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Geoff Freed — October 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

Hello Friends

This a short clip of Carl Johan Calleman, very profound [4 mins].

Fantastic Fungi: The Spirit of Good. 2 mins. Compare in October 2012. Post 1 [Voicemail Discovered in Nature: Insects Receive Soil Messages from the Past]

Cosmic Rays at Voyager 1
Credit: Voyager Project, NASA

Explanation: Launched on a grand tour of the outer planets in 1977, by good fortune the twin Voyager spacecraft were also headed in the general direction of the Sun's motion relative to nearby stars. Thirty five years later, Voyager 1 appears to be nearing the boundary of the Sun's heliosphere and interstellar space. Of course the heliosphere is the realm of the Sun defined by the influence of the solar wind and the Sun's magnetic field. But how can you tell when your spacecraft crosses the boundary into interstellar space? One clue would be a sudden increase in the detection of energetic cosmic rays. The high energy particles stream through interstellar space accelerated by distant supernovae in our galaxy, but are normally deflected or slowed by the heliosphere. Covering a 12 month period (September 2011 to 2012), this plot does show a dramatic increase in the rate of cosmic ray particle detection in past months by the Voyager 1 spacecraft. Voyager 1 is now 18 billion kilometres (17 light hours, 122 Astronomical Units) from the Sun and may soon be the first spacecraft from Earth to enter the realm of the stars.

I have blogged that the that the accelerated high energy particles have been very much less as we have no known comparison before Voyager 1 reached its September 2011 destination. I still maintain that the Sun's position to the Central Black Hole at the Milky Way is causing a resonance so activating the Sun even more so in its 11 year prolific active cycle. Now Voyager 1 is picking up particles which before were considerably less.

It is also my view that the Sun's heliosphere is as the magnetosphere and Ionosphere gets 'squashed' to the familiar squid shape and like the distortion to our Schumann Resonance and the effect on our biology [never mentioned by NASA, all but a brief mention--- giving them the benefit of the doubt, they do not want to panic the general population], so the extra 'extra high speed particle, yes by supernovae and the alignment to the position of the sun to the centre Milky Way and its unique positioning astrologically and astronomically in the 26,000 year cycle in the procession of the constellations, gives an entrainment, resonance which 'stirs' up more magnetic activity in the Sun and its surface magnetic activity i.e. HSS, CME, Solar Flares, Coronal Holes and so on.


The Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation

  • The ionosphere is important for radio wave (AM only) propagation....
  • ionosphere is composed of the D, E, and F layers
  • the D layer is good at absorbing AM radio waves
  • D layer dissapears at night.... the E and F layers bounce the waves back to the earth
  • this explains why radio stations adjust their power output at sunset and sunrise





Figure 1 Brain Schumann Resonances


Figure 2 Sun's Heliosphere

It may seem I laboured the point of the Sun's activity and reiterated many things from back blogs. However many people have been in touch saying how they now feel the weather and sun's effects[plus all the stuff we do--- chemtrails, GM muck, side effects from medical drugs and so forth] however I do feel this is a crucial aspect to our survival and 'how to live with a star' and its intelligence is vital. Please refer to these article in back blogs; http://www.glcoherence.org/monitoring-system/commentaries.html?mtcCampaign=9228&mtcEmail=13526879


What can one do; well deep meditation as distinct from imagery, visualisations, affirmations, mantra, yantra, positive/negative thinking, hypnosis, contemplation, suppression and so forth[have described this in many blogs], obtaining Helmholtz Coils and Schumann Resonance Simulators.

See footnote further down.


Figure 3 Bow shock wave--- quid like referred to above.

Weathering geomagnetic storms

The Russians have a new take on preventative medicine. In a room at the Georgian Techni-cal University (GTU) in Tbilisi, three sets of Helmholtz coils dotted about the place bathe the room in a powerful magnetic field. The plan is to begin using this set-up for cardiovas-cular patients, particularly those in intensive care, with the coils offering compensatory shielding against an invisible threat—a killer that is more potent than diet, lifestyle or even genes.

