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101 Reasons to go Veg   Single page site crammed with facts and reasons.
30 Bananas A Day   Great antidote to the paleo BS being put out by those that are meat-obsessed. This is a Mecca for vegans.
About The Sky   Sofia Smallstorm's excellent site on geo-engineering and the new world order. Also check out her blog.
Acern   Australian Close Encounter Research Network whose principal is ET researcher and therapist Mary Rodwell.
Activism.net   Comprehensive collection of links on all aspects of social commentary and activism.
Adbusters   Website of Adbuster Magazine which has some interesting social articles online.
Agenda 21 Course   Great resource for learning about Agenda 21
Alliance for Natural Health   The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) is an alliance of those interested in fighting the Brussels ban on vitamin and mineral supplements. They are challenging this legislation in the European Court.
Alternative Medicine   Covers in depth the entire world of alternative medicine. Great search engine.
Alternative Money Systems   Good introduction site to alternative money systems.
Alternet   Provides a mix of news, opinion and investigative journalism on the environment, the drug war, technology and cultural trends to policy debate, sexual politics and health issues.
American Civil Liberties Union   Works daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties that the Constitution and laws of the United States guarantee.
Ancient Wisdom   The lost chapters of prehistory. Prehistoric science and technology. Anomalous archaeology. Index of ancient and sacred sites.
Animal Liberation Front   The ALF is a controversial proactive organisation that raids laboratories to free suffering animals.
AntiWar.com   Non-interventionist site focued on US foreign policy and how it is both destroying America and the rest of the world. Founded by the Randolph Bourne Insitute, this is an important site for anyone focused on peace and freedom.
Area 51 Aliens   This is a New Zealand site for UFO reporting and research and has some great material including videos and book downloads, including the original Project Blue Book.
Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Toxicity Info Center   Here you will find some of the evidence and research that has shown that Aspartame or Nutrasweet is very dangerous to health.
Axis of Logic   Great US activist site with some very perceptive writers and articles. Axis of Logic pulls no punches with regards to this insidious "war on terrorism".
Banksy   Website of brilliant street artist and social commentator. Has recently done some very powerful street art in Gaza.
Baring Witness   Global partnership of men and women who to promote non-violence and community.
Bashar   Bashar is a multi-dimensional being, channeling through the psychic mediumship of Darryl Anka.
Beliefnet   Multi-faith e-community with a deep respect for a wide variety of faiths and traditions.
Big Green Lie, The   Exposing the green scam that is fleecing the world by hijacking global warming.
Bilderberg.org   If you are into conspiracy and a secret ruling elite or Illuminati, this site is one of the best you can visit for this type of info.
Birth Of A New Earth   Researcher and writer Jeanice Barcelo exposes the dark side of modern medicine.
Borderland Sciences Research   One of the leading and oldest alternative and leading-edge scientific journals.
British Constitutional Group, The   Fights for the reassertion of a British constituion and the rule of law.
B'Tselem   The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories� fights for human rights in Israel and opposes policy in the Occupied Territories.
BUAV   British anti-vivisection organization that campaigns for the closure of animal laboratories and the promotion of cruelty-free products.
BuzzFlash   BuzzFlash is a pro-democracy, anti-hypocrisy Web site featuring daily headlines, breaking news, and weekly features, editorials, and cartoons.
C.A.F.M.R.   Home site of the Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research.
Campaign For Safe Cosmetics   Coalition for the elimination of chemicals used in the beauty industry linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems.
Candida Albicans Blog   A blog by Vicky Zhou about candida albicans, alternative medicine, and yeast infections.
CCHR (Human Rights)   Non-profit organisation dedicated to investigating and exposing psychiatric violations of human rights. (Linked to Scientology.)
Center for Ethics & Toxins   Non-profit environmental group exposing the dangers of chemicals and GMOs in food preduction.
Center for Food Safety   Works to protect human health and the environment by curbing the proliferation of harmful food production technologies and by promoting sustainable agriculture.
Charles Lewis   Charles Lewis is a professor and the founding executive editor of the new Investigative Reporting Workshop at the American University School of Communication, in Washington, D.C.
Chilling Effects   Chilling Effects aims to help you understand the protections that the First Amendment and intellectual property laws give to your online activities.
