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Geoff Freed — August 2012
Former forensic technician and scientific & medical researcher, lecturer, workshop leader and psychotherapist, Dr. Geoff Freed reports on what is happening energetically on the planet at this pivotal time in history.

Hi Folks

I like sport and what with the European Football bonanza, lots of Cricket Internationals, Wimbledon Tennis, Athletics, The Tour De France, formulae car racing and the Olympics, it has kind of sent me into a kind of 'no more please' yet the standards are amazing. So much the human mind can do and what if the application was put to world peace, transparent financial matters, then truth about medical drugs out in the open and wholesome politics, the release of free energy, the phantom wave to eliminate health problems and UFO revelations, talking of which have a gander at these below.

Our dear friend Nassim Haramein appears in both of them and one is an extended version. One is 25 mins long and the 13 mins. They show artefacts released by the Mexican Government, verified by scientists and much more to come. It would appear we have been visited before by ET.

Nassim and the Sun can be seen on www.energygrid.com/science-videos.html scroll down until you come to Nassim Haramein's video at Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library [It is 6 hrs duration however, you can go in 4 hour mark and see the Sun doing its thing]. Remarkably one of the artefacts as in two links above show a UFO moving a comet or object out of the way, and another the Sun repelling an object as in Video by NASA. Did a UFO move the object hurtling towards our solar system by the Sun Zap as in VIDEO?

Many of us shy away from the subject of Death and Dying and we say loving eulogies about people sometimes at their demise and funeral.


Figure 1 Death Star from Star Wars

As Dave Allen a Irish comedian gave out a lovely story. In a village there was a very unpleasant person who had a very large hump on his back [I hope this does not offend anyone I am merely relaying a story and does not mean all people like this as are in the tale], he apparently was vicious nasty and very offensive. On his death his body was laid out and a strap put over him to stop him rolling off and jerking upwards. The priest said 'whilst Shamus was alive he was kind, loving, help anyone, we all be sorry on his passing' Just then the strap broke and the corpse seemed to jump onto the priest's back. The priest exclaimed 'Get off of me you humpty backed little B-----d'

On one of my colleague's funeral it had on his stone 'Under this sod lies another'.

When I was child I often remarked to my parents why it that adults say one thing and think something else. Also the last piece of cake 'Would you like it, no thanks, goes round the room and someone takes it, and you can see some thinking,' well of all the nerve, what a cheek'. It is nice to be honest and sometimes manners and it was drummed into me 'Manners maketh Man.' Krishna Murti once proclaimed' many of us are like gutters with disinfectant that covers the stench'.


Figure 2 Dave Allen in his younger years

Dave [who I once met in an Irish Pub in Cricklewood, London, during my Forensic Days] exposed many dark secrets of the faith he was born into.

So to death and dying. Since my NDE in 1942 I have always wanted to go back to the place where I was when dead, the light, the beauty, the freedom and clarity of mind. It was this clarity and innate wisdom that stayed with me until I was 9. I could feel and telepathies. I knew the double standards. Later on while practising psychotherapy and counselling, I could see the way many of us were taught to 'cover up' feelings, not talk about things, sex, death, abuse and so forth and so it built up into denial, guilt, hurt, darkness of the suppressed garbage, rotting away quietly in the dustbin of mind. It caused the double bind blocker messages. It can be so in denial that people tell others to do what I say and ignore what I do.

It gives licence to those to go to war, it brings in belief systems that justify lying. We see this now with many countries falsifying evidence [Weapons of Mass Destruction] shutting out truth from the news, the internet, campaigns against whistle blowers, religious permission to fight on behalf of God and Kill God's Creation and Children.

We are afraid of the end, the unknown, the fear of not existing. Yet the only thing we really know is one day my days of sojourn in this body will end. Death the abyss, the dark end, or heaven with harps and angels, cloud nine, hell with brimstone and fire.

To dear old Dave again. Murphy and O'Leary where in a car crash and died. When they arrived at the Pearly gate and St. Peter welcomed them Murphy said to O'Leary 'You were a good man you will go to heaven, I will go downstairs to hell, please phone me in six months'. After six months they got in contact. Tell me what is hell like. Well it is packed, so packed, you stand all the time, and it's hot, many girls to have, burger bars, brothels, non ending porn it's great for a while, everybody cheats everyone, there are trillion of us, its so damned hot. What is heaven like? It's peaceful, light, and bright; we put the sun out each day, pull in the moon, and shine the stars, get to see angels, God and the like, it's hard work because there are only six of us!!!.

My favourite workshop of the 70 odd I used to present was pre life agreements. We make a contract whether to come into this incarnation. Some of us to clear the slate from the past or to assist in the process of letting go of this illusion that binds us to suffering and mortality. Then those who die for a cause, suicide, become martyrs and are often forgotten in the mists of time.