We all live on what is essentially a giant magnet, with its North and South Poles—the two poles of the magnet—surrounded by a donut-shaped mag-netic field. This ambient geomagnetic field, or magnetosphere, is constantly in flux, as it's affected by the weather and any geological changes on earth— but, most particularly, by volatile changes of the weather in space, largely caused by the furious activity of the sun. [Courtesy of WDDTY]

This is a footnote and is a snippet in the link from energygrid above.

We are getting very near to the climaxes of several important events. So I have done the above and see that the Intelligent Being our Sun is sending out information in its Plasma and magnetic fields in a language that is commensurate and concomitant to the resonance frequencies our Solar System family and Cosmic Family share in common.

This language Interpreted into our language is picked up in the stillness of meditation and known to us if 'needed' by the intuition [Intuition is often faked, mimicked, by the ego and is very quick and deceiving, many years off sitting in the silence of inner peace stillness, or naturally gifted sensitives [not psychics] and sensitives who are not swayed by emotions, not detached by will, but are natural easy witnesses, will be in tune and aligned with then shifting frequencies and 'THE SHIFT'.

These 'messages' also affect the DNA and thereby the cells as described in many, many back blogs, details of the chemistry, the brain functions and so much more. It is therefore vital to understand the relationships that we are in, as a holistic eco one Life shared togetherness and what this means.

http://healthfreedoms.org/2012/09/06/the-naked-mole-rat-that-could-hold-the-secret-to-humans-living-to-200/ Want to live to be 200 year of age?

http://wakeup-world.com/2012/09/05/ten-signs-that-youre-awakening/ Right on.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrnGi-q6iWc What a thrilling 2 mins of huge power-------title NASA/ Magnificent Eruption on the SUN. Oh Boy.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Gy7FVXERKFE ONE OF THE WAYS AHEAD Of a scenario--- 2 MIN PREVIEWS not my choice.

Financial crisis is "fuelling populism and extremism" in Europe, a top European Union official has said. Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of the European Commission, said EU countries need to realise they are in the crisis together, and that they must work together to get out of it. "Europe needs a new direction," Mr Barroso said in his annual State of the Union address. "Old ideas" will not work any more and greater political union is needed in order to save the euro currency, he said. Mr Barroso said the EU needs to "move toward a federation of nation states" that involves shared sovereignty, drawing a distinction between that and a "superstate". "Pooled sovereignty means more power, not less," he argued. He said the Commission would continue to pursue a financial transaction tax, so that taxpayers can benefit from the financial services industry, instead of only having the sector benefiting from taxpayers.

He also said the EU should have the capability to intervene militarily in conflicts when needed. ANOTHER SCENARIO. Perhaps leading to 'one world dictaorship government'. Deliberate unrest caused by austerity measures to force one option 'WE CAN SAVE YOU IF YOU SURRENDER YOUR SOVERIEGN RIGHTS'. THIS WOULD MEAN YOUR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AS WELL.

The civil unrest caused by austerity measures would cause the authorities to mark everyone as in the USA who quietly protests as 'enemies of the state' or terrorists. This a ploy to deliberately cause unrest, bring in lethal vaccinations due to hunger, homeless people, no sanitation, no clean water, and there are now more people living in slum cities throughout the world. WE MUST VACCINATE TO STOP DISEASE SPREADING ---- like statins which are killers so are some vaccines if have harmful biological warfare chemicals in. More money for Big Pharma and their heads the so called elite. To allay this we have to counter the fear. First identify the fear as represented by the above and then watch it until it subsides, by witnessing it in a relaxed unbiased non opiniated mode. The mind will quieten down and the fear will not be nourished, and like those whom are ignoring the economy, trading amongst themselves, the fear has subsided-----watch how free trade will be targeted as avoiding tax and not contributing to the national debt----local councils will jump into this. FEAR YE NOT. NOW TO THE BLOWN BY THE WIND.

Coming back to my old Sensei I asked him what enlightened people have as their mind set, their state of mind, being much younger in my late teens I put it to him more like' what do enlightened people think? His reply was 'like a tree growing or a dead log' This shook me, I took it to be like a vegetable, a zombie[I kept notes on these things along with the 1967 writings later on {1954 was Sensei till 1958, then Sifu 1959-1963}.

In back blogs I describe the Kendo, oak, brother and mind blow connected to Koan and what it was incidents. All producing minor satoris. O Satori waiting or maybe there is no such thing?

