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Health is not merely something fixed by a doctor or pill when we become ill. It is our wholeness reflected by our lifestyles, emotions, energies and psychology. Unless we restore wholeness, we will never experience optimum health. Modern medicine is about money not wholeness.

Globesity: Fat's New Frontier / Jul 2012
Obesity is no longer a rich country's disease, but is now spreading globally to developing nations. People around the world are eating more calories, and bad calories — from sugar and fat which are a biologically damaging combination. AS a consequence, cancer and diabetes are on the rise.

1993 Lecture by Dr. Michael Klaper on the dangers of eating meat & dairy / Oct 2011
The evidence is there — meat and dairy products in the diet seriously damage our bodies, leading to serious diseases such as heart disease & cancer. A vegetarian diet is a must, not only for optimum health, but to minimize suffering on the planet. Visit Dr. Klaper's website.

Most of us think of toothpaste as healthy for us, but Klaus Ferlow shows us that most toothpastes are a concoction of poisionous chemicals and damaging ingredients. Anyone interested in being truely healthy should always use completely natural toothpastes like neem toothpaste. [more]
The Miraculous Neem
Klaus Ferlow—02/2014
The neem tree is native to India and Burma and the oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the olive shaped fruit. Herbalist Klaus Ferlow outlines some of neem oil's numerous and remarkable healing properties which have made it a mainstay of the Ayurvedic pharmacy. [more]
Rosa Mosqueta Seed Oil, better known as rosehip seed oil, has remarkable skin-regenerating properties which make it an essential component to skincare regimes, helping to smooth out wrinkles, reduce unsightly age spots and even regenerating scarred and damaged skin. [more]
We are all becoming aware that the food we eat and the air we breathe bring health-destroying toxins into our bodies. But few realize that standard cosmetics and skin products also do the same, which is why we should always choose chemical-free, natural products. [more]
If you have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth, mercury detoxes are a must. This is because mercury is a very poisonous metal and just the act of chewing will release potentially dangerous amounts of mercury into your body. [more]
Antibiotics have been so overused by the medical and vetinarian establishments that new bacteria stains are arising that are resistant to them resulting in the rise of infections for which there is no treatment. Ferlow presents herbal antibiotics as the solution to this problem. [more]
Tamanu oil is extracted from the fruit of a tree which grows in various hot climates in Pacific and Indian Ocean areas. It has remarkable properties when used topically: it is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, rejuvenating and contains powerful antioxidants. [more]
Golden Root, is a powerful adaptogen, allowing those who take it to cope with stress, as well as increasing memory, mental stability, strength and mobility. It has also been shown to be helpful for weight management and athletic performance. [more]

Confessions of a Pharmaceutical Rep - Gwen Olsen / Mar 2008
Olsen spent 15 years as a pharma rep for healthcare companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Abbott Laboratories, and in that time she realized that it was not in these corporations' interests to cure people, but to keep them in a state of drug dependance.

Resonance - Beings of Frequency / The Dangers of Mobile Phones (Dec 2012)
Studies have conclusively shown that mobile phone radiation is dangerous to humans and other life forms, causing cancer and other disruptions in the body. These health issues take at least 10 years to show up, so we are in for a shocking reality check in a few years time.

Joe Rogan Interviews Victor Conte on the coverup on sports enhancing drugs / Oct 2012
Victor Conte was one of the pioneers of illegal doping programs in the United States, and he was founder of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) which distributed steroids to athletes. Conte did time for his activities, and is now focused on nutritional methods for increasing performance. Here he lifts the lid to Joe Rogan on how widespread doping has become, and how positive results are buried by the authorities so that the image of sport is not damaged. He states that 50% of athletes are now taking performance enhancing illegal drugs, including many of the big names in all different sports, including track & field, boxing, football and tennis. (Thanks Sab - skip forward to 8.00 mins to go straight past the commercials to the interview itself.)

GlaxoSmithKline LogoMonsanto VP Appointed FDA Advisor / 13 Aug 12
Obama has just appointed Michael R. Taylor, former Monsanto Vice President and chief lobbyist, to the post of senior advisor to the commissioner of the FDA. This gives Monsanto huge influence over American food and drug policy, presenting a massive conflict of interest. It is these sorts of appointments that explain why the FDA is so blatantly against natural health solutions and organic farming. This also means that toxic farm chemicals as well as genetically modified foods will now be pushed through with impunity, as Monsanto rides high on its path to world domination. It is not in the people's interest to have individuals like Tailor in positions of power, but Obama's decisions are nothing to do with the interests of the people.