Chomsky.info   If you want to really understand the war policy of the US and other governments, this is the place to go. Chomsky is a legend — a man truly dedicated to peace.
Christopher Bollyn   Great journalist unafraid to examine the big issues such as exposing the 9-11 deception and details of the Zionist world agenda. Bollyn lectures extensively.
Circle of Life   If you didnt' think that one person can make a difference in the world of global ecology then have a look at Julia Butterfly's excellent environmental foundation.
Citizens for Health   US grassroots organsiation committed to protecting and expanding natural health choices.
ColdType   High quality a rticles from around the world presented in PDF format. Definitely worth a visit.
Columbia Journalism Review   This magazine is owned by Columbia University and covers topics such as media and business. Check out "Who Owns What".
Common Cause   US site focused on the power structure in American government and on keeping it accountable.
Common Dreams   Breaking news and views for the progressive community - this site presents the news intelligently and accurately.
Common Ground   Western Canada's biggest monthly magazine dedicated to health, wellness, ecology, personal growth and spirituality.
Communities Directory   With its extensive community listings, this is the place to start if you are looking to live in an alternative community.
Conscious Life News   One of the best new consciousness / New Age sites around with some great articles and radio interviews.
Conscious Lifestyle Magazine   Inspiring magazine for lifting consciousness in order to create a new positive world now.
Consortium News   Enclave for independent investigative journalism.
Corporate Watch   UK-based organisation exposing corporate activity and disinformation around the world.
CorpWatch   US-based organisation similar to the one above that holds corporations accountable.
Cosmic Paradigm   Disclosure of extraterrestrial contact + implications of contact with UFO's, aliens, angels, and spirits.
CSETI   Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, an organization dedicated to establishing peaceful and sustainable relations with extraterrestrial life forms.
Daily Kos   Progressive/liberal blog that turned into a media phenomenon. Daily Kos is a powerful antidote to Republican right-wing insanity.
DanceSafe.org   Promotes health and safety within the rave and nightclub community. Also sells ecstacy testing kits.
Dark Journalist   Daniel Liszt is independent journalist who is not afraid to investigate areas such as the black budget economy, UFOs, GMOs and geoengineering.
David Icke   David Icke looks at the bigger picture and delves beneath the surface. Some accuse him of racism and others of shere madness. But Icke's books are certainly worth a read.
David Morehouse   Morehouse is a highly accomplished remote viewer who was part of the US army's secret STARGATE program.
Decalcify Pineal Gland .com   A great information site specifically on decalcifying the pineal gland.
Democracy Now!   If it weren't for journalists like Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, few would give America much hope in reversing its shameful government-driven descent into fascism.
Democrats Against UN Agenda 21   Rosa Koire's political site for resisting Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development.
Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdim.   Information resource on consciousness, alternative science, psychedelics, magick and psychology.
Diggers & Dreamers   The definative guide for setting up or joining intentional communities in the UK.
Disclosure Project, The   This site, coordinated by Steven Greer, is about putting pressure on the government to come clean with the public on the existence of UFOs and alien visitors. This is the most important UFO/ET organisation in existence.
Disinformation   The gateway to the underground - news, politics, conspiracy and weirdness.
Dissident Voice   Highly recommended internet newsletter dedicated to challenging the distortions and lies of the corporate press and the privileged classes it serves.
Divine Cosmos   David Wilcock is an extraordinary modern profit and reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. He site has some remarkable information and free videos.
DMT and the Soul of Prophecy   This is Rick Strassman's own website and has some interesting videos on it as well as his lecture shedule.
Dorothy Rowe   Few psychologists have the wisdom and the courage to champion the ordinary person.
DownSize to Thrive   Shaleia excellent site DownSize to Thrive is your source for life saving information during this time of rapid change. Contains great practical information on all aspects of becoming whole and sustainable.
Dr. Rath Health Foundation   One of the most important sites you can visit on the web in relation to health and disease. Dr. Rath is a tireless campaigner for natural and nutritional methods of healing and he is a major opponent of the new restrictive supplement laws here in the EU. He has some great downloadable books on his site. A true healer.
Drum Major Institute   Non-profit championing the civil rights movement and social equality. Has some interesting statistics.
