Every morning you wake up and probably look at the weather report. This has become an integral part of our lives. Energygrid Reports are similar to weather reports except that they deal with the energetics or energy grid of our planet, rather than its physical weather patterns.

As we enter these times of huge planetary change, it is imperative that a small percentage of the population — because that is all it takes — becomes aware of what is happening with Earth's energy grid so that the focus of their collective consciousness can help in the birthing of a new world.

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The Grid Weather Report was developed as a psychic/energetic counterpart to the weather reports that we are all familiar with. It is compiled from readings and impressions taken by a small team of psychics and remote viewers from around the world, and gives a fairly good assessment of the two most important energetic grid systems that affect our lives: the Solar/Earth Grid Complex (SE-Grid) and the Galactic Grid (G-Grid).

Cosmic energy travels from the Universal Grid (or God) into the G-Grid, and then is stepped down further into the SE-Grid. With each descension, there is a step down in frequency and power. This is necessary because local energetic systems (like our bodies) cannot handle strong high-frequency energy without chronic fatigue and circuit burn-out.

Most terrestrial organisms evolved on the relatively low power source of the SE-Grid, and it is this energetic system has sustained humanity for eons. However, there have always been sporadic influxes from the G-Grid directly into terrestrial systems, influxes which have served to "evolve" those systems by introducing new energies and possibilities. From a human perspective, these extraterrestrial influences have been associated with global paradigm shifts and revolutions.

At this time in history, we are witnessing something extraordinary, and something so rare that ancient cultures going back many thousands of years have spoken of these special times. In the early 1990s, ES-Grid completely reconfigured itself, an event that is terrestrially known as the birth of the sixth sun. This allows the SE-Grid to accept much higher levels of G-Grid injection. In step with this SE-Grid upgrade, G-Grid energy is starting to flood the terrestrial systems, forcing all living systems to either entrain with this new higher frequency or die. This process will reach its zenith in Dec 2012 when the new world will be born. This galactic influx will make possible undreamt of levels of co-creation by any energetic system willing to move its assemblage points to the stars.

Please note that all Energygrid systems are conscious, multidimensional, holographic, and can evolve over time. And they interact with each of us in a unique way, depending on the energetics of our core being, our ego strength, our personality type, and our spiritual development. This means that we can often experience different things from the same grid configurations and energetics. However, with feedback from reports such as this one, we can learn to differentiate our "stuff" from what is going on globally and cosmically.