16 January 2005
Report brought to you by Liesl

Expect more waves of wobbles from cosmic energies contacting the planet in March, and in October. The grids interact with our entire morphic resonant field, which includes both earth's biosphere and human consciousness. These explosions and cosmic rays and CME's and so forth which are changing our entire solar system are something humans can sense and are affected by. We are barometers. How do we weather this cosmic weather? The guides indicate that the appropriate response to this is to open the heart ( our personal sun center ) and align it to the solar "heart", galactic "heart", and then to the "universal heart" or "central sun". They say this allows us to tune to the frequencies and then act as tranceducers to the denser earth frequencies, assimilating the galactic vibrations. If we can open ourselves to these frequencies, it may go more smoothly for us. Fear constricts, love expands…

There is a great up-welling of energy in the Pacific; which has the potential to encompass Hawaii to the Mariana and Caroline Islands, and New Zealand. New land could appear there, as well as new volcanic activity, which will release pressure so is not to be feared. Those of you so inclined, tune in for a moment to that area and see what you get. Our planet's helping spirits are doing what they can to ease the birth, yet birth is messy in the best of times.