Sex Trafficking, Butchered Baby Seals, and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Suki — 02/2010
Few realize that large sporting events like the Olympics and the football World Cup are fantastic business opportunities for those involved in the brutal training and sex trafficking of young girls.

SEX TRAFFICKING accompanies major sporting events. Girls who have been prostituted/trafficked are part of the festivities, of all the fun and games.' Prostitution/trafficking usually involves extremes of exploitation: girls are broken to the 'trade' through mass rape, beatings, starvation, terror tactics, and being kept drugged to make them compliant. What you end up with is a dead, hollowed-out human being with no resistance or will or body of her own.

The 'sex trade' could be more accurately called the 'rape trade.' In Vancouver, large numbers of aboriginal girls — vulnerable due to poverty and circumstance — are involved in this 'rape trade.' The opening ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games included heavy emphasis on the aboriginal culture but no where did we see these most mistreated of girls represented.

Some women's groups have been protesting this sexual exploitation aspect of the Olympics, and there has been some coverage in the local Vancouver press; but I have not seen NBC, in its primetime Olympic coverage, doing a segment on prostituted/trafficked girls as part of this sporting event. I just ran across a Newsweek article by Christopher Hitchens called "The Case Against the Olympics" (15 Feb. 2010, pp. 46-48), in which he addresses some of the problems and abuses associated with the Games. Not one syllable about sex trafficking from him. This man is a social critic: is the sexual murder of the female body irrelevant to him?

I could offer a possible solution to the exploitation. The Olympic female athletes could have completely prevented all sex trafficking at the games by simply refusing to participate. Not one single ski lifted or skate put on until Vancouver takes all girls out of sexual slavery. It would a great start and a great precedent. One to follow in all Olympics. Traffickers are already breaking girls for the 2012 summer games in London: many of the girls are adolescents trafficked from the Ukraine and other Slavic countries. Now only 13- or 14-years-old, the girls will be completely 'seasoned' and numb and dead and able to 'take on' numerous sex tourists by 2012.

The World Cup also includes the 'fun' of sex trafficking for the male fans. Pimps/traffickers have been breaking adolescent girls in South Africa for the last two or three years. The girls are already getting their necessary 'seasoning' and 'grooming' so they will be sexually compliant to all the partying male fans. Here is some information about the process from an article called "The New Slave Trade" by E. Benjamin Skinner in Time magazine (18 Jan. 2010):  "While South Africa invests billions to prepare its infrastructure for the half a million visitors expected to attend, tens of thousands of children have become ensnared in sexual slavery, and those who profit from the abuse are also preparing for the tournament. During a three-week investigation into human trafficking syndicates operating near two stadiums, I found a lucrative trade in child sex. The children, sold for as little as $45, can earn up to $600 per night for their captors. 'I'm really looking forward to doing more business during the World Cup,' said a trafficker. We were speaking at his base overlooking Port Elizabeth's new Nelson Mandela Stadium. Already, he had done brisk business among the stadium's construction workers" (p. 56).

A stadium devoted to a symbol of freedom, with men enslaving and sexually murdering the bodies of young girls in its shadow.

To return to the Olympics, they are touted as shining examples of the human spirit. Yet when Athens hosted the summer games, they poisoned thousands of street dogs so that the tourists would not have to see all these skinny, pitiful creatures. How could inflicting such enormous pain on these dogs be considered a shining example of the human spirit? I think that just one of those dogs was worth more than all the blind, cruel humans who participated in that Olympics without doing anything about the torture and misery inflicted on those poor animals.

After the Vancouver Winter Olympics will come another event symbolic of the glory of the human spirit: mid-March will see the semi-annual clubbing and shooting of baby seals in Canada for their fur. An event Canada seems to regard as a jewel in their shining human-spirit crown since they will not stop it. Helpless baby seals who have no way to escape will be clubbed and shot and hooked in the eye, cheek, or mouth, to be dragged across the ice, and then skinned alive and left to die — while their mothers look on.

A skinned animal dying is not a pretty sight: the eyes blink and there is horror and pain and confusion and disbelief in their depths.

It is very sad, unbelievably sad, to think that baby seals, now on the ice with their mothers, have no way of knowing about the slaughter and agony coming toward them in a few weeks. Lives taken away before they have even had any life.

Of course all countries are guilty. All countries inflict tremendous pain on animals — the poor creatures, billions of them, raised under concentration-camp conditions called 'factory farming' and then slaughtered for food; the millions — dogs, chimps, rats, mice — living and dying in silent agony in labs. And, of course, all countries traffic: the sexual murder of the female body is the norm, everywhere.

We would be hard put to find a shining example of the human spirit anywhere. But I am positive it does not reside at this hypocritical, selfish 'celebration' of what is 'best' in us that we call the Olympics.