Drunvalo Melchizedek   The personal website of Drunvalo Melchizedek. Gives information on his upcoming leactures and workshops.
Earth/matriX   Charles Johnson's facinating research into the maths and geometry behind ancient artwork.
Earth Island Institute   Works for solutions to environmental problems by promoting citizen action and global projects.
Earth Liberation Movement   Great site… very interesting on a variety of topics including government conspiracy, ET presence and mind control.
Eco.Citizen   Larry Lawhorn presents multiple dimensions and aspects of being an eco citizen in today's complex world.
EcstasyData.org   If you want to know how pure the ecstasy tablet is that you are using, visit this site to see a lab breakdown.
Educate-Yourself.org   Controversial and remarkable. This site has a huge amount of information on all things alternative.
Empowering Your Authentic Self   An inspiring site dedicated to uncovering authenticity in all aspects of lives in order to claim back our spiritual birthright.
Encyclopedia Coptica   Azer Bestavros's online encyclopedia of everything coptic.
Enterprise Mission   Richard Hoagland's breakthrough space website, featuring stories, links, and breaking news stories.
Environmental Health Network   Information site dedicated to highlighting the dangers of many of the chemicals used in body products, perfumes and fragrances.
Erowid   Contains a massive amount of information on different psychoactives. Psychonauts should always check it out.
Exopolitics Great Britain   This organisation was created to raise the profile of Exopolitics in the UK by organising conferences and publishing a free digital magazine.
Farsight Institute, The   Pioneering nonprofit research and educational organization that was one of the first to introduce remote viewing to the general public.
Food First   Organisation started by Frances Moore Lappe to establish food as a basic human right.
Food Not Bombs   Feeds vegetarian meals to the hungry and fights for an end to war and poverty.
For Mother Earth   NGO working on issues related to disarmament, human rights and the environment.
Forbidden History   Discussion site for out-of-place artifacts that question the official version of history.
Free Press   Nonpartisan organization working to reform the media and promote diverse and independent media ownership.
Free Tibet   Since the Chinese invasion of Tibet, China has been trying to erase Tibetan people and Tibetan culture. Free Tibet promotes the liberation of Tibet and its people.
Freedom Forum   The Freedom Forum is a nonpartisan foundation dedicated to free press and free speech for all.
Freedom Rebels Newtork   Has some great practical advice on how to stand up for your common law rights.
Friends of the Earth   Friends of the Earth is a network of grassroots groups in 70 countries.
From the Wilderness   Fantastic 'news and views' site bringing together some insightful writers and reporters from around the world. This is very highly recommended.
Genetic Engineering   Large compilation of scientific articles on the dangers of genetic engineering.
GeneWatch   Site of the Council for Responsible Genetics which fosters public debate about the social, ethical and environmental implications of genetic technology.
GeneWatch UK   Independent organisation examining the ethics and risks of genetic engineering.
George Monbiot   An archive of articles by one of the most perceptive investigative journalists around.
Global Ecovillage Network   One of the major directories and information sites for sustainable communities.
Gnosis Archive, The   Comprehensive information resource on Gnosticism complete with extensive online Gnositc library. Highly recommended.
Gnosis Magazine   Website of Gnosis magazine which has some very interesting articles online.
GRACE   Works to form new links with the research, policy and grassroots communities to preserve the environment.
Graham Hancock   The fascinating website of writer Graham Hancock. Hancock specialises in alternative archeology the relevance of ancient wisdom to our impending destiny.
GRAIN   Promotes the sustainable management and use of agricultural biodiversity based on people's control over genetic resources and local knowledge.
Greenpeace   No other organisation has campaigned so tenaciously and effectively over the years for the environment.
Green Peace USA   Very good information on the dangers of genetically modified foods.
Gregg Braden   This site that bridges the wisdom of the past with the science of the future. Braden is an inspiration (although some of his "science" is a bit dodgey).
Grist Magazine   Highly recommneded environmental magazine and news site with new content published each day.
Guerrilla News Network   Highly recommended alternative news network.
Halliburton Watch   Keep an eye on one of the most corrupt and unethical companies around. This site give you a good idea of the lengths that big business will go to for greater profit.