GlaxoSmithKline Logo$3 Billion Fine for GSK Healthcare Fraud / 4th July 2012
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has admitted in the US courts that it bribed physicians to push dangerous drugs in exchange for Madonna tickets, Hawaiian holidays, a European pheasant shoot, cash and very lucrative speaking tours. The company also admitted to distributing misleading information on Paxil, saying it could be used for children when it was not approved for children. Considering that the company has a market value of $133 billion, a $3 billion fine amounts to just 2% of its value. Imagine if a natural health company had made just simple claims for a product (never mind bribes and dangerous info), it would be fined a lot more than 2% of its value, indeed, it would probably be closed down, with calls for draconian control of the natural health industry. But big business controls the shots even in government, and so a slap on the wrist is all they get.

BBC Horizon 2012: Eat, Fast and Live Longer (Jul 2012)
Fasting is not something that only religious people need to do. In fact, when done correctly, fasting is the very best thing that any of us can do to improve our health and wellbeing. A new documentary, by Dr. Michael Mosley, finds that easier intermittent fasting works just as well. We had this documentary embedded from Youtube, but it has since disappeared. But in a nutshell, you can radically change your health by fasting 2 days out of 7, and eating as much as you like on the remaining 5 days. This drastically cuts your chance of developing all the major chronic diseases (including cancer and heart disease) that modern society suffers from.

The Cancer Act 1939 and similar legislation around the world gives orthodox cancer treatment an undeserved monopoly, ensuring that ineffective but profitable treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy can never be challenged by more effective alternative treatments. [more]
By trying to eliminate the placebo effect, orthodox medicine ends up throwing out the very core of healing and wholeness. Doctors of the future, however, will not only accept the presence of the placebo effect, but will positively encourage it. [more]

Sugar: The Bitter Truth — Robert H. Lustig (Jul 2009)
Lustig is a UCSF Professor of Pediatrics who first-hand sees the damage that our high-sugar diets are doing to our society. In this lecture, Lustig shows how it is actually sugar rather than fat that is killing us, and that our fixation on low-fat foods has not reduced heart disease.

Why You Should NOT Eat GM Foods (Jan 2012)
Human kind are playing with fire because we are eating GM food without regard to the long-term effects that they are having on our health and that of our children. So far, the evidence is pointing to a nightmare scenario if we keep going the GM route. It is also possible that the powers to be are pushing GM food because they can act as steralizers in just a few generations, helping to bring down the world's population. For info on the dangers of GM foods, see this leaflet that has been put together by the Inst. of Responsible Technology:

What is Herbalism?
Klaus Ferlow—11/2011
Master herbalist, Klaus Ferlow, examines what herbalism actually is and gives a brief outline of the history of herbalism. Rather than a backup to normal orthodox medicine, herbalism should be primary healthcare. [more]
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS results in adverse reactions to an array of everyday environmental chemicals. Here Melva Smith describes the positive benefits of dance to those with multiple chemical sensitivity and asthma. [more]
Ginkgo Biloba - The Longevity Herb
Klaus Ferlow—06/2011
Gingko Biloba is a herb with some remarkable regenerative properties. Here, leading herbalist Klaus Ferlow examines some of these benefits, and how Gingko has become an indispensable component to any natural health regime. [more]

Airport X-Ray Body Scanners Safety Tests were Rigged (17 May 2011)
NaturalNews reported this week that "the TSA faked its safety data on its X-ray airport scanners in order to deceive the public about the safety of such devices." Now five professors from the University of California, San Francisco and Arizona State University have written a letter to bring this deception to public awareness. They report that the tests, which were done anonymously and secretly, "didn't even use the actual machines installed at airports" but a "custom combination of spare parts rigged by the manufacturer of the machines" in order to produce the required safety data. Peter Rez, a physic professor from Arizona State, says that "the high-quality images described by the TSA could not be produced with the low levels of radiation being claimed by the TSA," and goes on to say that an estimate of the actual radiation these scanners are producing is 45 times higher than we are being told, and the radiation is increased further to "zoom" into interesting parts of our body.

If you are interested in optimum tooth and gum health, it is very important that you choose a natural toothpaste from a health store as the normal ones you buy in most supermarkets are full of toxins. [more]
Big Pharma must be utterly terrified of Wakefield's observations to have unleashed such utterly fraudulent claims of fraud against him. This is an analysis of just how misleading Deer's claims are. [more]

Did Brian Deer Lie in his false exposure of Dr. Andrew Wakefield? (Jan 2011)
In May 2010, surgeon and medical researcher, Dr. Wakefield was struck off by the Medical Register (he can no longer practise medicine in the UK) for dishonest and fraudulent research which uncovered the dangers of MMR vaccination and its link to autism. Then in January 2011, journalist Brian Deer published an exposé of Wakefield's work as an "elaborate fraud", urging that Wakefield face criminal charges. However, further investigation reveals that Deer's allegations against Deer are categorically false. This is a long series of interviews undertaken by Dr. Gary Null who has access to all the documents that Deer had access to, and he conclusively shows that ALL the allegations against Wakefield are lies.

