Refrigerator Appreciation Society

Welcome to the Refrigerator Appreciation Society (RAS) , founded way back in 2004. This is your opportunity to show the world how much you appreciate your refrigerator.

15 Dec 06 - Judas /HMS Sutherland
Life at sea can be lonely, but not for me. Sandra and Jenny, my lovely pair of West Beynon CB5220's, are always by my side. Such loyalty and hard metal casings… and what passionate motors vibrate inside! The crew have never caught on why I always leave the galley with a smile on my face. Thank you girls, you know how to make me happy! Judas (CPO Priest)

26 May 04 - Zomak / Orion
This is an original Bosch KDL19465 masterpiece. Spotted it during an abduction 30 Earth days ago and just had to save it… which is more than I can say about the abductee. Where I come from, we don't have sculpture this beautiful; it is admired by the whole hive. In future, we shall be leaving humans alone and just taking the artwork. With this level of inspiration, we don't need a breeding program… an original Bosch is the best aphrodisiac. Zomak

25 Mar 04 - Candy / California
I just love my Galaxy 63702 with its wall to wall refrigeration - on the inside that is - and its lovely sleek design that matches my underwear. It can hold 17 cu ft of all my yummy health foods and has great places to put all that Evian water (Opps… perhaps I shouldn't say that after the Iraq invasion.) And the rubber seals have held up rather well… considering. Candy xx
p.S. PLEASE return my messages Digger.

7 Mar 04 - D.J. Wallace / Texas
Son, your politics is darn screwy to me but I do appreciate a nice refrigerator when I see one. You can't get Zanussi here in Texas but the name is legendary amonst fridge-folk in these here parts. This is my KichenAid KBRC36FKS (Scotty) which I got last year. Scotty is fantastic and has an ice maker - perfect for chilled moonshine. Not too much money… had to sell the old tractor for it though, but heck, this is like somethin out of Star Trek. Beam me up Scotty! Digger

1 Mar 04 - JS / London
I'm a lazy writer and this is a pic of me Zanussi ZK 59/32 RF - Frost Free refrigerator/freezer combo. Its a few years old now… no problems with it yet… although the seal on the freezer door at the bottom has slightly split. Can you fit new seals yourself? Any advice appreciated. BTW, Frost Free is great! JS