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Geoff Freed — November 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.


Hope all is well and those sensitive to the upgraded energies are not getting swirled away in the maelstrom.

http://healthfreedoms.org/2012/10/15/texas-scientists-quit-cancer-program/ Scientists resign over cancer research in Texas.

http://healthfreedoms.org/2012/10/08/vitamin-variants-could-combat-cancer-as-scientists-unravel-b12-secrets/ More research on Vitamin B12.

40 years I have campaigned over fluoride and yet this 3 min clip almost suggests it's a new issue, however, it is well presented.

Breath taking almost 3 D without glasses.

One minute of a NASA Gamma Ray depiction. If you realise they are saying that one of these rays could devastate Earth. Some say the 2004 Indonesia Tsunami may have been triggered by one?

'The Swift robotic spacecraft was launched into orbit on November 20, 2004 to observe

GRBs are flashes of gamma rays associated with extremely energetic explosions, usually from dying stars and they are the brightest electromagnetic events known to occur in the universe.

One of the GRBs depicted in this clip hit the Earth directly but it was too distant to have a noticeable effect. However, scientists theorize that in the future, a GRB could devastate life on Earth, which they believe has happened in the past.

It has been hypothesized that a close-range gamma-ray burst from within the Milky Way, pointing directly towards the Earth, could cause a mass extinction event on our planet' Courtesy of Alexandra Bruce, Forbidden Knowledge.

You can see how the FBI and other authorities use false flag and black ops.


Figure 1 About the transformation and Kundalini rising

Many folk have been feeling the fire of the purging, powering surges of the cleansing energies of the Transformation and some eventually to transfiguration.

In some theories the energies travel up the spine and the left and right channels, and some up the front of the body. Say the contrast between Yoga and Ki and Chi of Zen and Qi Gong and so on. I feel at present we are at a world point where many folk are feeling the pressure of transformation.

It is said that shock, illness, accidents, abrupt endings of a relationship such as divorce, parents passing on, job loss, bankruptcy and so on, can cause an energy surge which can 'unblock' a meridian, chakra or flood the nervous system which causes the 'road map' the 'familiar world' to collapse and so alter the brain neurone and synaptic pathways that formed the highways and byways, the routine 'safety mechanisms, the coping strategies' we formerly used before the earthquake, the shattering, or perhaps a less severe event.

The chaotic world today and the media reports will in some cases test one's credibility, for 9/11 and the above FBI short video above; show how the bigger the deception the more likely people will go into denial. 'What bomb and kill our own people? No way. No matter what evidence you show me'. The austerity measures when there is such a glut of money, stinking, filthy rich 10% and 90% on the downgrade, sliding to poverty, until their spirit is broken, they capitulate and become enslaved.



Figure 2 Both these pictures symbolise the Kundalini energy.

However, when one comes to terms with conditions and begins to realise that there is a deeper purpose at work here and takes these powerful currents, surges and symptoms, these breakdowns, one begins to feel and sense a greater 'plan' at work, a clearing, purging, powerful detoxification of mind and body. Rather the mind stuff falling away, causing the body to cleanse itself.

This body cleansing is severe now with many needing nutrients and dietary supplementation and paramount deep meditation, rest and yet when feeling for it quite robust exercise.

Gradually the awakening is gathering and is does it releases more energy into the collective mind and so these waves are causing the building bricks, the very foundation of world humanity hierarchical corner stones, the pillars of our known structures to flounder, totter, feel shaky.


Figure 3 Staring at disbelief at shattered ruins, part of our perceived reality gone, lost, what was so solid now just empty and in ruins.

At this point we could get depressed, suicidal, what's the use, seek distraction, pessimistic, panic, get ill, and feel trapped and so on.

The saving grace is that one realises all so called solid objects [we know all material things are 99% empty], yet we solidify them to feel grounded, safe, this is solid ground under my feet, I'm safe, secure, nothing can rock my boat. Then bosh, suddenly the tide can turn ill health, accidents, dying people, and war. Why me, why this, where are the good old days, when I was young, or I am young and cannot get a job, I'm called lazy, a benefit cheat, a waste of space as a pensioner and all, the scenarios you can think.

Then the great lesson may dawn, the Universe, the sun, moon, Earth, me, my body is not forever, we have to live with loss, death at every level stares me in the face. The grim reaper appears so large and fearful now.


