Smartphones Ignite a Movie Making Revolution

The Tabster—01/2013
Smartphone technology has sparked a new revolution in the movie making industry as it becomes possible to produce a full movie just using smart phone video technogy. This has made it now possible to produce powerful and professional films on a tiny budget.

TOMETHING'S STIRRING in the streets of London... A new underground movement. A revolution…
Just like in the bad ole 1970's…
Remember that?
Remember the energy! the passion! the emotion! When Thatcher was in power!. The cuts... the strikes the riots!
Dreadful times...Except something emerged that was pure magic.
Punk Art
Punk Music
Punk Fashion
Punk expression!
Now, in the teenage years of a new millennium, Punk is back and its taken on a whole new art form.
Smart phone moviemaking!
Smart phone and I phone films are the latest innovative way of having a voice.
Got something to say?
Say it!
Sing it!
Act it!
But do film it!
Put it out there in the pubs and clubs with the U.k's very own first ever pop up film festival!
Just a couple of months ago, the first pop up film festival was held in the Nordic bar, 25 Newman Street. London,
and like the Beatles in the Cavern or David Icke in Marlborough town hall, its humble beginnings are exciting and uniting the masses.
I went along to the smart phone movie making Gig last Tuesday night in the Lamb beer and Liquor. Holloway Rd where movie makers and a mixed audience piled into the dark candle lit bar and watched the premiering of everyday people being creative, and having a say.
Now "imagine" this:
as John Lennon would have done, just Imagine a world where you are no longer confined to banal music, no more x factor, because it will be the Ex factor.... No more depressing soul destroying mind numbing boring soaps, strangling the life out of you with their same old same old humdrum story lines.
Imagine a world of originality! Of new talent, of a different way of being, of a different way of seeing. Visual Punk!
I watched, A film tribute dedicated to the Indian woman who died recently, instigating the beginnings of social reforms by men and women who have had enough of social injustice.
I saw Funny films, scary films, pretty films, cool films, passionate films! Magical films! All things are possible when there are no fat cats to censor your creations! This is ART!
This is the future. This is Smart phone movie making.

Loved it!
So turn off the ex factor... Go out and see what the world really thinks, or better still go and tell the world what you think!

The smart phone pop up film festival is on tour and coming to a town near you very soon so if you want to get creative or wanna come and watch check out.
Visit the smart phone movie making website at www.smartmoviemaking.com.



Iif you want a crash course on how to make a smart phone movie and put it in to be premiered across the country then enrol on an exclusive Smart phone movie making course being held on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 in London. For more details see promotional leaflet.

To book a ticket please visit: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/5120641978

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