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The World Cup and other high profile sporting events have always been huge draws for sex traffickers. However, as long as prostitution is considered separate from trafficking, sex slavery will continue. [more →]
Once again a war film omits a central horror of war — the abuse of women and children, often by our own "heroic" soldiers. In this way, war is passed off as a story about men — about their suffering and their glorification. [more →]
Few realize that large sporting events like the Olympics and the football World Cup are fantastic business opportunities for those involved in the brutal training and sex trafficking of young girls. [more →]
The Ghost Whore
Suki examines the elephant in the room that society deliberately overlooks — the reality of protitution with its terrible torture, enslavement and abuses of millions of young girls merely for the pleasure of men. [more →]
The reality of sex trafficking and prostitution is condoned in society by hiding the terrible abuse behind a smokescreen of euphemisms and misdirections. In this way, language itself becomes the foundation of abuse. [more →]
Why do the women that society officially honours and holds up as paragons of the feminine seem to be so masculine in their traits? Suki shows us that this refusal to honour the feminine is a complicity in the abuse of women. [more →]
In Part 2, Suki delves deeper into the hidden enslavement and abuse of women, and asks why prostitutes are affored less rights than any other category of human being. [more →]
Much of human society revolves around the abuse of the helpless — the rape of women and the tortore of animals. Suki gives a vivid and comprehensive review of the system that maintains a conspiracy of silence on this suffering. [more →]
Falconberg praises the work of Nicholas Kristof for exposing the torture and rape of women worldwide, and she highlights the horrors of female circumcision which is still a common practice in the African continent. [more →]
Global sporting events, such as the Olympics and World Cup, hold an unreported secret: they are magnets for those who traffic and abuse women/girls in the prostitution trade. Falconberg investigates. [more →]
In an email to Suki, Myra Adel, Miss Iraq 2008, gives an eyewitness account of the terrible abuses currently being suffered by Iraqi women both in Iraq and neighboring 'safe' countries. [more →]
The pampered vagina from the pages of Cosmo is very different from the vagina out in a world where slavery, rape, mutilation, infection, tearing, bleeding and fuck-for-food desperation are alarmingly normal. [more →]
Falconberg questions the authority of academics who have not experienced the nightmare of prostitution and yet feel qualified to write papers that intellectually sanitize the horror. [more →]
50,000 Iraqi women and girls have been forced into surival prostitution since the Iraq invasion. And all we hear of it in the media is a single poorly researched story on CNN. [more →]
The Padlocked Vagina
Despite the First Amendment and her relative safety from the brutality of men, Falconberg's dissident voice for women's and animal rights could brand her a terrorist in the US. [more →]
Las Vegas is a city associated with hedonism, showbiz, gambling and glamour… but would you associate it with rape? In reality, it is the hub for trafficking prostitutes in North America. [more →]
A lone voice even in the alternative press, Falconberg describes outlines the treatment of women as 'fuck meat' around the world, and puts forward some resolutions for 2008. [more →]
Japan at the end of World War II was awash with the semen of the conquering and raping heros of the Allied Forces. And what happened was what always happens during wars. [more →]
This is a rape-survivor's response to Ken Burns' documentary "The War" which glorified WWII American soldiers whilst ignoring their brutal and murderous treatment of women. [more →]