The Rape of Iraq and Other Sexual Matters

— New Year's resolutions for the treatment of women
A lone voice even in the alternative press, Falconberg describes the treatment of women as 'fuck meat' around the world, and puts forward some resolutions for 2008.

IJUST E-MAILED THE FOLLOWING paragraph to Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Refugees International, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and two women journalists at CBS news, Katie Couric and Lara Logan (foreign correspondent in Iraq):

I would like to know more about the sexual assault on women in Iraq: rapes by American and coalition forces; rapes by the Iraqi police and military; rapes by Iraqi civilian men; rapes of women and girls detained in prisons; gang rapes; women forced into starvation prostitution — either for the occupying forces or for Iraqis; the increase of brothels in Baghdad and Basra as a result of the occupation; the trafficking of women and girls into prostitution by criminal gangs, either within Iraq or in surrounding countries; the way families are forced to sell daughters for survival; any 'survival sex' women and girls are engaged in due to desperation; 'survival sex' forced upon the refugee population (2 million in Iraq — 2 million in surrounding countries); the trafficking, by U.S. military contractors, of Filipina and Chinese girls into brothels in the Green Zone; the role of the U.S. Military Police in the pimping of Iraqi women and girls; the physical and psychological state of the prostituted Iraqi girls trafficked into the Green Zone for paid rape; the rape of female military personnel by their own men — and anything else you may have seen going on in Iraq.

For Couric and Logan, I appended: "This aspect of Iraq has been overlooked by CBS news." For Amnesty International, I added, "I would also like to know about the trafficking of girls into Guantanamo Bay to service the U.S. military there. Your organization is involved in the rights of detainees there but has overlooked this other class of tortured beings."

2008: This is the year I would like to see the sexual exploitation of women in the wars America indulges in finally covered rather than ignored — in reparation for not having done so from the Revolution forward — the Civil War (with its wandering bands of syphilitic camp followers, mostly women widowed by the war); the Spanish American War and the two Great Wars and Korea and Vietnam and Desert Storm and Panama and Afghanistan and now Iraq — not a whisper from the whore in the dirty alley, offering it up for a few dollars due to hunger, or the hunger of her children. It is time. Katie Couric and Lara Logan (the latter journalist has been 'embedded' with the troops over there), it is time you report on all the women and girls, in Iraq, and all the Iraqi refugee women and girls in surrounding countries forced into survival sex. It is time you profiled the 14-year-old Iraqi refugee girl sold by her family in order to feed her younger brothers and sisters.

It is time the 500 journalists 'embedded' with the troops focus, everyday, on this aspect of the war.

This is the Year of the Whore. And her woes in war. And her misery in 'peace' since she can never leave the battlefield. It is the year of her trafficked, ripped-apart vagina, and her shredded pulped womb, due to overuse. It is the year of the girl child prostitute whose anus is hanging out of her body due to too much anal rape upon a fragile being not even ready for a gentle act of intercourse. (I am not sure if there is a 'right amount' of anal rape — even one act forced upon an unwilling body is an abomination against the goddesses of mercy and tenderness.  The thousands of rapes the prostituted body endures should make the planets drop out of their orbits and the stars go supernova.)

About the Rape of Iraq, information scattered across the internet is sparse, but it is there. Of 50,000 or so mainstream news articles on Iraq, only a handful even intimate that anything might be sexually amiss in the latest war rape zone, the one called Iraq, but the non-mainstream media give us a different view. In many ways, it too is sparse, but at least there is minimal coverage. Code Pink (Women for Peace), for example, at least make some mention (however slight) of the rape and sexual humiliation of Iraqi women by U.S. personnel in detainment centers and the way the girls are subjected to honor killings after release. And they report the kidnapping and trafficking of girls by criminal gangs who sell them into brothels in neighboring countries and the way "coalition forces and U.S. military contractors have committed horrific crimes of sexual abuse, torture, and physical assault." There are, according to Code Pink "copious accounts of rapes and gang rapes." All of this is quite hidden away on their site — as if this aspect of war were not really that important. And, unfortunately, Code Pink overlooks the starvation prostitution many Iraqi women and girls have been forced into.  But, then, this does not surprise me. If you have read any of my other articles, you know that I am an ex-prostitute and that even women helping other women ignore my kind. We prostitutes are marginalized as disposable by the 'respectable' women of the world who regard the one-time rape of a 'good' girl as terrible and the thousands of rapes upon the whore body as not even an act of rape.

Iraq Veterans Against the War say that prostitution is now 'common' in Iraq, but they do not give details. This subject is not covered on their website — at least I cannot find it anywhere. The most brutal act committed upon a woman — the serial rape of the prostituted, degraded, humiliated body — is simply not important enough for them to comment on. The situation with the Winter Soldiers of Vietnam was similar. One description of a dead raped girl — naked and spread-eagled in a field — the insignia of her rapists plastered between her legs, as if it were a badge of honor. One more description of the way soldiers inserted an instrument in a girl and filled her with grease. A statement that female VC prisoners had live electric eels stuffed into their vaginas and anuses. And that their interrogators would set their pubic hair on fire. That's about it. No testimonies from these Winter Soldiers of the girls brothelized and raped thousands of times because they were labeled worthless whores and 'cheap gook pussy.' Maybe because these Winter Soldiers were also raping the brothelized? If you pay, it is okay? Did the Iraq Veterans Against the War take advantage of prostituted bodies? Is this why they say nothing about them?

As I search the internet, I come across photos (on Women's Space) that purport to be American soldiers gang raping a naked Iraqi girl. I say 'purport' since who can verify that this is not simply a 'staged' photo, for sensationalism. American soldiers in Iraq were carrying around these gang rape scenes, as fun, for porn and there was a website of Iraq rape pictures called something like IraqBabePorn. (I think it is now defunct.) There is also the by-now famous YouTube video of the imprisoned 15-year-old Iraqi girl virgin being pimped all day by her American captors until she hangs herself and they callously say they made $500 off of her. We do not know if this is a real video or if it was staged. Then there is the article by Ruth Rosen, a UC Berkeley historian, published in Mother Jones (July 2006) stating that the rape of women in our Iraqi prisons is quite real and extremely widespread, as is the sexual trafficking of women and girls in that country. In fact, her article gives the impression of extensive 'sexual terrorism' practiced upon the women and girls of Iraq. Not surprising, of course. So what else is new in wartime, I say. I have said many times that war never ever liberates women. It starves us and turns us into sex toys and whores and raped bleeding vaginas and objects of degradation. Put guns in the hands of horny young men and send them in as conquerors and they will rape, and buy every starving whore available who has to open her legs and fuck for food. It is what the horny young male soldier does. The supercharge to his virility must be tremendous. A gun in one hand and his other weapon out and ready and he is now a raping power stud, showing woman her place as fucked whore.

It's tough to come by information. The only rape to receive any mainstream media attention is Abeer's — the young girl who was also murdered, along with her family, after the assault. (See my article, "A Rape in Iraq," published in Off Our Backs, about this incident. It was also turned into a movie, Redacted, by Brian de Palma, now in theatres.) A major sexual agenda for me for 2008 is to enormously increase the coverage of all the sexual misery inflicted on women and girls worldwide. Even a magazine like Mother Jones, which pretends to be liberal, carries only one article on the rape of women in Iraq? And only one article, every few months, on other rape hot spots — like Cambodia and its child sex trade. Pitifully spare coverage for a magazine that styles itself 'alternative.' In fact, I scour the media for the sexual enslavement of women in Iraq, for the 'fistula' rape of women in the Congo, for the genital-mutilation rape of the women of the Sudan and am simply not finding it covered with any kind of depth or any kind of regularity on all the sites that style themselves 'alternative' or liberal. Common Dreams, Democracy Now, rense.com, etc., will mention this sort of topic every once in a while, but almost as an aside to their 'real' news — all the stories written by men about the affairs of men. There is one article in Glamour by Eve Ensler on the 'fistula' rapes in the Congo. In all of its multitudinous coverage of the Iraq war, The Nation has carried one sentence about the rapes in Iraq. Common Dreams and its ilk and all those magazines like Harpers and The Progressive are as blind as CNN and PBS and devote such a tiny tiny tiny amount of space to the rape and ravaging and prostituting of our bodies that they are worthless to me living in a perpetually raped body as I do. The New York Times Magazine will run one story a year on trafficking and think it has done its job. All these media so rarely cover rape/prostitution that they make it seem as if they care almost nothing about the whole frail female half of the species. They leave my rape-battered body out of their reckoning. They are all told from the point of view of the conqueror rapist. And they do not go into the misery of the raped/prostituted even when they deign to occasionally mention her.  Almost all women journalists write from the point of view of the conqueror rapist.

