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Wireless wake-up call - Jeromy Johnson - TEDxBerkeley (Feb 2016)
Wifi is increasingly recognized as being dangerous, with prolonged exposure linked with cancer. Here, Jeromy Johnson, a Silicon Valley engineer, describes how he came to realize the dangers for himself. More info on the dangers, including solutions, can be found at: www.emfanalysis.com

Mysterious Death of Holistic Doctors Uncovered - We Are Change (Oct 2015)
11 holistic doctors have died mysteriously within the last 90 days. In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews Erin Elizabeth of HealthNutNews.com who is he one of the lead investigative reporter into these deaths. Elizabeth's message is strong and positive — keep focused on alternatives.

The Truth About Cancer / 9-Part Documentary - Ty Bollinger (Oct 2015)
The best documentary on Cancer that we have seen. Thank you Ty Bollinger for putting such comprehensive info out to the public, and allowing people to review it for free! It is time we all get together and refuse to support this medical monopoly. The Truth About Cancer Channel

The Real Reason Holistic Doctors are being Killed (Jul 2015)
12 natural health doctors have mysteriously died in little over 90 days. The common thread? They all opposed vaccination, which introduces a substance called Nagalase into the body which causes immunodeficiency, increasing the risk of cancer and viral infections.

Cancer is Curable NOW (Dec 2014)
One of the best documentaries we have seen on cancer. Cancer is Curable NOW interviews many different health experts on cancer and how it is a massive money-making industry that has little interest in curing people (losing customers). This video offers real solutions that work.

Avoiding Alzheimer's - Neal Barnard MD (Aug 2014)
Alzheimer's is a disease that most of us fear more than any other except possibly cancer. There is a lot of misinformation online that carbs cause brain deterioration, but this is incorrect. The was to avoid Alzheimer's is to cut right down on saturated fats. A vegan diet is actually best.

Dr Christiane Northrup Talks on Women's Health Issues (Jun 2014)
This woman is such an inspiration! Here is talks about women's health issues and how constant fear-based screening and monitoring actually adds little benefit and may do more harm than good. Our bodies are much more hardy than modern medicine would have us believe.

How to be Optimally Healthy on a Vegan Diet - Dr. Michael Greger (Mar 2013)
Vegans should be healthier than non-vegans because their diets have so much health potential. Problem is that vegan diets tend to be high in Omega 6 fatty acids and low in Vitamin B12 which cancels out all the health benefits, making vegans just as suseptible to most chronic diseases.

Resonance - Beings of Frequency / The Dangers of Mobile Phones (Dec 2012)
Studies have conclusively shown that mobile phone radiation is dangerous to humans and other life forms, causing cancer and other disruptions in the body. These health issues take at least 10 years to show up, so we are in for a shocking reality check in a few years time.

Dr. Horowitz on Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola (Sept 2012)
AIDS & Ebola are manufactured viruses developed by the US Department of Defense which were looking for immune system ravaging bioweapons. Most of us are completely unaware of the insane viral research and development that has been quietly going on behind closed doors.

Statin Nation: A Documentary on the Great Cholesterol Cover-Up (Sept 2012)
Statins are relatively ineffective drugs with side-effects such as joint/muscle pain, memory loss, depression, kidney, liver and digestion problems, and possibly cancer. And yet doctors now want everyone over 50 to take them. Visit www.statinnation.net to order DVD.

Globesity: Fat's New Frontier / Jul 2012
Obesity is no longer a rich country's disease, but is now spreading globally to developing nations. People around the world are eating more calories, and bad calories — from sugar and fat which are a biologically damaging combination. AS a consequence, cancer and diabetes are on the rise.

BBC Horizon 2012: Eat, Fast and Live Longer (Jul 2012)
Fasting is not something that only religious people need to do. In fact, when done correctly, fasting is the very best thing that any of us can do to improve our health and wellbeing. In this documentary, Michael Mosley finds that easier intermittent fasting works just as well.

Jane Burgermeister - The Pandemic Vaccine Scam / Update 25 June 2012
The swine flu pandemic was manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry to force dangerous vacccines onto the population and to make massive profits. Now it looks like the charade is going to happen again. Visit Jane Burgermeister's website: http://birdflu666.wordpress.com

Cell Tower Microwave Radiation Presentation by Magda Havas / 15 Mar 2012
Professor Magda Havas of Trent University gives a one hour presentation demonstrating the amount of microwave emissions that are emitted by cell phone antenna. Although the media present mobile and cordless phone radiation as safe, it is clear there are significant dangers.

1993 Lecture by Dr. Michael Klaper on the dangers of eating meat & dairy / Oct 2011
The evidence is there — meat and dairy products in the diet seriously damage our bodies, leading to serious diseases such as heart disease & cancer. A vegetarian diet is a must, not only for optimum health, but to minimize suffering on the planet. Visit Dr. Klaper's website.

The New Biology - Where Mind and Matter Meet / Bruce Lipton (Jun 2011)
Health is an area in which we traditionally give away our power: to doctors and nurses; to the dogma of genetics; to the PR of the pharmaceuticals; and to the limitations of the orthodox reductionist biological paradigm. But a new biology that is dawning…

TEDxAustin Robyn O'Brien - Food, disease and healthcare in the USA (Mar 2011)
O'Brien's worldview changed when one of her children suffered a dangerous allergic reaction after taking a typical American breakfast. She found that food manufacturers were putting dangerous new proteins and chemicals into our everyday foods.

Dying to Have Known / Steve Kroschel (4 Feb 2011)
A documentary on the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy for curing cancer. This is a must-watch video for anyone with cancer or who knows anyone with cancer. For more information on Gerson Therapy, visit www.gerson.org.