You can hear these interviews by visiting:
[Thank you to Heidi from Our Gaia for the link.]

Arthritis is still a scourge for humankind, affecting 20% of the US population. But help is at hand in the form of Devil's Claw — a herb, found only in Kalahari Desert in South Africa, with amazing benefits. [more]
Elderberry is a remarkable healing herb that has been used down through the centuries in different cultures to strengthen the immune system, stave off colds and flu, infammation and heal injuries. [more]
Under a bill passed by the US House of Reps, you could be imprisoned for ten years for simply stating a food's potential to prevent or treat disease. Our last chance for free speech and health food is to oppose this Bill at the US Senate. [more]
Not only are genetically modified foods being forced upon us, the FDA is now forbidding non-GMO labelling so that we can no longer even make a choice whether we want to avoid eating GM foods. [more]
It's almost a done deal. We are about to see herbal preparations disappear, and the ability of herbalists to prescribe them will also be lost. This is a disaster for natural health and a big win for big phama. [more]
Millions of us suffer from allergies of one kind or another. Here, herbalist Klaus Ferlow explains what allergies are, the types that we come across, and offers a variety of natural and effective methods of reduce the symptoms. [more]
False Pandemic - Jane Burgermeister

False Pandemic - Jane Burgermeister (Jan 2010)
Jane Burgermeister is a highly regarded medical editor and journalist who has become one of the leading whistle blowers on the hidden agendas of the vaccine industry and governments that collude with them. This ebook is the story of the swine flu pandemic and how is was manufactured for the specific purpose, not only to enrich the pharmaceutical industry with vaccine sales, but also as an attempt to depopulate the globe and install a one-world government. Farfetched? It certainly sounds that way, until you actually examine the evidence that Burgermeister has uncovered, evidence that was compelling enough for her to file criminal charges against those responsible. And there is a great deal of unequivocal evidence to show that both governments and big pharma are systematically lying about this whole pandemic to the general public. If you want to know the truth, if you value your own life and that of your family, then read this ebook. Also, visit Burgermeister's website at

General Electric Gags Doctor Warning Risks of Drug Omniscan (Dec 2009)
GE Healthcare, a British subsidiary of General Electric, is using the free-speech stifling British Libel laws to gag a Danish academic, Henrik Thomsen, after he described the side-effects of GE's drug Omniscan as a "nightmare". Thomsen expressed concern at a scientific congress in Oxford in 2007 after witnessing kideny patients at his hospital contracting a potentially deadly condition after taking Omniscan. When the UK Sunday Times asked GE Healthcare to highlight which part of this presentation was problematical, the spokeswoman could not do so. GE Healthcare alludes in its writ only to defamation by "innuendo", and so is effectively using UK libel law to gag a doctor speaking out in the interests of public health to protect profits. For more information, visit: PharmaGossip.


Meet The Man Credited for Generating the Whole Swine Flu Hysteria (Dec 2009)
The man with the nickname "Dr Flu", Professor Albert Osterhaus, of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam Holland has been named by Dutch media researchers as the person at the center of the worldwide Swine Flu H1N1 Influenza A 2009 pandemic hysteria. Not only is Osterhaus the connecting person in an international network that has been described as the Pharma Mafia (he stands at the global nexus of every major virus panic of the past two decades), he is THE key advisor to WHO on influenza and is intimately positioned to personally profit from the billions of euros in vaccines allegedly aimed at H1N1. As a government and WHO flu advisor who has substantial financial interests in the vaccine industry, Osterhaus is now under investigation for this huge conflict of interest. For more information, click here.

Alternative Cancer Doctor is Kidnapped by the FDA (Dec 09)
Dr. Greg Caton has been researching and developing effective alternative cancer treatments for the last 20 plus years. However, the powers that be and the big pharmaceuticals needed Caton to be silenced regarding his cancer treatments, and so, on the 2 December 2009, Greg Caton was kidnapped by the FDA in Ecuador where he has been living and working perfectly legally, flown back to the US, and has not been seen or heard of since. [more]

New clinical studies demonstrate mood enhancement, neuro-modulation and anti-inflammatory benefits from a Klamath Lake algae extract. [more]
Does the Vaccine Matter?: Flu vaccines are based on shaky science at best. Brownlee and Lenzer have written an important article in The Atlantic outlining the inability of flu shots to protect humanity against a possible flu pandemic.

