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Monsanto's massive increase in profits last year bears testimony to the monopoly it is creating by discouraging competing no-GM crops through the unethical and immoral practice of suing farmers whose fields are accidently contaminated by its GM varieties. [more →]
GMO crops are the main contributing factor in Colony Collapse Disorder which is decimating bee populations worldwide. The mainstream media, big business and governments must stop whitewashing GMO science. [more →]
Dr. Arpad Pusztai
Jenny Marsh—08/2002
Pusztai's experience indicates the depths to which the biotechnology industry will sink to prevent the public knowledge of the dangers of GM foods. [more →]
If we do not act now to stop this biotechnological insanity, our descendants will look back with incredulity at a generation that sold every last family heirloom for a quick cash fix. [more →]
Peter Rae's rational and impassioned appeal for more caution in new methods of food production. [more →]