Almost all history and journalism is told from the point of view of the conqueror rapist.

I just googled Common Dreams. Not one single mention in the long list of current articles of the ravaging and damage to our perpetually raped bodies. Not one! The articles on Iraq on the current board simply do not mention the prostituted women, as if we do not exist and have absolutely no importance to history, to journalism, to men. Or to women since the women who post on this site also ignore, for the most part, the ravaging of other women. I suppose it is not their fault. They spout the conquerer-rapist dogma that they have learned. There is no space in which to express the depth of the raped body. Certainly no journalistic space anywhere on Rape Planet Earth. I notice that the 'torture' articles on the current Common Dreams site all refer to the suffering of men. As if, within the space we call common dreams, there are no dreams for raped whore women — there is no reality for us, no caring, no place in which to breathe, or live — Common Dreams is male space shaped by the conqueror rapist. How could that current board, with its emphasis on all male concerns, have anything to do with my raped body? These sites depress me far more than CNN — at least I know that CNN has no clarity of vision or compassion at all. They don't pretend to have any. They are not lying to themselves — the way Common Dreams does. CNN knows that no one believes their narrow lies. Maybe Common Dreams thinks someone does believe their lies?

There are a few sites that are not written by the conqueror rapists. MADRE, Polaris, and V-Day are three. Women's Space is another.

Some blogs from within Iraq contain helpful information. One by an Iraqi woman, Layla Anwar, mentions rape, rape, rape, rape so many times that it must be happening. She can't be making all this up. She also writes that "survival sex is rampant not only inside Iraq but also outside. It happens in alley ways, around shrines, in dirty beds and in bars… Bars in Syria and Jordan. They are there to make a bit of money to feed their hungry sisters and brothers waiting for them in some damp, dirty, cockroach ridden, room— where they are all amassed, one on top of the other, hungry and waiting… Hungry and exiled because of YOU and YOUR fucking democracy. And this is exactly what it boils down to — a fucking democracy. Some of them are as old your teenagers — with one major difference. Our teenagers, forced into it by YOU, will remain stigmatized for the rest of their lives and they can already kiss their future goodbye. They have no future. So tell me, is that not criminal? So tell me, does that not make you a complicit criminal people? Our teenagers prior to their 'liberation' did not need to seek survival sex. They did not need to sit in bars in skimpy dresses waiting for the Mr. who will alleviate the hunger pangs of a whole family. Survival sex, the Iraqi-American version. Good, very good — $10 a shot. No make it $20 — I have a hungry family. A $20 shot democracy."

Who is buying these girls? According to Ms. Anwar, both GI's and Iraqi men. She has a date with an Iraqi man who regards the buying of whore bodies as "fun." "Entertainment," he says, has become so "cheap and available" because there are so many poor Iraqi girls around.

I would hazard that customers for the girls are probably more their own men than ours, given that our American soldiers over there are up against a lot of cultural sequestering of female bodies, even whore ones. I don't know if the GI's are allowed to simply roam the streets in what have become 'red-light areas' since the occupation. I don't know how many of the trafficked Filipina and Chinese girls are available to them in makeshift brothels. I don't know if U.S. military contractors are making money off of trafficked girls, they way they did in Kosovo. I don't know if U.S. Military Police are getting payoffs for pimping Iraqi whores, the way they get payoffs for pimping girls to American soldiers in Korea. I would like to know. I can only speculate from what our sexual savagery has been like in other conflicts, and in other occupied countries. Have the men in Iraq completely broken the soldier mold and are they now rescuing whores instead of raping them or are they following the behavior pattern they have exhibited in all other conflicts?  It is hard to find out, since, unlike Saigon and Bangkok, those Sweatbath Brothels of Asia, where a GI could buy a pimped fifteen-year-old right off a street corner (still can, for that matter), Middle Eastern venues are more covert about the exploitation. Does what is called 'general order one' — no sex and no alcohol — hold sway for our military in Iraq — or do they find ways to circumvent it? I would like to know from men who are serving there. Please e-mail me about this.

I would certainly like to know the numbers and condition of the women and girls imprisoned in those Baghdad and Basra brothels. Prostitution worldwide has a universal quality — whether it be Baghdad or Bombay or Dubai or New York, it involves debt bondage, coercion, control of the girls by owners and pimps — little of the money actually goes to the girl who is raped all day. It is an industry based, simply, on how profitable it is to rape a body over and over again — I doubt if the brothels in Baghdad are a humanitarian departure from the torture norm.

Ms. Anwar, the blogger, detests us fiercely — and rightly so given that we have destroyed her country. But, sadly, her sympathy for the whore body does not extend past her own countrywomen. She spits at Western 'hookers' — as she calls us — apparently not realizing that we too are condemned to no future and hopeless degradation. She seems particularly down on Russian whores — I wonder if she realizes most are trafficked, and what that entails? Just as Iraqi girls are being sold by their families and trafficked into Dubai (a major sex-slave destination) so are girls from the Ukraine — and all girls (despite nationality) are treated with the same savagery — they are burned and starved and filmed for porn, to break their spirits, through humiliation, and forced multiple times — sometimes raped up to 50 times a day — until they are either insane, commit suicide, or are 'willing' to submit to rape by customers up to twenty hours a day because they are too dead to fight anymore. I keep telling the world that basically when a customer climbs on a prostitute, he rape-fucks a piece of dead whore meat. When men climbed on me, they rape-fucked a piece of dead whore meat. I wish someone somewhere would believe me. But even if people did, would it matter? Men are never going to stop rape-fucking dead whore meat. Gives them a thrill to ram a helpless body into death and madness. In light of all this it is particularly painful to see Ms. Anwar wishing prostitution, in revenge, upon all American daughters.

If it is any consolation to her, many of us are prostituted. And we live in rape prisons as severe as those of Iraqi women. Many years past the time I spent in prostitution, I am afraid to leave the house. It takes me two hours to trick myself to cross the threshold. I am terrified I will be gang raped again, if I go outside. And that this time I will bleed to death, naked, in the middle of the road while passersby spit at me because I am a whore. Ms. Anwar can rejoice that I carry my own rape prison around with me. I am never out of it — there is no space outside where I can feel safe and free.

And I can certainly understand why she vilifies us Americans and wishes all us American women into whoredom. If my city were invaded by Iraqi soldiers who broke into my home and gang raped me and if I were forced to be a refugee who had to fuck for food, I would detest, for thousands of eternities, those who had hurt me this way. I would detest being prostituted to the enemy. To actually lie down with the invaders because of hunger and maybe to have his child, the child of the hated enemy inside me, would cause insanity and despair. You can see how hard this is for the whore 'occupied' by the enemy from the way women in previous wars abandoned the hated children born of the prostitution rape of their bodies. Japan, Korea, and Vietnam — tens of thousands of these detested Amerasian outcast half-breeds thrown away by their mothers. Are we now fathering a whole new group of what will be outcast half-Iraqi, half-American children? Will the abandoned girls be sold for whore and rape fodder, as has happened to the orphaned debris on the streets of Saigon and Bangkok?