Swine Flu Jab More Dangerous Than Swine Flu Itself (16 Aug 2009)
The Health Protection Agency has sent a confidential letter to the Government demanding to know why the public has not been informed of the full dangers of the Swine Flu vaccination, and more specifically its ability to increase the risk (by as much as 8x) of a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which attacks the nerve lining causing paralysis and problems with breathing. The letter states that a similar vaccine used in the US in 1976 ended up killing more people than the disease itself, and at that time the vaccine had to be withdrawn after just ten weeks. As a result of this information, one leading neurologist said last night: "I would not have the swine flu jab because of the GSB risk." This comes only days after Oxford University researchers advised that children should not to be given the vaccine because the harm taking it outweighs the benefits. [Source: Mail On Sunday]

Vaccine Ingredients: Vaccines contain many ingredients other than the actual vaccine itself, and these include heavy metals such as mercury and aluminium, phenol and other very toxic compounds. If you want to see what is in the vaccine you are taking, check out this comprehensive information site, run by doctors, that lists most of the well-known vaccines:
The Truth About The Flu Shot: Read Dr. Tenpenny's pdf intro guide on the flue shot and the risks it poses to the population. [Source:]

Dangers of Vaccination: Private insurance companies, which do the best liability studies and risk assessments, have totally abandoned coverage for damage to life and property due to:

