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Health is not merely something fixed by a doctor or pill when we become ill. It is our wholeness reflected by our lifestyles, emotions, energies and psychology. Unless we restore wholeness, we will never experience optimum health. Modern medicine is about money not wholeness.

There are advantages to being unhealthy: we make serious money for the pharmaceutical companies and their salesmen (aka doctors); society does not have to support us in our old age because we die younger; our likely processed and junk food dietary choices boost profits for the mass food industry; our clouded and distracted minds are less likely to question the status quo; and our physical impairments from illness and obesity will make us docile citizens living sedentary lives as we sit at home being programmed by the television set (on what to buy, who to vote for and what to believe), or sit in the pub or bar consuming alcohol to escape the harsh realities of this world. Yes, there certainly are advantages in being unhealthy — it is just unfortunate that none of these are in our favour. >>>

Dr Christiane Northrup Talks on Women's Health Issues (Jun 2014)
This woman is such an inspiration! Here is talks about women's health issues and how constant fear-based screening and monitoring actually adds little benefit and may do more harm than good. Our bodies are much more hardy than modern medicine would have us believe.

New scientific evidence corroborates the healing abilities of the elderberry tree and how it can be used as a cure and a preventative for colds and flu by its ability to bind viruses and stimulate the immune system. In fact, elder is a very important herbal medicine. [more →]
Good prostate health lies in prevention: avoiding red meat, white sugar, bleached flour, food additives and flouride, whilst increasing consumption of pumpkin seeds (rich in zinc), organic vegetables and fruit, and taking herbs such as Saw Palmetto. [more →]
Anthony William is a medical medium claiming to bring through ground-breaking medical information and healing protocols that will cure most chronic and mystery diseases outright. A closer look, however, reveals that it is mostly exaggeration and marketing hype. [more →]
Allergies and food intolerances are both becoming increasingly common today as our environment, especially via the food we eat and the air we breath, which are becoming ever more contaminated with chemicals and genetically modified organisms. [more →]
Hawthorn is the most important remedy for the cardiovascular system and is prescribed for problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, angina, irregular heartbeat, and relief of cardiovasular related shortness of breath, fatigue and tiredness. [more →]
Milk Thistle is a herb used for liver detoxification and support, and is even prescribed poisoning, cirrhosis, hepatitis and drug/alcohol induced liver damage. It also has other non-liver related benefits such as lowering cholesterol and reducing cancer growth. [more →]

Wireless wake-up call - Jeromy Johnson - TEDxBerkeley (Feb 2016)
Wifi is increasingly recognized as being dangerous, with prolonged exposure linked with cancer. Here, Jeromy Johnson, a Silicon Valley engineer, describes how he came to realize the dangers for himself. More info on the dangers, including solutions, can be found at: www.emfanalysis.com

Mysterious Death of Holistic Doctors Uncovered - We Are Change (Oct 2015)
11 holistic doctors have died mysteriously within the last 90 days. In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Erin Elizabeth of HealthNutNews.com who is he one of the lead investigative reporter into these deaths. Elizabeth's message is strong and positive — keep focused on alternatives.

The Truth About Cancer / 9-Part Documentary - Ty Bollinger (Oct 2015)
The best documentary on Cancer that we have seen. Thank you Ty Bollinger for putting such comprehensive info out to the public, and allowing people to review it for free! It is time we all get together and refuse to support this medical monopoly. The Truth About Cancer Channel

The Neem Tree is such a remarkable tree with so many benefits that the UN has declared it as "the tree of the 21st Century". Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of this tree and is known for its healing abilities and can be used as a safe insecticide. [more →]
Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt
Klaus Ferlow—10/2015
Water and salt are essential to the human body. And whilst the purity is obviously the prime deciding factor in the water we choose to drink, with salt the choice involves mineral content and balance, which is why Himalayan Alexander crystal salt is best. [more →]
How To Prevent High Blood Pressure
Klaus Ferlow—10/2015
Master Herbalist, Klaus Ferlow, outlines some easy and natural strategies we can do to reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. These include lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, herbs and a citrus hot drink to be taken before meals. [more →]
Now is a good time to consider cleansing and detoxifying your body by following an effective detox program such as the four-day Seneca Indian Cleansing Diet that that cleanses the colon, muscles, tissues, organs, digestive track, blood and lymph. [more →]
Multi-resistant bacteria are soon to become a greater threat to our health than even cancer, and yet the cause of this resistance — the over-prescription of antibiotics for both humans and animals — continues unabated. If this does not stop, we face a frightening future. [more →]
How Important Are Bees?
Klaus Ferlow—05/2015
Bees are cross-pollinate 30% of the world's crops and 90% of our wild plants. Without them, many plants would die off. The honey that bees make has many remarkable health and nutritional qualities. In addition to honey, a hive also produces propolis, pollen and royal jelly. [more →]

