Energygrid University (EGU)

Energygrid University is a new online university that prides itself on its high standards of excellence. Our degrees are recognized worldwide and fully accredited. Get your degree online here.

WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD but are held back by the belief that you are not qualified to do so? Want more salary but lack the qualifications to justify it to your employer? Welcome to Energygrid University (EGU), the new centre of learning that prides itself on high standards of excellence and a radically alternative reputation. Now there is no excuse not to go out and make a real difference.

EGU was founded in Feb '05 for the democratisation of education — our founder felt that everyone should have a chance to put those little letters after their names and a certificate on their wall. After all, most do not even get a shot at higher education, people who are just as intelligent and respectable as those with MA's, MBA's, MSc's and PhD's. This has now all changed.

With a worldwide reputation for academic excellence, EGU is now regarded as an Ivy League university. In fact, a recent survey in the Educational Times placed us above Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, Yale and MIT for not only academic excellence, but also originality and radicalism.

Our exceptional graduate and post-graduate courses are fully accredited by us, and you can rest assured that any qualification you receive from us can very easily and legally be printed after your name and displayed on your wall.

Why get an EGU degree?

There are many reasons: some are tired of having that college geek take a higher salary just because he was too dumb to try to avoid getting indoctrinated by the system, or too impractical to be able to earn his meal ticket on leaving school. Some want to change the world, but feel that without that degree or doctorate, they lack the necessary credibility. And some just want the sense of respect and achievement that is usually bestowed only upon those who publicly admit to voluntary brainwashing programs.

(Graduation at EGU)

EGU was set up as the world's first non-indoctrinational Ivy League educational establishment. We can award "box-free" degrees and qualifications worth much more than the brainwashing certificates given out by other places of "higher" learning. Anyone who graduates from EGU has demonstrated a high level of original and creative thinking — in fact, just by being on this site alone! Well done!

We know that you are a miraculous human being, and that you deserve recognition for your skills and talents; we know you deserve to have nothing hold you back from making a difference to the world; we know you deserve that higher graduate or post-graduate salary; we know you deserve others to look at you with admiration; and we know you deserve the kudos associated with Ivy League educational establishments.

We know because we care. Most universities and colleges are actually run like a business: they make loads of money whilst churning out the automatons needed to maintain the Military-Industrial complex. We don't. We make no money and nobody can accuse us of manufacturing automatons.

In fact, EGU has now become the leading academic trend-setter, with other educational institutions struggling to follow our trend-setting example.

Are we just another online Uni selling fake degrees?

Absolutely not. For a start, everyone who takes a course with us is automatically awarded a full scholarship and so pays absolutely nothing. We can do this because we are subsidised. Money therefore is not our motivation, and this give an indication of the authenticity of our degrees. This works both ways: you can be assured that anybody awarded an EGU degree/doctorate did NOT just buy it. They earned it!

(Students receiving their EGU degrees)

Also, unlike many other universities (especially online institutions), our degrees and qualifications are fully accredited by leading-edge thinkers and writers. This means that your employer is likely to recognize the value of the EGU qualification that you present her with. Not only that, but you will have the option to record your name in our online register so anybody can check that your EGU qualification is the real McCoy.

What courses are available?

You name it, you can have it! We are here to serve you and we are willing to award you any qualification or degree that you want, and to any standard. It is up to you to decide what would tickle your fancy (or your employer's) the most and just do it. We will take care of the rest.

Here at EGU, we offer the following degrees:

  • MA EGU - for those more art and language oriented
  • MSc EGU - for those more scientifically oriented
  • MBA EGU - for those more business oriented

Alternatively, if you want a doctorate, we do offer these on any subject.

  • PhD EGU - a full and recognized doctorate

Please note that our degrees and doctorates are not like those worthless unaccredited ones you can mail order. With a fully accredited EGU online degree or doctorate, you can feel proud that you have genuinely displayed a high level of alternative academic nous.

How do I get started?

Go to the top of the page and click the Application Form link. Yes, it is that simple! After all, we are here to acknowledge your genius in finding us, not to turn you into a bureaucrat.

Good luck!

(Part of the EGU Campus)

Just remember our motto:

"We put the EGU back into the EDU"