  • Acts of God
  • Nuclear war and nuclear power plant accidents
  • Vaccination
Mmm… I wonder why? Vist for more info.
Official: Ecstasy no more dangerous than horse riding (Feb 2009)
Whilst the government plays up the dangers of the recreational drug ecstasy, the chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) has had the good sense to put the safety issues of ecstasy into context with other activities in life. He wrote recently in the Journal of Psychopharmacology that: "Drug harm can be equal to harms in other parts of life. There is not much difference between horse-riding and ecstasy." [Source BBC]
A Commodity Called Misery
Joe Bageant—02/2009
An insightful look at modern healthcare that making the profitable assumption that the social context in which we suffer our illnesses is irrelevant to their cause and treatment. This way, society itself is never questioned. [more]
With EU law now taking priority over UK law, natural health is under threat in the United Kingdom. This is due to the difference between Napoleonic Law which presumes guilt and UK Common Law which presumes innocence. [more]
Food Matters Documentary - Great Film on Food & Health (2008)
Hippocrates said: "Let they Food be thy Medicine and they Medicine be they Food." Food Matters is a hard-hitting documentary on the effect of our fast food and drug fixation, which may keep doctors in business and money in the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry, but is literally killing us as a nation. To watch trailer, click here. To watch/buy:
Morgellon's DiseaseFrankenFood GMO Disease (Apr 2008)
Morgellon's Disease sounds like a horror movie: rashes appear on the skin which becomes itchy to the point of suicide and starts to produce unusual multicolored fibers. A study has shown that these fibers contain DNA from both a fungus and bacterium used in the commercial preparation of genetically modified foods and non-food crops (such as cotton). So far around 1200 people are reported to have this nightmare disease, but the numbers will no doubt grow as GM foods continue to be eaten in ever larger quantities (70-80% of all US foods now contain unlabelled GM ingredients.) And it is not just Morgellon's we have to worry about: according to Mike Stagman, PhD, "Genetic Engineering is a nightmare technology that has already caused MANY disease epidemics — documented but unpublicized." [more info]
Reassessment of Recreational Drug Dangers (Feb 2008)
BBC's Horizon program reports on the investigation of a team of scientists reassessing the dangers of recreational drugs. They took into consideration three factors: the research on their effects on the body, short and long term; their addictiveness; and their effect on society. The following is how they ordered the top 20 recreational drugs in terms of their dangerousness:
  1. Heroin — no surprises here!
  2. Cocaine — crack is even more dangerous
  3. Barbituarates (Pink Ladies) — prescription
  4. Street Methadone
  5. Alcohol — legal and extremely dangerous
  6. Ketamine (Special K) — horse tranquillizer
  7. Benzodiazepine (Downers) — prescription
  8. Amphetamine (Speed) — prescription
  9. Tobacco — legal, unhealthy and addictive
10. Buprenorphine — prescription
11. Cannabis (Hash, Dope) — not as safe as believed
12. Solvents — legal
13. 4MTA (Flatliner)
14. LSD (acid) — completely non-toxic to the body
15. Methylphenidate — prescription
16. Anabolic Steroids
17. GHB (Liquid Ecstasy) — known as "date rape" drug
18. Ecstasy (E) — safe but danger in body hydration levels
19. Alkyl Nitrite (Poppers) — legal
20. Khat — legal
What is astonishing is how those who use alcohol or tobacco — highly dangerous drugs responsible for the vast majority of drug deaths and social ills — often stigmatise the safer alternatives.
Minimize Pesticide Exposure (Feb 2008)
Okay, so you can't afford or can't get hold of organic food. Well the next best thing is to select very carefully what you buy, because some fruits and vegetables generally have far more pesticide residues than others. The Environmental Working Group has produced a list rating non-organic fruits and vegetables:
Safest (lowest pesticide residue): Onions, avocado, frozen sweet corn, pineapples, mango, frozen peas, asparagus, kiwi, bananas, cabbage, broccoli, eggplant.
Most dangerous (only buy organic): peaches, apples, sweet peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, lettuce, grapes (imported), pears, spinach and potatoes.
Wi-FiSafety of Wi-Fi / WiMax in doubt (Dec 2007)
Wireless technology is currently invading our homes, yet few are aware that it has never been properly safety tested. In fact, there is a growing body of research accumulating to suggest that wireless radiation can cause an array of serious health problems from cancers to reduced cognitive function. Researchers now believe that the radiation from these devices, and similar ones like mobile phones, are able to close down our cellular membrane transport system, which starves our cells of nutrients and prevents toxins from leaving. Yet the industry and our governments ignores these findings and push ahead regardless. [Source - Ecologist. Further info -,]
