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Muslim Man & Jewish Man Unite - Walking side by Side / Apr 2016
This is a social experiment video of the reaction to people seeing a jew walking side by side with an arab. What is sad is to see the surprise on people's faces because segregation of the two cultures is so embedded in the mind, but the reaction is almost all positive.

The Rape of Europe - Paul Joseph Watson / Jan 2016
Racism trumps rape, at least in the minds of the European leaders. So as the massive influx of migrants into Europe directly correlates with escalating rape figures and reports, our political leaders are denying that there is a link and trying to stick with their absurd politically correctness.

Baltimore protests: Freddie Gray family lawyer on police brutality / Apr 2015
Freddie Gray was a black man arrested by the Baltimore police. After they had finished with him, he was dead with a broken neck and a severed spine. This is just the latest in a long line of police brutality against Blacks. Here, Gray's lawyer talks about the wider issues.

Evicted and Abandoned: How the World Bank has broken its promises / Apr 2015
An estimated 3.4 million people have been physically or economically displaced in the past decade by projects funded by the World Bank. And this problem is only going to get worse as the World Bank relaxed its human rights and lending standards in a recent policy review.

Fire Marshal Shuts Down Office Who Attempts to Violate His Rights / Mar 2015
When we get pulled over by cops, we are often so uncomfortable that we freely allow them to abuse our rights. This fire marshal knows his constitutional rights, and refuses to be intimidated. To stop police abuse, knowing our rights is essential. Also see: https://youtu.be/MQ84fG2-kAg

Norman Finkelstein: The Martyrdom of Gaza and the Future of Palestine / Feb 2015
This is Dr. Finkelstein's address to the the UCD Philosophical Society, University College Dublin, on the Palestinian problem and how it can easily be fixed with a little humanity and common sense. Instead, Israel, led by Netanyahu, has gone berzerk and continues its insane policies.

Norman Finkelstein: Netanyahu is a maniac / Feb 2015
Finkelstein, author of Method and Madness - The hidden story of Israel's assaults on Gaza, talks about the Goldstone report and how Israel may well be guilty of war crimes. He also describes Netanyahu as a maniac who erroneously claims to speak for all Jews rather than just Israel.

ISIS Sex-Slave Raping & Selling Girls / Sept 2014
This documentary looks at some of the appalling crimes against women being perpetrated by ISIS and other Islamic extremists. Islam is such a misogynist belief system that it positively encourages the abuse of woman and young girls, all in the name of "Allah".

Life in Occupied Palestine: Eyewitness Stories & Photos - Anna Baltzer / Jul 2014
Anna Baltzer was just a normal Jewish American who decided to visit Palestine herself. What she experienced changed her views, and she realized that what Israel is doing in Palestine is a crime against humanity. You can purchase her DVD at www.AnnaInTheMiddleEast.com/dvd

David Icke Speaks on Rothschild Zionism / May 2014
Not many people take on the evils of Zionism, but Icke is able to put aside political correctness and bring this important topic to public attention. Criticism of Zionism is deliberately equated to anti-Semitism in order to discourage criticism and allow Zionism to continue its agenda.

An Israeli Soldier's Story - Eran Efrati / Mar 2014
Efrati is a very brave soldier who fought to recover his humanity once he left the IDF, and joined Breaking the Silence. Now he is an activist with Israeli groups Anarchists Against the Wall and Boycott from Within. And what a passionate speaker! Efrati's honesty offers hope for the future.

North Korea: Life in the camps - Amnesty International / Feb 2014
What is going on in North Korea at the moment are the worst and most shocking cases of mass crimes against humanity. Kim Jong-Un continues the psycopathic policies of his murderous father Kim Jong-Il, with stories abounding of terrible abuse and starvation.

Zionist Israeli Girl Debates Jewish Professor Dr. Norman Finkelstein / Jan 2013
Some see Finkelstein as a Jew-hating Jew when he is actually a courageous humanitarian who has moved past the ignorance of tribalism that fuels humanity's conflicts, wars, cruelty and hatred. There will be no peace as long as people base their identity on their race or creed.

An Honest Israeli Jew tells the Truth about Israel / Dec 2012
Miko Peled was born in Jerusalem into an influential Zionist family. His father was a well-known General in the Israeli Army. Peled is one of the growing number of Israeli's and Jews around the world who are against Zionism and racist State of Israel.

Pictures of Palestine - Humanitarian Blogging from Bethlehem /Palden Jenkins (2012)
This is the story of ordinary Palestinian life in the West Bank; it is the story of children, shopkeepers, taxi-drivers, rabbis, Bedouine, peacemakers, soldiers and politicians. This insightful book is what the Palestinians. For more info, please visit: paldywan.blogspot.co.uk/

Free Schapelle Corby: Australia Facing Corruption Crisis (2012)
Schapelle Corby is an Australian who, on a trip to Bali, had 4.2kg of marijuana planted in her bag (making it heavier than it was at check in). She got 20 years in jail for the trumped up charges. In the bigger picture, her case highlights the corruption of the Austrlian government.

Islamic Sexuality: A Survey Of Evil — Ann Barnhardt / Nov 2011
This lecture, by a right-wing Christian fundamentalist, brings up some sage points that most liberals would not have the courage to express. Fundamental Islam is certainly dysfunctional, but could Islamic sexual abuse be driving force behind this "religion's" sociopathic nature?

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward /Official Release / 2011
Most of human suffering and misery is man-made. Our society is set up to put profit before people. Today, society is crumbling, and those in power are doing everything they can to hold on to that power, at the expense of ordinary people. It is time to wake up from this abuse.

Jon Young: Indigenous Voices / Dec 2010
Young is such an inspiration! Here he talks about tracking, connection and mentoring with the Kalahari Bushman. Young has pioneered blending Native mentoring and cultural techniques from around the world with the skills he developed and refined as a holistic tracker.

The Story of Human Rights / Sep 2009
Human rights give us a standard by which we can reject slavery, torture, starvation and general abuse of the world's population. Without rights, such a rejection becomes impossible. This is why human rights are so important, forming the basis of social justice and steering social change.

Submission Part 1 by Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali (2004)
This 10-minute film written by Ayann Hirsi Ali and directed by Theo van Gogh depicts the abuse and control of women by Islamic societies. van Gogh was subsequently murdered by a Muslim fanatic and the film remains unreleased.

Why Empathy? (Jan 2009)
A teacher shares her experience of using empathy to make connection with a student in the Ku Klux Klan, and bridge the gap between him and the other students in the class.

Human Trafficking in Colorado (2007)
Most people believe that slavery was abolished nearly two hundred years ago. But then most people live in complete ignorance of the sex trafficking and literal slavery that is rampant in Western "developed" democracies.

Cutting Edge: The Child Sex Trade (Channel 4, May 07)
Powerful documentary on Romanian child trafficking, made by British filmmaker Andrew Smith and Romanian reporter Liviu Tipurita. The British paedophile Tom Peters, exposed in the film, remains at large.