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Liesl Lehman, LMP

Liesl has been a massotherpaist since 1983; a practitioner and instructor of flowing yoga, creative movement, massage, and meditation since 1989; and a practitioner of Vibrational Medicine since 1999, become a memeber of the Electronic Medicine Association in 2004.

Since early childhood, Liesl has had vivid "shamanic" dreams and visions which led her to study many forms of metaphyics, spirituality and divination. She began reading the tarot and runes in 4th grade, communicated with spirit guides and had an OOBE at 14, saw the deceased at 17 and became a licensed healing arts professional at 18. Liesl has been studying astrology and numerology since 1990.

Web: www.soularia.org
Email: liesl@soularia.org

Su Maya

Su has a rare mix of sensitivities with a reverence for the ancient Masters. Currently living as a monk, she is being brought to the fulfillment of true enlightenment through gradual purification of the subtle energy systems.

Su has been trained for 22 years in world religions and mystical traditions, and is known for her empowering, transformative work with individuals who are interested in: *Astrology charts *Energy shifts *Transitions *New realities *Creativity *Christ and Angels *Animals, Nature and the Elements *Healing *Careers and Soul purpose *Spiritual guidance *Transmission meditation *Prophecy of global change.

She has also worked in the media with many renowned healers, ministers and community leaders such as: Sufi Master Sherif Baba. Lynn Andrews, author of the "Medicine Woman" series, "Star Woman" "Windhorse Woman""Love and Power" and others. Chris Griscom, author of "Ecstasy is a New Frequency" and others. Jack Graf, Minister of the Unity Church of Raleigh, NC. Susan Loughan, author of the "The Healing Runes" Andrew Harvey, author of "Son of Man" "Journey to Ladakh" "The Return of the Mother" and more. Benjamin Creme, author of "Maitreya's Mission" Buddy Piper, creator of the TV game show CONCENTRATION, who is now a modern Miracles reporter.

Web: www.angelfire.com/nc/sugeringer/
Email: su808@juno.com