Health Defence   Dr. Paul Clayton's excellent site on all aspects of nutrition and disease. Look out for his book as well.
Health Science Spirit   Walter Last's excellent site on alternative health. Has a great cancer section.
Helke Ferrie   Owned and run by Canadian medical science writer Helke Ferrie, Kos Publishing specializes in books on the politics of medicine and non-toxic but proven treatments.
How To Talk New Age   Hilarious site on new age concepts.
Human Rights Watch   Similar to Amnesty, this high profile site campaigns for human rights worldwide.
Humane Farming Association   The largest farm animal protection organization in the United States. HFA is also home of the largest farm animal refuge.
Hunger Project, The   Global strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger.
ICON Magazine   ICON stands for Integrated Cancer & Oncology News and this monthly magazine is an absolute MUST for anyone with cancer. This magazine was started by Chris Woolhams and is run on a charitable basis.
If Americans Knew   Few Americans realize that supporting Israel with their tax dollars is the greatest threat to world peace because it maintains the Israel-Palestinian conflict.
IGC Internet   Portal for numerous world changing sites by the only nationwide, nonprofit, unionized online service in the U.S.
Immrama   Suppliers of affordable brainwave technology for stress relief, relaxation, concentration, meditation, creativity & lucid dreaming.
Indymedia   Collective of independent media organizations and journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage.
Infinite Energy   Non-profit coporation based in New Hampshrie that explores new methods of energy production.
Information Clearing House   One of the best anti-war and anti-tyranny websites. Its owner and editor, Tom Feeley, is a hero, who has been repeatedly threatened and harassed for what he does.
Institute for New Energy   Large complilation of all the latest research into a alternative and futuristic energy sources.
Inst. of Neotic Sciences   Renowned research foundation and educational institution with over 50,000 members worldwide.
International Vegetarian Union   Organisation promoting global vegetarianism.
Jeff Rense Program   Jeff Rense covers some extremely interesting and controversial news and comment on everything from politics to UFOs.
Jews Against Zionism   Non-profit orthodox Jewish organization dedicated to informing the world that Zionism is in total opposition to the teachings of traditional Judaism.
John Mumford   Jonn Mumford's informative site on Tantric and Kriya yoga.
Jordan Maxwell   Maxwell is an extraordinary researcher who has found out how the world really works and the symbolism used.
July 7th Truth Campaign   What really happened on the 7th July 2005 London bombings? Can we believe the official story or is the more to the story?
Ken Page   Ken Page is an inspirational speaker, teacher and spiritual guide. He teaches techniques to change the energetic pattern in the body and bring us to the present.
Kheper   Alan Kazlev's extensive site covering gnosticism, esoteric science, the occult, spirituality, and individual/collective transformation.
Kids for Peace   To cultivate every child�€™s innate ability to foster peace through cross-cultural experiences and hands-on arts, service and environmental projects.� 
L.A. Dharma   Buddhist organization that hosts non-sectarian meditation groups, classes, talks, study groups and retreats.
Lawful Bank   Provides a gateway to 'The Alternative Monetary System' (TAMS) - a new and independent monetary and banking system owned and controlled by its users/members.
Lawful Rebellion   UK site that uses the law to overturn the abuse by government and the police service. Some great information on this site.
Legendary Times   Erich von Daniken was a pioneer in the world of alternative history. This is his facinating website.
Libertarian Party   US political party for minimum government and maxium freedom.
Liberty   Liberty is the longstanding UK based civil rights and freedom organisation.
Living and Raw Foods   The largest community on the internet dedicated to educating the world about the power of living and raw foods.
Lycaeum, The   Entheogen information database with drug experience archive and search engine which spiders several major drug information sites, psychedelic graphics, transcribed books and community.
Lyn Buchanan's Remote Viewing   As a highly accomplished remote viewer himself, Lyn offers Remote Viewing Training, Services and Resources.
Marianne Williamson   Marianne Williamson is a spokesperson for The Cource in Miracles, and is an extremely inspirational speaker.
MediaChannel   Examines the political, cultural and social impact of the media, both mainstream and small, encouraging action and free thinking.
