BREAKING NEWS: The Tsunami, in conjunction with the newest "biggest ever recorded" explosion in space is still reverberating, and there is more activity on the horizon, so get your sea legs. This wave doesn't stop. It is a cosmic wave sweeping everything before it, cleansing to the bare bones. We have the opportunity to lay a brand new foundation now, if we don't try to keep grasping the old. Release it all, bless it all, and await the new. (Liesl)

THIS WEEK'S REPORT: Right now we may be experiencing moderate to severe fluctuations in the incoming energy, as evidenced by physical condition and emotional state. When we feel good, we feel very very good, and when we feel bad, its really rotten. Energies continue to depolarize and repolarize, as circuits are being recalibrated. These past few weeks we have come through a crisis with renewed resolution. Sensitives may experience any number of reactions to the energies; an inability to relax, waves of nausea ( seasickness from riding the swells?), deeply questioning one's own sanity, despair at the madness of the world, etc. You may feel very up one day and then extremely tired or confused the next; or be overwhelmed by simple decision making, then have burst of creativity, revelation, and breakthroughs of insight. It is helpful to realize that with each cycle of flux, the new vibration gets stronger, like reaching a higher mountain peak each time you ascend out of a recent valley. If you run a fever as I did, try to remember we are in a deep and necessary process of cleansing here. An interpretation of the rune Hagalaz comes to mind, "Disruption, Elemental, Power, Hail; Plans cast awry; Relationships gone asunder; Poles can Reverse. Spirit's Great Planetary Surges can cast discomfiting Energy into Life. Learning through Radical Discontinuity emerges. (Liesl)