Born Free Series — Post 4 / Sept

Geoff Freed — September 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

Hello Folks

Trust you are alive and kicking? Getting near to the big talking point. Will it or won't It in Dec 2012?

I know I harp on excuse pun [Haarp] but I have been campaigning about fluoride for years. I know enough about poisons and so on from my Forensic days and spoken to many health professionals to understand that fluoride undermines the immune system gradually over many years if one has a strong constitution but probably is the most insidious undermining by stealth and in my view at the 'back ' of many unsolved illness and their causes. It corrodes the body as like slow rust and mould.

http://www.thegreatculling.net/ Contact the film makers.

Yes this an hour and twelve minutes in length and maybe a life saver, it is about chemtrails and I would like to share my view on this 'DOUBLE BIND'. Below David Dees illustrates these dangerous chemical weather 'enhancers'. The video really is a wonderful explanation.

The double bind is this; we have a repeat cycle of the sun at a certain position in its cycle around the centre of the Milky Way and at its 11 year solar maximum approaching, and yes we would have and will have large CME's, solar flares and the like, this has been well documented and proof is available as in many articles and blogs gone by. Bind one as it were in a nutshell. This alone could and might cause all sorts of things to arise, such as transmitter's burn out [power loss], satellites fry, and genetic, weather abnormalities, again back blogs have dealt with this in detail.

Bind two, this is more insidious. The Industrial Military combine, which is politically and military controlled and is a money machine industrially would have reservations in Bind One.


How so? Well if satellites fry up, power loss, illness and Schumann Resonance [used in some communications this would certainly screw up the war theatre]. Therefore manipulation of the weather would also be of paramount importance.

This leads to the sun screwing up the military, also having to reflect back the heat [which backfires in the night--- see video] and we conveniently blame the weather and dangerous emissions. Recycle, carbon footprint and so on, and another cash cow to milk. Back blog shows 75 NASA employees writing letter to head of NASA to come clean over global warming. [Many planets in solar system have global warming] [Carbon emissions should be curtailed as they are destroying the environment as well, roughly 5% of it is us, however those years back when the natural cycle was around, there were no cars, factories, aeroplanes, pollutants as we have now]

So we cool the Earth with Aluminium, Strontium, Barium and goodness knows what else and then cause the chemtrails which in combination with HAARP cause not only these drastic weather anomalies but are killing the trees, animals and us. We will have the slow deaths and allergies as in video. More money for drugs and glee for Big Pharma. Now engineering is coming up with all weather aeroplanes.


By causing local weather conditions such as Earthquakes, Volcanic Activity, floods, drought, crop failure and so on, a country can be brought to its knees without a fight and more IMPORTANTLY can bring into play SANCTIONS, without having to deny exports. The goods can be sold to countries where sanctions are not in place and so not lose trade.[this engineering is a work in progress and still in experimental stage as in video].

My hunch is that GM food is not so much a hardier, more sustainable and bug resistant it is to weaken the immune system and in time hopefully we will genetically accept this, and in the meantime make more money for Big Pharma to 'cure' with dangerous side effect drugs. I have heard that another reason for GM stuff is that the plants maybe resistant to THE FALL OUT OF CHEMTRAIL deposits.


Figure 1 GM!

This is going in the way of my script for TV and Film 'Scan at Barrier 7' which I mentioned in back blogs, a burnt out planet with the 'elite' living in domes as in Eden Project, while implanted techno bods, spare part bods, servant bods, serve the masters. The script was rejected by TV and Film top brass in the late 70's. The outcasts were given a cut off date to be either, eliminated, implanted or live outside if they could and they could have the world, the elite believing that they could not survive the barren hostile polluted grave yard world, in my script they found ways and liberated the imprisoned implanted.


Figure 2 This is referred to in the Dr Barrie Trower Link, Sept 2012 post 2

Such as figure 2 above, and believe these can be and are in chips and in future drugs that are in manufacture now along with your Big Brother Surveillance tool 'Smart Meters'. You now can see the massive hunt for Julian Assange and other whistleblowers as more and more scientists, officials, soldiers defect.

However, the crushing powerlessness this may present to you it is only in the 'mind'. Do not suppress the fear or encourage it. The authorities, not necessarily our governments or those civil servants who carry out the dictates of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, they are often in the dark about the secret goings on, and I know many are so scared that they give in, in the end, as they find out they have been groomed, deceived and shamed.

