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Health is not merely something fixed by a doctor or pill when we become ill. It is our wholeness reflected by our lifestyles, emotions, energies and psychology. Unless we restore wholeness, we will never experience optimum health. Modern medicine is about money not wholeness.

Statin Nation: A Documentary on the Great Cholesterol Cover-Up (Sept 2012)
Statins are relatively ineffective drugs with side-effects such as joint/muscle pain, memory loss, depression, kidney, liver and digestion problems, and possibly cancer. And yet doctors now want everyone over 50 to take them. Visit to order DVD.

Most of us think of toothpaste as healthy for us, but Klaus Ferlow shows us that most toothpastes are a concoction of poisionous chemicals and damaging ingredients. Anyone interested in being truely healthy should always use completely natural toothpastes like neem toothpaste. [more]

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Joe Rogan Interviews Victor Conte on the coverup on sports enhancing drugs / Oct 2012
Victor Conte was one of the pioneers of illegal doping programs in the United States, and he was founder of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) which distributed steroids to athletes. Conte did time for his activities, and is now focused on nutritional methods for increasing performance. Here he lifts the lid to Joe Rogan on how widespread doping has become, and how positive results are buried by the authorities so that the image of sport is not damaged. He states that 50% of athletes are now taking performance enhancing illegal drugs, including many of the big names in all different sports, including track & field, boxing, football and tennis. (Thanks Sab)