Ms. Anwar appears to be one of the privileged who is not forced to fuck for food. She seems to be traveling widely within the Middle East and observing those Iraqi refugees who are forced to fuck for food.  I wonder if she is in any kind of position to help them? And her descriptions of gang rape are only mildly accurate, and conventionally sensational — indicating she has not endured it first-hand but has borrowed her 'rape rhetoric' from reading about it. I can attest that it feels far worse than the conventional phrases used by the unraped.

Her blog reminded me of an entry on Riverbend's. Riverbend is a young Iraqi woman who has been blogging about the war for several years. (She is now in Syria and is still blogging.) She recounts a 20-year-old Iraqi woman being gang raped by the Iraqi military and then, when the woman goes to the Iraqi police, she is raped again — by them. The woman says, "How can you rape me. I'm not one of those prostitutes. I don't do such things." Which prostitute is she talking about? The 14-year-old Iraqi refugee being sold to feed her family since there is no other way? In Iran, the first thing a poor family does is sell a daughter. Is it the same in Iraq? Or is Riverbend's 'prostitute' the girl abducted and then trafficked into Syria or Jordan? Or is she one of the destitute Iraqi girls regularly let into the Green Zone to fuck for food? As long as this Iraqi woman thinks there is a distinction between a 'good' girl and a 'bad' girl, she is lost. She is also the rapist of her own kind. She brings violation upon herself if she refuses to break from this Rape Culture that rules Rape Planet Earth and if she thinks it is okay to rape "those prostitutes." I am sure the 14-year-old forced to fuck for food would not 'do such things' if she had a choice.

Riverbend is upset that the raped will be labeled 'prostitutes' — showing her complete lack of understanding as to what the prostitute is. The prostitute is a girl who is raped all day every day — not just once like the woman the Iraqi police mistreated. If anything, to be labeled a prostitute or a whore should be a badge of honor. It indicates the woman held in lowest esteem on earth, and still clinging to survival despite massive degradation. It indicates the courage to fuck for food, rather than starve. The only whores I do not esteem are those who despise and hurt other whores. And I do not esteem Riverbend if she condemns the prostitute.

Riverbend's attitude toward the prostitute makes her guilty of promoting Rape Planet Earth, as do most other women worldwide. I don't see massive numbers of middle-class Thai women marching on the brothels that hold their enslaved sisters. What I see is a bunch of 12-year-olds in schoolgirl outfits with hard raped faces and skinny raped bodies standing outside places with a big neon sign, Pussy Show, flashing above them. And should this hardened raped little schoolgirl ever escape her AIDS fate (doubtful) she too is likely scorn her raped sister as whorefilth. I don't see large number of Cambodian women protesting the way the majority of Cambodian men (roughly 80%) visit brothels every night, and regard paying a few cents for a whore body of no more import than purchasing a bag of potato chips.

Even the Korean Comfort Women were blind. One was 'serving' beside a prostituted Japanese girl and the Korean girl said that the Japanese one 'could do' 40 men a day. 'Could do' as if it were voluntary on the part of the Japanese girl but not on the part of the Korean one. And this Korean Comfort Women said that the Japanese girl was a 'real' prostitute, as if there were some sharp moral distinction between them. Total ugly blind ignorance to the fact that the Japanese girl would have been conscripted in the exact same way the Korean Comfort Girl was under that famous 'licensed' system of prostitution in Japan where, in the typical scenario, a poor rural girl is sold, then broken through massive rape to subdue her and teach her her place and make her indifferent to laying down with so many men since she has no spirit left. (Our GI's, by the way, 'broke' the comfort women given to them in Japan the exact same way; traffickers worldwide break in girls the same way and they prize the ones who 'can do' 50 men a day since they have been tough enough to not commit suicide.)

I hate to tell the Korean Comfort Woman who thought she wasn't a 'real' prostitute this — but, baby, you are as much of a raped whore as your Japanese counterpart — as long as you condemn her as a whore, you condemn yourself as one.

There is the same self-censure on the part of women everywhere. When the Congolese women drag themselves or crawl back to their husbands, bleeding from severe gang rape, or from fistula, and they are kicked out, by that husband, to bleed in the road, and to try to crawl to one of the few doctors who can repair fistula, it is partially the woman's own fault for allowing her value to depend on virginity, chastity, fidelity, all these patriarchally imposed categories on our sexuality. These women are rapefilth in the eyes of their culture because they buy into these pernicious definitions of their own bodies and lives.

There has to be a radical revisioning of what female sexuality is. A sexuality completely divorced from morality and religion and fear and violence and repression — and war and poverty. These latter, in particular, have destroyed our sexuality. They have turned it into Fuck for Food.  And great scorn of us when we have to Fuck for Food — even on the part of the women who are not forced to Fuck for Food.  I never see a revisioning of our sexuality happening. We would not recognize it if it ever came about. Could you imagine me, Suki, with my highly powerful sex drive, actually liberated by a beautiful vision of my true sexuality?  I can't. I wouldn't know what it would look like since my sexuality has been so defined — and 'conscripted' by men. Basically men taught me, through gang rape, that I am whore garbage. They punished me severely — through gang rape, for daring to express my own beautiful sexuality — since, of course, any girl who wants sex and men and pleasure is a whore — and must be put in her place — with rape. There is not even a vocabulary that could express a liberated form of my beautiful sexuality. The only word that applies to me, if I want to express my sexuality by taking on, voluntarily, many lovers, is 'promiscuous.' And if it is involuntary, then I am a prostitute. There is no vocabulary for sex outside of that pernicious institution called marriage. If sex is only defined as pre-marital, extra-marital, an act of infidelity (called adultery), it has no existence, in words or reality, free from the chains of religion and morality. There is no space or forum where a woman can express the beauty of her sexuality on this planet — to be free and hot and horny and loving it and dripping for it and to love sex and fucking and the heat and the beauty of it is impossible. As long as virginity is the only value the female body has, no sexual liberation is possible.

The only difference between me and the 'pure' virgin woman beside me is a few hours of rape. Then she will be raped whore garbage just like I am in the eyes of my culture. Not in my own eyes any longer. I am proud of that designation 'whore.' It distinguishes me from all those indifferent 'decent' women out there who ignore my kind. It distinguishes me from the billions of repressed women worldwide who can define themselves only within this prison we call marriage and can find no sexual self outside its bounds. It distinguishes me from the Congolese woman, pathetically bleeding from 'rape fistula,' who — even then — cannot, sadly, stand up to the husband who has kicked her into the road, since she is now called raped whore garbage, and say to him, "Go to a thousands hells you shitting brutal insensitive fucker." My vocabulary is not colorful enough to express what I mean, but you get the general idea.

The 'whore' label also keeps me a galaxy away from that abhorrent phrase 'sex worker.' Yet another sexual reform I would bring about in 2008 is the abolition of this dreadful phrase. That 14-year-old-Iraqi girl being sold would not regard what she does as work. Being raped all day is not work. It is beyond cruel, the way that all these cold, distanced academic sociologists and psychologists and anthropologists who 'study' the whore think they are 'respecting' the whore by mislabeling her rape 'work' when what they are doing is tremendous damage by using the phrase. They are imposing a 'normalization' on her rape as dreadful as any 'legalizing' of her rape would do. But then the vaginaless woman who is the typical academic can have no way of knowing that rape is not work. She is too distanced from reality, too soaked in the meaningless, dense jargon of her discipline, to know that prostitution is not a 'liminal reality for a body consigned to the spatial discourse of the forced intervention of penetration' — or whatever new ridiculous jargon-ridden definition she makes up to sound scholarly and publish her worthless articles. No, academic ladies, the prostitute is not someone 'consigned to a category of sexual disorder, marginalization, and displacement within the post-colonial phallic imperialist discourse of modernity.' She does not exist in that cold space. The prostitute is a body raped to ripe heat by searing misery. She is a vagina on fire with pain.  There is a hot bleeding dying body in front of you. And how dare you 'study' her and then turn away from her pain. Your 'ethics of objectivity' is beyond objectionable and cruel. You cannot study a suffering being and then leave her to suffer. Another sexual reform I would make for 2008 is the elimination from the 'academic discourse on the whore' all academics who themselves are not whores. Before you write about us, you must undergo a brothel apprenticeship. You must lay there and be raped 50 times a night. And when your vagina is burning and bleeding and your insides are torn inside out, you will be so busy just trying to survive, just trying to find the strength to take the next breath that will keep you alive, that you will not have time to write those worthless articles anymore. Besides, I don't think your pimps and owners will have much patience with you sitting down at the computer to toss off a few cool pieces, MLA style, for scholarly journals, on the liminal whore body. They want you on your back fucking for profit, and the customers are not going to have any patience at all with a literate whore. They'll knock all that literacy nonsense right out of you. Burn it out with cigarettes on your body, starve it out of you, and rape it out of you.

