GMOs & Biotechnology

Combining totally different species in the lab in a hit-and-miss process in the hope that some of the traits of one organism are passed to another which can be sold as a novel food is dangerous and irresponsible. We are sacrificing the future of humanity for the sake of short-term profit.

Tinkering with complex systems is never a good idea because they tend to react unexpectedly. That is why copious, long-term testing is so important if we are considering making changes to complex systems in order to minimise the risk of unexpected outcomes. And yet, governments (especially the US gov) have allowed biotechnology companies to modify the genetic pool of life on Earth with minimal trials, and they have allowed these companies to police themselves! >>>

DARK Act DefeatedThe DARK Act is Defeated by the US Senate (16 Mar 2016)
The DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know) was a piece of legislation being pushed by the GMO industry as a means to overturn state GM labelling regulations at a national level. But today it got defeated in the Senate thanks to support by members of the public tired of being experimented on, lied to and poisoned. This act was put forward after individual states have started voting on GM labelling with Vermont becoming the first state to mandate GM labelling. With labelling, American consumers can for the first time make an informed choice whether to eat genetically modified foods and whether to feed them to their children. The GM industry fears transparency as it will undoubedly erode their profits to the point where the industry itself could be finished. Please support GM labelling and visit JustLabelIt.org.

GMO OMG documentary - The Chemical Food Conspiracy - Jeremy Seifert / Oct 2013
GMO OMG is a documentary that looks at the GMO industry and how it is poisoning us with its GMO foods and the chemicals it promotes to grow the GMOs. You can see the official trailor for GMO OMG at https://youtu.be/fuN09KENCHA

Altered Genes Twisted TruthGMO tomatoes kill Juan Pedro Ramos (Jan 2015)
Juan Pedro Ramos is unfortunately one of the first people to be killed by GMO foods when he suffered anaphylaxis after eating tomatoes that contained fish genes. He was rushed to the Carlos III hospital, but doctors there could not determine the cause of Ramos' reaction until it was too late. Only later was it found that the tomatoes contained fish-related allergens and also antibiotic resistant genes which had prevented Ramos' white blood cells from saving his life.

Altered Genes Twisted TruthBOOK: Altered Genes, Twisted Truth / Steven M. Druker (2015)
Steven Druker is a public interest attorney who initiated a lawsuit that forced the US FDA to divulge its files on GM foods. And it turned out that the FDA was perfectly aware of the risks, but pushed GM foods through anyway because of pressure from the pro-GM lobby. This extremely well researched book is an eye-opener, giving irrefutable evidence of the serious dangers of growing and eating GM foods. Those who are pro-gm either have interests in the biotech industry, or have fallen for its PR. This is an important book and should be required reading for anyone (especially politicians and scientists) wanting the facts without the marketing BS. www.alteredgenestwistedtruth.com

EU Finally Allows GM Crops Into Europe (Jun 2014)
Thanks to the undemocratic nature of the EU, despite a majority of its member states voting against the bill, on June 12th the EU's Environmental Council approved the proposal to allow pro-GM member states to go ahead with their own GMO programs. This effectively opens up the EU to GMO foods as the corruption of the gene pool in pro-GM member states will inevitably spread to other states — windblown seeds being no respecters of boarders. And so thanks primarily to the UK and Spanish governments who only care about commercial success, Europe faces gene pool contamination — the sacrifice of our priceless genetic integrity for the wealth of a few private companies.

Percy Schmeiser: David versus Monsanto / May 2013
Monsanto is an evil biotech multinational that is pushing for total control of food production. This is the story of Monsanto's pernicious ways, and how they are deliberately contaminating the whole gene pool with their patented GMO poisons, whilst suing unsuspecting farmers.

Fed Up (full version) - Wholesome Goodness Productions / May 2014
This documentary is now over a decade old, but is today as relevant as ever as it presents cogent reasons for rejecting genetically modified foods in favour of organically grown and natural alternatives. The price of GMO foods is too high for human civilisation to bear. (Thx Cpji)

Seeds of Death (Full Documentary)- Gary Null / May 2013
This is one of the most insightful documentaries on the insanity of GMO foods and allowing the GMO industry to police and regulate itself. The FDA works for industry, not public safety, and GMO foods can damage the immune system and the liver, atrophy organs and cause cancer.

Genetic Roulette (10 min Remix) - Jeffrey Smith / Oct 2012
This is an important introductory video for anyone concerned about the genetic corruption of our food supply by large companies like Monsanto, corruption that is ruining the health of our nations and our children. If you enjoy this video, please rent or buy the full length domentary.

Monsanto's massive increase in profits last year bears testimony to the monopoly it is creating by discouraging competing no-GM crops through the unethical and immoral practice of suing farmers whose fields are accidently contaminated by its GM varieties. [more →]

9 GMO food crops but they are in everything (Jul 2014)
There are currently only 9 GMO food crops in wide distribution:

  1. Soy
  2. Corn (not popcorn)
  3. Cottonseed (for oil)
  4. Canola (for oil)
  5. Sugar Beets (for sugar)
  6. Papaya (Hawaiian and Chinese)
  7. Zucchini
  8. Yellow Crookneck Squash
  9. Alfalfa (for hay)
But these 9 crops are used to make hundreds of other ingredients that are found in over 70% of supermarket food, ingredients such as: canola oil, corn flour, corn masa, corn meal, corn oil, corn sugar, corn syrup, cornstarch, cottonseed oil, dextrin, destrose, glucose, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), hydrolyzed vegetable protein, maltodextrin, protein isolate, soy flour, soy isolates, soy lecithin, soy milk, soil oil, soy protein, soy protein isolate, soy sauce, sugar (unless specified as cane sugar), tamari, tocopherolds (vitamin E), tofu, vegetable fat and vegetable oil. If any of the foods you buy in the US contain these ingredients, then they could well be GMO. To avoid GMO food, choose organic, avoid all processed food or visit Non-GMO Shopping Guide at www.nongmoshoppingguide.com where they have a great app as well as a downloadable guide. (This info was gleaned from the excellent documentary Genetic Roulette.)

Monsanto-logoMonsanto Protection Act Quietly Passed (Mar 2013)
The Monsanto Protection Act ("Farmer Assurance Provision") was quietly passed, with no hearings, by the US House of Representatives. This means that the planting and sale of GMOs cannot be stopped by federal courts no matter what the concerns are to consumer health. This has happened on top of the defeat of GMO labelling, which basically means that Monsanto now has the opportunity to push GMO crops on the population without the American people being allowed to make a choice about what they put in their mouths. The situation has grown even more dire as Walmart has agreed to sell unlabeled insecticide-laced GMO corn to unsuspecting Americans.

GMO crops are the main contributing factor in Colony Collapse Disorder which is decimating bee populations worldwide. The mainstream media, big business and governments must stop whitewashing GMO science. [more →]
Dr. Arpad Pusztai
Jenny Marsh—08/2002
Pusztai's experience indicates the depths to which the biotechnology industry will sink to prevent the public knowledge of the dangers of GM foods. [more →]
If we do not act now to stop this biotechnological insanity, our descendants will look back with incredulity at a generation that sold every last family heirloom for a quick cash fix. [more →]
Peter Rae's rational and impassioned appeal for more caution in new methods of food production. [more →]