Figure 4 Hey Reaper I Love you. You are my saviour in disguise

When we face death clearly, we realise the transience of all things, the temporary nature of all things, here today gone tomorrow, the king is dead, long live the king. When we realise the life of a butterfly maybe a few weeks, some insects a few minutes, the life of galaxy a few billion years, we realise that the APPEARANCE of the Universe Itself is transient, we are because it is.

Then something amazing happens. We let go of holding on to that which with us must die, we accept out mortality, not morbidly and sadly, because a DEEP KNOWING ARISES from our depths, not anywhere physically, it comes from the foundations that death brings to us, it reveals our EMPTINESS, our True Nature, that which is beyond all form. A feeling beyond the known, beyond the unknown and there comes a peace, a tranquillity that only death can bring. AND WE CAN DIE TO THIS AND STILL BE IN THE BODY. WE do not have to physically die to let go of the perceived solid that we clung too in our previous road map of reality.

So all the wars, the diseases, the calamities, the suffering has been for what? To show us to let go. A society that does not honour death, not run from it, not promote it, sanctify Life of a body only through validating its demise. Some Buddhist Monks meditate in a morgue or graveyard, whilst my Qi Gong teacher told me not to go there as the chi is stale and dead, I spent time in morgues, hospices, and know that by appreciating a corpse, seeing this still apparently lifeless being had a 'spark' which was and is precious, and where has that gone? [Here we go into the medical scientific thing, ah well consciousness, life comes from the electrical division of cells and on death your light goes out, finish, finito, go pick up a pizza, watch TV, make love, sleep and go to the next post mortem tomorrow].

Well I got something else, I sat and contemplated my ' spark' within me, and at times, a great glow, a knowing occurred and I knew there was a Life within me, that did not die, that was not to be confused with birth and death, it was LIFE in a pristine primordial, form, a potential, a Life Force, a space of AWARENESS that knew Itself and was that which was eternal and yet invisible, unformed, and yet proved ITSELF by indwelling all apparent solid things organic, inorganic whatever, and withdrew Itself when the creative sustained ideal was accomplished.

It is said that the Age of Aquarius is dawning and it is the rise of the yin, Shakti, feminine force is upon us.[many people are feeling this 'cold burning' especially in the nether regions]. This rises from the base, from the infrastructure, from the depths and wishes to rise to the head yang head where they marry, where left and right brain marry, when the bride and bridegroom go on honeymoon, where the process of war very male and yang, the heroes we see on TV, huge heavy guys, now, superwomen guys, battling, growling, snarling, hostile aliens, war, attack. Yet there is a weariness with this, there is a lethargy about this old USA crap, attack, beat up, dominate, cigar wielding 'Dirty Harry' 'The Stiff British Upper Lip' 'The Fanatics shouting, noisy gun totting bearded of all races and dominations', Drones, Civilians and Kids being massacred. THE RAPE OF INNOCENCE. The assault on decency.

Yet the stench of this is the puss of a putrefying open cancerous wound, an ulcerous canker, weeping and now seeping out for cleansing. The Karma of the Aeons of war, abuse power struggles, now worldwide and experienced by many billions world wide through the mass media, mobile phones, TV, computers and so forth.


As the Universe sends these waves of evolution to us here on Earth, its timing is perfection.

Time for clear up, clear the slate. Unfortunately many are still asleep, they watch while eating their takeaway's on TV the horror of the news, not knowing the acid forming silently, while munching on a Big Mac, a pizza, a curry in a hurry, and so on, and just staring idly at it, whilst it sinks in, and then ah well when is corrie on, east enders on. My neighbours bless them hurrying not to miss an episode. Shocking did you see that little girl murdered, did you hear about the latest cuts, do you know they are not doing cataracts or hip, knee replacements for the elderly, I've paid all my life for the NHS and a pension, what are all these foreigners doing here taking our jobs and getting free treatment?

This rhetoric is the internal dialogue, yes why are all the races going hither and thither, looking for jobs, looking for success, while in the end death takes it from them anyway.

What about being a farmer, an herbalist, a nature lover, village life, and solar powered ploughs, hydrogen and compressed air cars, anti gravity free aircraft, linear motor trains, phantom wave health technology. GOOD GRIEF Geoff, your stone cold raving bonkers, THERE'S no profit, I cannot be top of the pile, I cannot dominate, have servants.

So we are in the death throes of the old outworn ways of living, and soon the weary will surrender, not to the elite dominants, but to that spark within, the glory of the Eternal in the finite and yes Death Conquers all only to bring New Life.

Sufi saying 'Glorious Sun Why Are You Setting? Only to Rise Again'.

Be Well. Geoff


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