Professional Perspectives on Fluoride (Feb 2011)
Fluoridation of of our water supply is something that governments, pushed by industry, keep trying to apply. But fluoride is a virulent neurotoxin and there are thousands of leading scientists around the world who reject this mass medication.

Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals: Genetically Engineered Foods - J Smith (2011)
Jeffrey Smith' video is around 3 years old but it is one of the most important to watch if you care about your health and that of your children. GMO is mostly untested and unsafe, and enough ingestion WILL damage your health and that of your children. Part 2, Part 3

Unnatural Selection - Jeffery Smith (2011)
This video by Jeffery Smith is very important for you to watch. It documents how the biotech industry colluded with politicians to get GMOs approved without long-term safety checks despite red-flagging initial studies. Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Dr. Andrew Wakefield Exposes BMJ Fraud - Prison Planet (Jan 2011)
Wakefield is the fall-guy who made the mistake of undertaking research that links vaccination to autism. Brian Deer is the 'journalist' who has perpetrated many of the lies on Wakefield's research. See Part 2 and Part 3.

Light of Eternity Part 1 - Organ regeneration by Arcady Petrov (Feb 2010)
New research in Russia shows that certain mind techniques have been successfully used to regenerate the body and even grow new organs. Applied consciousness is the future of medicine! This video is in 6 parts: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth — Robert H. Lustig (Jul 2009)
Lustig is a UCSF Professor of Pediatrics who first-hand sees the damage that our high-sugar diets are doing to our society. In this lecture, Lustig shows how it is actually sugar rather than fat that is killing us, and that our fixation on low-fat foods has not reduced heart disease.

The Living Matrix - A Film on the New Science of Healing (2009)
This is the trailer for an inspiring film on the new paradigm of healing. In this film we begin to understand that fighting cancer may not be the best strategy, and that the mind has a pivotal role in healing. Click here for full film.

Childbirth Not Necessarily Painful — It Can be Orgasmic! (Apr 2010)
Before you start thinking that this concept of orgasmic childbirth must have been concocted by a man, have a look at the women in this video who made sure that the births of their children were literally orgasmic.

Interview with Dr. Wayen Dyer and Bruce H. Lipton / Hay House Radio (2009)
Great interview at Hay House which examins the role of beliefs in disease creation and disease cure. Having a good attitude and outlook when we are ill can literally be the difference between life and death for many people. (Thank you for sending D.)

Dr. Shiv Chopra Spills the Beans on Vaccines and Vaccination (Dec 2009)
Chopra is respected microbiologist who has worked on the inside with vaccine manufacturers. In this interview with Dr. Mercola, he tells us that all vaccines (except smallpox) do not work and are dangerous. This interview is in 8 parts: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 and Part 8.

Robert F Kennedy Jr Exposes Vaccine Cover Up (Oct 2009)
Like cigarettes, vaccines can seriously damage health. But like the cigarrette industry did, the pharmaceutical industry, in league with governments, has covered up this danger in the interests of profit. Part 2 of this speech is here.

Investigative reporter blows lid off swine flu media hype & hysteria (Nov 2009)
Sharyl Attkisson, an award-winning CBS News correspondent and investigative reporter, is behind a CBS news study that has found that H1N1 flu cases are not as prevalent as feared, and that the US Centers for Disease control and Prevention seem to deliberately be trying to mislead the public.

What to do for portection if forced to take flu vaccines (Sep 2009)
Dr. Russell Blaylock is an American neurosurgeon who has studied the effects of vaccines on brain and body integrity. Here he talks to Dr. Mercola about the toxicity of flu vaccines, the insanity of taking them, and what we can do to minimize the risk if we are absolutely forced to take them.

Important Warning Video Regarding Flu Vaccinations (Sep 2009)
Earlier this year, Baxter International research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria, sent flu vaccines contaminated with the deadly H5N1 avian virus to 19 EU labs. Fortunately, this contamination was discovered by Czech labs before they could be used. But was it really a mistake when cross-contamination at Baxter is virtually impossible as they follow BSL3 safety procedures? Realizing that something much larger was afoot — a collusion between the pharma industry, the US government and the World Health Organisation to deliberately start a pandemic — medical editor, Jane B├╝rgermeister, collated evidence and then filed criminal charges against those responsible.

Pandemic Warning: Don't Take the Vaccine! (Jul 2009)
If you think you can protect yourself and your family against Swine Flu with a vaccine… think again. Vaccines do not help the population overall and cause a lot more harm than good (except for the pharmaceuticals' bank balance).

Confessions of a Pharmaceutical Rep - Gwen Olsen / Mar 2008
Olsen spent 15 years as a pharma rep for healthcare companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Abbott Laboratories, and in that time she realized that it was not in these corporations' interests to cure people, but to keep them in a state of drug dependance.

Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins and Herbs (2006)
This is the first part of a series of talks given by Dr. Rima Laibow MD on Codex Alimentarius and how it is taking away our health freedom. (This will be law in the United States in 2009.)

Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century (2006)
This promotional video for Dr. Mercola's book and website succinctly sums up the American 'health' industry. (The info applies to all modern nations.)

Food Matters Documentary - Great Film on Food & Health (2008)
Hippocrates said: "Let they Food be thy Medicine and they Medicine be they Food." Food Matters is a hard-hitting documentary on the effect of our fast food and drug fixation, which may keep doctors in business and money in the coffers of the pharmaceutical industry, but is literally killing us as a nation. To watch trailer, click here. To watch/buy: foodmatters.tv

We Become Silent: The Last Days Of Health Freedom - Kevin P. Miller (Apr 2006)
Details the ongoing attempts by multinational pharmaceutical interests and giant food companies — in concert with the WTO, the WHO and others — to limit the public's access to herbs, vitamins and other therapies.