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DARK Act DefeatedThe DARK Act is Defeated by the US Senate (16 Mar 2016)
The DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know) was a piece of legislation being pushed by the GMO industry as a means to overturn state GM labelling regulations at a national level. But today it got defeated in the Senate thanks to support by members of the public tired of being experimented on, lied to and poisoned. This act was put forward after individual states have started voting on GM labelling with Vermont becoming the first state to mandate GM labelling. With labelling, American consumers can for the first time make an informed choice whether to eat genetically modified foods and whether to feed them to their children. The GM industry fears transparency as it will undoubedly erode their profits to the point where the industry itself could be finished. Please support GM labelling and visit JustLabelIt.org.

Altered Genes Twisted TruthGMO tomatoes kill Juan Pedro Ramos (Jan 2015)
Juan Pedro Ramos is unfortunately one of the first people to be killed by GMO foods when he suffered anaphylaxis after eating tomatoes that contained fish genes. He was rushed to the Carlos III hospital, but doctors there could not determine the cause of Ramos' reaction until it was too late. Only later was it found that the tomatoes contained fish-related allergens and also antibiotic resistant genes which had prevented Ramos' white blood cells from saving his life.

Altered Genes Twisted TruthBOOK: Altered Genes, Twisted Truth / Steven M. Druker (2015)
Steven Druker is a public interest attorney who initiated a lawsuit that forced the US FDA to divulge its files on GM foods. And it turned out that the FDA was perfectly aware of the risks, but pushed GM foods through anyway because of pressure from the pro-GM lobby. This extremely well researched book is an eye-opener, giving irrefutable evidence of the serious dangers of growing and eating GM foods. Those who are pro-gm either have interests in the biotech industry, or have fallen for its PR. This is an important book and should be required reading for anyone (especially politicians and scientists) wanting the facts without the marketing BS. www.alteredgenestwistedtruth.com

EU Finally Allows GM Crops Into Europe (Jun 2014)
Thanks to the undemocratic nature of the EU, despite a majority of its member states voting against the bill, on June 12th the EU's Environmental Council approved the proposal to allow pro-GM member states to go ahead with their own GMO programs. This effectively opens up the EU to GMO foods as the corruption of the gene pool in pro-GM member states will inevitably spread to other states — windblown seeds being no respecters of boarders. And so thanks primarily to the UK and Spanish governments who only care about commercial success, Europe faces gene pool contamination — the sacrifice of our priceless genetic integrity for the wealth of a few private companies.

Seeds of DeceptionBOOK: Seeds of Deception / Jeffrey M. Smith
This excellent book was recently described by The Ecologist as "possibly the best book on GM foods yet written" (May 05) and it really is. Seeds of Deception takes a difficult and complex subject — the pollitical collusion, the industrial manipulation and the manufactured "science" — and explains it in a way that will have you shunning GM foods by the end of it. This is a powerful book that should be required reading in schools. Smith even has an hour-long speech on his website at www.seedsofdeception.com which introduces much of the material. The book also has a forword by UK politician Michael Meacher.

Monsanto-logoMonsanto Protection Act Quietly Passed (Mar 2013)
The Monsanto Protection Act ("Farmer Assurance Provision") was quietly passed, with no hearings, by the US House of Representatives. This means that the planting and sale of GMOs cannot be stopped by federal courts no matter what the concerns are to consumer health. This has happened on top of the defeat of GMO labelling, which basically means that Monsanto now has the opportunity to push GMO crops on the population without the American people being allowed to make a choice about what they put in their mouths. The situation has grown even more dire as Walmart has agreed to sell unlabeled insecticide-laced GMO corn to unsuspecting Americans.

Unnatural HarvestBOOK: Unnatural Harvest / Ingeborg Boyens
Boyens explores the issues of genetic engineering in a book that is a good introduction to the world of biotechnology and genetic engineering. In this book she tells us how commercial concerns have produced farming practices that are very different from those that most of us would picture in our minds.
85% of Animal Feed in Europe is GMO derived - Nov 2012
In Europe, we think we are still GMO free. And whilst it is true that GM food is not been sold in supermarkets, yet, 85% of animal feed is GMO derived. This means that if you eat meat (other than fish) you are eating an animal that may have unusual proteins through horizontal gene transfer in the gut bacteria. So now it is more important than ever to stop eating meat.
Lords of the HarvestBOOK: Lords of the Harvest / David Charles
This is the story of the American chemical giant Monsanto and their takeover of much of the world's seed business and the massive European and American backlash against the GMOs that they tried to sell to the world. Charles presents a very balanced picture of modern agribusiness, although he fails to take a true stand against "frankenfoods".

