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Elizabeth Warren on why we need to stop the TPP (7 July 2016)
TTP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership), just like its European counterpart TTIP transfers ridiculous amounts of power to large corporations. This will cause huge environmental and social problems as corporations get the right to sue any government that stops their agenda for any reason.

Is This The End of the US Dollar? (We Are Change) / Apr 2016
China's creation of the gold-backed Yuan that cannot be traded in US dollars effectively ends the US petrodollar hegemony which finances America's empire. The Fed Reserve have been having secret meetings with Obama because they know the US financial house of cards will collapse.

America holds nobody accountable for banking crimes / Feb 2016
Iceland's economic crash resulted in 26 bankers jailed and citizen debts forgiven. Now it is recovering strongly. By contrast, the US holds no banker accountable, in fact it paid them off at the expense of the people. And the American public quietly allow this outrage. (FKTV)

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money - Corbett Report / Sept 2015
We can all agree that 9/11 was a crime. When investigating large-scale crime like this, it is insightful to follow the money. This is Corbett's excellent investigation into the 9/11 money trail and how unimaginably profitable the tragedy was for certain individuals and organisations.

World banking explained in less than 2 minutes / John Perkins (Sept 2015)
John Perkins, the Economic Hitman, explains how the World Bank and the IMF take over countries by deliberately lending them more money than they can repay (money which does not benefit the poor), thus forcing them into bankruptcy and allowing the assets to be legally stolen.

The US strategy to create a new global legal and economic system: TTIP / Aug 2015
TTIP is a secret trade deal that will make sure that US corporations can do what they will in the EU. It means that these corporations can sue for ANYTHING that affects their profits, making them more powerful than nations. Competing Chinese, Russian and Brazilian companies are excluded.

Keiser Report: Destroy Capitalism to... Save Capitalism (E740) / Apr 2015
Negative interest rates are being used by those who control our financial systems in order to buy time before the current financial regime fails because the global financial system no longer possesses the productive capacity to gererate enough income to sustain current asset values.

The Black Budget - Catherine Austin Fitts (2014 San Mateo) / Mar 2015
Financial wizard, Catherine Fitts, examines the black budget and what it means to the American economy and to ordinary people. She shows evidence that a new breakaway economy has been set up using many trillions of dollars siphoned off (stolen) through Black Budget projects.

Biggest crisis ever looms - US Dollar collapse - Peter Schiff / Sep 2014
The American economy is on the brink of collapse as this once great nation continues to print money in a vain attempt to escape its huge deficit. Schiff states that it is an illusion that the world depens on the US, when in reality it's the other way around, and that America is living on debt.

Is the New BRICS Bank a Challenge to US Global Financial Power? / Jul 2014
A new international development bank has been set up by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa to counterbalance the US-controlled IMF and World bank. This development is possibly the beginning of the end for the US empire and the role of the dollar as the reserve currency.

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve / Jul 2014
This documentary film by James Corbett takes a look at the way the banks have managed to manipulate governments into giving them full control of the money system, such as the creation of the "Federal" Reserve, which is a cartel of private bankers who now control America.

Taking the Fear Out of Brexit Documentary (full length) (Jan 2014)
Eurosceptic MEP David Bannerman created an interesting documentary back in 2014 where he examined what life outside the EU might be like by speaking to politicians from Norway and Switzerland, as well as experts from the EFTA. Now voting is over, fear needs to be dropped.

Collapse of a UK debt-ridden social system only a matter of time / Jan 2013
Steve Baker is a Conservative MP with some radical but perceptive ideas: to get rid of central banking control which is impoverishing society. As long as we keep borrowing money to try to fix the situation, we are just postponing the inevitable collapse.

The Petrodollar and why it could be the cause of World War III / Sep 2012
Since 1973, the US dollar has been the official currency used for buying and selling oil, which is so paramount for propping up the US economy that all the Middle East wars are actually fought to retain it. Now the end of the petrodollar is in sight, we are faced with end-game scenarios.

How the Rothschilds rule the USA / May 2012
Great educational cartoon on how the Rothschilds (Red Shields) came to control the whole world banking system through deception, theft and mass murder. What is going on on this planet is nothing short of a crime against humanity and is enslaving the world world.

When Central Banks Rule the World - Joan Veon / Apr 2012
We are headed for global government and global currency, and the recent financial crisis was part of that plan. Here Joan Veon gives an excellent lecture explainging how the last pieces are being put into place for a system of global financial tyranny. (Veon passed away in 2010.)

Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film / Mar 2012
The money system is not just a innert medium of exchange: it defines who we are and how we behave in the world. Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein is a new vision of life where our focus is on what we can give, not on what we get. Visit: www.sacred-economics.com (Thx L!)

The Illuminati are Panicking - Alex Jones interview with David Icke / 06 Mar 2012
Icke gives a 2012 update on what is currently going on behind the scenes, contending that the global elite is starting to panic as the veil of secrecy they have operated behind is lifting as people wake up. Divide and rule is their motto; now is the time to unite against globalisation.

Lord James of Blackheath exposes $15,000,000,000,000 fraud / 16 Feb 2012
There is strong evidence that, in 2009, $15 tillion was transfered into the UK from the US, and yet the banks that received it (HSBC which then passed it to RBS) have not shown this on their books. James urges an investigation into where the money came from and went to. [more info]

A New Global Economic Restructuring / CMN.tv Interview James Martinez - Jan 2012
Martinez controversially presents himself as the representative of the banking Global Elite who have recognized the critical situation of the world economy and which will shortly be launching a new global economic structure including a single global currency to create a viable society.

