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New Technology Reveals Previously Unknown Ancient Sites and the Reality of 25ft Giants (May 2015)
Dr. Rita Louise of Just Energy Radio interviews Klaus Dona, an art exhibition curator from Austria who has traveled the world in search of unconventional archeological findings including giants bones, crystal skulls, carvings and sculptures. DNA from rhe giant bones have been tested by a Japanese laboratory who confirm that they do not belong to homo sapiens.
Untold History of the United StatesBOOK: Our Occulted History - Jim Marrs
If you want a synopsis of history as it really happened, nobody is better at bringing it all together than Jim Marrs. This ambitious book covers human history from the birth of humanity all the way up to our present surveillance-obsessed society, and how a cabal of ET-connected individuals have been controlling and manipulating human society for millennia. As humanity becomes more self-aware, methods of subjugation get more insidious, so that today we have a civilisation of slaves who believe WE live in a free democracy. The question is: do we realize the game we are inadvertently a part of, and do we have the courage to get up off the couch and stand up for real freedom?

night sunAncient Mayan 'night sun' temple (2012)
A 1,600-year-old Mayan temple dedicated to the "night sun" has been found on top of a pyramid tomb in a northern Guatemalan forest. It is ornately decorated with 1.5m tall succo masks which depict phases of the sun as it moves east to west, and has been designed to stream sunlight around the tomb. More than half the temple has now been excavated since excavations began in 2006 and shows the close connection between the king Pa'Chan ("fortified sky"), thought to be the governer and founder of the first El Zotz dynasty and the sun which was held to be sacred by the Maya. [more info]

Untold History of the United StatesBOOK: The Untold History of the United States - Stone & Kuznick
World War II has always been considered by Americans as the "just war", one in which America saved the world. But the truth is more convoluted and disturbing than that. Even the atomic bomb did not have to be dropped, but was dropped for political reasons. This is the story that United States from WWII to the present day that you will not hear in schools because that history has been whitewashed, both home and abroad. If we knew what really went on, we would be shocked at the callous nature of our "leaders" and the way that they consider all of us to be pawns in their power games. This book accompanies the not-to-be-missed series of the same name. What an eye-opener!
BOOK: The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail/ Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln
Every once and a while a book comes along that combines outrageous conclusions with inescapably documentation. And if those conclusions involve the central tenets of a major religion — Christianity — then you have an extremely combustible recipe. Basically, the book reveals that Jesus actually survived the crucifixion and then traveled to the south of France where he and his wife, Mary Magdalene, give birth to a line of kings, the Merovingians. This blood line is involved with the Knights Templar and the Freemasons.
BOOK: Flying Serpents and Dragons / R. A. Boulay
A very convincing book subtitled "The Story of Mankind's Reptilian Past". Boulay punches a whole in our every preconcevied notion about the origin of humanity, civlisation and religion. He examines many different myths from around the world and shows how the flying serpent or dragon is a central and common theme for humanity. The book of Genesis, for example, is full of strange allusions to reptiles, but these are certainly no ordinary snakes as many of us are supposed to believe. Something profound has been hidden away in humanity's myths and legends, and Boulay has uncovered it.
BOOK: Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark / Laurence Gardner
Having recently attended a lecture by the author, I can say that Gardner is able to present a fascinating balance between research and conjecture. In this book, he outlines the rediscovery of monatomic gold in Texas of all places and shows how this remarkable substance was actually a central component to the Ark of the Covenant. The implications of these discoveries, so well presented in this book, will be felt by generations to come, just as they were in the time of the biblical Old Testament. This book is highly recommended.
SupernaturalBOOK: Supernatural / Graham Hancock
Hancock highlights the work of palaeoanthropologist David Lewis-Williams which puts forward the theory that the ancient cave paintings around the world (the most famous of which are in France and Spain and are more than 50,000 years old) were the work of shamans in altered states of consciousness. He takes the conclusions much further than Lewis-Williams, however, and shows a connection with modern day shamanism and UFO/fairy folklore, which both indicate that there are other "objective" dimensions our minds can experience in altered states in which other beings reside. Hancock is no dry academic, however, and describes his own experiences with psychedelic plants.
BOOK: Reality / Peter Kingsley
This book is nothing short of pure genius. It could be in the Spirit or even Mind sections of this site, but it here because it describes the ultimate destiny of the soul, the path we will all take in our journey back to wholeness. Reality introduces the world to the real Parmenides and the extraordinary mystical traditions that lie at the roots of western culture. If you think that mediation, inner contemplation and cycles of rebirth belong solely to Eastern spiritual traditions, this book will change that world view. The West has a remarkable spiritual heritage, but it has been lost for millennia until Kingsely, with writing that can only be described as sublime, rediscovered it.
BOOK: The Templar Revelation / L. Picknett and C. Prince
Although it does deal with some Templar history, this book focuses on the origins of Christianity and the true identity of Jesus. Starting with their investigation of the Turin Shroud and Leonardo da Vinci, the two authors point to many clues in da Vinci's art that imply the existence of a secret underground religion. Their search takes them to the heart of Europe in the middle ages and Templar history and then right back into Egyptian times. This is a well researched book.
BOOK: The 12th Planet / Zecharia Sitchin
As a scholar who can read Sumarian cuneiform tablets, which are among the oldest writings ever discovered, Sitchin has pieced together an viable alternative history of humanity and civilization, and he corroborates his account with an impressive amount of archaeological evidence.
BOOK: Genisis: The First Book of Revelations / David Wood
Since it was published in 1985, this book has turned into a classic. Starting from the age-old mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, Wood undertakes some detailed and insightful detective work on the sacred geometry. He soon finds that there is a massive "temple" layout covering more than 40 square miles and that it encodes sacred knowledge passed on to our descendents from those who come from the stars. Might be out of print at the moment but the ISBN number is: 0859361802.