MediaRights   Helps media makers, educators, librarians, nonprofits and activits use documentaries to encourage action and inspire dialogue on contemporary social issues.
Mercy for Animals   Organisation with good media exposure that campaigns for a cruelty free world.
Metareligion   Brings together some very interesting articles from around the web.
Michael Cremo   Michael Cremo, along with Richard Thompson, was author of the groundbreaking work Forbidden Archeology which questioned Darwinian evolution.
Michael Tellinger   Tellinger is a real-life Indiana Jones who has made important discoveries in ancient Africa.
Mindfully.org   Has a great selection of environmental and other articles.
Morgellons Exposed   If you have not heard of Morgellons Disease, you are in for a bit of a shock. This is the main Morgellons site.
MotherJones.com   Daily news, politics, and expos�s for the skeptical citizen. Topics covered include: environment, politics, prisons, civil rights, and gay/lesbian issues.
MoveOn.org   Progressive US political site that set up to stop the abuses of democracy by government and other organisations, and to support a more progressive vision.
Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)   Sponsors scientific research designed to develop psychedelics and marijuana into FDA-approved prescription medicines, and to educate the public honestly about the risks and benefits of drugs.
Nader Page, The   US journalist Ralph Nader exposes nefarious corporate activity.
National Freedom of Info Coalition   The NFOIC is a nonpartisan non-profit forganisation that protects the American people's right to open government.
Natural News   Independent news on natural health, nutrition and more.
N.C.C.A.M.   National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
Neturei Karta   Group of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem who refuse to recognize the existence or authority of the so-called "State of Israel" and actively promote authentic unadulterated Judaism.
News For the Soul   Highly recommended New Age site with great streaming media content — the largest talk radio archive in this category online.
Nexus Magazine   This is the website of one of the best alternative / conspiracy magazines around and includes many good online articles.
North American Veg Society   Non-profit educational organisation dedicated to the promotion of vegetarianism in North America.
Not in Our Name   US organisation that opposes the occupation of Iraq, the US government's perpetual wars, police state restrictions, & detentions / roundups of immigrants.
Official Confusion   You can watch a documentary here called "Mind the Gap" on Western governments' use of the threat of terrorism to justify the invasion of a key oil producing country.
OFRF   The Organic Farming Research Foundation exists to foster the improvement and widespread adomption of organic farming practices.
One Percent: A Peace Army   Organisation to raise consciousness everywhere and to reduce the violence and suffering in the world.
OneWorld.net   Online organisation dedicated to the vision of a world where where resources are shared fairly and sustainably, human rights are nurtured and protected, and democratic governance structures enable people to shape their own lives.
Operation Clambake   Documents the fight against the shameful antics of the Church of Scientology. This is the site that was censored from Google and then reinstated after public protest.
Optimum Health Inst.   West Coast health institute with a huge reputation.
Organic Consumers Assoc   Organisation campaigning for food safety, organic agriculture, fair trade and sustainability.
Orion Foundation, The   Exposes some of the flaws of modern Big Bang Theory by listing ignored scientific papers.
Parapsychology   Serena Roney-Dougal is one of the few people with a PhD in parapsychology. Her site has some very perceptive articles on it.
Patrick Holford   This site has a searchable health reference database on articles written by health guru Patrick Holford. Look out for his excellent book Optimum Nutrition which has become a nutritional bible.
Peace Action   US grassroots organisation committed to promoting and sharing a vision of peace and abolishing war.
Peace Action West   Peace activist network promoting smarter approaches to global problms and the end of violent policy.
Peace Pilgrim   A woman calling herself Peace Pilgrim walked more than 25,000 miles on a personal pilgrimage for peace.
Peace Resource Center   The University of Minnesota Human Rights Center offers this important resource of documents and links to promote and educate about peace.
Peaceful Societies   Facinating view of contemporary groups of people aroudn the world who have realized peace.
People's Public Trust   Activist site to fix public services, which should always be in the interest of the public and nobody else.
Permaculture Activist, The   Great site on all things to do with permaculture.
Pesticide Action Network   North American organisation advancing alternatives to pesticide use in agriculture.
People's United Community, The   John Harris' excellent site on being a UK freeman. Has loads of info.
PlanetFriendly.net   Everything you need to know for alternative living.