Confessions of an Economic Hitman (John Perkins) / Dec 2011
If you want to really understand what happened to Greece in the 2015 economic crisis, watch this documentary by John Perkins. Greece was a victim of "economic hit men" who deliberately lent the Greek elite massive loans which the ordinary people backed. When the loans failed…

How the West Went Bust (BBC) - Dec 2011
The BBC investigates the economic crisis. Western prosperity is an illusion supported by debt, an illusion based on the false idea that free markets are in the best interest of national economies. These illusions have destroyed the economy. See Episode 2.

The Icelandic Example - Michael Hudson on GRTV / 03 Nov 2011
Iceland has set the world an example of how to deal with the financial crisis affecting Western nations: make the politicians and bankers accountable for the debts and refuse to have those debts passed on to ordinary people. It worked in Iceland… so it will work we elsewhere.

Credit Rating Agencies commit fraud/incompetence - May 2011
The credit rating industry played a central role in the economic collapse by rating bad investments favorably because it was in their own financial interest. So why do we still give them the platform to scam us with their latest "independent" assessments?

Banksters & Government FINALLY exposed by Mainstream Media (Mar 2011)
MSNBC broadcast the above news piece to finally say what all those 'conspiracy theorists' have said for decades. But as MSNBC is ultimately owned by the bankers, what is actually going on? Why would the bankers want this exposed at this time?

Meltdown - The Men Who Crashed The World - Report by Al Jazeera / 2011
A dissection of the recent worldwide financial collapse which investigates the reasons for the recession and identifies the individuals responsible. Unsurprisingly, we find that deregulation and unfetted greed were responsible for what has happened.

The Implosion of the US economy was a deliberate buy-out strategy (Dec 2010)
Catherine Austin Fitts, the former Assistant Secretary of Housing under George H. W. Bush, reveals how the US economy was deliberately imploded in a coup d'état to syphon off trillions of dollars in what amounts to a leverage buyout of a country.

@katiecouric: Inside Job (Nov 2010)
Katie Couric interviews Charles Ferguson, writer and director of "Inside Job," an award wining documentary that explores the 2008 financial meltdown. Check out the trailer at www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzrBurlJUNk, and also www.insidejob.com.

Ron Paul: Dollar Collapse Will Bring Down US Empire (Feb 2011)
There is no such thing as an honest politician, except of course Ron Paul. Here he talks about the imminent collapse of the US dollar and the end of the US empire.

The 9-11 Pentagon Attack - Gov Jesse Ventura (Aired Dec 2010)
We all know that the Trade Towers were brought down in a false-flag operation to justify military invasion and Big Brother government. But few are aware that the "plane" that crashed into the Pentagon destroyed evidence of a $2 trillion theft.

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis (Aug 2010)
In times of crisis people seek strong leaders and simple solutions. But what if their solutions are identical to the mistakes that caused the very crisis? This is the story of the greatest economic crisis of our age, the one that awaits us.

Money and Life / Part 1 - Charles Eisenstein / May 2010
Charles Eisenstein gives us a new parasigm of money and life, putting forward the idea of a gift society. As long as we lives our lives based on accumulation rather than giving, we will be part of the same problem that is consuming the planet. Also see Pt2, Pt3, Pt4, Pt5, Pt6, Pt7. (Thx L!)

Can the US dollar remain the World's Reserve Currency? (Apr 2010)
The dollar will not remain the world's researve currency for much longer. It is in huge debt and it is printing money like mad to keep up. Disaster is looming for the US, and as a knock-on effect to the world economy too.

Noam Chomsky: Obama Recyles George W. Bush's Plans (May 2009)
President Obama is king of retoric and has done a wonderful PR job for the United States both to the world's populations and to Americans themselves. But dig below the surface and his actual policies are little different from Bush's.

How the world pimps America - Pepe Escobar (Mar 2009)
Escobar argues the US is indeed in a privileged position: not only it unleashes a global financial crisis, it then sucks up money from all over the world, based on the fact that the US in fact remains the "manager" of choice of global capitalism. (Realnews video)

Firewall - In Defense of Nation State / LaRouche (2008)
Told by Lyndon LaRouche, the man who warned of impending economic meltdown, this is the story of our current financial crisis, how and why it happened and how we can get out of it. And bailing out the banks, as we did, only creates bigger problems.

Occult World of Commerce - Jordan Maxwell and Jason Whitney (2007)
Jordan Maxwell and Jason Whitney examine Civil Law vs. Admiralty/Maritime Law, and the implications these two different types of law have on our lives. In modern times, Maritime Law controls almost every aspect of our lives.

Money As Debt - Paul Grignon (2006)
The modern money system is actually a debt based system — money doesn't actually exist… only debt does. So if there is no debt, there is no money; money would cease to exist if all debt was repaid, so debt is encouraged and this requires perpetual economic growth which is destroying our planet.

The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America (2004)
If you understand money, you can understand why the world is the way it is, for the different money systems have always defined our political and social systems. This is one of the original and best videos on the corruption of the modern money system.

Conquering the Spirit of Debt (Pastor Rod Parsley ) / Sept 2003
Parsley gives an astonishingly lucid account of how the money system works and how it is a debt-based system that we will never be able to pay off because the interest to pay off our debts is not in the system. Parsley's message is STOP playing the bankers game of borrowing money.