Media Propaganda & Censorship

Control the mass media and you control the people; control the people and you control who they vote for and what they buy. That is why the corporate elite own the mainstream media so that they can ramp up consumerism and manipulate the democratic and legislative processes.

Facebook Censorship: What They're Not Telling You / PrisonPlanetLive / Jan 2015
If you are still foolish enough to be using Facebook to share personal information, it is important to be aware that a new censorship program has been started called the "flagging feature" that allows other users and Facebook staff to restrict (censor) posts that are disliked for any reason.

The Past, Present and Future of Internet Censorship / Jan 2012
Governments and industry are constantly devising schemes to censor the internet because they know that the internet is the biggest threat to their power. SOPA and PIPA might be dead, but you can be assured that government-administered internet censorship will be with us one day.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality (HBO) / Jun 2014
If we end net neutrality — whereby all internet traffic is treated equally by cable company providers — we will be handing big business a virtual Internet monopoly. And this is exactly what the US government is now proposing. This is the first step in a gradual slide to net censorship.

ACTA defeatedRussian Internet Censorship Given Legal Basis / 1st Aug 2014
Today, 1st August 2014, a new law has come into effect in Russia that means bloggers with more than 3,000 daily readers must register with Roskomnadzor, the mass media regulator, to check that what is written conforms with the same media regulations that control larger media outlets. Internet companies are also required to allow Russian authorities access to user information. This is the Putin government clamping down on the last remaining avenue of free speech, an avenue that has been vital for its political opponents. Russia seems to be returning to its old ways and perestroika is dead.

The BBC Exposed: Big Brother News Organisation Exposé - Corbett Report / Jan 2013
The BBC has a reputation around the world as an impartial news organisation that tells it how it is. But this a PR image, and the truth is that the BBC is an establishment propaganda mill that supports its own political agendas. Also shows how to deal with BBC licencing officials.

Smartphone technology has sparked a new revolution in the movie making industry as it becomes possible to produce a full movie just using smart phone video technogy. This has made it now possible to produce powerful and professional films on a tiny budget. [more →]
ACTA defeatedACTA Defeated in EU Parliament / 4th July 2012
The European Parliament today has defeated the Anti Counterfeit Trade Agreement by 478 votes to 39 (with 165 abstentions). The agreement had been signed by countries like the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Morocco, but this rejection of ACTA will effectively stop it dead (although no doubt it will be rebranded in the future and another attempt will be made.) This is a great victory for freedom of expression online as ACTA would have involved large-scale snooping into Internet users' behaviour, including their communications. You can always stamp out piracy at the expense of privacy, but who wants to live in a Big Brother world were everything is monitored so that the entertainment industry can rake in even more billions. People everywhere are growing tired of being treated as pawns in the big-corporation profit game.
The Hurt Locker is a new war movie that, in the long tradition of the movie industry, completely ignores the stories of women and children who make up the vast majority of casulaties. [more →]
PBS is renowned for highlighting issues other media channels censor out. But when it comes to the rape of prostitutes by 'our boys' in the Navy, PBS joins the media conspiracy of silence. Falconberg asks why. [more →]
The box office failure of Expelled, the 2008 pro-creationist documentary, is an indication, according to researcher Gregory Paul, of the erosion of creationism in the US by spreading Western secularism. [more →]
Last year, Clint Eastwood's Flag of Our Fathers hit the movie theaters around Veterans' Day.┬áThe advent of yet another war movie prompted Falconberg to write the following. [more →]
Reflections On Our Inner Bush
Phil Rockstroh—09/2006
Bush is not the problem, but merely a symptom of a society that has sold out to corporate capitalism. The President is now just a commodity, substantiated merely by PR campaigns. [more →]
Mr. Rove's Opus of Deception
Phil Rockstroh—09/2006
False narratives, peddled by the US mass media, have become the staple diet of a terrified and daunted American people. But lies have an annoying habit of coming home to roost. [more →]
Muslims everywhere are incensed by the publication in a Danish newspaper of cartoons deriding Islam. Should freedom of speech be curtailed to avoid racial and religious hatred? [more →]
US liberal media is dying because it has started to play by the same rules as mainstream media — primary being not to annoy your corporate sponsors by presenting anything too radical. [more →]
Manipulation of The People
John Smith—09/2003
Despite living in "the free world", there are very few free men and women walking around in our democracies. This is because we are all being manipulated in some way to do the bidding of others. [more →]
Journalism professor and photojournalist, Thorne Anderson, writes about his concerns regarding the US imminent invasion of Iraq. [more →]