When NOW (National Organization of Women) regards the rape that happens to prostituted girls as 'sex work' and thinks it is in some category of liberation for the female to be able to fuck all these men, there is so much amiss with our vision of sexuality that even a 5000 page book would not be enough to protest it.

A move back to the military realm, my main area of interest since when I whored I did it with American soldiers. First, I don't understand all this rape of American female soldiers by their own men: impossibly high sexual assault rates in the military — way above those in the civilian population — including gang rape. And very little is done to the rapists. You women soldiers are armed and you've had combat training. As a helpless civilian woman, I didn't stand a chance when all those soldiers raped me. But you women soldiers have weapons to counter their weapons should they take them out in a threatening manner. Why don't you just blow the balls off these would-be rapists? It is self-defense — if he tries to rape you, you have every right to incapacitate him. You have every right to stop him in any way you can. I bet the higher-ups would pay attention to your sexual grievances if you damaged a significant number of overly aggressive males. And, lady soldiers, you have to stop regarding the whore outside the gate as cheap throwaway garbage. If you do not champion her, your men will continue to rape you. Disrespect one woman and you disrespect all of us. Women soldiers — Go outside the gate, and take the whore out of her bondage, and blow the balls off of her pimps and owners. And while you're at it, enlist sympathetic male soldiers to help you. Only by extending protection to the whore will you yourself be protected.

In my impossible world of sexual change and beauty and perfection, I imagine our American military as setting a pattern for all others worldwide. I want all them, men and women, to be noble rescuers of the helpless. And compassionate protectors.

As I have said, I want this (Iraq) to be the first war in which the sexual savagery inflicted on women is fully acknowledged — and we do something about it! This means every news source must cover the sexual humiliation and degradation of Iraqi women — fully, heavily, completely, all day everyday — until we stop this typical war-time sexual savagery forever.

And peacetime as well. I want to see our military involved in fighting trafficking, not supporting it through buying bodies. Germany is a good example. Since prostitution became legal there in 2001, Germany has become a major trafficking destination and our soldiers are among the customers using girls held in sexual slavery in brothels and places called "Eros Centers." Very few German women are involved in prostitution — they are too prosperous to be sold for sex. Eighty percent or more of the prostitutes in Germany are 'trafficked' beings — many from Russia and Eastern Europe and they go through the breaking process of burning, torture, starvation, gang rapes, imprisonment in rooms with bars, etc., that I have described elsewhere. There are about 400,000 trafficked girls now in Germany, and, of course, only a portion of the rapes upon their bodies are being committed by the troops we have there. But our military could set an example for all the men in the world, not just those in Germany

Let's get those girls out of there. Let's send our soldiers in to liberate them, rather than buy them. Bodily take them away from their owners. Then we can use the huge amount of money that the pimps and owners have brought in (trafficking/prostitution is a $4.5 billion dollar a year industry in Germany) to set up long-term care and healing facilities for the girls. And wonderful education programs for them. (I am hopeful that some of these girls can heal. I never did, but maybe some have tougher vaginas and psyches than I do.) Also use pimp money to prosecute those very pimps who have enslaved the girls. (Statistics on Germany come from Victor Malarek's book The Natashas.)

Let's do this liberating everywhere. Roughly 20,000 UN Peacekeepers and other multinational forces are still raping brothelized girls in Kosovo. Victor Malarek, a Canadian journalist, describes how girls are passed around at parties that soldiers give — and gang raped by all of them. Malarek describes the burns and scars and bruises on the girls' bodies and the hopeless emptiness in their eyes and the death of their spirits. Take our soldiers out of Iraq and send them into Kosovo — not to join the 'rape party,' as they have in the past, but to stop it.

Thousands of our military contractors in Iraq take R & R in Dubai, where the dead ghosts of the trafficked offer themselves in abundance. This is a huge 'rape-the-whore' hot spot. I need to mention to these contractors what a whore is. She is dead fuck meat. Her life and soul are gone. You are fucking a dead body. Rape-fucking dead whore meat.  It is what I am, even years after I made it out of prostitution — I am dead whore meat and the men who mounted me rape-fucked a dead body. 

Statistics are very tricky and unreliable. So I will do the best I can. According to the United Nations, 60% of all prostituted females are under age 15. Various sites across the internet yield these 'stats' (reliable? I don't know): in countries like India, Thailand, and Cambodia, 80% of all men and boys use prostituted bodies; in Japan the number is 99%. Europe varies from country to country but the numbers run from 15% of the male population to as high as 30% in Spain, Italy, and Greece. The number for the U.S. most often found is about 15% of men buy prostituted bodies. (Numbers for men in the military are much higher — sometimes 99%, depending on where the men are stationed and how available whore bodies are.) Given the youthfulness of the international prostitute population, and the way girls in Thailand and India and Cambodia are sold so pitifully young — even before they are ten years old — this makes large numbers of these buyers of bodies child rapists and pedophiles (including UN Peacekeepers and men in our military, who often purchase minors when they are available). As much as I deplore that Western pedophile who travels to Cambodia or Bangkok to buy a child, he is not the only 'sex offender.' It would seem that the millions of men on this planet who purchase the services of minors should also be listed as 'sex offenders.' They are raping child bodies.

Korea is another area where change is desperately needed. Between fifteen and twenty thousand prostituted bodies service U.S. military men there. Some few of the girls are Korean but most have been trafficked in from the Philippines, Thailand, Eastern Europe, and Russia. This is because there are no longer enough destitute Korean girls to enslave. And, supposedly, importing sex slaves will keep the 'decent' Korean women from being raped by all those horny GI's.

It's called the 'barrier' theory and it never works since the category of who is 'decent' and who deserves to be raped keeps shifting. From the 1950's to the 1970's, desperate poverty created the camptown girls, Koreans sacrificed as 'rape scum' for the GI's. Now girls from the Ukraine are 'rape scum' for the GI's and all those 'pure' Korean girls are sipping mocha frapaccino lattes at glossy shopping malls.

Among the trafficked girls are women but also girls, age sixteen or even younger.  U.S. servicemen make about two million visits a year to the bars and brothels where the girls 'work' (read 'sexual slavery' for work). The girls exist under those conditions of great misery that are typical in trafficking — held in debt bondage, brutalized, imprisoned. They are literally slaves used for sex. The few girls who manage to escape report the degradations they are subjected to, like being forced to dance naked in the bars, and being beaten if they cry when a soldier takes them into the back rooms for paid sex.

Soldiers stationed in Korea say that boxes of condoms sit at the gates of the bases for the men. A soldier I talked to personally said that the girls he visited were definitely sexually enslaved.

In the U.S. military, the use of prostituted/enslaved bodies has long been a given. The prevalent attitude in Korea and elsewhere is: "We are here to defend democracy, not practice it."

