, income tax for average Americans is unconstitutional. If you would like to see a good presentation of the issue, take a look at The 861 Evidence.
Time To Switch to New Money
In this modern world of corporate rule, in which the interests of the people is no longer the primary concern of governments, it is time for us to by-pass their control by using new money systems. Of all the ways to protest, of all the ways to stop ecological destruction, and of all the ways to bring peace, prosperity and happiness to the majority, whatever their nationality and their creed, adopting new money systems if the MOST effective. Please read The Money Game and start using alternative money. There are plenty of people doing this right now with fantastic results. There are even websites that will help us setup these systems yourself and that give us the software to run them. By switching to alternative money, we will transform our communities and our nations by no longer contributing our wealth to governments who only use it for staring wars, destroying the environment, subsidizing big business and lining their own pockets. Its time to stop playing The Money Game.
The Australian government plays with fire as it enters into a 'free trade' agreement with the US that will undoubtedly damage its economy, undermine its healthcare system, and even jeopardize its sovereignty. [more]
Network or Multi-Level Marketing is a popular form of business, especially in the US. Although most of those involved with MLM are good people, behind the scenes, like in any business, manipulation techniques are used. [more]
The Money Game
John Smith—01/2003
Few understand the money game because generally we so focused within its constraints and on our own financial affairs that we do not see it for what it is — a game played by the elite to own and control the world. [more]
News: The Mechanics of Empire Building (02 Jan 2005)
Democracy Now! has just released a mind-blowing interview with John Perkins, a former American international banker, covering the release of his new book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Perkins tells the story of how he was groomed by the international banking community, to hard-sell Third World countries large development loans which they would invariably default on, handing over their resources and economies to the United States in repayment schemes. To ensure that these countries would fall for the bait, Perkins would show these governments wildly optimistic repayment forecasts, making the loan far more attractive than it actually was, and they would also bribe governments into signing up. This cheated developing countries out of trillions of dollars and built the US the most powerful empire in history: with less than 5% of the world population, the US now commandeers 26% of global resources, and has enslaved many Third World economies and peoples. Only two leaders, in the interests of their people, resisted the temptation of these loans — Jaime Roldós, president of Ecuador, and Omar Torrijos, president of Panama. Both were killed in plane crashes set up by the CIA, and it is to these two men of principle that Perkins dedicates his book.