Whole Foods sells GMOsWhole Foods Market Sells GM Food (Oct 2012)
Wholefoods Market is the largest health food supermarket chain in the world, with stores throughout the US, Canada and, more recently, London. They market themselves very strongly on their organic status and their focus on health and ecological projects. However, an organisation called Organic Spies has taken secret footage of workers at Whole Foods assuring customers that genetically modified food is not sold in their stores, when in fact 20% to 30% of product lines contain GM ingredients. Also, Whole Foods does not seem to be supporting the movement in the US for the labelling of GM foods, probably because they make so much profit out of them. (Their turnover is 10b a year, so they are making millions from GM foods.) Organic Spies posted the documentary on Youtube only to have it censored because "its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service" — (translate: pissed off a major corporation). But Natural News has a copy of the video and you can watch it here. If you shop at Whole Foods please consider boycotting the store until they stop selling GM products and start actively supporting labelling.

The Effects of Monsanto Genetically Modified Maize/Corn on Rats (September 2012)
A study published in The Food & Chemical Toxicology Journal — the result of the first ever proper study on the long-term effects of eating GM food — has shown that it is devastating to health. The study found that 50% of males and 70% of females fed Monsanto GM corn and/or traces of Monsanto Roundup pesticide suffered premature deaths from terrible tumors, and liver and kidney damage. To read the full study, please visit: www.biolsci.org/v05p0706.htm. Nearly all these problems developed after 4-months of this two-year study (rat lifetime) and then escalated from there, whereas the bio-tech industry invariably does short 3-month safety tests. This is why the biotech industry is reluctant to do long-term safety testing — they know that the results will not only severely damage the profits they make on GM foods but could get them charged with crimes against humanity. On the strengths of these findings, all GM foods should immediately be banned. [Please note that Energygrid is entirely opposed to animal experimentation. We are showing pictures of these poor rats in order to warn the public to avoid GMO food at ALL COSTS. This technology is a genocide time-bomb.]

GMO effects on rats

Genetically Engineered FoodBOOK: Genetically Engineered Food / R. Cummins & B. Lilliston
This is an important book to anybody who is interested in biotechnology and food production. In it, the authors weigh up the promises of new food technologies against the risks that are being taken away from public awareness. Included is information on what consumers can do to protect themselves from becoming unwitting participants in this heinous global experiment being undertaken by the biotech multinationals.
Monsanto British Headquater's cafe bans GM foods (2007)
The catering firm Granada Food Services than runs the cafe at the British headquarters of Monsanto have taken all GM foods off the menu due to "customer concerns"!
Biotechnology UnzippedBOOK: Biotechnology Unzipped / Eric S. Grace
Written by a zoologist, this book is a fantastic introduction to biotechnology. Grace writes as a scientist, showing both the dangers and the promises that this new technology can bring. His message is that there are no simple genetic solutions to the problems that we face, and he points out the huge danger of having such a powerful technology being basically financially-led. Outside of Ho's book, this is the best book on the subject.
Do you believe GMOs are nothing to worry about and that the large biotechnology companies like Monsanto care about your health and the environment? Get informed and visit the best source of GMO information at: www.seedsofdeciption.com.
Engineering - Dream or NightmareBOOK: Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare? / Mae-Wan Ho
Thank you Dr. Ho for writing a book that most biologists, in the interest of maintaining their reputations and lucrative research contracts, would not have the courage the write. Genetic Engineering covers everything from the bad science involved to a look at the values of society that could allow such activity to take place. As she says in her book: "We must act now if we are to stop the dreams turning into nightmares, before the critical genetic meltdown is reached."
Superweeds Appear After UK GM Field Trial (Jul 2005)
The first superweeds — weeds resistant to herbicides — have been discovered in the UK just two years after the end of a three year field trial for GM oilseed rape. The discovery, made by scientists from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) — a government research agency — came as they were monitoring gene flow from Bayer's herbicide-resistant GM rape seed to wild plants. The weed in question is charlock, and it is found alongside rape seed throughout Europe. What is most disturbing about this new discovery is that industry scientists and the UK government have always insisted that "horizontal" gene flow in this manner is impossible. And this environmental bombshell comes at a time when the UK is trying to overturn the EU's ban on GM products. The Ecologist reports that "the first international register of GM contamination showed Britain is one of the countries most affected. There have been eight incidents of normal crops, food or animal feed being tainted with GM… since the crops were introduced into the global environment in 1996; only the US, with 11 such incidents, has a worse record."
Genetic RouletteBOOK: Genetic Roulette / Jeffrey M. Smith
This has to be the best reference book on the dangers of GM foods that has so far been written. It includes nearly forty health risks of the food that Americans eat every day, and Smith shows why children are most at risk, how to avoid GM foods, how the biotechnology industry covers up negative research, and why GM crops are not needed to feed the world — a common justification by the industry. Genetic Roulette is so clear and comprehensive that it should be required reading in schools so that future generations can make steps to avoid the calamity that awaits us if we continue developing these dangerous foods.