How to be Optimally Healthy on a Vegan Diet - Dr. Michael Greger (Mar 2013)
Vegans should be healthier than non-vegans because their diets have so much health potential. Problem is that vegan diets tend to be high in Omega 6 fatty acids and low in Vitamin B12 which cancels out all the health benefits, making vegans just as suseptible to most chronic diseases.

Cancer is Curable NOW (Dec 2014)
One of the best documentaries we have seen on cancer. Cancer is Curable NOW interviews many different health experts on cancer and how it is a massive money-making industry that has little interest in curing people (losing customers). This video offers real solutions that work.

Avoiding Alzheimer's - Neal Barnard MD (Aug 2014)
Alzheimer's is a disease that most of us fear more than any other except possibly cancer. There is a lot of misinformation online that carbs cause brain deterioration, but this is incorrect. The was to avoid Alzheimer's is to cut right down on saturated fats. A vegan diet is actually best.

The oil from the Tamanu tree, which grows throughout south east Asia, has remarkable healing and regenerating effects when rubbed on the skin due to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial and antibiotic qualities. Ferlow introduces us to this remarkable skin oil. [more →]
Plants contain many estrogen and progesterone-like substances that can be beneficial to women deficient in certain hormones. However, if these substances have been adulterated by pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, they can be hazardous to health. [more →]
The irresponsible overuse of synthetic antibiotics has meant that we are becoming powerless against serious infections because these drugs no longer work effectively. Fortunately, as Ferlow outlines, there are safe and effective herbal alternatives that have been overlooked. [more →]

Dr. Horowitz on Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola (Sept 2012)
AIDS & Ebola are manufactured viruses developed by the US Department of Defense which were looking for immune system ravaging bioweapons. Most of us are completely unaware of the insane viral research and development that has been quietly going on behind closed doors.

Statin Nation: A Documentary on the Great Cholesterol Cover-Up (Sept 2012)
Statins are relatively ineffective drugs with side-effects such as joint/muscle pain, memory loss, depression, kidney, liver and digestion problems, and possibly cancer. And yet doctors now want everyone over 50 to take them. Visit www.statinnation.net to order DVD.

Surviving Ebola!
Steve Hickey & Hilary Roberts—08/2014
Ebola is a viral disease which kills 50%-90% of those infected. Originating in Africa, it is now spreading around the world. Doctors currently offers no specific treatment, but high-dose Vitamin C — at least 10g a day — can significantly increase the chances of surviving Ebola. [more →]
Most of us think of toothpaste as healthy for us, but Klaus Ferlow shows us that most toothpastes are a concoction of poisionous chemicals and damaging ingredients. Anyone interested in being truely healthy should always use completely natural toothpastes like neem toothpaste. [more →]

Joe Rogan Interviews Victor Conte on the coverup on sports enhancing drugs / Oct 2012
Victor Conte was one of the pioneers of illegal doping programs in the United States, and he was founder of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) which distributed steroids to athletes. Conte did time for his activities, and is now focused on nutritional methods for increasing performance. Here he lifts the lid to Joe Rogan on how widespread doping has become, and how positive results are buried by the authorities so that the image of sport is not damaged. He states that 50% of athletes are now taking performance enhancing illegal drugs, including many of the big names in all different sports, including track & field, boxing, football and tennis. (Thanks Sab)