I then queried many things and aspects and after the above experiences I felt completely mad at times, spaced out, foggy, disorientated and many of the so called ascension symptoms or transformation symptoms, kundulini spikes and so on. Needless to say my socialising was almost non existent and relationships difficult, in the main I was extremely content and when turbulent it was and is rough.

Sounding arrogant and perhaps naïve from my NDE I had a 'mission' something to do, to accomplish. I went through the saviour of the world, I was special, and I was right, the healer, the teacher, the lover, husband type thing, the sportsman, the scientist, the religious freak, the martial arts champion, the workshop presenter, and psychotherapist, blog writer spread the Aquarian message of the 1967 writings, research and contact whistleblowers and insert in blogs, go on TV and Radio and so many other things, we all have our stories and dramas and so on.

It was becoming clear that the above were the contents of my mind, my conditioning, my past, conditioning, life's experiences, and the furniture in the room. In fact 'THE SPACE IN MY MIND, THE ROOM THE FURNITURE IN WHICH THE FURNITURE RESIDED IN' was INDEED THE AWARENESS. SPACE WAS AWARENESS, not Cosmic Astronomy Space which is filled with energy ripples and plasma, but the SPACE OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

This space, this emptiness as Buddha referred to was indeed all around and in us, it is US and there is only ONE US or ME THE I AM. WHEN THERE ARE NO EGOS, THERE IS ONLY CONSCIOUSNESS and what issues forth from this potential. Your awareness is a collective when the boundary of the individual ego is not there. It is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

The next thing that comes into this is the following: with jobs going, breakdown of society, depression, fear which breeds lack of self worth, human atrocities, looking for saviours, gurus, pleading with God, sexual, drug and alcohol, TV, I pads, Kindles, Mobile Phones, these all take one outside oneself, more furniture in the room, clutter, possessions, feeling safe in possessions, the buzz of acquisitiveness, hoarding, addiction.


Figure 4 Animals only gather for survival and do not hoard unnecessarily. They abide by eco-design.

A status symbol living up to the Jones, I am as successful as my possessions, my wealth, my power, I can afford the best, the mansion and swanky car the measure of my power and ego. Yes and one can have all these and not be posses or addicted---there is a trap here are you sure you are not hooked?

WHERE AS many of us collect junk or we may think it is not junk but valuable. So many people collect this because they must fill the 'space', are afraid of loneliness and emptiness.


Figure 5 Many of us gather junk or we say 'this will come in handy someday'. Afraid to face who we truly are, the witness of our lives and not the content.

I then asked the question lately as so many were asking 'what shall I do with my life, what direction shall I go, am I lazy, missed the boat? Is the government right, I am a scrounger, waiting for handouts, and in my case a pensioner and told there are a growing number of us and we maybe denying young people opportunities and so on.

Then came the dawning for me, the flash 'just be like a leaf blown by the wind' where life takes one the wind of inspiration and intuition, go with it, resist not. The wind arises of its own and blows the leaf and then the other dawning,' wherever your arrow lands call it the target' and wherever your arrow lands quickly draw a circle around it, always a bull's-eye', suddenly and quickly, a chunk of debris left my mind, I was clearing more space, it came from the 'winds of change' it blew a bit more fear from out of the dungeon it was imprisoned in. There was a sense of liberation.

All these were said long ago to me; I understood them intellectually and made sense Zen Wise [paradox does Zen ever appeal to the sense of things?]. They were the 'way of things', the Tao/Dao all very neat and could be compartmentalised and labelled and understood and I got an intellectual buzz and freedom at that moment and the 'crap' returned later with the ego giving me jip for trying to exorcise it. The false enlightenment, the fools gold, the ego mimicry, which at the time I thought was real and the ego then says 'I fooled you that time, there is no such thing as satori, Samadhi, jivan mukti and such like, and yet this is true as well.