Many American soldiers in Korea and elsewhere don't even know what trafficking is and, for a lot of those who do, whether the girls is enslaved or not is irrelevant. The soldier just wants his fuck. Essentially, U.S. servicemen are raping sex slaves, whether you call the girls 'trafficked' or 'prostituted' or whatever. The men see the girl as a convenience. In reality, she is a disposable rape dump.

Rape damage to the rape dump, should she survive, is forever. I rage in semi-madness at the memories. My own particular experiences of being gang raped by soldiers and of time spent in military prostitution have led me to huddle in the corner of my closet sometimes, and try to claw my way into the wall — and my sexual torture was no where near as traumatic as that of most girls in prostitution — yet the experience still destroyed me. I was not trafficked. No pimp controlled me. No one put cigarettes out on my body. I had a great deal of control as to who fucked me. The few times I did not (as for example, the gang rape) still haunt me miserably. No one hit me but I was anally raped once. Just once. That is burned into me in misery forever. I could say no to a man if I did not want to fuck him. Once a soldier I had fucked and hated, because he was so rough and ugly, came back. I said 'no.' He twisted my arm and said he would break it so bad I would never use it again. Then he took out his lighter and threatened to burn my nipples. I was so terrified that I let him get on and take his fuck. This was a rare instance — very few soldiers were such cruel sleazes as to treat me this way. Most were actually pretty decent.

Even that one experience still terrifies me. As I mentioned, I have a fear of leaving enclosed spaces. I am afraid that soldier is still out there, and that he will burn my nipples. It makes no sense, but there it is, irrational and ridiculous.

(I should append that Ms. Anwar, who wants to see all American girls prostituted, will probably be happy to know that I still suffer like this, imaginary as my fears are. And I would like to tell her and Riverbend that there is no recourse for the raped in America either. I never went to my police after my rapes — for fear they would make me a dirty joke in their macho world. And I did not go to a hospital, despite the way I was bleeding, because I could not bear having anything else stuck up in me — for 'examination' purposes. And the idea of actually 'telling' my story to anyone would have been impossible. All those cold eyes of policemen and doctors and nurses. There is no place anywhere in the world where the raped whore can find a soft comfort and nurturing tenderness from her pain. Iraq and America are the same. Raped by one set of men and then raped all over again by those you go to for help.)

With trafficked girls, what I rarely experienced is a norm for them.  Look at Burmese girls trafficked into Thai brothels, for example. Very young, many of them, only 15 or 16, these girls are broken through rape and then violated again 10 to 20 times a night by the Thai military, the Thai police, Thai laborers, anyone who wants to buy them. Any protest is met with beatings. They have no rights. One was beaten for trying to listen to the BBC on the radio. They are not allowed to use condoms and are free to all for anal rape. Pathetically, they try to work off their 'debt' to their owners, in hopes the hell will end and they can go 'home.' After a year or so, the girls have AIDS, so they are shipped home (anuses hanging out of their bodies from the rape) where they are sometimes killed by their own families for the shame they have brought upon them — or killed because they have AIDS. New, uninfected girls are trafficked in all the time. (Information in this section comes from A Modern Form of Slavery.)

The one paltry anal rape inflicted on me and the threat to burn my nipples was nothing compared to what these girls endure. If I had been treated for one week the way those girls are treated for months at a time, I would be insane. As it is, I always feel like a piece of raped whore garbage and a piece of dead fuck meat. And this if from sexual roughness that was minimal compared to what the trafficked girls go through. Even that minimal roughness, on my prostitute body, practically destroyed me. Intercourse with those hundreds of men I did not want inside me destroyed me. And I whored before there was any AIDS. And I could insist on condoms. 'No condom, no sex' I even had printed, on a cute little sign, right above the bed. The death sentence that is AIDS which we are visiting on the trafficked is horrendous. That death sentence of AIDS on the child prostitute since she cannot negotiate condom use is horrendous.

The pain to the child whore body must be enormous — her vaginal tissue is not even developed yet to where she can withstand intercourse. I was in my 20's when I whored and the overuse still tore my vagina apart. I hurt all the time. I was swollen all the time.

To return to Korea and Germany and any place our men are climbing on whores, in January 2006, the U.S. Military came out with a new policy: that any soldier caught using a prostitute would be punished.  There has not been one arrest yet.

In the spring of 2007, a number of Department of Defense lawyers, some of them women, decided to put together training modules that will educate new recruits and defense contractors about trafficking and will inform the men that buying a prostitute could mean a year in jail. Perhaps I should be more hopeful that this signals a change, but my own response is rather despairing and cynical. I see so many difficulties in ever setting up our military as a model for all others — my big hope and dream. One big problem with this new policy, this idea of jailing the soldiers for a year, is that it is unenforceable.  There are simply too many servicemen to jail.

And I wonder how the DOD will see any difference between the trafficked and the prostituted? It's the same orifice that's being raped--no matter whether you label the girl with this fancy new term--'trafficked'--or not. What prostitute is not trafficked in some sense? Prostitutes worldwide often work under very similar conditions, trafficked or not. Even those not terrorized and held as sex prisoners are subjected to violation by strangers, fear for their safety due to sexual and physical violence, control by pimps, exposure to STD's, etc., etc. It would be very tough to say where 'trafficking' ends and 'prostitution' begins.

Another consideration: there is no way the military could keep these men in service if they took away cheap fuck on enslaved bodies. And I do not think that the military in general regards the rape of whores as 'rape.' For them it is economics and common sense:

  1. you have to keep the boys happy by providing fuck when they're off duty;
  2. there is an endless supply of disposable, poor bodies for fuck purposes;
  3. ergo, bring whore body together with horny soldier and he will serve out his term in the military.

Are you going to be able to keep all those boys floating around on ships in the Persian Gulf without the necessary sex binge in Thailand? A collective and willing blindness keeps their sexual activities hidden from us.

Another powerful problem: even if it were possible to stop our military from raping whores, the girls will simply be trafficked elsewhere. A really important point the DOD needs to consider is that arresting American military personnel will not remove trafficked girls from sexual slavery. In the Philippines, a huge whore industry grew up around our bases there (Subic and Clark) and when we pulled out, the enslaved girls were trafficked elsewhere — like into debt bondage in Japan. (The CATW — Coalition Against Trafficking in Women — descriptions of condition in Japan's sex industry are chilling.)

It is a dilemma: some American soldiers will treat whores far better than local men in Japan and Korea do. So, is it not better that the girls be sold to the men who will perhaps be nice to them — at least some soldiers are kind to whores — not all are monsters — I know this from personal experience. There are a few rare ones who even try to help the girls out of sexual slavery.

Rather than simply arresting the men, removing the girls from their enslavement and providing long-term care for them is essential.  In a moral universe, we owe them this. Our military has long benefited from women defined as whores — recreational rape dumps. Therefore, we have to make reparation for all the rape our men have inflicted on them. (Gentle rape, sometimes, but rape nevertheless.) Setting up physical and psychological care facilities for the women on our bases, and schools and educational opportunities for them, is the only humane thing to do. It need not cost us a penny since we can use all the billions the pimps have made off the whores — once we arrest and punish all those rape murderers of women's bodies.

A big doubt I have about the education modules is whether it is possible to change male attitudes. Men have long created and benefited from a Culture of Rape. WWII soldiers raped whores freely and then they passed this tradition on to their sons, who did the same in Vietnam, and now the current generation has inherited these rape values and this rape culture. Using whores has long-term consequences: American women live in this rape culture, struggle against it, all unaware of its progenesis: ongoing rape of the bodies of hundreds of thousands of prostituted enslaved bodies overseas, in war, and in peace (during occupation). The American woman's willful ignorance and lack of sympathy for the foreign raped body is part of the problem.