Drug Side Effects Increasingly Alarmingly (Nov 2007)
Serious bad reactions to pharmaceutial drugs were 2.6 times more frequent in 2005 than they were in 1998, with deaths increasing by 2.7 times during this period. [New Scientist]
A picture of modern health (Nov 2007)
I was walking along the street in London the other day and passed this medical centre. Nothing wrong with that… until I looked up. There, on top of the building were several TETRA masts, two of which are visible in this photo. For those of you who do not know, TETRA masts are mobile phone transmitter/receivers whose pulsed microwave radiation has been linked to cancer, nervous system and brain disorders. (,, So this picture neatly encapsulates modern healthcare: we ignore the causes of our ill-health — poor diet, pollution, radiation and sedentary lifestyles — in favour of an expensive patch-up healthcare system that focuses merely on symptomatic relief. This way healthcare becomes moneycare, and the system drains our health in order to maximise profit.
BMJ Clinical EvidenceOrthodox Medicine Untested (Nov 2007)
Doctors are always going on about how alternative medicine is untested. Well, perhaps these hypocrites should get their own profession in order before pointing a figure at others. The BMJ's Clinical Evidence website shows that only 13% of orthodox treatments are definitely beneficial — no doubt a generous estimate!
High IQ kids more likely to become vegetarians (Nov 2007)
New research at Southampton University in the UK shows that ntelligent children are more likely to become vegetarians later in life. Lead researcher Catharine Gale said: "The finding that children with greater intelligence are more likely to report being vegetarian as adults, together with the evidence on the potential benefits of a vegetarian diet on heart health, may help to explain why higher IQ in childhood or adolescence is linked with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease in adult life." [source]
With the cold and flu season approaching, herbalist Klaus Ferlow shows us how to best naturally protect ourselves from these and how to maintain a healthy immune system. [more]
Drug side-effects dismissed by doctors (Sep 2007)
A survey of 650 patients taking cholesterol-lowering statins by Dr. Golomb and colleagues at the University of California in San Diego found that, "Physicians seem to commonly dismiss the possibility of a connection [between reported side-effects and statin use]. This seems to occur even for the best-supported adverse effects of the most widely prescribed class of drugs…" Side-effects of statins include liver damage and muscle problems, as well as cognitive problems. Overall, 32% of patients reported that their doctors told them there was no link between their symptoms and atatin use, 39% said their physicians said such a connection was possible, and 29% said their doctors "neither endorse nor dismissed the possibility of symptom link to statins." [source]
The Miraculous Neem
Klaus Ferlow—10/2007
The neem tree is native to India and Burma and the oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the olive shaped fruit. Herbalist Klaus Ferlow outlines some of neem oil's numerous and remarkable healing properties which have made it a mainstay of the Ayurvedic pharmacy. [more]
Liquid herbal tinctures have significant health advantages over corresponding encapsulated herbs, yet the latter dominate the market because they are much cheaper to produce. [more]
Most of us love the smell of a good fragrance, without realizing that these ubiquitous chemical cocktails can damage our health in many different ways and pollute the environment. [more]
$75,000 can't bribe a doctor to drink a vaccine! (Aug 2007)
Jack Doubleday, director of the non-profit corporation Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc., is now offering $90,000 to the first medical doctor or pharmaceutical company CEO who publically drinks a mixture of standard vaccine additives, similar to those recommended for 6-year-olds by the US Centers for Diesase Control and Prevention (CDC). This mixture will body-weight calibrated and will include: thimerosal (a mercury derivative), ethylene glycol (anti-freeze), phenol (a disinfectant dye), aluminium (a bio-toxic metal), benzethonium chloride (a toxic disinfectant) and formaldehyde (a toxic preservative and disinfectant). This offer was originally $20,000 back in Jan 2001, and has rises steadily over the years. Doubleday will now be increasing it at $5000 a month until someone has the courage to drink what they are happy to inject into children.
"A study of nearly a million Medicare patients provides a compelling example of how too much care can cause harm. Medicare patients treated at hospitals that did the most test and treatment and spent the most money were up to 6% more likely to die than patients at hospitals spending the least. In short, more spending, more hospitalisation, more technology and more drugs do not necessarily equal better health care." Kim Ridley, Ode Magazine Vol 5 Issue 6

