History As It Really Was - Videos

Untold History of the United States: Bush, Obama and the Age of Terror / Mar 2015
This is the concluding episode of Oliver Stone's brillant 10-part documentary. We see the US as a rogue nation that is exporting terror as "freedom", destroying domestic freedom in the process. Obama has unfortunately continued Bush's warmongering legacy without hesitation.

Untold History: Stalin, the Soviet Union and WWII (Jan 2013)
Many people think that the US won the Second World War. Actually the US and the British were fighting 10 German divisions whereas the Russians were fighting 200 German divisions. This is reflected in the massive Soviet casualties of 27 million. Peter Kuznick is interviewed on this.

Untold History: Early US Imperialism, Hitler, Roosevelt, Spanish Civil War (Dec 2012)
Historian Peter Kuznick is interviewed by Real News on the book and series he co-authored with Oliver Stone called The Untold History of the Untied States. Roosevelt could easily have taken a stronger stance against facism, but the hope was to play off Germany against Russia.

Oliver Stone on the Untold History of the United States (Dec 2012)
Director Oliver Stone, along with historian Peter Kuznick, has produced an exposé on the official version of World War II, Vietnam and more recent American history, showing that what we are taught in school is a fairy story concocted for political reasons. (See Part 2 here.)

History of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict - Alison Weir (Nov 2012)
Alison Weir gives a lecture at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The media, by its omissions, has give us the lie that all Palestinians are terrorists and that they deserve to be exterminated in that way that Israel is doing.

Why We Are Afraid: A 1400 year Secret - Dr. Bill Warner / Aug 2012
Islam is such a violent and degenerate religion that it was responsible for fall of the Byzantine Expire and precipitated the dark ages. Whilst this is a very un-pc perspective, we include it here as it may represent the truth of our past more accurately than that which is taught in schools.

David Icke Interviewed on DNA, Royals & Illuminati History (June 2012)
Great interview with Icke that covers the Gnostics, Roman church, DNA, royals, bloodlines and Illuminati history. Icke is not afraid to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, and it is because he goes all the way that so many are so quick to dismiss him.

Michael Tellinger - Truth Connections Radio (Feb 2012)
Tellinger's research has shown that ancient Africa pre-dates ancient Egypt. Here he presents his theories to Truth Connections Radio.

The Human History Movie - Spirit Science 12 (Jan 2012)
Awesome animation on an alternative history of the world. This history is based on the work of Drunvalo Melchizidek and is recored on many ancient tablets and artifacts that have recently been uncovered. Whether true or not, you decide, this is certainly a great story!

12,000 year-old Structure in South-Eastern Turkey / History Channel (Aug 2011)
In 1994, a shepherd noticed a tip of a stone sticking out of his field. That was the start of an excavation of Göbekli Tepe, a 12,000 year-old Neolithic complex that predates Mesepotamia by 6,000 years, and is now the oldest known religious man-made structure known.

Ancient Alien Astronauts - Forbidden Archeology (Dec 2010)
Great montage of ancient stone structures and mysterious artifacts that bring into question much of ancient history. It would seem that we have been visited by alien races in the past and that their images, their flying vehicles and their spacesuits have been recorded in stone.

Forbidden Archeology - Secret Discoveries of Early Man (Oct 2010)
Full feature documentary that examines some of the evidence that is being quiety ignored by the academic community. Modern arti

David Icke - Freedom or Facism - The Time to Choose (Lecture from 2006)
Nobody can put it all together as well as David Icke. Here he traces the history of the Illuminati and how these individuals have created the world that we have today. This is history that few are aware of, and we have the choice whether to break free and create a new reality.