Our government and military have never been sensitive to this subject before. Look, for example, at the role we played as SuperPimp in Korea in the 50's — agreements between the U.S. and Korean governments back then made trafficked girls available for 'recreational rape' for the soldiers. (See the book Sex Among Allies for a detailed account of this.) Similar agreements between the U.S. and Thailand assured a huge supply of enslaved flesh to our servicemen during the Vietnam War.

It is not, of course, just our soldiers or our military who are to blame. The Korean government was relentless in the forced 'recruitment' of whores to service the foreigners because they saw this as an economic bonanza. Under false pretenses, the girls were conscripted for 'jobs': they had no idea what was required was military prostitution. The Korean government was merciless in its policies toward the girls. Ideally, to work at what the government considered 'optimal' level, the girls were instructed to service 30 soldiers a day, one every half hour, for fifteen hours shifts, with no breaks, and they were supposed to do what was required to please the soldier. The Korean government told the girls it was their 'patriotic' duty to lie down as rape fuck meat. The girls, the rape fuck meat, probably did not appreciate the nicety of all the governmental politics that controlled their rape-excavated insides. It is the way of politics — men make decisions and 15-year-old girls end up as rape-fucked dead vaginas.

Certainly, when our military takes all trafficked girls out of sexual slavery there, the Korean government should help with the life-long expense of caring for these broken creatures. In reparation for their merciless sale of their own women, both to the Japanese during WWII, and to the Americans starting in the 50's.

It's kind of tough to know who might be exempt from reparation and guilt. The U.S. sets itself up as a 'judge' as to which countries are the worst sexual enslavers and the whole planet condemns the Japanese for their military Comfort Woman system, yet which country has not done the same to its own women — and women of other nations. I don't know of one. As we were putting Japanese war criminals on trail in Tokyo, our GI's were committing mass rape war crimes on their own brand of Japanese Comfort Girls, just a few yards away. Amazing. Don't just condemn the Japanese. Condemn yourselves and the whole world.

I have some personal knowledge about Korea. My first boyfriend, Vic, my first everything — lover, great love of my life, was stationed in Korea in the 50's. He said that the men who didn't buy camptown girls didn't exist. In other words, almost all the men indulged in raping enslaved bodies. Vic was a good guy. He would never hurt a woman. But he did buy the girls, just like his buddies did. And he said they were terrified of him and the other men. Terrified of how big the Americans were, and Vic said every girl he bought cried when he fucked her. He felt bad but he did it any way because that's what soldiers did.

It is still what soldiers do apparently. Is the DOD going to arrest the whole army and navy and air force and marines???? One question mark for each branch of the service. I don't think so. (Do we have to put the Coast Guard in there as well? I don't know anything about what they do when they dock.)

It has always been my impression that the men in charge in the military simply don't regard the use of prostitutes as any big deal.  DOD lawyers says the push to change prostitution policies or rather 'non-policies of tacit consent,' as I would term them, came in 2003 when the Pentagon saw a Korean news show, taped in 2002, about girls being trafficked in from Eastern Europe, Russia, Thailand, and the Philippines for our serviceman; and part of the segment was about how our MP's were acting as pimps.

The Pentagon says it was outraged by this, but I rather doubt this reaction. For one, trafficking of girls into camptowns in Korea has been going on, as I said, since the 1950's, not to mention the other mass rape activities of our servicemen all over Asia, and Europe, and stateside as well (for example, border towns like Tijuana service the U.S. fleet in San Diego and El Paso has Fort Bliss — business for brothels and sex shows in Ciudad Juarez; Norfolk, Virginia, with its heavy naval presence, had long been a scene of exploitation). The Pentagon is full of military men who have seen prostituted/trafficked girls all over the world — and many of these men probably used enslaved bodies during their tours of duty. It would certainly come as no shock to any of these men that MP's pimp and that soldier freely purchase the bodies of vulnerable girls for sex. This situation has been a time-honored given in our military for ages and ages. (In all militaries, of course.) I wonder, for example, about Colin Powell and his time in Vietnam. He must have seen girls trafficked/prostituted all over the place. If he did nothing about it then, why would he and others associated with the Pentagon bother to notice this 'trivial' subject now. All of these military men in the Pentagon have seen girls forced to whore all over the world. It makes no sense to suddenly pay attention to this fact of military life now, as if the exploitation of women were something new and as if it mattered — it never has in the past.

The push is coming from the whole Pentagon, including the Secretary of Defense. Why, I ask? The military has nothing to gain from this policy. There is, apparently, no pressure coming from the outside in this country. This is not surprising. There have been anti-bases movements overseas, focusing on the degrading treatment of prostituted local women, but civilian women stateside routinely ignore the prostituting of women abroad by our military. What prevailed in Vietnam reigns now as well. The attitude back then was 1) when my boyfriend is stationed over there, he has to get his fuck. Can't expect a young guy not to get his fuck. 2) All I care is he doesn't bring any diseases home. And the women in the military also ignore the topic — assuming that the rape of their own bodies by their fellow soldiers has no relation to the Rape Culture soldiers promote in brothels.

A USO worker in Vietnam felt really sorry for the men when they had to go into combat because then they didn't have any base whores available to them. What could motivate a woman to actually feel sorry for men who rape little brown child-size bodies? Her notion that the man at war is entitled to his collective brothel-bang, his band-of-brothers fuck, and his buddy-bonding-gang rape is, again, time honored among thoughtless, vaginaless, non-whore civilian women.

So, why all the fuss now, if there is no pressure from women on the outside? It seems that a number of women DOD lawyers are concerned about the trafficked women in Korea. Could it be because some of these prostitutes are blonde (Russian and Eastern European) and therefore worth bothering with, unlike the Little Brown Fucking Machines (as the marines call Asian whores) we are accustomed to seeing our men rape? So accustomed that we American women make no protest — except for a radical, passionate, weird woman like me who has herself been raped and experienced a tiny brush with the horror that the trafficked experience.

It also appears that helping the trafficked girls was briefly brought up at the Pentagon, but that it was not stressed — as if this most important point were irrelevant.

To all of which I say, to paraphrase some lines from the movie The American President: "Congratulations! It's taken these guys — and women — five years to come up with a policy that has not the remotest chance of taking trafficked girls out of sexual enslavement."

These girls cannot walk away from their imprisoners. It is not a matter of our men buying the girls or not.  It is a matter of the control their owners have to traffic them elsewhere. So, in despair, I ask again what good this new policy will do the girls?

And I wonder that the women lawyers at the Pentagon have said nothing about the new rape fodder playgrounds available to the military — Iraq and Afghanistan. Why don't these women lawyers from the Pentagon make collective trips to these hot spot raped-whore zones?  I want to see every American female politician as well visit all the brothels all over the world that our military patronizes. If they don't care that trafficked girls are being mounted, and dying under rape misery, then let these women (Condi and Hillary and every American congresswoman) 'spell' the raped. Let all these privileged women politicians take the place of the destroyed bodies in the brothel beds.

Elizabeth Kucinich — wife of the man with a conscience: I was at an animal rights convention where she was one of the speakers. I wrote her a letter, not just about my animal rights agenda, which I would like to see her husband enact, but also about my concerns for the trafficked and prostituted. I had it delivered, by the front desk, to her room. I also e-mailed the same information to her and her husband. Not a peep out of them. If the Kucinich's don't care about the rape of prostituted bodies, then it is certainly not surprising that Hillary doesn't care. She has given brief lip service to the issue. And it is not included in her platform. It is in no one's platform. There is no one a whore, in good conscience, can vote for.

Back to those female DOD lawyers, I would say to them, you can't put a heart into men. At least, not through a training module. A man has a rapestick and he will always use it if the hole to be raped is there, is defenseless, is cheap, and is disposable and he suffers no consequences. As one Marine said to me, "A Marine will fuck anything with a hole in it. Hide the donuts."