Guy's Hospital

Can you spot what is wrong with this picture? (Jun 2007)
Guy's Hospital is one of the main teaching hospitals in the UK, turning out new generations of doctors and dentists. But wait a minute: what message is Guys giving allowing a McDonalds fast food outlet to be integrated into its compound? Is it any wonder that conventional doctors tend to be so ignorant regarding the central role of diet in health and disease? And this is nothing unusual: fast-food outlets are now in most Western hospitals.

The Benefits of Detoxification
Kirsten Brooks—07/2007
Detoxification is a vital component to natural health because toxic overload is behind so many chronic modern illnesses. Brooks examines detoxification and its importance to health. [more]
Codex Alimentarius - The End of Natural Health
Over here in Europe, many of us know the horrors of "Codex Alimentarius," a set of internationally recognized food standards and nutritional guidelines that basically hand every aspect of food, food production and nutrition over to the control of big business (which will end up producing profitable toxic, modified, irradiated and nutritionally-void food). We know Codex over here because we are currently witnessing the disappearance of thousands of safe and effective vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements from our shelves for no other reason than the "harmonisation" of Europe. But those in the US seem to believe that they are safe from Codex because, in 1994, The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) was passed which supposedly protects the right to natural health supplements and therapies. However, things are not what they seem and Codex IS going to have an enormous impact on the United States. To find out more, watch this disturbing video or visit and sign the petition.
US Prescription Deaths skyrocket (Mar 2007)
On the 9th Feb, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report entitled, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, showing that deaths from prescription drugs rose in the US from 4.4 per 100,000 in '99 to 7.1 per 100,00 in '04. This increase actually represents a jump from 11,000 to 20,000 people. These figures are considered very conservative in the health industry, and the actual numbers of people killed by the pharmaceutical industry is probably a lot higher. The Institute of Medicine - IOM - estimate that 225,000 people die in the USA every year as a result of orthodox medicine, and half these are due to prescription drugs. (This estimate was considered accurate enough to publish in prestigious Journal of American Medical Association in 2000.) In the words of Mike Adams, a consumer health advocate: "The entire drug industry, including the monopolistic drug giants and their FDA co-conspirator, has clearly become the single greatest threat to the health and safety of the American people."
Can we really have healthy, young-looking skin by plying ourselves with the chemical concoctions found in today's skin creams? Ferlow presents healthy and natural options. [more]
Depleted uranium is weapon of mass destruction developed and sold by the US which is increasingly believed to be responsible for a new global epidemic of cancer and diabetes. [more]
GlaxoSmithKline hid suicide link to Seroxat (Jan 2007)
The anti-depressant, Seroxat, was banned for under 18s in 2003 after GSK's own studies showed that the drug trebles the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviour in depressed children. And yet, the BBC investigative program, Panorama, reveals that GSK was aware of the problem and yet paid an expert psychiatrist, Dr. Neal Ryan of the University of Pittsburgh, to promote its effectiveness as an anti-depressant nonetheless. Even an email from GSK's own PR department stated that "Essentially the study did not really show it was effective in treating adolescent depression." Here in the UK, the MHRA in the UK began criminal investigations into GSK's conduct three years ago and yet NO ACTION has yet been taken. Can you imagine if this was a natural health supplement? It would be banned immediately, the perpetrators jailed and negative press on health supplements plastered all over the mass media. But because it involves a pharmaceutical company with big money and influence, the MHRA is taking a "cautious" approach, nobody has been indicted and there is no negative press for pharmaceuticals. GSK now faces legal action from bereaved US families (although in the UK there is no legal aid for victims to sue pharmaceuticals).
Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt
Klaus Ferlow—12/2006
One of the greatest health rediscoveries of modern times is natural Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt. [more]
Health, Freedom and Democracy
Jenny Marsh—11/2006
What sort of future do you want for your children? Do you want them to be free and healthy, living in an open democracy? If so, you need to act now because time is running out. [more]
Big Pharmas spends $60bn a year on drug PR (July 2006)
A report issued by Consumers International last month entitled Branding the Cure has slated the pharmaceutical industry for putting the maximization of profit before people's health (no big surprise here). Based on an in depth study of 20 of the world's largest drug companies, the report criticises the $60bn spent annually by the industry on drug promotion, and accuses these companies of creating illnesses and using kickbacks, cartels, infiltrating patient groups, universities and chatrooms in an effort to maximize their profits — a cunning way to bypass the ban on advertising direct to the public We have seen a lot of this in the media recently with newspapers whipping up outrage at the refusal of health services to give the latest drug solutions to seriously ill patients on grounds of cost or medical evidence. In this way, patients are being manipulated by the pharmaceutical industry into acting as their PR agents. These companies also use specialist PR consultancies that groom health professionals to become 'key opinion leaders' and to promote their products through their work, and over half of them have been implicated in anti-competitive strategies including cartels, fraudulent patent manoeuvres, improper discounts, price hikes, payments to competitors for not challenging patents, and the restriction of supply to keep prices high. The report also questions the practice of the pharmaceutical industry funding scientific studies, a clear conflict of interest and one that has been shown to favourably manipulate the results. [Source: The Ecologist]
All but the most natural toiletries and cosmetics on the market contain dangerous poisons, disguised under unintelligible names on the label. Herbalist, Klaus Ferlow, investigates. [more]
Cancer is one of the most feared of diseases, regarded by most as a death sentence. This is a remarkable interview with Lothar Hirneise, a expert in effective cancer treatment. [more]
Understanding the Corruption of Allopathic Healthcare
If you have not read one of Martin Walker's books, then you probably do not understand the politics of healthcare and how it sacrifices the health of the many for the wealth of the few. Medical policy is now about money, politics and control, and has little to do with health or care. It is about governments and the medical establishment jumping into bed with big business — the pharmaceutical, chemical and processed-food industries — to produce a national "cattle ranch" agenda which brings untold suffering and death to the people. Martin Walker is a health investigator who has been personally threatened many times for his fearless exposés of "healthcare" agendas. His books are only available as e-books because nobody will touch them, such is the state of free speech in Western Democracies. Please visit and, and consider making a donation to a man fighting for us all on the front line.