The Miraculous Neem
Klaus Ferlow—02/2014
The neem tree is native to India and Burma and the oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the olive shaped fruit. Herbalist Klaus Ferlow outlines some of neem oil's numerous and remarkable healing properties which have made it a mainstay of the Ayurvedic pharmacy. [more →]
Rosa Mosqueta Seed Oil, better known as rosehip seed oil, has remarkable skin-regenerating properties which make it an essential component to skincare regimes, helping to smooth out wrinkles, reduce unsightly age spots and even regenerating scarred and damaged skin. [more →]
We are all becoming aware that the food we eat and the air we breathe bring health-destroying toxins into our bodies. But few realize that standard cosmetics and skin products also do the same, which is why we should always choose chemical-free, natural products. [more →]
If you have mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth, mercury detoxes are a must. This is because mercury is a very poisonous metal and just the act of chewing will release potentially dangerous amounts of mercury into your body. [more →]
Antibiotics have been so overused by the medical and vetinarian establishments that new bacteria stains are arising that are resistant to them resulting in the rise of infections for which there is no treatment. Ferlow presents herbal antibiotics as the solution to this problem. [more →]
Tamanu oil is extracted from the fruit of a tree which grows in various hot climates in Pacific and Indian Ocean areas. It has remarkable properties when used topically: it is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, rejuvenating and contains powerful antioxidants. [more →]
Golden Root, is a powerful adaptogen, allowing those who take it to cope with stress, as well as increasing memory, mental stability, strength and mobility. It has also been shown to be helpful for weight management and athletic performance. [more →]
The Cancer Act 1939 and similar legislation around the world gives orthodox cancer treatment an undeserved monopoly, ensuring that ineffective but profitable treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy can never be challenged by more effective alternative treatments. [more →]
By trying to eliminate the placebo effect, orthodox medicine ends up throwing out the very core of healing and wholeness. Doctors of the future, however, will not only accept the presence of the placebo effect, but will positively encourage it. [more →]
What is Herbalism?
Klaus Ferlow—11/2011
Master herbalist, Klaus Ferlow, examines what herbalism actually is and gives a brief outline of the history of herbalism. Rather than a backup to normal orthodox medicine, herbalism should be primary healthcare. [more →]
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS results in adverse reactions to an array of everyday environmental chemicals. Here Melva Smith describes the positive benefits of dance to those with multiple chemical sensitivity and asthma. [more →]
Ginkgo Biloba - The Longevity Herb
Klaus Ferlow—06/2011
Gingko Biloba is a herb with some remarkable regenerative properties. Here, leading herbalist Klaus Ferlow examines some of these benefits, and how Gingko has become an indispensable component to any natural health regime. [more →]
If you are interested in optimum tooth and gum health, it is very important that you choose a natural toothpaste from a health store as the normal ones you buy in most supermarkets are full of toxins. [more →]
Big Pharma must be utterly terrified of Wakefield's observations to have unleashed such utterly fraudulent claims of fraud against him. This is an analysis of just how misleading Deer's claims are. [more →]
Arthritis is still a scourge for humankind, affecting 20% of the US population. But help is at hand in the form of Devil's Claw — a herb, found only in Kalahari Desert in South Africa, with amazing benefits. [more →]
Elderberry is a remarkable healing herb that has been used down through the centuries in different cultures to strengthen the immune system, stave off colds and flu, infammation and heal injuries. [more →]
Under a bill passed by the US House of Reps, you could be imprisoned for ten years for simply stating a food's potential to prevent or treat disease. Our last chance for free speech and health food is to oppose this Bill at the US Senate. [more →]
Not only are genetically modified foods being forced upon us, the FDA is now forbidding non-GMO labelling so that we can no longer even make a choice whether we want to avoid eating GM foods. [more →]
It's almost a done deal. We are about to see herbal preparations disappear, and the ability of herbalists to prescribe them will also be lost. This is a disaster for natural health and a big win for big phama. [more →]
Millions of us suffer from allergies of one kind or another. Here, herbalist Klaus Ferlow explains what allergies are, the types that we come across, and offers a variety of natural and effective methods of reduce the symptoms. [more →]
New clinical studies demonstrate mood enhancement, neuro-modulation and anti-inflammatory benefits from a Klamath Lake algae extract. [more →]
A Commodity Called Misery
Joe Bageant—02/2009
An insightful look at modern healthcare that making the profitable assumption that the social context in which we suffer our illnesses is irrelevant to their cause and treatment. This way, society itself is never questioned. [more →]