And a year in jail is nothing for rape. How is that some kind of punishment? And would the man even serve out the sentence. The My Lai sentences and the ones in the Casualties-of-War incident were ridiculously short — and the men did not even serve out these. Murder, rape, sadism, incredible cruelty--not even deemed worthy of any kind of sentence commensurate with the crime. Disposable cheap gook pussy merits no consideration in the legal world of men.

Will the new DOD policy even result in a few 'token arrests,' I wonder, for show?

Another reason I don't think the modules will be effective: in addition to the difficulty of changing the rape behavior of men, it might be impossible to change the time-honored view that prostitution is the woman's fault, that she likes what she is doing, that it is 'fun,' recreation, not rape. It is a view held out in the civilian population, as well as in the military. In either area, to regard a prostitute as a human being is currently impossible, given prevailing attitudes of scorn, stigmatization, she's a filthy slut, etc. For one, to give her humanity would threaten every 'decent' woman in the world. (In my view, to deny her humanity does so.)

The confusion between 'trafficking' and 'prostitution' will also make the DOD policy impractical. Do we have to put 'enforced' in front of the latter word to bring it up to the same 'victim status.' In my view, almost all prostitutes are 'trafficked,' that is forced in some way. If poverty is involved, then the activity cannot be considered voluntary. It can only be voluntary if the woman also receives sexual pleasure — but prostitution is only concerned with male satisfaction. The woman is in the position of having to please the man, so she is a lesser being, only there for him, not for her own needs and desires. Therefore, prostitution is always rape (her body is used by the man) and it is always enslavement (he buys her, rents her, as if she were a piece of equipment).

I wonder why I am the only whore voice on the sites that publish my articles. I do realize that I am not necessarily writing from the point of view of other whores since I don't really know it. I have never talked to other prostitutes, only read reports about them.  Maybe all those Little Brown Fucking Machines love being Little Brown Fucking Machines.  But the few testimonies I do read express how wretched the girls are.  In Let the Good Times Roll, a book of interviews with Asian women prostituted to the U.S. military, one common thread comes through: all the women struggle to maintain some small shred of dignity in the midst of the degradation of what they do. When you're kneeling in public in front of a GI, doing a blowjob on him, with a handkerchief over your head, dignity is a bit difficult to come by.

I would really like to speak for the whore, if I can, since no one else seems to be doing so. I can give reasons why whores don't like to be whores. For one, the sheer disgust of sex with strangers. The way you have to numb out and stop caring so you won't go insane. How prostitution cannot be considered a form of torture when it means cold, forced, impersonal sex with strangers is beyond me. It made me regard all men as potential 'customer rapists' — to this day, I size up every man I meet in terms of how he would treat me if I were a whore. Would I still be a human being to him, if he could buy me? And I think, often, with relief, with a sigh, when I look at certain men, "God, I'm glad I don't have to fuck that."

Women simply do not lie down with strangers and let them invade their soft bodies because they like it.  When Master's and Johnson started studying sexuality, they at first used prostituted ones, since no 'decent' woman would be studied in this way. What M & J discovered was that the whores were too physically damaged to have any valid sexual responses.

When I peruse an 800-page college text on human sexuality and only two sentences pertain to the whore, I wonder why and then I think, "Well, she has no sexuality. It has been raped out of her."

I regard 'prostitution rape' as a central issue for all women because of the extent of degradation involved, and what is taken from us — our bodies, souls, lives, girlhood, womanhood.

Sex is at the center of a woman's identity. To invade that most private, sacred, intimate part of her, her vagina, her womb, against her will, is to destroy who she is — not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, and in all other ways. To take what is meant for a very private use, a woman's vagina, and to turn it into what is essentially a piece of public property, has far reaching repercussions on a woman's whole being.

To turn what can be one of the most ecstatic, spiritual, and intense experiences of life — lovemaking — into something ugly, brutal, painful, crude, cold, is terrible beyond description.

Apparently none of this occurs to the soldier as rapist or to the non-whore woman, at least those who are 'vaginaless' and with no sympathy for their raped sisters.

Maybe the greatest tragedy is that the raped whore body is robbed of its sexuality. This beautiful gift called sex taken from her.

More statistics: by the year 2025, a quarter of the girls in India will all be prostituted. Will it reach critical mass at any point?  The United Nations says that the profits from human trafficking now exceed those of the drug trade — and that the number of trafficked beings will only increase enormously in the future, since there are no effective measures to stop it. If by 2075, 75% of all human females in all countries are prostituted (provided men can still breathe the polluted air enough to rape) will the remaining 25% still ignore their suffering sisters?

An interesting science fiction scenario I will have to explore in a future novel — the prostituting of women to the point that it reaches 98% and the way the remaining free 2% do not hear the rape cries of their sisters.

Some suggestions for eliminating prostitution rape (now called 'trafficking.') First, set up 'fuckboxes' around the world, stations with artificial vaginas in them, where men can unload. It is obviously irrelevant, to most men, whether a woman is attached to the vagina or not. This is their only goal — to unload. I have come to the conclusion that for reasons unfathomable to me men can't do without our bodies. Unfathomable to me since all they care about is the fuck in the vagina. Why do you guys need the rest of us, if this is the case?

But--in some perverse way--men need more. They need to touch our softness. So, just fuckboxes won't do. But if they need to touch our softness, they can't be allowed to destroy it as they rape us.

We could also encourage men to simply use their fists to fuck themselves off. Those wretched, pathetic Occupation Comfort Girls in Japan are a perfect example of how well this policy could have worked after WWII.  The girls could have been saved the unendurable misery of being raped up to 60 times a day by GI's if the military had simply suggested to the men that they do themselves. Since the soldiers were essentially masturbating inside the girl's vagina anyway — after all, her pleasure was irrelevant and her unbearable pain ignored — why the men actually needed female bodies is beyond me. (I've always thought that military gang rape was a form of public masturbation.)

When I see the famous footage of the huge American warships in the harbours off of Japan, with those thousands of men ready to go ashore, dicks out and at the ready for rape, I wonder why MacArthur didn't take the men aside and instruct them to masturbate instead of form rapelines in front of brothels.

But, then, I forget. For some perverse reason, men need our bodies.

Which brings me to another suggestion: worldwide Lysistrata. All my suggestions are practical, as you may have noted. The only drawback with this one is that it will take the combined effort of all the women in the world. All non-whore women, that is, they must shut off the sex supply — until all the men in the world stop raping the enslaved whore women — who are not free to shut off the supply. The rub is how do you convince 'respectable' women that whores matter? How can you convince such women to institute worldwide Lysistrata to free their enslaved sisters when they themselves do not see them as enslaved. 

I would like turn to the men of the world for help. Those who do not buy bodies are a substantial number who could help girls out of sexual slavery if they would, physically, stop the buyers. Men of the world — don't let other men buy living beings. It is as simple as that. On occasion, on a blog somewhere, I will see an intrepid male, fed up with trafficking and the inhumanity of man toward woman, say, "Let's all get together, those of us who don't buy girls, and stop the ones who do. Let's take those girls out of those brothel beds." A wonderful idea.

Let 2008 be the first year in which no girls are sexually abused as part of the 'fun and games' at an Olympics. At all major sporting events like the World Cup and the Olympics, there is an underworld of dark sex happening — as the tourists party, pimps make huge profits off of sex slaves. The World Cup in Germany saw the trafficking of 40,000 girls into mobile brothels for fans to 'fuck party' on. A trafficked girl who escaped from her enslavers says that she was raped by thousands of customers during the Olympics in Athens. Sexual exploitation is as rampant in China as everywhere else. How many young girls will be served up as fun and games rape fodder for international fans in Beijing? No human rights activists ever focus on this aspect of the Olympics.

I would like more of those human rights groups to spotlight prostitution/trafficking during 2008. Refugees International, for example, lists the most vulnerable segments of the Iraqi population in wartime — but leaves young girls completely off the list! I don't know how much more vulnerable you can be than a young girl in wartime.  Even your own family is against you since you are likely to be sold to feed the rest of them.

