Testimonials for EGU

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THE FOLLOWING TESTIMONIALS are absolutely typical of the thousands of EGU testimonials we receive every year, describing how our degrees have literally changed lives! Yes, LIVES! If you have one, please send it in:

One day, I was flicking through a leading scientific journal that was advertising vacancies for an astrophysicist at JLP (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). Well, bummer, I left school at 16 to work in a hamburger restaurant. But I had always loved looking up at the stars so I figured I had the necessary drive. Was just missing the qualifications. So I applied for an EGU PhD in Astrophysics and passed with distinction! When JPL saw my background they hired me on the spot. That was a year ago and now I am a department professor. I LOVE LIFE. EGU... you are the biz!

24 Aug 2006 Professor Jeff Lebowski, PhD

Before my EGU degree I was unemployed, down and out. Very sad. Then one day I was in an internet cafe looking for work when I came across EGU. I applied for an MBA in Finance and, after that, my life changed. Now I have a high-paid job, a sports car and a trophy husband. Life is great! Thank you so much EGU for giving me the life that I always felt I deserved.

5 Aug 2006, Janet Pearson, MBA

The other day I was talking to this very cool surfer dood who was also a university graduate. I told him I had a Philosophy Degree. His reply… "Hey… Respect!". That felt really good I assure you. Thank you EGU!

13 Apr 2005, John T., MA

Okay, so I helped set up Energygrid University, but that does not exclude me from being awarded a PhD. And I can honstly say that it has done wonders for my social life… trust me, I'm a doctor!

24 Mar 2005, Editor