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Our beliefmaps are conceptual snapshots of our full-body realitymaps and are the cause of much of the chaos and antagonism in the world today. If we want a viable future, we need to learn to move away from beliefmapping and back into realitymapping. [more →]
Become a Deep Activist
John Smith—05/2016
Unless we embrace deep activism, we will never bring about positive global change. This is because activists who do not first remove their own pathologies unconsciously recreate societal pathologies. Without deep activism we only maintain the status quo. [more →]
Only by deconstructing the reality that we think we live in can we free ourselves from the claustrophobic oppression of identity. Here we look at some of the assumptions of reality and some of the methods used to break it open to reveal oneness. [more →]
Finding Happiness
John Smith—01/2014
We have to turn our backs on happiness if we are to find it. This is because much of what we define as happiness is just ego-validation, and egos are the source of our discontentment. As long as we pursue happiness, we will never find it. [more →]
Energy psychology is a relatively new system of healing that involves accessing feelings, beliefs and memories whilst tapping specific acupuncture points. Here Darshana Fordham gives an introduction to some of the most effective techniques that she uses with her clients. [more →]
When we assign a symbol to any aspect of experience, we create an invisible line or division in reality between that aspect of experience and the rest of experience. In this way, reality is fragmented by conceptulaization. [more →]
Conspiracies are behind many of the disasters that that have beset humanity through the ages. But as humanity lets go of outdated perspectives and embraces unity consciousness, we are now witnessing the end of conspiracy. [more →]
When we force rationality onto highly strange experiences, we lose the opportunity for the dissonance of our confusion to challenge our paradigms and work its alchemy in freeing us to greater possibility. [more →]
For many in the West, the fanatical Moslem is the face of fundamentalism. But examine fundamentalism more deeply and we find it rife in our society too… and more dangerous. Here is how to reduce it. [more →]
Telling the Truth
John Smith—06/2004
How often do we tell the truth, about who we are, what we are feeling, what we are thinking? If truth be told, hardly at all. The rewards for telling the truth, however, can be both unexpected and profound. [more →]
Felicity's World 
John Smith—08/2003
An interview with a woman who is has decided to take responsibiliy for the reality that she is creates and the world she experiences. [more →]
The Limits of Skepticism
John Smith—12/2002
A brief look at the limits of skepticism in a modern world of alternative remedies, spiritual growth and psychic phenomena. [more →]