I'd like to see more movies on the topic of trafficking. Human Trafficking on Lifetime reached a lot of viewers. Holly, out now, is about child prostitution in Cambodia, specifically the trafficking of young Vietnamese girls into brothels there. It was produced by an investment banker named Jacobson who, on a trip to Phnom Penh, was followed around by prostitutes, some as young as 5, who said if he didn't buy them they would be beaten. He was so appalled that he came home, gathered some funds, made a movie about the situation, and set up an organization to help the girls called Redlight Children Campaign (redlightchildren.org). Amazing man. Let's have all investment bankers in the world follow his example.

I glanced at Sundance's offering for this year and only found one that treats sexual misery — Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo. Not one film about the prostituted body. This is Sundance, the Great Social Conscience Film Festival? Apparently the dead whore meat of history has no importance for the privileged of Sundance.

Eastern Promises uncovers trafficking of adolescent girls into London by the Russian mafia. I have not seen it so I cannot make any aesthetic judgments but it looks as if it is more interested in the naked body of actor Viggo Mortensen than in the raped body of the dead, hemorrhaging adolescent whore that sets the plot in motion. Mortensen went to Russia to research the role. He says he is a social activist. If so, I would like to see him join forces with other activist celebrities (like Susan Sarandon and Angelina Jolie and Mia Farrow and George Clooney) in order to take trafficked girls out of brothels. Daryl Hannah can't do it all on her own. In so far as I know, she is the only one so far who has actually physically invaded a brothel and removed enslaved girls.

George Clooney made a big push for sending UN Peacekeepers to Darfur. Now that they are there, they are buying desperate refugees for a dollar or two a fuck shot. So what else is new?  Those UN Peacekeepers always join in the rape spree. They regard cheap fuck meat at one of the 'perks' of the job.

I see that 3000 more Marines are going to be shipped into Afghanistan. Prostitutes worldwide say that the Marines are the roughest on them. They even hit the girls. In Vietnam, they raped the heaviest. Filipina prostitutes says the Marines were the ones they feared the most — because they were the most violent customers. What will the presence of 3000 more mean to the women selling survival sex in Afghanistan?

Quite frankly, I am sick of living in a world where 'man must have his fuck.' The Phallic Brutal Rape Imperative of all history. I am alienated from an entire generation of men — the ones of the Vietnam era — because of man must have his fuck. I cannot talk to a Vietnam vet without wondering how many brothelized bodies he rape-fucked into death and insanity. It was one of the reasons I could not vote for Kerry. I do not know if he climbed on any whores in Vietnam and rape-fucked them. I hope he didn't — but how can I know if he was exempt from this most dreadful of sexual crimes? As a Winter Soldier, he spoke against rape per se but he said nothing about the prostitutes — those raped far more brutally and terribly than the 'decent' Vietnamese girls. If a 'decent' Vietnamese girl got raped, there might be a tiny whisper of sympathy. But, of course, the whore deserves what she gets. After all, she's just a whore. A piece of dead meat.

I talked to hundreds of Vietnam vets (from around the mid-60's to the mid-80's) and 100% of them gave me the impression that 99% of the guys over there climbed on top of dead rape-fucked whore meat. It was what guys did. It was just 'cheap gook pussy' and you could buy it for about the price of a pack of cigarettes and who was going to turn it down when it opened up its legs and had to fuck for food, or so it wouldn't get beaten by its pimp, and you didn't care because you might die anytime so just get in there and fuck that cheap gook slantslut. She was just a whore.

I am really tired of living in a world where a woman's precious body is cheap cuntmeat.

I am alienated completely from the generation of my fathers, the WWII generation, because they raped cheap cuntmeat, hungry dead rape-prostituted whore meat, in Rome and Paris and Naples and Toyko and Berlin. Wherever the GI's went, the pimps offered the hungry young girls up, on fuckslabs, for rape.

I can't talk to an Iraq vet without wondering if he indulged in the universal GI taste for cheap raped cuntmeat in Iraq.

I go on a lot about numbers but it is not really about millions of raped girls. It is about one. If even one soldier in Vietnam turned one helpless girl into cheap gook pussy, it was too many. One girl who is cheap gook pussy means all women everywhere are disgraced and humiliated.

I will end with a story. While I was waiting in line at Target, I glanced through some of those luxurious, oozing-with-pampered-sex women's magazines. The ones who think women have some liberation and freedom. Lots of emphasis on 'positions,' as if the Kama Sutra were some key to the beauty of sex. Not one mention that this famous sex manuscript is based on girls bought and sold in a 'pleasure culture' that had nothing to do with their pleasure. They were all whores and concubines, forced into the trade around age ten (or even younger) and forced into all those painful, uncomfortable positions for getting mounted by the male. In another one of these women's magazines, I came across a Romantic Love Bill of Rights. It was obviously a bill of rights that applied only to the normal, protected women of the world. It demanded all sorts of tenderness and understanding and gentleness. It was ludicrous in light of the dead meat whore enslaved body upon whom no tenderness is showered. As I read it, I thought how would a twelve-year-old girl sold into a Bombay (London, Tel Aviv, Istanbul — you supply the city) brothel, and ripped apart all day by rough men ramming her insides, think of this 'romantic bill of rights'? What does she think when she tries to see through the bars of her window? Are London women taking their dogs for walks? Does she see people sitting in parks, sipping their Starbucks lattes? Are young couples holding hands, and looking happy and warm and misty, all in love.

Can there be a bill of rights for the whore? The few whores in the world who are not in debt bondage, not pimp-controlled, not forced by men they don't want, where are they? They must be a tiny percentage. And how can they work for Whore Liberation if most of the other whores have no right to even protest what is done to them? Most are in the position of the Burmese girls in the Thai sex-slave brothels, or the 400,000 controlled without mercy by owners in Germany, or the ones trafficked into Japan's massive brutal modern-day 'comfort woman' system. None of these girls can march or protest or hold up placards, the way the few 'free whores' can. And if they cannot, then the free ones, how ever few, are in danger of being treated the same way. Whore Liberation will only work if all whores are free. Not just a tiny handful in a world of unbearable sexual exploitation. Only if all whores can chose their customers, refuse to perform certain acts, keep all the money (no pimps or owners involved), be treated with great respect since they are selling such a beautiful and valuable part of themselves, have protection from disease and dishonor and stigmatization — only then can any whore be free and safe.

The bill of rights I outlined above is just for openers. I would definitely add a $1000 Pussy Clause. No vagina sold for anything less than $1000. This part of our body is so precious and important that it is sacrilege to sell it cheaply. No more UN Peacekeepers getting their fuck for a few cents on a refugee body. No more girls in Bangladesh or Bulgaria having to fuck for a dollar or two. No more 25-cent fucks on pieces of cardboard outside migrant labor camps. In fact no more open-air brothel rape camps anywhere.

I dream on while still despairing that anything can be done. Maybe euthanasia for all trafficked, rape-fucked bodies would be the best thing. The raped-whore, dead-fuck meat that prostitution turns a girl into can never be 'normal' again. I have no self-esteem. I got a Ph.D. and I'm writing a ton of articles and books, but that will give me no self worth. The only thing that keeps me going is my proud alienation from all the 'respectable' women in the world who scorn whores. The Riverbends. I reject not only their ranks but the whores who degrade other whores. I am completely alone, one whore voice. I will never be 'normal.' I cannot take a dog for a walk. Or have a garden and grow a flower. Or look at a sparrow with wonder at how small and humble and fragile she is. Or enjoy an English muffin with raspberry jam and a cup of tea. I am always looking through the bars of the twelve-year old's room in that London brothel. As long as she is behind them, I see the world through her eyes.  No romantic bill of rights or whore bill of rights applies to her or to me. Until all brothel beds are empty, every woman in the world is enslaved.