For me I know in depth I signed up for this before I came here.

Death beckons for release, for joy, for moving on, not a wish to escape, but to fully enjoy Life and know there is no death. Once one really feels this then Life is so good, wholesome and fulfilling. By fighting the inevitable, denial, makeovers, the wonder longevity pill that never arrives, one invites depression, anger and frustration. Why did God create me to make me die? Yet if one but knew one is part of God where is death then? [This has to be a deep knowing, not an intellectual assumption, or some glib atheistic quote].


Figure 3 Pre Life Agreement. A contract.

Welcome each day as the first day in your life; welcome the end which is but a beginning, not fear and trepidation. A South American friend told me how in his tradition, they pick a place to die when they feel it, dance and make merry. Some Buddhist monks just sit in meditation and pass quietly.

In my Qi Gong training some masters told me never to do or meditate with Qi Gong in a graveyard or a place of death. Yet some Monks meditate in the Cemetery and Morgue.

Life is a miracle and it does not stop by not having a flesh body. Why this sadness at leaving the body. The sweet' smell' of moving on is part of the package, the contract. Heaven and Hell can be experienced here on Earth. One's programming and conditioning determine this.

During the years I found I lost the capacity to grieve and mourn, people said I was hard, seen to much forensic awfulness, cut myself off and hard to reach. Yes I admit to that, and I worked and opened up and have returned to the above in a different light.

By realising the self as imperishable, the body as transient, that life is eternal, one simply cannot die, only move on, then in a way what is there to grieve, mourn. Ramana Maharishi when passing on said people relied on him, he said they have to find themselves, and he then went onto to say, where do you think I am going? I realised there is nowhere to go or to arrive one is constantly where one is and always will be.

The fact is we mourn those for the comfort they gave us, the support, I am on my own, where can I go, what will happen to me, god it's awful the grave, the cremation, so final, what if I am buried alive, what is death like, I miss them so. To be honest as I see it, this is about being selfish, all about me, the loss, and the pain. This is what the ego experiences, the false self, and the real self cannot feel this. I know this will seem hard, and if I have offended anyone my deepest love and care I offer.

Before I came to this deep understanding I grieved the loss of Gilly, My darling Mum, my dearest brother, the searing pain, the feeling of despair, the crying at night, the weeping spontaneously in the day, the utter desolation and emptiness. I know these pains. I realised that being 'in love' was finding a way to not deal to 'lose oneself in another', the real self cannot be found in another, cannot be lost or found, it is.


What we in fact do is fall in love with another's ego; we merely get relief from our own. In many relationships things brake down when the honeymoon is over. One may try and change the other 'I don't understand you anymore; you're not the person I married and so on. In many a counselling/therapy session I heard this and also 'I slept and lived with him/her all these years and never really understood them' many confided in me that love had long gone but she/he were a good person and it is about compromise and security, companionship.

It is subtle the best relationships are when two or three or groups when many have seen the illusion of the false self, the cravings, wishing to be dominant, run the group, be superior, he has PH.D you know, he is Doctor a Chief Inspector, a somebody.

In a social setting many ask me after a while 'what do you do', oh that's interesting where did you get your degree? If I say where and when I am of interest, nowadays, I say I just am retired and do really nothing. Away they go. Me I seem to stay in my space as it were enjoying people and their thing, being at peace. 'You really must dance, you must simply mix, and you must enjoy yourself' I am enjoying you enjoying yourself. What an anticlimax after the party, the event, the funeral, the game do you feel this? No I am enjoying being me whatever that is, I feel the same, the weather may change and that's OK.

Do you not grieve and mourn old so and so. No I celebrate him/she has moved on gone to a space where they may see the illusion and perhaps find joy there. What about their physical presence is it not lonely, loss? Yes for a little while yet it does not alter one's equanimity. Why so? The real self is utter fulfilment, it is a dynamic of inner peace, alert contentment, and one feels complete. Do you not feel love for a person? Not really I see the life and light beyond the conditioning, the programme, I see the bird straining to get out of the cage. The cage is the programming and belief systems that imprison one.

When one is out of the cage and experiences this freedom then one has compassion. One sees the struggles that conditions one.

There is a pop song and its title 'How can I make you Love Me'. The ego self is always looking outside for security, for love, for a reason to exist. When we lean on a partner, a guru, we find we lose the opportunity to find that self that is complete within. This is not the same as obdurate will power, self sufficiency, independence; this is far deeper and is the essential self.

