03 March 2005
Report brought to you by Su Maya

Uranus in Pisces

Have you noticed the weather lately? Everybody's talking about it. Everybody is feeling it, and that includes man, animals and nature.

Well, Uranus the planet of creativity and invention, is fully in the sign of Pisces, the constellation of wispy spiritual intuition and compassion. It is a water sign and all things related will be under revolutionary changes during the next 6+ years.

While Uranus was in Aquarius, an air sign which rules culture, intellect and humanity, we have seen the networks of global communication and electronics boom.

So in relation to water, it seems we will see new issues bubble up to the surface. Quality, treatments, resources and weather patterns which we have come to accept, will be under revision. Water born diseases may also be affected for better or worse.

For instance, look at how much rain the deserts are getting this winter. The 4 corners region of the Southwest, while beset by occasional flooding does not usually see these constant rainfalls. They will likely have to find new ways to channel it and share. Unusual plants and wildlife may emerge or migrate. Pakistan, India and other Near East countries are seeing a lot of snow too, enough to cause avalanches.

Water can change forms too, like the Polar caps melting into the oceans, raising sea level concerns for fragile islands.

The recent increase and magnitude of hurricanes, typhoons, and tsunamis are another way in which we can be surprised. They may change direction and location without warning.

Since Pisces is a sign that mirrors the ethereal mind, this transit will have an aspect that affects consciousness and dreams.

Humans who have been working on their own sensitivity will likely pay more attention to their inner voices, not authority figures or newscasters.

It may manifest as the softening of the 'spiritual warrior'. Self help gurus and preachers that have built a following the past several years, may find that their congregations do not want to hear rhetoric any more.

If you are knowledgeable about your own astrology charts, the planets in all the water signs will be touched by this gradual transit. You will feel it especially if your Sun or Ascendant are in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer.

Whatever happens, it is sure to bring some surprises, because that's what Uranus does to energy: shifts the stream for creative insights and solutions.

This is a slow moving planet which takes about 7 years to transit a single sign in the sky, a few degrees every year. Now that it is at 7* Pisces, we have had a chance to see what kind of impact the next several years will have on our little planet.

Since it is a planet known for shifting and amping up electrical energy along with its counterparts in consciousness, there is more to be said on what changes will manifest in the forthcoming decade.

For instance, the inventions in science and technology, which were welcomed novelties before, have basically taken over our daily lives. This developed during the last transit of Uranus in the intellectual sign of Aquarius.

However, Pisces is a much more intuitive sign, and this creativity will flow like waves of the sea. Not only will communications be wireless, but dreams and telepathic connections will become clearer, more real. Those of us who have steadily worked at purifying our minds, will likely find a deeper validation during the next 5-6 years. Our empathic responses will be more trusted, distance healing can be more effective.

Liberation from former doctrines will lead to new ways of thinking about our fellow men and women across the globe. With the quality of water resources and necessary treatments under revision, our sense of unity will be ever more present.

Water which covers 80% of the planet, in all its various forms, glaciers, rain, groundwater, oceans, waterfalls, rivers and mist, is still made of the same H2O. Similarly, our bodies, while living in different countries, under different governing structures and belief systems, are still only human, parts of the same humanity.

This compassion and unity extends to every living creature. All plants, animals, the four directions of the Medicine Wheel, earth, water, wind and fire are made of the same basic elements, and are part of a single continuity of life.

Artists and musicians will be the first to express this old but revived sacred embrace. Songs of love, while nothing new to the industry, will sing with a more resonant voice. Painters and sculptors may shown signs of integrating new media, new harmonies, like an artist would mix watercolors, expecting even glorifying unusual results.

It's not hard to see why Jesus showed the power of love through the miracle of fishes and loaves. He demonstrates that to feed the multitudes one must be like the sea, open and full at once. In a healthy environment, fish reproduce in abundance, and release them, so there is enough for all connected lives to survive. Christianity was therefore represented by the the sign of the fish, and so is Pisces.

To take this inspiration a bit further, anyone who is ready will see higher levels of guidance shining through to waking consciousness. Not that I advocate everyone calling themselves gods, or avatars, but the best intentions will be supported by unseen forces, powerful forces which reside on expanded and mighty influential dimensions.

So for example, if you are a clear and humble servant of God, He will send oceanic waves of spiritual support to make your daily work more profound. A simple baker of breads may find himself praying over his loaves and healing all his customers, without them ever knowing it.

In the ever-present Now, outside of space/time, God really is working miracles of energy which radiate in beams, waves and particles. These emanations are pure energy, stepped down for us to understand. When we trust in the Divine Order of the Universe, we witness the splendor of celestial seasons unfolding.

Many Blessings -Su