Promethazine Cancer Treatment

Dr. Robert Jones' promising cancer protocol
Updated Edition - December 2008
The Promethazine or Phenergan® cancer treatment was developed by Robert Jones MA PhD as an effective and inexpensive means to kill cancer cells and increase survival rates.

This article is for interest only and should not form the basis of diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition or illness. If you are unwell or have a specific medical condition, please base your healthcare decisions on the advice of a medical doctor or other healthcare practitioner.


PROMETHAZINE (known under the tradenames Phenergan®, Promethagan®, Romergan®, Fargan®, Prothiazine® and Avomine) is an over-the-counter medication used as an anti-histamine, a pediatric sedative and to quell travel sickness. Research by Dr. Robert Jones, however, has shown that, along with specific nutritional supplements, this medication is able to manipulate the mitochondrial metabolic pathways of cancer cells so that they produce toxins which kill only those cells.

Please use the menu on the top-right of this page to navigate between different pages of Dr. Jones' protocol, the most important of which is the TREATMENT section which outlines the actual cancer treatment programme. (There are also links on the bottom of each section to take you to the next section or the previous section.)

Please note that Dr. Jones is not pedaling a "magic bullet" all-cancer cure. He specifically lists contra-indications that should be read before deciding whether to embark on the program. You can find these listed in the TREATMENT paper. Amongst others they include steroid use, exposure to phenothiazines, analgesics (such as aspirin and ibuprofen) and multi-drug resistance. Finally, there is no evidence at the present time that this protocol is effective for prostatic, melanoma or mesothelioma cancers.

If you are interested in researching further into Dr. Robert Jones' work, he has written a book called In The Darker Shadow of Science — a narrative volume (in a similar vein to The Double Helix) that covers both the science and the politics of his research and why it has not been given the recognition that it deserves. If you have specific questions on his work, you can always email him [see right panel for Dr. Jones' email].

Finally and most importantly, although this is a self-medicating programme, we advise you to inform your doctor if you decide to follow it. Note that Dr. Jones is adamant that his cancer treatment programme is not "alternative medicine" as it is based entirely upon conventional medical research.

[There has recently been some misinformation placed online that Promethazine is teratogenic — in other words it can be dangerous for pregnant women. Dr. Jones strongly contests this and states that not only is this not the case, but the drug is actually recommended in some situations specifically for morning sickness.]