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Geoff Freed — September 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

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http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/bristol-businesses-queuing-join-local-051017286.html This joins Irelands New Punt, Greece’s New Drachma and the rise of many local initiatives. A famous quote years back by Ken Clarke in the THATCHER Government, when told about the lets system he said ‘ If you think bartering with a goat milk for painting a room, well you are mistaken, we’ll find a way of taxing it’. His daughter was a nurse at this time and she did her nut and told him where to get off. Nurses were poorly paid as they are now.


Fig 1

Dear Ken Clarke reminds me of the old Tory affluent pint swigging, cigar smoking friendly rogue. I have a fond feeling for this guy even if I feel he is a smiling assassin. Mind you I have warped sense of humour.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00dhlt3 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00dhlvthttp://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00dhlvt

Documentary-maker David Malone delves into the secrets of ocean waves. In an elegant and original film he finds that waves are not made of water, that some waves travel sideways and that the sound of the ocean comes not from water but from bubbles. Waves are not only beautiful but also profoundly important, and there is a surprising connection between the life cycle of waves and the life of human beings.

In the last blog I mentioned that in order to NOT try to take the old worn out paradigms and systems, fight them and cause them to fight back, the solution maybe to find a way that works for everyone everywhere.

I feel first one has to identify that paradigm, patter, system, cult and so on that has divorced itself from the ‘good of the whole, from the natural Cosmic Universal Eco System. Having established this one may then realise the lesson in it, perhaps, over zealous pride, selfishness and other such isolating factors. These in my blogs are the conspiracy, multinational, political, religious separatist’s features.

I realised long ago in my work system days I could not change the established modus operand, so I sought ways to do this in another way.

From the waves above in three links from the BBC 4 programme ‘ The Secret Life Of Waves’ that Life is Like a wave, travelling from far out at its birth and at its end breaking on the Beach. [Hopefully the short clips of 2 mins each will still be available]. The solution for me was to calm down, breathe, wait, observe, be still, watching, witnessing and being non opinionated, even recognising I was endeavouring to be non judgemental, should one persist observing all the tricks and machinations of the mind screen, then a great stillness pervades and one is free of thought that the unconscious prompts.

It here one is like the calm mill pond [in the beginning of this video one sees a puff of breath starts the ripples on the mill pond]. These simple ripples fan out and maybe termed Standing Waves and when another wave joins or interferes then this maybe termed interference waves. I feel all waves that of the blower above contain information as to he/she is. When another say across the pond also blows and the waves meet and interfere then information is exchanged.


The Mill Pond of Mind, the still quiet mind is the outlet for the Universal Mind. The trick is being still and without thought naturally, as in awake, aware meditation. Here solutions may come. Much witnessing and experience of no experience has be, other wise and INTERFERENCE wave of the Ego may arrive, so distorting the calm awareness. There is a different feel, I repeat FEEL, of the intuitive wave and the ego wave. Yes the calm is interfered with if you like, but in a differing wave set and pattern of those of the ego. One knows the other logical processing by thought. Both have their uses in certain circumstances.

In the first link the title is ‘Does A Surfer Ride The Water Or Energy?,

Waves are carriers of energy because waves are caused by energy flowing through the water making them move in a wavy motion. The waves are also caused by the wind blowing on the top of the water.



So what are other waves away from water? These are disturbances in the Space media. Some may call it the etheric.

One definition is ‘Waves that travel through a medium are caused by vibration eg sound waves are caused by vibrating drum/ vocal cords etc and this causes the air particles to vibrate; a vibration in a still pond will cause waves of water.

However, light, radio waves are radiation. Electromagnetic waves are radiated eg light from the Sun is radiated to Earth through the vacuum of space.’

It is now known that space is not a vacuum.

We live in a Universe of frequency and waves. One can make a chart of all life frequencies and the trick or discernment is to be the observer and be able by non ego effort to let go and be still and then ‘Know’ by the intuitive feel response whether or not it is Intuition or fools gold, the ego imitation of it.

So as we arrive at Birth in our body and we cause a ripple on the pond of life, and we interact with the all the other waves, the interference patterns, which bring to us information. The energy, the chi, kundulini, the spirit, is the waves that roll us along, the information we gather is either life enhancing or ego which isolates and separates us from the mainstream of Life. Gradually the energy which is a carrier wave of Life reaches its allotted Universal span and we reach the other bank, shore, and beach, then dispersing as the above links show and we are recycled into whatever awaits us.

By being an experienced witness in the calmness of ourselves, whatever awaits us is not fearful and but a change of energy and carries us to new domains.

We are all being ravaged by the interferences patterns of life as we knew it.