Then we deal other villains, those unscrupulous scientists, that have pompous egos and intellectual snobbery, who feel their knowledge makes them superior and as there in no God they are there in place of deity.


These amoral boffins are a part of the infrastructure which the 'elite' build their fortress.

Dr Stephen Greer will give you insights into the UFO and ET which I know from my whistleblowers are genuine.

To repeat, feel the fear, do not suppress it, neither encourage it, watch it, witness it, no matter how your body itches, pain, distractive thoughts, sleep, boredom, whatever, soon it will slow down, breathe softly, watch the breath as an aid, feel the breath calmly in cool, warm out through the nostrils. It will eventually relax you, and then watch the thoughts, feelings emotions, seemingly arising from nowhere and disappearing into nowhere. One may hear thoughts as a loud as a ghetto blaster, they will quieten down if not judged, emotions will tear at you, they will desist if given unbiased observation, then a quiet inner peace, a calm and one is aware of awareness. It is here that two things may occur.

One is that one may remain in this and be so relaxed and in bliss, grace and feel expanded and one with total everything. This means the hypnotic spell of the inner dialogue is busted, perhaps only temporarily as the old conditioned reflex, habit, programme, hypnotic seduction rolled into one as the local conditioned brain washed ego fights to reclaim its lodgings and territory.

Secondly it is known that the mobile network, TV, Computers, especially smart meters, Mobile phone masts, Tetra Masts, yes even Pylons, WIFI, computer games, the very Schumann Resonance, The Ionosphere and thermosphere, through HAARP and the reflective aluminium Chem Crap are carriers for the subliminal messages that are played all day long on Radio, TV and the above. It is generated in many ways the most obvious is in Fig. 2 above.

These messages are now even more sinister and subtle.


Figure 3 Brain being targeted.


Using your imagination. I have described the REG's that are monitoring the collective unconscious throughout the world.

'Resonance may be defined as the frequency at which an object most naturally wants to vibrate. For example: In coherent systems, one object may set another object into motion if it shares the same resonant frequency. If, for example, you strike a tuning fork of 100 cycles per second and bring it near another tuning fork of that same frequency, the second tuning fork will be set in motion. Even though it has not been struck, the second fork will begin to vibrate and radiate a sound merely by being in the same field as the vibrating tuning fork.

Similar to the tuning-fork example, evidence shows it is possible for the brain to detect, tune into and respond to a Schumann resonance signal.'

http://www.glcoherence.org/monitoring-system/commentaries.html?mtcCampaign=9228&mtcEmail=13526879 Long article describing in detail as above and well worth persevering with, please be patient and read, it is the essence of it all.

Now, as one is sitting watching, waiting patiently, one may percieve, intuit a kind of a negative slide which seems to move at the back of the head so to speak.


Figure 3 Like a film going through the projector as in old cinemas

These old haunting shadows, the past, karma, miasms, trauma, pleasure [the Buddha's pain/pleasure cycle—duality] all jumbled up urging one by the thought/emotional content to bring alive, by mind light the content, and so one is immersed in the movie and lost in some abstract projection. And such is the lure and seduction of the egoist, erotic mind.


Figure 4 The parts of the brain can now be targeted.

The sophistication of the brain targeting can now be targeted to specifics and so 'the carrier wave' which the intoning 'signal message' hits so to speak the target, and against one's will we become robotic. THE danger is now very apparent they can hit any including the 'meditation/sleep areas so WITNESSING is important to sort what and whose message is it that is received. Experience is the only way to discern this and the feel of it is important.

Those doing this beyond subliminal stuff are trying to use or get to that witness state so to speak, however, there only success so far is to knock out the person. However, even this can be overcome the more one relaxes and witnesses. Key words----Looking without opinion, Awareness without Bias, Looking with Interest without Judgement, Watching with keen interest and simple breathing.

The film the matrix shows how we are plugged into unreality [they use a machine] which is foisted upon us as reality.