Chemotherapy Study shows 2.3% success (2006)
A recent issue of the Australian Prescriber highlights the dismal success rate of chemotherapy by featuring a study conducted in Australia by two oncologists (Clinical Oncology 2004; 16;549-60) showing that chemotherapy improves survival by only 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the US. The two researchers, one of whom is a professor, concluded that "chemotherapy only makes a minor contribution to cancer survival" and that "to justify the continued funding and availability of drugs used in cytotoxic chemotherapy, a rigorous evaluation of the cost-effectiveness and impact on quality of life is urgently required." This is more depressing than Ralph Moss' earlier meta study that showed an overall success rate of 7%. The irony is that the Australian study's methodology was criticised by a leading professor of oncology at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Professor Michael Boyer, who stated that "if you start… saying how much does chemotherapy add in the people that you might actually use it [on], the numbers start creeping up… to 5 or 6%." So even the staunch defenders of chemo admit that it is one of the most useless treatments around! If an alternative treatment had such a dismal success rate, it would be off the market in a second. Remember, most cancer sufferers don't die from cancer; they die from chemotherapy. [Nexus 06/2006]
The Australian Government in league with the pharmaceutical industry is doing everything it can to implement CODEX - the grand plan to eliminate natural health alternatives to maximize pharmaceutical profits. [more]
On Codex
Helke Ferrie—02/2005
The Codex Alimentarius is the gravest threat to good health and personal freedom facing us today. Canadian medical science writer, Helke Ferrie, writes an impassioned plea for us all to act now before it is too late. [more]
The Aspartame (NutraSweet™) Killer (22 Aug 2005)
Aspartame, or as it is popularly branded NutraSweet™, is an artificial sweetener that you will find on the ingredients lists of a huge variety of foods including soft drinks, sweets, breakfast cereals, calorie-reduced products and a host of other items. The problem with it is that the FDA's approval of this sweetener was always political and not scientific, pushed through by none other than Donald Rumsfeld, the CEO of Searle at the time (late 70s - early 80s). Despite the FDA's own commission panel rejecting the sweeter on grounds of safety, the FDA approved it anyway, showing just how corrupt and unscientific it really is. Since then, evidence has accumulated that Aspartame/Nutrasweet™ breaks down in the body into extremely toxic by-products including phenylalanine, DKP, aspartic acid, methanol, formaldehyde and formic acid. These toxins can produce a variety of symptoms that are usually associated with: multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, attentional deficit disorder, panic disorder, depression, lupus, diabetes, birth defects, lymphoma, Lyme disease, hypothyroidism and chemical sensitivity. It is estimated that millions have been adversely affected by it, mostly in the US, and it is only a matter of time before civil lawsuits will force this poison off our supermarket shelves. [The Ecologist, Sep 05]
Update May 06: The European Food Safety Authority has recently stated that a further safety review is unnecessary. This whitewash was somewhat expected as industry and the EU authorities are such intimate bed-fellows. Here are some links that outline the true risk: (Must-read article in The Ecologist) (Best industry-independent Aspartame news) (A personal Aspartame tragedy)
Update Oct 06: Apparently aspartame makes a great ant killer. Leave moistened aspartame out for the troublesome ants and within just two days they will be completely gone. (Mercola)
Oxman on Ortleb
Richard Oxman—01/2005
Richard Oxman interviews Charles Ortleb, a prominent AIDS campaigner and writer about his work and his view that orthodox AIDS research is seriously misguided. [more]
As the number of over-nourished catches up the number of undernourished people in the world, we need to take a hard look at our modern diets. [more]
Slaughter of the Innocent
Jenny Marsh—06/2004
One day people will look back with incredulity as how our "civilized" society could annually murder millions of its citizens for profit. Marsh investigates orthodox medicine, and more specifically, orthodox cancer "treatments". [more]
Anti-Bacterial Cleaners Create Superbugs (03 Aug 2005)
Anti-bacterial cleaning fluids, washing-up liquids, washing powders, toothpastes, soaps, deodorants — you name it — now fill our supermarket shelves. These products have created a big boon in sales for the multinationals that produce them, and huge amounts are spent on advertising and marketing to convince us that these anti-bacterial products are best for our health. This month, The Ecologist has run an interesting piece on anti-bacterial products and how their widespread use in the home is actually creating superbugs (strains of MRSA) in the same way that widespread use of antibiotics is doing in hospitals: these cleaners kill 99% of bacteria, selecting only the hardiest and most virulent to survive and multiply with no competition from innocuous bacteria. The result is a selective process that creates a dangerous problem for the future. In fact, so concerned are some at the exponential growth in antibiotic cleaners and toiletry products that, in 2000 for example, six Finnish public authorities urged consumers not to buy them, advice repeated by the German environmental minister in 2001. So if the label says "anti-bacterial" or "contains Triclosan", remember that it is really saying that the product is an antibiotic — pure and simple.
In recent years, the Atkins low carb diet has become fashionable. Proponents of Atkins extol it as the answer to weightloss and many health concerns. But what is the truth behind the Atkins diet and is it really healthy? [more]
So you have a serious illness. Perhaps you may even be facing your own demise. At times like this, it is essential that you not necessarily reject but challenge the medical model, and perhaps embrace "mind medicine". [more]
Getting healthy can be confusing because so much of the health information out there is trying to sell you something. In reality, optimum health is as simple as following these 12 steps. [more]
"The mission of the Food and Drug Administration is to ensure that the public is protected from unsafe food, drugs and other medical products. Daniel Troy [then Chief Counsel of the FDA] is instead making it the agency's mission to protect the drug companies from being held accountable when their products do serious harm." U.S. Representative Maurice Hinchey (2004)
Restricting dietary sugar and processed carbohydrate is as important to health as cutting down on saturated fats. So those low fat foods and meal replacements laced with hidden sugars are counter-productive! [more]
Stephen Byrnes wrote The Myths of Vegetarianism in the Townsend Letter in which he smugly rubbishes vegetarianism. This is a vegetarian's reponse to that article. [more]
This is the definitive list of reasons to become vegetarian — everything from cruelty and health to ecology and world hunger. [more]
Europe Bans Food Supplements
Jenny Marsh—03/2002
On Wednesday 13th March 2002, new bureaucratic legislation was undemocratically passed by the European Parliament that will outlaw most of the food supplements currently available in health shops. [more]
There are two approaches that we can make to our doctor when we are unwell. The first sees us assuming the traditional role of the meek patient whereas the second sees us as a "pain in the arse" survivor. [more]
Michael Burt ND MRN examines six of the most promising methods to reduce the risk of breast cancer, from diet to nipple stimulation. [more]