Dismaland - The New Theme Park better than Disneyland / Banksy Film 2015
Forget Disneyland, take your children instead to Banksy's Dismaland, where "magic never ends". Dismaland is situation at the seafront of Weston-super-Mare and the first batch of tickets sold out in less than an hour, giving an indication of the theme's resonance with the public.

Make this the year YOU discover a new destination / Banksy Film 2015
Street artist and social commentator, Banksey, visits Gaza and makes some poignant artworks. What is happening in Gaza is a crime against humanity, and yet it is allowed to continue because of US aid and support for Israel, which means that Israel can act with impunity.

Better Out Than In - the movie / Banksy Film 2014
One of the most talented and controversial street artists around, Banksy has managed to remain in the shadows whilst his art has raised encapsulated many of the feelings of ordinary people. This video covers his month in New York doing a piece of art every day. Genius!

Gregory Sams - The Original Macrobiotic Gangster / London Real Jan 2013
Sams is a pioneer, writer and bon vivre who brought macrobiotics to the UK many decades ago, basically sparking off the whole health food movement, inventing the term Vegiburger. More recently, he wrote a book on how the sun is a living organism. A brilliant man!

I, Pet Goat II / Heliofant (2012)
Sublime 3d animation from Heliofant telling the story of human suffering and its ultimate liberation. This video is full of remarkable symbolism and is the work of pure creative genius.

Bears smoking pot!? Funny video of Russian newscaster who gets the giggles…

Dan Osman was a climbing legend. In this video he is speed climbing without a safety rope.

They Live (1988) - John Carpenter's classic Sci-Fi horror film about a secret alien takeover. This is a clip from the film when the main character finds some special glasses that allows him to see a world that is normally hidden from our eyes because we are so indoctrinated by society.

Adam Ondra - Such a natural climber who makes it look so easy. And this is just a warm-up!

El Camino del Rey - Not a trail to walk if you don't have a head for heights.


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