Fear ye not, this is leading us into understanding that the whole planet, universe, cosmos, us, total everything is vibration, energy. When the 'solidness' of everything is really felt, perceived, intuited, is not solid, there is no such thing as safe ground , something solid to stand on, this is the hypnotic illusionary dupe then the game is over. There is not one 'solid' thing in the whole Cosmic Creation---IT ONLY APPEARS SO. The famous quote of Sir James Jeans 'the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine.'


This world and we will be saved when we awaken to the reality in the 'emptiness' of ourselves, not the doldrums, despair, depression, boredom, futility, being a vegetable, lost in a fog of addiction, materialism [which is only a bunch of particles/atoms configured into a pattern that resembles a solid mass of something, a TV, a person, my dog, my tree]. Nothing is mine anyway, its all on loan, a for hire sign, transient, here today and gone tomorrow, and when you can turn so called loss into gain--- wow. The gain is emptiness, and in that a dynamic is there far beyond thought and in this the potential and fount of creation is there.

Is there a There? When a there is found? Can there ever be a there? Are we getting bogged down again, see how the mind tries to grasp at concepts, to feel safe, to know it is there, and always the known is limited, we put ourselves back in prison, true it may be 15 feet rather than 12.

Interesting aspect on Chem Trails and Chem Bombs attributed to hurricanes and GeoWeather engineering [4min].

http://docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/095/mwr-095-03-0111.pdf This article was submitted to debunk the link above. It just shows the varying opinions and debates and how people can get caught up in graphics, a logical voice. So who do you believe? Not everything is conspiracy is it?


'We also want to draw your attention to a documentary, $tatin Nation, that unravels the complex web of medical establishment circulated myths around statin drugs, which one expert characterised as akin to organised crime. The documentary shows how the drug companies have manipulated science to ensure that statins become THE drug of choice for the over-50s, despite expert opinions that make clear that the benefits don't outweigh risks. Do what you can to make sure as many people as possible see this documentary once launched via an on-demand portal on September 10th.?'

Thanks ANH. The papers on about over 50's should take Statins for the rest of their life, a few months back a well known medical expert said it should mandatory for everyone to take them.


Big Pharma and the 'Watergate moment


Is Pharmagate nigh?

The dramas around cholesterol, like in so many other areas where drugs have been trumpeted as magic bullets, are intimately related to the manipulation of scientific data. And this leads us to our third story of the week. The story alludes to a possible Watergate moment for Big Pharma. The extent of the Big Pharma stitch-up of scientific research that is biased in favour of positive outcomes from drug research is no longer a secret. It's out there, not least of all because of whistleblowing by leading editors of major scientific journals, such as Dr Marcia Angell who edited the prestigious, but nonetheless pharmaceutical-friendly, New England Journal of Medicine for two decades.

Please educate yourself and others with these stories, and let's all hope that common sense begins to prevail over the big business profit motive that is stamped firmly over each of our stories this week.

As always, please share this eAlert and the accompanying stories as widely as you can.

In health, naturally

Robert Verkerk PhD

Founder, executive and scientific director

Big Pharma, Big Petro, Big Mili, Big Indu, are really trying to screw us up big time now as they try to shut the stable before the horse bolts. Of course its all about national security, feeds Al Qaeda [and yes terrorists do exist and one may ask what fuels them? Yes they are barbaric and yet we see the same from USA and British troupes as released by WIKI Leaks, do they not feel the anger and frustration that the Spanish, Italian, Greek, Irish, Portuguese and some of our youth feel?, it is fuel fro rebellion, I add this is not the way, bloody rebellion is useless, it fuels more cruelty and crackdown, passive resistance and cutting off the fear by ways I have suggested will work] what a great set of excuses to cut our money with stringent cuts when there is no shortage of money. Its just some few have vast amounts and it's a way they control the populace. Its ironic really, we the elite starve you and then we say we will save you if you obey us at the same time we will make you sick so we can get the money back we gave you.




http://www.statinnation.net/ You can view then trailer of this documentary and read the synopses


Now here is an interesting point for discussion. http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/rbsp/news/rbsp-launchnews.html this 4 min video discusses the two recently launched craft to explore the Van Allen Belts, more like two doughnuts, than belts. If they are so dangerous and have 'killer electrons' and no predictions available, how did the first moon mission arrive safely, especially with three astronauts on board? I am not bringing up the 'did they really go to the Moon Stuff again, I a merely positing a question? Did they just take a chance?


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