Be it financial, political, relationships in fact the whole gamut of world events. So it so important to meditate, not visualise, say affirmations, mantras[some may lead one to meditation providing one does not get hooked on the mantra and use it as a safety walking stick], to be still, not get one’s mill pond ruffled by the winds of adversity.

What happens then is the puffing of the elite or whoever or whatever cannot rock the boat to destruction, but merely waits for the storm to blow out, eventually the storm makers will blow out themselves, and the boats go on their way blown by the Cosmic Breath.



This shows a major new whale species----amazing.

Amazing 4 min video of Earth’s defences against radiations. http://

http://www.zenmoments.org/the-cab-ride-ill-never-forget/ a BEAUTIFUL touching read that brought tears to my eyes.

BIG BROTHER USA REARS ITS HEAD. Marine Raub is detained.

fig07‘Let's face it. Just about the only people who welcome a change are wet babies! The rest of us rarely celebrate change. As a matter of fact, change of any kind, personal or professional, is one of the most common sources of stress.

Change evokes a variety of emotional and mental responses that, left unmanaged, can eventually take a toll on individual and team health and performance.*


The question is not will we adjust to the change. Yes, we probably will, eventually. The real issue is how long will it take? Our performance and success may very well depend upon how quickly we move through all the stages.

A strategy for change management

First, observe where you are in the process and acknowledge your reaction to change as normal. This allows for more objectivity and enables you to neutralize the damaging effects your reactions may otherwise have.

Identify what is important. Remembering what matters most during stressful times is a quick way to shift your internal experience. It will reduce stress in the moment and create the physiology that supports a shift in perception.

If you are a team leader, know where each person is on the curve and provide what is needed to help them move to the next stage:

Information on the down slope

Support during the trough

Recognition on the up slope

Take time each day to appreciate each team member's talents and contributions, including your own. Doing so is energizing and helps minimize emotional drains.

Revisit organizational values. Start staff or team meetings with a discussion of the group's shared mission or vision. This will help create an emotional shift that positively impacts the meeting, facilitates adjustment and enhance problem solving and creativity.

Take care,

Kim Allen

*Model based on Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's work on grief and loss.’ Courtesy of Institute of HeartMath.

Brandon Raub is released. AMAZING WHAT THE USA IS DOING. INCREDIBLE. IT’S THE McCarthy Witch Hunt [years back against communism and the same hysteria and paranoia ]against Veteran Soldiers and the HORRIFIC STATEMENT BY THE ATTORNEY THAT 20, 000 PEOPLE HAVE SIMILAR CONVICTIONS AND BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE THEY SIMPLY DISAPPEAR, SIMPLY DISAPPEAR, SIMPLY DISAPPEAR-----WOW---big brother, human rights? If you think this will not happen in the EU and UK, think again, its creeping towards that.

‘The enemy of the people seeks to promote the enemy as the people.’

http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/breaking-news/record-radiation-found-in-fish-off-japan/story-e6frf7k6-1226456080459 Speaks for Itself.

Probably the most lucid 35 mins [oh dear I miss Corrie again] by Dr Barrie Trower. Look out for this diagram in the video. This Video is MEGA, MEGA, and MEGA, IMPORTANT.

I have reported that Police officers and Security service operators who have Tetra ‘on’ especially when in their vehicles, get violent headaches, confusion, violence and many other symptoms. This could account for more police violent action, overriding their moral conscience, and especially in USA.

It is in fact a drug and as Dr Trower eloquently explains that a constant or prolonged spell could entrain the brain forever. Many cases of drug addicts being turned from users to craziest sadists could be explained as many of them doss under pylons, masts and micro wave surveillance. A good living for the drug companies curing these addicts and cancer sufferers.

Notice how bacteria are virus carriers and can be induced to ‘live’ by HAARP and I have heard by drones, hand held microwave generators as in psychotronics, powerful mobile phones, look at this link and then see the ‘link’ as to vaccines and Jane Burgermeister. Putting all the evidence and bits of the jig saw puzzle together will turn on the light.



Figure 1 The passing of Neil Armstrong


Figure 2 This is referred to in the Dr Barrie Trower Link.

My Voice over is ‘Be Still and Rest in the Space of Awareness and get to know and feel the Inner Peace’

With Fond Best Wishes. Take care of your lovely selves. Geoff



www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/110169/18_Inch_Extraterrestrial/ WOW. Seems genuine. Forensics being done now.

www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/110378/ Sex_Lies_and_Julian_Assange_Full_Documentary_2012/ This is the most comprehensive documentary and shows the two women Julian allegedly raped etc. This will blow your socks.

www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/110444/If_This_Does_Not_Get_Thru_To_You_Nothing_Will/ HOW VULNERABLE ARE YOU TO BELIEVE THE MEDIA????? See this 3 min video and then go have a cup of tea and ruminate on it. As is says SPREAD THE WORD.


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