Law & Freeman Movement

The elite control us in two ways: using military force, and by insisting that we follow formalized rules and regulations — commercial law. In times of peace, it is commercial law that enslaves us. But what most do not realize that commercial law requires our ratification to validate it.

Military Dictatorship Enabled by the National Defense Authorization Act (Jan 2013)
Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act effectively making all Americans targets of the US military, arrestable and detainable without trial and due process. The US is now the greatest threat to world stability as it plunges into a potential military dictatorship.

Roger HayesRoger Hayes Arrested, Tried in Secret & Imprisoned - 2012
Hayes' crime was not to pay his Council tax because he did not want his tax going to the funding of unlawful wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. As a consequence, on the morning of July 2nd, at 9.30am, 2 police cars and 4 policemen arrived at his Wirral home and took him away, tried him the same day in a secret court with no jury, and he was in prison by the evening. All in a single day! In fact, it was not until 18.30 that day that his family were informed that he was now, all of a sudden, serving a prison sentence — from being a free man in the morning! This seems to be what justice is coming to in the UK for those who speak out against the system. Hayes is a leading light in the Freeman movement and he is involved in setting up ethical banking. [see]