Plum Village   Thich Nhat Hanh's site for the Unified Buddhist Church. Highly recommended.
Positive Health   Edited by Dr. Sandra Goodman, Positive Health is a pioneer in the alternative & complementary medicine field and is well worth a subscription. Its website also has a searchable database of over 1000 articles.
Post Sustainability Institute, The   Non-government think tank and rally point for upholding the constitution.
PR Watch   Exposes the activities of secretive propaganda-for-hire firms that work to control politcal debates and public opinion.
Progressive Punch   Non-partisan searchable database of Congressional voting records, from a Progressive perspective.
Progressive Values   Phyllis Stenerson's project to change American values, values that are currently distroying our societies.
Protest.net   Detailed information on the where, when and how of political protest.
Psychedelic Frontier   This online magazine is dedicated to exploring the inner realms so that we can know ourselves and the reality we experience much better.
Psychedelics & Language   Interesting site on the translation of the psychedlic experience into everyday language and art.
Rainforest Action Network   Works to protect the Earth's rainforests and support the rights of their inhabitants through education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action.
RealityMaps   Personal site of one of our main contributors. Covers topics from realitymap creation to bogus gurus.
Reclaim Democracy!   ReclaimDemocracy.org is committed to revoking corporate power and reviving grassroots democracy.
Red Ice Creations   Beautifully designed conspiracy website covering a wide range of topics including politics, UFOs, spirituality, etc. Well worth a visit.
Religious Tolerance   Promotes religious tolerance across the whole spiritual/religious board. Has some good introductions to different faiths and spiritual practices.
Requisite Variety   This blog by a number of research scientists uncovers the spurious maths used in Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) and offers more robust scientific solutions.
Rich A. Ross Institute   The Rick A. Ross Institute (RRI) is a non-profit information resource on cults and other destructive spiritual groups. This site has a huge amount of information and is worth a visit.
Robert Bauval   Bauval is one of the leading investigative writer working on alternative history.
Robert M. Schoch   Schoch is an academic working at Boston University who has written books and papers on alternative history, and the effects of solar cycles on that history.
Rogerart.com   This site is a chaotically fabulous mixture of art and political commentary. Provocative, funny (can you do the EC handshake?), profound and outrageous! Worth a visit.
Russell Targ   As a renowned physicist and cofounder into the Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities, Targ presents an authoritative overview of the mind's power.
Sacred Sites   Martin Gray is an anthropologist and photographer who has visited and photographed over 1000 sacred sites in eighty countries.
Science Frontiers Digests   Newsletter focused on scientific anomalies.
Seed Europe, A   Global network initiating and coordinating actions and campaigns on environment and social justice issues.
Seeds of Deception   Quite simply the most educational and politically explosive website on genetic engineered foods and the corruption in the whole industry.
Self-Help Cancer   Highly recommended information site on complementary & alternative cancer treatments: pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, and general cancer help.
Shambhala   Buddhist meditation site based on the teachings of Chogyam Trungpa.
Sheldrake Online   Innovative biologist Rupert Sheldrake's website which covers his work on morphic fields, morphic resonance and telepathy.
Shirley's Wellness Cafe   Recommended alternative health and wellbeing site covering nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbs, biomagentic healing, aromatherapy and flower essences.
Sivananda Yoga   Home of the Sivananda Yoga, one of the main types of yoga taught throughout the world.
Soil Association   The charity at the heart of the organic food and farming movement.
Sophia Fellowship   Online community of Sophian Gnosticism, a Christian gnostic group that teaches secret Gospels and Christian Kabbalah.
Soul Counseling   Tobias is a channel and awakened teacher who has devoted his life to spiritual practice and development. He give phone or in-person Soul Counseling sessions.
Stephen Kinzer   Stephen Kinzer is an award-winning foreign correspondent who writes very insightful articles.
Soularia Harmonic Body Studio   Liesl supports radiant well being through a multidimensional, holographic approach to wellness.
Spiritual-Endeavors   Spiritual, Holistic and Environmental Website promoting Expanding Consciousness and awakening Self Knowledge. Many Paths; One Destination.
Spiritual Teachers   Ratings guide to spiritual teachers and systems for the spiritual search. A very interesting site.