With EU law now taking priority over UK law, natural health is under threat in the United Kingdom. This is due to the difference between Napoleonic Law which presumes guilt and UK Common Law which presumes innocence. [more →]
With the cold and flu season approaching, herbalist Klaus Ferlow shows us how to best naturally protect ourselves from these and how to maintain a healthy immune system. [more →]
The Miraculous Neem
Klaus Ferlow—10/2007
The neem tree is native to India and Burma and the oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the olive shaped fruit. Herbalist Klaus Ferlow outlines some of neem oil's numerous and remarkable healing properties which have made it a mainstay of the Ayurvedic pharmacy. [more →]
Liquid herbal tinctures have significant health advantages over corresponding encapsulated herbs, yet the latter dominate the market because they are much cheaper to produce. [more →]
Most of us love the smell of a good fragrance, without realizing that these ubiquitous chemical cocktails can damage our health in many different ways and pollute the environment. [more →]
The Benefits of Detoxification
Kirsten Brooks—07/2007
Detoxification is a vital component to natural health because toxic overload is behind so many chronic modern illnesses. Brooks examines detoxification and its importance to health. [more →]
Can we really have healthy, young-looking skin by plying ourselves with the chemical concoctions found in today's skin creams? Ferlow presents healthy and natural options. [more →]
Depleted uranium is weapon of mass destruction developed and sold by the US which is increasingly believed to be responsible for a new global epidemic of cancer and diabetes. [more →]
Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt
Klaus Ferlow—12/2006
One of the greatest health rediscoveries of modern times is natural Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt. [more →]
Health, Freedom and Democracy
Jenny Marsh—11/2006
What sort of future do you want for your children? Do you want them to be free and healthy, living in an open democracy? If so, you need to act now because time is running out. [more →]
All but the most natural toiletries and cosmetics on the market contain dangerous poisons, disguised under unintelligible names on the label. Herbalist, Klaus Ferlow, investigates. [more →]
Cancer is one of the most feared of diseases, regarded by most as a death sentence. This is a remarkable interview with Lothar Hirneise, a expert in effective cancer treatment. [more →]
The Australian Government in league with the pharmaceutical industry is doing everything it can to implement CODEX - the grand plan to eliminate natural health alternatives to maximize pharmaceutical profits. [more →]
On Codex
Helke Ferrie—02/2005
The Codex Alimentarius is the gravest threat to good health and personal freedom facing us today. Canadian medical science writer, Helke Ferrie, writes an impassioned plea for us all to act now before it is too late. [more →]
Oxman on Ortleb
Richard Oxman—01/2005
Richard Oxman interviews Charles Ortleb, a prominent AIDS campaigner and writer about his work and his view that orthodox AIDS research is seriously misguided. [more →]
As the number of over-nourished catches up the number of undernourished people in the world, we need to take a hard look at our modern diets. [more →]
Slaughter of the Innocent
Jenny Marsh—06/2004
One day people will look back with incredulity as how our "civilized" society could annually murder millions of its citizens for profit. Marsh investigates orthodox medicine, and more specifically, orthodox cancer "treatments". [more →]
In recent years, the Atkins low carb diet has become fashionable. Proponents of Atkins extol it as the answer to weightloss and many health concerns. But what is the truth behind the Atkins diet and is it really healthy? [more →]
So you have a serious illness. Perhaps you may even be facing your own demise. At times like this, it is essential that you not necessarily reject but challenge the medical model, and perhaps embrace "mind medicine". [more →]
Getting healthy can be confusing because so much of the health information out there is trying to sell you something. In reality, optimum health is as simple as following these 12 steps. [more →]
Restricting dietary sugar and processed carbohydrate is as important to health as cutting down on saturated fats. So those low fat foods and meal replacements laced with hidden sugars are counter-productive! [more →]
Stephen Byrnes wrote The Myths of Vegetarianism in the Townsend Letter in which he smugly rubbishes vegetarianism. This is a vegetarian's reponse to that article. [more →]
This is the definitive list of reasons to become vegetarian — everything from cruelty and health to ecology and world hunger. [more →]
Europe Bans Food Supplements
Jenny Marsh—03/2002
On Wednesday 13th March 2002, new bureaucratic legislation was undemocratically passed by the European Parliament that will outlaw most of the food supplements currently available in health shops. [more →]
There are two approaches that we can make to our doctor when we are unwell. The first sees us assuming the traditional role of the meek patient whereas the second sees us as a "pain in the arse" survivor. [more →]
Michael Burt ND MRN examines six of the most promising methods to reduce the risk of breast cancer, from diet to nipple stimulation. [more →]