Sometimes people feel nature is hard, the bird that fell out of the nest and is left to perish, the lion cub that cannot climb the mound and after many attempts is left behind, both have to survive or perish. It is the same for humans in a different manner. Too much help or too little, how much is enough or little. Mollycoddle, pamper, hard and unrelenting. Again we are caught up in the duality, the paradox of Life, the Koan of Being.

Here the middle way beckons. Be still, feel your way into the situation. Decisions made from ego are about what is available as a solution 'out there' which is merely a projection from the ego graphic and editing library, and collective world scenarios.


Figure 4 The Knight in Shining Armour going to a Maidens distress

What about the Guru? The Saviour? The Knight in Shining White Armour? Many a therapist, guru, martyr for the cause, do gooders, get their love from their adoring audiences, clients, feel they are being of use, sacrifice themselves, sometimes because they have to get the love they never had, the adoration they missed as a baby, so they form a symbiotic love affair with their clients, it does not necessarily be sexual in the physical but emotionally sexual, the need, the orgasmic pleasure of fixing another's problem, pleasing Mummy, Daddy


Figure 5 The Guru?

To earn my love. How many of us bend over backwards to please our parents, because if we did not we got punished, and how many naughty kids got the attention better so called kids never got, some sensitive children wonder why they are constantly punished, what is wrong with them and the hang ups of their parents are worked out on the kids, so the kids feel their parents know best, it must be there is something wrong or bad with me, what a thing to foist on kids, they are a waste of space one parent told me. This goes onto pleasing Queen and Country, beating my hand on heart and breast 'For Harry and England' the pride in our military [yes they are brave and die for their cause] and if you are into the ego game of war, domination and cruelty, you will line the streets with the coffins coming back, you will cry and all else, big memorials will go up. I seem hard, well KrishnaMurti stated' If every Mother in the World really loved her Son they would not let them go to War' I go further If we found true love none of us would go to war. The war in domestic violence, the rape of burglary, the war with finances to make people homeless, the invasion of countries.

It is not enough to say war is evil; violence should stop because we are frightened it might come to us. This is like forgiveness, as in previous blogs, to merely say this and there is resentment as in forgiveness, we merely tolerate an uneasy peace. To stop war out of fear is only a temporary solution, war has to stop when each and everyone finds fulfilment in themselves, not by doing, but being in that place as it were, where one wants nothing from another or to give to another, from this state of being one is a complete being, and interacts from creativity, intuition [not be confused with impulse and ego prompting that imitate spontaneous intuition]. This works seamlessly like nature and has a natural efficiency and balance. Until the world comes to this we always are wanting. Want is lack, need is natural supply.

When wanting, needy[as distinct from natural need] grasping, grieving and mourning are in a way selfish, we want something or give something and when the object of that is removed, there is a hole, a uncomfortable vacuum, that and drive us to despair, depression and live in memory of the past. What is it I desperately need from others that I cannot find in myself? Here we deal with loss. However staring loss in the face, not moving from it a strange release can come, the hole is covered, not by going to the gym, meditation, TV, a distraction which can become as addiction, walking stick, a god feel factor. One is content to sit in the emptiness, welcome the quiet and still mind.

Who out there can fulfil my emptiness, my void? Who will rescue me? My world is crumbling? I must go to my GP, my Guru, My, My, MY. When we pass over who is my guru, GP, counsellor, therapist then, there? Best to clear the slate now.

Look death in the eye now, watch the fear, perhaps even the gladness to get out of this life, which is an escape, a distraction, look the finality as we are taught to believe, look for the purpose in death and that it is common to us all. We knew this when we signed the contract.

Interesting 4 mins on off the Grid.

The role of Airports that spread diseases in the USA would be the same in most countries. [2mins].

www.anh-europe.org/news/exposing-biotech-industry-misinformation-about-gm-and-conventional-plant-breeding MOST, MOST, MOST VITAL TO READ AND ACT.

I have used a product which is natural and harmless for years Herbal Fibre Blend and Fibre Cleanse sold world wide to literally millions of people. The EU after 25 years of me consuming this has banned the import of these. The reason given for Herbal Fibre it contains a medical herb Cascara Sagrada bark. The other one contains oatmeal. Three of my friends who run natural health businesses have had regular visits or letters banning many products. Slowly our world is being raped and we are as well, raped and abused by restricting choice and false information as above in GM BIO-TECH STUFF. Mind raped, denied of choice and forced to eat what is dangerous. We have abusive officials who are corrupt and evil in their intentions, evil because they ignore the science behind the dangers and go to be with money, corruption and deceit. Their acts will at sometime rebound on them like the bent, crooked bankers and when will the mass of folk wake up and break their foul addiction to power, lust, arrogance, deceit, and blind law breaking?

I know I have had a great Rant but I feel it is near end times.

Take care you are precious and needed. Geoff

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