Starchild Project   Information site on a alien (or deformed human) skull that was found in Mexico seventy years ago.
Stop the Crime   Deborah Tavares' very important website for exposing the enslavement of humanity. Great info!
Stop the War Coalition   UK anti-war organisation that was set up in 2001 to stop terrorism being used as an excuse for perpetual war. This is one of the very best anit-war websites.
Student Environmental Action   This coalition empowers students and youth to fight for environmental and social justice in schools and communities.
Superpowers of Human Biomind   New Age site that concerns itself with higher functions of the mind including remote viewing and telepathy.
Syntropy Journal   Facinating journal of articles and videos focused on the concept of syntropy (the opposite of entropy).
TASTE   Scientific explorations into the potential of our minds.
TheocracyWatch   Non-proft public information group committed to exposing the rise of the radical religious right as a political force in the US Republican Party.
Think Peace Network   Campaigns for an International Day of Peace and a new ways to educate our children for peace.
Tory Aardvark   Aardvark is a climate realist and global warming skeptic.
TRAC   The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse is an independent and nonpartisan information site on federal enforcement, staffing and spending.
Trancend International   A network of peace activists that promotes peace both in community and individually (using meditation etc.)
Truth About Splenda   Information and the truth about Splenda which is also known as Sucralose the artificial sweetener.
TruthOut   News and politics site focused on getting the truth out and changing things for the better through accurate information. This site has some excellent multimedia content. Interesting!
UFO Digest   Searches the internet for proof of ufos and the paranormal and publishes videos — with in-depth interviews and insightful articles.
UK Column, The   News and magazine site that protects the legal rights of UK citizens and defends the constitution.
Union of Concerned Scientists   Partnership of scientists and citizens giving rigorous scientific analysis to environmental solutions.
United for Peace & Justice   Activist organisation calling for immediate withdrawal of US troops from the Middle East, ending war around the world and abuse such as that of Palestinians.
United Poultry Concerns   Site decidated to the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.
United States Inst. of Peace   USIP is the independent, nonpartisan conflict management center created by Congress to prevent and mitigate international conflict without violence.
Unlikely Stories   Literary art, poetry and social commentary. This site has some great articles on it.
Vaccination Liberation   One of the best anti-vaccination sites and home of support groups that oppose the dangerous practice of vaccination.
Vedic Wisdom   This is Mony Singh's website that promotes Vedic Wisdom whilst at the same time warning readers about Black Magic & Voodoo Witchcraft.
Victor J. Zammit   A detailed analysis by a lawyer of the objective evidence for life after death.
ViewZone Magazine   A look at life and humanity from different angles.
Virtually Strange   Ufo information archive
VIVA!   Promotes vegaism and an end to animal cruelty. Like PETA, VIVA! has a high media profile and campaigns relentlessly.
War & Peace   The War and Peace Foundation is a non-profit that works to end militarism, war and the causes of war.
War Resisters league   Oposes war both domestically in the US and abroad, and romove the human exploitation that underlies it.
What Doctors Don't Tell You   What Doctors Don't Tell You helps you make an informed decision by giving you the facts you won't read anywhere else.
What Really Happened   The purpose of this site is to expose deceptions by governments and media used to trick the public into wars and out of their money.
Wikinomics   Looks at how technology has allowed collaboration on a global scale, and in the process is rapidly changing our value systems, especially around business.
Win Without War   Promotes a more progressive national security strategy and stop the politicization of national security.
Witches' Voice   The Witches' Voice offers the latest (updated daily) in news and networking for the Modern Witch, Wiccan and Pagan Community.
Witness   Interesting site that usese video and technology to fight for human rights.
World-Mysteries.com   Investigates mysteries such as lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts and unusual science.
Worldwatch Institute   Indpendent research organisation for developing environmentally sustainable solutions and a more socially just society.
Worldwide Online Meditation   It had to happen sometime, and although learning to meditate online is perhaps not the best setting, this site is certainly useful for learning the basics.
WWF (World Wildlife Fund)   One of the world's largest and most experienced conservation organisations.
YES! Magazine   Concerned with building a more just, sustainable, and compassionate future with articles about economic alternatives and peace options.