I knew there was' nowhere to hang my hat', that my life when so full had for the last five years been getting emptier, not boring or lonely, not because of age, I have always felt young in mind more so than not, not because of retirement and so forth, it seemed part of the 'way of things'. I questioned why so, for what purpose, yes I could see it would lead to emptiness I loved, the quiet mind and yet so many others not on the path so to speak were feeling the same. The difference being I felt at peace with it, just questioning with a kind of non interested curiosity, while others felt not fulfilled, not contributing, uneasy, and not enough money for distractions, so often listlessness, boredom, this vacuum could well lead to depression, possession, joining a cult or sect, or indeed a gang member, or throw-in one's hand and join the aggressive angry people.

The song by the late Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby came to mind 'I'm busy doing nothing' comes to mind. I guess that is where I am heading. As things become more obviously not important I get to see or feel emptier and this is wonderful for me. I can understand its disquiet ness in others.

So now to the Way Ahead. Well many software programmes [have mentioned the Stock Market one a couple of blogs back that does these nano second scanning of the whole world market and can do millions of small deals in minutes] so there are several programmes like WEBBOT and Cliff High that predict and have repeatedly predicted world events and the mathematics behind them, and are and have been awesomely accurate. NOW THEY ARE SAYING AS FROM DECEMBER 21 2012 [THESE PEOPLE ARE Mathematicians and scientist there are no predictions available, a dip in the graph, a valley].

Does this mean doom and gloom, the end; many say the Sun will do a number on us [See Cliff High on Rense and Patrick Geryl, interview on Camelot], some say we are spinning into a new consciousness [my Stargate theory see back blog], others feel is a crust rotation shift] and so on.

My gut feeling is all this is being controlled by the Universe [for instance Sun Cycles are connected to the 37 days in which Oestrogen and Testosterone are produced and the 11500 to 12000 year cycles[many other cycles, pulses rythyms] in which the Sun twisting magnetic windings 'shift planetary orbits and angles and so exact years are not available and yet can now be calculated, these graphs of the hormones are in back blogs].

So living in the valley, there are no predictions, an era mentally, psychologically, spiritually, physically, in which one should be prepared.

SO GET USED to living with the emptiness of oneself spiritually by witnessing meditation which I have described in detail in many blogs [many physicists went crazy, I personally witnessed this when they discovered the emptiness of the quantum anomaly, Fritjoff Capra.

http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2012/02c.html scroll down to read re Capra, and I organised for scientists meditation in which to attract them and called it SAM [Sub Atomic Meditation]. [In another blog hopefully October post 2012 I will go into the Great Separation], psychologically by accept being the witness, mentally understanding the value of loss as a means to gain, physically start eating well and look into 5:2 fasting plan and body repair mechanisms, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, Yoga and strength exercising. I got the urge to strengthen up, I had no money to purchase equipment and then came professional resistance tubes[cheap ones snap and can injure one seriously, a holosync disc 'In the Zone' done during exercising, and help if needed for crazy magnetic, 'Weathering geomagnetic storms

'The Russians have a new take on preventative medicine. In a room at the Georgian Techni-cal University (GTU) in Tbilisi, three sets of Helmholtz coils dotted about the place bathe the room in a powerful magnetic field. The plan is to begin using this set-up for cardiovas-cular patients, particularly those in intensive care, with the coils offering compensatory shielding against an invisible threat—a killer that is more potent than diet, lifestyle or even genes'.

http://www.energygrid.com/futurity/geoff-freed/2012/03c.html Full article here. Schumann Resonance Simulators and EmWave from Institute of Heartmath. [Should the sun do a number on us then we need to get the 7.87 hertz to our brains and hearts with heart coherence with the EMWave and also a solar small panel recharger for electrics.

So the next phrase' hang in there'. How can you hang anywhere in emptiness, space, the awareness of oneself without thought or suppression? If one is in the space of Awareness, one becomes one with it and this is home. One cannot always be in this Space of No Space and in an organic human body identified with this Space, 'the wind of Space or in Space will blow one to action or rest'. This is trusting in the emptiness in Life Itself, which is spewed out from the void.

So the Way Ahead is What? Wait until the wind blows you to where you may hang your hat, until busy doing nothing blows you to busy doing something, until hanging in the emptiness becomes full of the process of being to facilitate doing, and be attentive to the process as it moves between emptiness and the emptiness fullness.

Thank you for bearing with this lengthy tome.

May Emptiness be your refuge and heartfelt warmth to you, Geoff

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